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Karate Class Workout written by Jimmy


Karate Class Workout


By Jimmy



Ballbusting Boys: Karate Class Self-Defense for Boys written by Jimmy

Chase is pulling into the parking lot grim faced, and dressed in his Gi, which he has not worn in months. Sam Hell convinced Chase to get some self-defense training which…did not go as expected. He stopped after one class, but Chase needs an avenue to let off some steam. Earlier he tried a workout, then a swim. Neither of those things brought him the relief that he needs. His lawyers are doing all that they can to get Gino and Jayden Gomez freedom as soon as possible, but Chase feels powerless and needs a space where he can get some control. Hence his visit to the dojo.

It’s late, and he drops in at a free sparing time.

The dojo is open for another hour and as he walks in he is handed a mask, “Tonight’s theme is anonymous sparing if you are interested.”

The female sensei bows to Chase, her gray hair pulled back in a tight bun, but Chase recognizes her all the same despite the mask that covers all of her face but her eyes and mouth.

“Thank you, Sensei” Chase says bowing back in return. He takes the blue one, his natural color which goes perfectly with his speedo underneath his Gi. His speedo is a little wet and clings to him like a glove over every lump and curve. The Gi jacket is tight in the shoulders already, and around his frame. Chase feels good in the uniform and he can tell all his time swimming and working out has made him a little bigger. The swagger extends to his walk as he looks around the room, the eyeholes in his mask making it harder to see as he looks for an open partner.

The last time Chase was here he met a guy named Ryan. Ryan was his height, thinner but still pretty solid. He seemed a bit older and was a real trickster, and loved to aim for his big balls. Ryan had flaming red hair that he wore in a mullet, shaved at the sides and had a spattering of freckles on his cheeks and his torso. It was when he got him in the locker room and alone Chase also discovered that he had some freckles around his well-trimmed pubes as well.

There are about five matches going around the floor, but one guy stands against the wall looking bored in his mask. Chase notices that he has a brown belt on, clearly a more experienced in the art of karate but maybe that’s exactly what Chase needs. He tightens his white belt thinking that he will put him through the paces and get his mind off of Jayden, and his constant worry for his boyfriend’s safety.

“Hey” Chase says, and nods. “I’m looking for a match.” Chase is direct and the guy in the green masks nods in agreement motioning to a back corner.

Chase follows cracking his knuckles and grinning. This is exactly what he needs.

Once at the back, furthest away from the Sensei’s desk, and the other fighters the guy in the green mask stops and holds up his palm.

“I am ready.”

The voice is familiar, but he can’t place it.

“Do I know you?” Chase asks, as he scrunches his forehead, raking his brain to remember and scratches at his chest as he gets into position legs apart, arms up and palms relaxed.

Green mask points and softly shouts in a hiss “Behind you, watch out!”

Chase turns automatically, and squints at what he must be referring to but sees nothing and by the time he turns his head to ask him what he meant Green mask’s foot slams home between his widely spread legs. The foot smashes his groin, and leaves nothing un-kicked both balls and cock are crushed and flattened against his pelvis. Chase blanches his blue eyes widening in shock as he drops to his knees grabbing his crotch as Green mask chuckles. He was totally unprepared for the quick strike, and cheap move leaving Chase gasping.

“Looks like you have not changed one tiny bit, Chase.”

The voice…it’s…it can’t be.

“R…Ryan?” Chase manages to squeak as his twin rocks pound in his fist.

In answer he laughs some more, but pulls up his mask grinning widely. “I thought that you would never come back after I beat your puny grapes into mush the last time. Apparently I was right about how stupid you truly are.” His laughter is not mean, but Ryan holds his belly watching Chase struggle as he holds his genitals feeling dumb and in foolish as the pain sets in.

Chase grits his teeth and climbs back-up. “Looks like I get my rematch…asshole.” He tries to ignore the defeating torturous pain ripping through his scrotum as the familiar sharpness returns to his sac.

Ryan pulls his mask down and nods. “It will end just like before, but this time I won’t be nice and bring you back to the locker room. I will leave you here on the floor.” Ryan motions for Chase to come here with a flick of his hand.

Chase’s eyes narrow and he rushes forward, ready to prove himself and to kick Ryan’s ass.

