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Speedos VS Singlets: Part 3 written by Reg and Jimmy


Speedos VS Singlets: Part 3



By Reg and Jimmy

Ballbusting Boys: Speedos VS Singlets written by Reg and Jimmy (Part 1)

It takes effort, but Jayden grabs a nearby locker and slowly pulls himself upwards, he staggers into it the making the locker room clang with the noise of rattling metal hinges and swaying padlocks.

“Going somewhere?” Chase asks, pulling himself to standing and glaring at Jayden with defiance.

“This is stupid, Chase! I’m late for wrestling practice, we’re both feeling sore. Let’s just call a truce and—”

Chase strides towards Jayden, and stepping in front of the door, shielding it. “No truce in war, Jayden. Only winners and losers. If you want to submit, get down on your knees and take the low blows that we paid for. Otherwise, things are going to get a whole lot worse.” Chase punches the palm of his hand, further making his point, breathing hard and filling up his lungs.

“You can’t control me, Chase. And if that’s what it takes, then I WILL finish things,” Jayden narrows his dark brown muddy eyes making a deliberate effort to show Chase exactly what he is aiming for.

“Too bad all your allies are down…now it’s just you and—me!”

The door suddenly swings wide open, crashing into Chase and causing Jayden to jump.

Through the doorway stepping clumsily inside comes Bill.

“Oops…sorry about that Chase. I didn’t mean to…” Bill’s hands are on the shoulder straps of his backpack, his foot still raised after kicking the heavy door open.

Chase turns scowling towards him about to scold the boy when Jayden swings a sideways kick, nailing him in the ribs and sending him staggering backwards.

“Oh wow!” Bill shouts but it then hurled backwards as the door swings back on its springs, hitting him full in the face making him fall on his ass on the other side of the locker room entrance.

“My nose…” he groans, ignored by everyone as Jayden pounces on Chase, and the two combatants crash into the lockers, before falling into a heap on the floor. Jayden is on top, and as the older boy falls back his head knocks against the tile. Chase’s head lulls, and he blinks rapidly trying to clear the fog from his head, as Jayden slides downwards until he sits in the middle of his muscled thighs. Chase’s impressive boy-bulge is thrust up right in front of him, and Jayden can’t resist the opportunity to get his hands on Chase’s beloved manhood while he is still out of it.

Jayden reaches forward boldly, his deft fingers finding the ends of the white knotted strings in the middle and pulling the knot apart like he’s unwrapping a birthday present. Slowly he edges the speedos lower down Chase’s smooth athletic thighs then gulps. It’s not the first time that Jayden has seen Chase’s genitals fully naked, but he’s never been close enough to really inspect the older teen’s delicious genitals.

Jayden can feel his heart racing as he surveys the stunning view. Chase’s pale cock never fails to impress in the showers, dangling long and low even when the pool is icy-cold and up close it looks even more enchanting. The dangling beauty is draped elegantly across Chase’s right hip, its plump head slumping lazily over the edge enticingly concealed inside its long silky foreskin. Jayden can just make out a single long blue vein that snakes along the full length of the moist appendage, still wet from swimming in the pool.

Below, Chase’s fifteen year old testicles flop heavily, nestled together in the Vee between his thighs. Usually so fresh and pink the plump orbs have taken on a more lively reddish color and look even bigger than Jayden recalls. Are they swollen after Adam’s punch? Jayden wonders Or has Chasey had a little growth spurt? It’s these big floppy eggs in their velvety ball-sack that really capture his attention as Jayden reaches forward and cups both precious testicles in his hands. Jayden’s uses both hands so that he can weigh both meaty orbs in their delicate silky-sack as he gently rolls the straight stud’s nuts between his fingers. They feel so virile and potent that Jayden can feel his own cock throbbing in excitement as he isolates the older teen’s slightly larger right gonad, gently squeezing its bulging center to feel Chase’s manly size and power.

Jayden lick his lips and his focused eyes widen to take in the stunning view of Chase’s beautifully muscled torso sprawled out naked before him. At fifteen, the young Adonis is almost a year older and his stunning body is a step closer to manhood. Jayden gulps knowing that Chase’s beautiful droopy cock is not just for show. Chase loves to taunt his virgin classmates with tales of his amorous conquests but now Jayden no longer feels intimidated as he sizes up the cocky stud. He grins as he gives the blond boy’s virile gonad a friendly squeeze. Nice man-eggs Chasey, but I reckon Gino was right after all! My boy-balls do feel a bit chunkier than yours!

Chase starts to stir, but Jayden locks his fingers now around the neck of his scrotum quelling the fight from Chase’s sea blue eyes as he starts to pull himself upright.

“Stay down,” Jayden commands, puncturing his points with a tightening grip, his thumbs poised, locked and ready to puncture Chase’s masculinity. “I’ve got you by your big balls, Chase,”

The threat seems clear enough to Chase’s who blinks down in fear but Jayden makes it absolutely clear as he traces his thumbnails along the contour of Chase’s captured balls.