The two clash together and Chase shoves Ryan against the wall, as Chase goes to knee him. Ryan blocks with his own knee and reaches up grabbing Chase’s mask and twisting it until Chase’s vision is blocked and he is looking into darkness. Blind makes Chase uneasy and throws off his game as he reaches up to fix his eyesight before it’s too late.

“I can’t see!” Chase yells into the mask, his voice muffled as instincts take over and he reaches up to free it from his face as Ryan grabs Chase’s shoulders before he can get to it and pounds his knee into Chase’s barely spread legs. It’s not a perfect hit and Chase tries to stumble backwards with his legs as a fresh wave of testicle trauma floods his lower region. “Not again, you bastard!” His voice is muffled in the mask, but without his eyesight Chase can’t seem to think straight.

Ryan takes full advantage of Chase’s blindness to slam his knee up again, hearing a meaty thwack. The feeling of Chase’s big balls trying to squirm away from impact, and the heat emanating from Chase’s powerful body as he tenses up against Ryan as his second knee strike leaves Chase breathless.

Chase moans, and he can no longer stand and slumps to the floor, the double consecutive knees to his balls cause his legs to collapse and he falls. Ryan can’t hold him and let’s go. Squirming and whimpering in agony, Chase rolls onto his stomach and groans, his head pressed against the mat. He tries to inch off the mask but jerking his head is not enough. He needs both hands to hold himself and slightly kicks his feet trying to struggle through the pain.

“You never learn…or where a cup.”

“You’re not…supposed to hit me there…” Chase gasps, his lips open as he gags.

“This is free sparring, anything goes. Just like the last time you showed up. You should really read up on the karate dojo’s rules, Chase. Your tiny grapes should not hurt that much…they are so small after all!”

While Ryan is laughing he pauses in thought “You know I think your little balls got smaller, I will have to find out and use my fingers to fully explore later on. Unless, do you give up? You should give up.”

“You…ughhhhhhh…oooo….ughhh!” Chase moans, biting his lip. He accidently rubs his scrotum a bit too hard. Spreading his legs a bit he gives them a little more room to breathe.

Smirking Ryan adds insult to injury by saying “Maybe tiny nuts guys should stay away from karate, after all you are already not playing with a full good set. Why risk what you got!”

Chase pulls his head up off the floor, livid. Forgetting his pain, the pulsing and everything that feels sloppy slush below his navel he climbs to his feet and pulls his mask free.

“I’m done playing around now, Ryan. No more tricks!”

“Of course, no more mind games.” Ryan is about to run forward when he covers his mouth and giggles. “Your little worm is poking out! I can see its eye.”

Chase looks down in horror and goes to fix and straighten his white karate pants but notices nothing. Chase stops breathing and knows that he is about to get another wallop and tries to back up but he is far too late.

Ryan’s arm arches up, he’s on his knees in front of Chase and swings up his arm in a classic uppercut that nails Chase succinctly. Chase’s balls are splattered against his taint as Ryan powers his arm between Chase’s ass cheeks and lifts him up and off the floor. Chase hangs there for a moment dangling in the air and squeals like a pig, his voice high and squeaky while his eyes bug out.

Jostling his arm, Chase can feel his nuts grind into Ryan’s hardened bicep as his nuts squish and twist against the strong forearm digging into his scrotum from the vulnerable undersides of his balls.

Chase shudders and feels himself getting hard, his erection piercing along the length of Ryan’s forearm and leaking as Ryan crunches his balls. “Oh god, my big ones! Ohhh jesus…oh my balls…ohhhh fu…fuck….oh god….ugh…UGH…. UGHHHH!”

Ryan drops Chase back to the floor, but before Chase can get to his nuts Ryan grabs the scrotum and squeezes it.

“Your grapes are still just as tiny as last time, Chase and just as weak! Hahaha!”

Chase’s blonde locks fall into his eyes underneath the mask as he looks up at Ryan’s grinning face as he squeezes his helpless assets, the fingers sinking deep into his fleshy mound and grinding deep into his nut cores. Chase’s stomach seizes up, and he blinks back his pain as the bright lights above him shine down illuminating the hand that has captured his pride.

“Weak useless nuts will get you in this position all the time at the karate studio…why do you think no one wants to have a match against me? I always win…always.”

Chase can’t help that his cock is responding, and is so hard and tenting up his Gi obnoxiously curving upwards towards his belly and pointing at his face. Chase grunts, a trickle of sweat dripping from his hair onto his forehead.

“I’m gonna…” Chase tries to say but Ryan suddenly increases his strong grip so that his nutclaw is more like iron.

“Hold in the water works, Chase. I don’t want to see you wet your, Gi!”

Chase is about to lose all control but swings his fist and punches Ryan in the chest and the surprising strike knocks him back and off balance sending him off of his nuts. Grabbing hold of his groin, Chase protectively cups his big balls the intense pulsing throbbing almost makes him gag.

“Tricked me…again.”

“You like it! I can tell,” Ryan points out rubbing his chest and standing up. “You came here for this. You are into having your puny wrinkly prunes beaten and worked over by me. You can’t get enough! The flag pole between your legs is evidence enough to really show your inner desire.”

Chase is shaking his head as he cups himself, ‘It’s not true. He didn’t want this,’ Chase thinks as he rubs his throbbing nuts. ‘I can get enough of this with Jayden, I don’t want Ryan to…hurt my big balls! That Liar…I will make him pay for torturing my big balls again.’ Chase’s thoughts swirl as he tries to think on how best to get out of this mess and still wind up on top.

“If you are going to play with yourself all night, I might as well find a new partner Chase. One that can take a shot to the balls, well in your case immature grapes. You clearly are not like a man, yet. You are more boyish in nature, and the immaturity of your testes shows this.”

Ryan is laughing again, and strutting around Chase pointing and mocking him, while Chase suffers from his handiwork. Chase slowly musters himself up to try again. He won the last time, and he will again.

“You got some lucky shots…that’s all.”

Ryan’s smile is wide and his green eyes are wild with mischief as he stares down at Chase on the floor.

“You keep telling yourself that…if you give up, there is no shame in it. Losing to me twice in a row, that’s your new normal. Come on loser, you’re dumb Chase. That’s what you are!”

Everything in Chase tells him to give up, to submit and go home. But his wounded pride cannot and will not allow him to go down, not like this. Not while Ryan is still smiling like that. He will take that smile away…one way, or another!

It takes Chase a long time to stand up, but when he finally does Ryan is leaning against the wall, his hands behind his head still laughing. The laughter seems to find its way into Chase’s bones and burrows down deep. Chase finds him infuriating, and at least he is not on the cusp of exploding semen in his pants again. His erection is still strong, but his big tool no longer throbs but its upward trajectory has gone unchanged but his member is dry at the tip and that’s as good as Chase can get it as he stands ready for what comes next.

Chase is not laughing with him, but he takes off his mask and tosses it to the side. Chase’s hair is wild, but he can fully see and it won’t get in the way again. He does the same with his top Gi and stands shirtless now, his white pants riding a bit low and showing off the top of his speedo but he finds it so much more freeing. Getting into position Chase says “Round two, Ryan.”

Ryan shakes his head “I was wrong…you are incapable of learning. I guess it’s my job to fight you until you submit. Maybe then you will learn.” Ryan’s eyes dance with joy as he slowly peels himself off the wall, strutting over and getting into position.

Chase grinds his teeth, his jaws locked as he narrows his blue eyes as he cannot wait one more second before he launches himself straight at Ryan. The two clash and Ryan is knocked backwards, but Chase keeps charging until they strike the wall. Ryan grunts, his head cracking against the wall and groans but Chase grabs his Gi at the chest in bunches and hurls him off the wall and to the floor where he lands on top of the mat gasping. Chase feels the momentum and jumps on Ryan ready to end things. But at the last moment as Chase can feel his victory Ryan’s left leg shoots up and Chase’s superman flight is ended with a foot to the groin. Chase hangs in the air, his balls and cock are crushed against Ryan’s outstretched leg, his fully body weight smooshing his goods even further into the crevice between his thighs.

“Oooooooooooooooooo my fucking balls!” Chase bellows, hanging stupidly airborne. He goes to slip off the end of Ryan’s foot, but Ryan’s hands shoot up along with his other foot. Each hand grab’s Chase’s, while his other foot sneaks around Chase’s left leg keeping him entangled as Ryan holds the position firmly. Ryan’s smile widens as he starts to bounce Chase on the end of his foot, Chase’s balls squishing flat on every downward bounce. Chase is putty in Ryan’s hands as he wrecks his balls, steam rolling over his orbs as he intensifies the move until Chase can barely speak.