“Don’t you dare, Gomez!” Chase growls then he smirk nervously “Can you feel how BIG they are, Jayden?” the deep fierceness in his eyes widen in alarm as Jayden applies pressure and he freezes, and stops talking.

Jayden smirks, enjoying having the upper hand, and says “I like you better quiet.”

The two glare at one another as Jayden rolls Chase’s nuts in his scrotum, feeling the wrinkly skin soften under his touch and he notices something else. Chase’s breathing is quicker, his stomach is taut and his flaccid cock has started to throb and swell in front of him, edging a little higher up his thigh.

Jayden’s brown muddy eyes sparkle and a smile appears as he whispers “Are you getting excited by me touching you?” his question is soft, barely a whisper only meant for Chase to hear. Jayden moves in closer to hear his response.

Chase bites his lip, as he tries to control his thumbing heartbeat and stop his growing erection that threatens to loom awkwardly between the two fighting boys.

“I…” Chase starts to answer when his eagle eyes spot movement, the twins have gotten up and are slowly closing in. Adam is not too far behind. He’s conscious of all eyes on him, and his response so with that in mind Chase says “You wish!”

Chase shoves Jayden in his chest as hard as he can, and Jayden falls backwards toppling over but managing to squish Chase’s nuts in one hard last squeeze before rolling up to standing and when he does, he finds himself surrounded by Max, Rex, and Adam all looking about ready to murder him.

Jayden is breathing hard, but he cautiously looks back at Chase, their eyes meet for a fraction of a moment as Chase pulls up his speedos, grimacing as he nurses his swollen balls. Curiously his tell-tale erection is still towering up above his waistline…it’s the last thought that crosses Jayden’s mind as all three attack.

Adam is the first to move, he tilts his head down and bull-rushes forward acting more like a battering ram as he shoots for Jayden’s middle letting out a ferocious battle cry, pounding across the tiles, each labored step seems to make the room shake as Jayden braces for the blow. Suddenly the locker room door swing open and Adam crashes into the door handle, crotch first. Adam’s beady eyes widen in full alarm, and he folds around the handle crumpling to the floor like an old wet towel over the extended door handle, swaying. It takes another beat before Adam hollers two moments later rolling around and bucking on the floor.

Max and Rex both giggle and point at their fallen friend, and again Bill is jolted back as the door slamming into his face once again, sending him flying back into the hallway where he falls on his ass wondering ‘What the hell is going on?’

Jayden strides forward while the twins are distracted and grabs Rex, putting him in a headlock and pulling him up against his chest, as he secures his arm across his windpipe.

“Leave him alone!” Max shouts, his sharp fist uppercutting into Jayden’s abdomen. Jayden bends over at the waist releasing Rex, who spirits around rubbing his neck as Max comes in with another strike to his gut. Jayden grabs his abs trying to shield it while Rex behind him lines up a shot and punts him between the legs nailing his nuts as hard as he can.

Jayden gasps and tries to drop to the floor but Max swoops in grabbing his shoulders and lifting a knee up, and for the second strike in a row hits him right in the groin. His head lulls on Max’s shoulder as he winces feeling like his balls are in his throat.

Max is holding him gently, pushing his curly hair from his eyes and whispering in his ear. “I’ve been dreaming of doing this for a long time,” as he brings up his knee again hitting Jayden in the same spot. Jayden’s balls throb and he starts to slip but Rex comes in from behind grabbing his hips.

“Nowhere to go now, Jayden.”

“Yeah” Max coos in his ear. “We got you.”

Jayden is in trouble, both Max and Rex have him solidly between the two of them and Max is bringing back his knee and Jayden can’t back up and he opens his mouth pleading “Not the balls…again!”

Chuckling Max taps his hefty nut-sack with his knee, as one of Rex’s hands holding his hips slides down to touch his epicenter of his bulge telling his twin “Hit right here, you’ll nail both nuts and his dick.”

Shuddering Jayden trembles and Rex says “Look, he’s shaking with fear.”

“Am…not!” Jayden yells swing an elbow back, but the move is sluggish and Rex catches it and pulls both hands behind his back leaving him wide open and vulnerable as he pulls Jayden’s head off Max’s shoulder. Jayden waivers but Rex holds him still.

“Finish him Max, squish his fat nuts like Gino did to us.”

Max smiles and still holding Jayden’s shoulders swings his knee up and into his bulge, hammering a blow so vicious that Jayden’s stomach clenches, and he seethes out “Fuuuuuuuck my balls!”

His twin cores seem to explode between his thighs as a dreadful pain flooding up into his guts. Then he grimaces feeling the sour taste of bile in his mouth. He feels suddenly broken and utterly miserable as the last of his fighting spirit drains out of him.