Ryan can’t keep Chase airborne for long, but for the few minutes that he can when Chase finally slumps to the ground Ryan rolls with him until he straddles him. Chase is gasping, his nuts twisting with intense sharp pain, as he eyes are glazed over in horror. Everything twists with nut-wrenching agony as his miserable balls throb, and pulse in his sack.

Reaching back Ryan shoves his hands underneath Chase’s Gi and clamps his fingers around Chase’s nuts in a double nut claw. Chase can’t even manage to scream as Ryan digs into his throbbing, bloated big balls.

“Now you give, right Chasey boy?”

“UUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Chase manages to grunt as Ryan’s fingers lock into place drilling into Chase’s balls like pincushions. Chase’s nuts throb and his cock slithers up and pokes into Ryan’s backside and Ryan snickers.

“Still hard?” Ryan chuckles slithers back and forth as his butt glides up and down the rigidness of Chase’s curved stem. “You must really like losing to me, huh?”

“No…please…stop…you’re….ohmyfuckinggod…my big…BALLS!”

Ryan squeezes some more, the large assets that Chase prizes so much are lost to him in Ryan’s hands, while Ryan’s butt slowly works over his knob going up and down like a firefighter on a pole. Chase gasps, his blue eyes widening. He can feel himself reaching that point and he shakes his head and pleads “You…have to stop…I’m….shit don’t make me…” Chase begs, cherry lips parted.

“Then say it, Chase. Submit!”

Chase holds out for another beat, as his eyes roll back and Ryan’s ass muscled seem to clench his cock.


A satisfied smile splits Ryan’s face, and he stops squeezing Chase’s nuts but just holds the pair pressing them gently together, and measuring them as he slides back down Chase’s body. Chase shudders as the heat of his pelvis rolls over Chase and he clenches his teeth trying not to spew his load.

Ryan lines up their crotches and lowers his own sack until it rests against Chase’s and Ryan looks down smiling, until he sees the obviousness. Ryan’s lump quivers on top of Chase’s blue speedo bulge and it’s easy to see who is bigger as the large nuts in Chase’s speedo hold up Ryan’s own testicles so well, that the pair fits nestled in between and almost cradled lovingly by the bigger, juicier nuts.

“I can’t…believe this!” Ryan is outraged, but in Chase’s pain a small smile tugs at his lips.

“Told you so.”

Ryan is up and off of his pulling down his own Gi and staring at his tightie whitey bulge in disgust and disappointment.

“You failed me.”

Chase triumphant at last says “Looks like I win afterall.”

Ryan’s eyes narrow and before Chase recognizes the danger that he is in, Ryan stomps down.

Chase’s eyes follow Ryan’s foot, and it’s almost like it hits him in slow motion as the blow caves in his plump speedo filled basket and crunches his spuds to the floor with a terrible squish.

Chase balks, his balls throb and his cock pokes out of his speedo, and as the material slides down his full length and it points directly at his face a drop of pre-cum falls from his tip landing with a small splash against his skin before his scrotum starts boiling.

“Noooooooooo!” Chase bellows grabbing Ryan’s leg as he continues to squish Chase’s nuts against the mat and his back curves upwards and his eyes roll. He can’t hold back any longer. Chase’s cock starts throbbing, and pulsing in the open air and all on its own accord starts shooting up and onto his chest. Rope after rope of white semen coats Chase’s upper body and Ryan meanly keeps his foot locked on Chase’s working balls until the cock slumps against Chase’s belly and softening.

When Ryan pulls his foot back and sees the squished flattened bulge he states “Your balls are small! They were just so filled with your dirty spunk that they looked big! You are pathetic, Chasey and I hope to never see you again!” Ryan turns on his heel and walks away leaving Chase on the floor as he folds in on himself, drenched in his own cum and moaning not wanting to touch his balls for fear that he might injure his sore testicles more than they already are.

The visit to the dojo did exactly what Chase needed, and got his mind off of Jayden Gomez. The cost seems far too much.

The sensei walks over and places Chase’s Gi over his chest and covers his naked cock.

“You must learn self-control, and for god sake…wear a cup!”

She continues to mutter to herself as she walks away telling the other members “It’s closing time, and please revert your eyes away from the back of the dojo we have a member who lost control…he needs a few minutes to collect himself.”

Chase’s cheeks burn, and he could not dress himself fast enough to escape the dojo and this time he promises himself to never return. This was a very bad idea…and he went one time too many.


He would not make a third visit.


Chase promises himself and plans on keeping to it.





Anonymous said...

Poor chase didn’t land a single hit on his rival. At least he did get to prove his big balls are still winners though.
I’m hope Chase will get even on Ryan sometime soon.

owen said...

ok jimmy: not what i was excpecting but i can understand chase needing to find an outlet. I always thought he was a little impulsive and getting it out of his system would be a good for him. his stress levels must be very hi at the moment trying to sors out a way to help his boyfriend ′jayden.′ Unfortuanatly he chose paurly and as perusual for our beloved swim captain his big balls payed a steep price. hope the next enstorment of gino and jayden's adventures with their prison mates is coming along nicely. owen.

Anonymous said...


Okay…I’ve stayed quiet until now but I have things I need to share.

Chase is secretly still evil. I know that I have no evidence of this, but the fact remains he can’t stay with Jayden forever. I still remember the bat, how he tried to extinguish Gino’s nuts forever with a hand weight. Chase will turn on Jayden, I just don’t know when.

Chases main man, Adam will return to the fold. I doubt that the twins will I think that they were more misguided than anything else and never saw the true evil that Chase showcased. I mean it’s his fault that Jayden was separated from his family.

I believe that Chase actually has a hand in this latest incident with Jayden. While, Silas Black is down…and fell easily, I was surprised by that latest twist. Our hero Jayden is getting stronger, but Zagan Keller is not smart enough to be behind the full plot. I think that Zagan tried to capitalize on Gino and Jayden’s placement into a detention center…but Chase put him there.

Mark my words it’s Chase.

Now some people might say, Bill is the real villain. Baby nuts has nothing on Chase. It’s not him.

Sam Hell…no way.

Gino Gomez, I had to mention him he’s been vilified before. Gino would not do this to his brother.

Therefore it has to be Chase.

I can’t wait to find out that I am right, and Chase has been playing us for a foul this whole time.

I was team Jayden and Leroy, and I still am…at least until Leroy and Rex started becoming a thing. After this I think Jayden should play the field and take a year off to be single and have fun.

First things first, expose Chase as the monster villain that he is.

Can’t wait for part three.

I know the truth.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that’s quite a conspiracy theory in the last comment. It’s such an intriguing idea and i love that you shared it, although i can’t say i’m completely convinced.
After all, the love affair between Jay and Chase seems quite real.
I could see Chase doing some pretty vile things to Gino but not sure he would want to punish Jayden as well…the last time Chase tried to neuter the Gomez boys they were both enemies or at least bitter rivals.

Jimmy, i see a lot of readers are fired up about this latest story arc. Once again you introduce a plot twist that get’s everyone rattled! This series never gets stale:-)

Personally i can’t wait for Zadan Keller to show his face (not to mention his highly vaunted balls!). I would not be surprised if Zadan teams up with some other villains as he has in the past. I’m sure we haven’t seen the end of Silas Black for example…Jayden caught him by surprise in the jail showers but we all know Silas Dark is a really tough brute and one of the few guys that has beaten Jayden fair and square and even made him submit (Story: Get Jayden Back…and yes i checked, Jayden really did utter the words „Stop i can’t take any more…You win”)!

I have to add, that i love the two Karate class stories with Chase and Ryan and just went back to reread the original. Ryan is the worst kind of Nemesis for Chase, he’s not close to being a real rival in terms of physicality or looks or masculinity but he wins hands down psychologically. All the taunting about Chase’s little grapes is priceless. I really hope we see more of these 2 in action haha

Ry3 said...

I'll just say it... Ryan x Chase is my favorite storyline, I love how Ryan uses Chase's big balls against him

Anonymous said...

It was hot how bad he got beaten

GinoJaydenAuthor said...


So many comments, let's get to it!

Reg: Poor Chase indeed! This was not the night he expected. So many blows to his balls and he did not get the steam off his chest he so desired and needed.

Owen: I posted a new story, today actually but (spoiler alert) it ends in a to be continued… sorry about that!

Anonymous: Ummm… those are some thoughts! I’m curious as to how you came about those conclusions about Chase. I hope that you are not too saddened by todays posted plot! Chase is not in the story…

Reg: Yes, that is certainly that is a THEORY!

Ry3: I am happy that you like the pairing, Chase does not. But that’s okay! Chase does not need to enjoy for us too!

Anonymous: Agreed. I enjoy writing guys getting their balls well beaten.