“Ugh, no more! I’m done….ugh my poor balls!”

 Max grins jerking his knee up one more time to finally shatter Jayden’s resolve, the more renders him speechless as he hangs limply in Rex’s embrace. Then Max moves in closer, slipping his lithe fingers deep inside the red singlet to grab Jayden’s defeated nuts. He carefully wraps his fingers around the neck of his smooth scrotum and pulls towards him, stretching his ball cords. Max had no problem locating such big juicy targets and his jaw drops as he isolates each nut in hand.

“Holy shit! These big danglers belong on a farm, Rex. Wow, what a pair of nuts!”

“Pfft…Chases are even bigger…you’ve seen them,” Rex mocks. “Jayden’s got nothing on our big buddy.”

Max’s eyes are almost popping from his head as he leans closer to whisper in his brother’s ear. “I’m serious bro, I can’t even get my hands around them! Wanna switch?”

Beautifully synchronized as always, Rex and Max deftly change positions and Rex eagerly grabs Jayden’s nuts hard, making the young Latino gasp and bite his lip.

“Stop… oh please guys, no more.”

Ignoring him, Rex’s eyes widen as he feels the bulbous testicles in his hand, and nods “Damn! They might be bigger than Dad’s…how the hell did he…?”

“Told you!” Max grins, his eyes twinkling with glee.

Both Max and Rex look over their shoulder, Chase has his head between his legs and whimpers as he peels back his speedo to assess the contents inside. Adam is next to him doing the same to his own smaller package. Neither are looking very happy with the state of their genitals.

Max’s amber eyes light up and he motions Rex closer. Whispering into his brother’s ear, he asks “Hey, we should warn Chase! The big stud doesn’t know what he’s up against…Fuck, if he can’t win this he’ll be so pissed…he’s so proud of being the biggest on the team.”

“Relax bro!” Rex rolls his eyes, then lowers his voice “Chase really wants this and, well I reckon his big balls could still win this. Those big floppy eggs of his have never lost before. I can’t wait to see how they stack up against Jayden’s bull nuts

“Please don’t…” Jayden says, but his movements are weak and sluggish “Guys, this is pointless. I really doesn’t matter who’s bigger...just please let me go.”

All the low blows have really taken their toll on the tough Latino and Jayden can only groan, barely able to keep his head upright.

“Like you get a vote!” Rex laughs meanly.

“Yeah! Let’s find out what you’re really made of, Gomez!”

The twins chuckle as they drag Jayden’s broken body over and drop him heavily onto his knees before Adam and Chase.

Jayden can only groan weakly as he is stripped roughly by their small hands, his singlet is shoved down his chest and arms until the straps drape uselessly on the floor and the waist is several inches below his navel. His heart is hammering as his chest is fully exposed. Max has one arm pinned, Rex has the other in their grasp.

Chase is still feeling sore sitting on the cold tiles clutching himself but now he nudges Adam and with a grimace works his way up to his feet, still slightly hunched over and now at eye level with the dark haired Latino, in front of him.

“We…er” Max pants, his sparkling face so full of excitement he can’t even finish his sentence.

“What Max means is…we brought him here for you, Chase!” Rex grins excitedly “Show him stud! Once and for all, let’s see who has the bigger balls on our team!”

Rex keeps his eyes on Chase then raises his eyebrows and blows a little kiss directed right towards Chase’s hefty bulge with a wide grin covering his cheeky face.

“Patience guys! I’ve waited far too long to rush this moment!” Chase shudders with excitement as he peers down at his quivering prey.

“We beat you Jayden! And now you’ll face the final humiliation! Then you can go crying to you dickhead brother and tell him how your puny Gomez balls were humiliated by Chase Dipetrio… Still the biggest balls on the team!”

Jayden scowls angrily but can think of nothing constructive to say as he grits his teeth unable to move his arms.

Rex puts one foot into the back of Jayden’s singlet and works his big toe into the scarlet red material and pulls it downwards. It stops for a moment, caught against Jayden’s girthy cock, but another great tug pulls it free and Jayden’s genitals are in full view swaying so close to Chase’s speedos that his tip bumps the bottom of his light blue pouch.

“Boy against man!” Chase smirks, laughing meanly.

The others join in except for Jayden. He feels so horribly exposed in front of the guys, and keeps his mouth shut not wanting to entice them further, hoping his ordeal will be over soon. Rex puts one knee into his back stretching out his torso, pushing his pelvis forward and peering over his shoulder to get a better view.

“Oooh who’s a big boy now?” Rex laughs.

“Not bad, but Chase…Chase is a real man! You show him, stud!” Adam enthuses reaching hungrily for Chase’s speedos but Chase slaps him away.

“I got this, Adam”

All five boys freeze as Chase slowly and methodically rolls his speedo down, so that first the sprout of his dick appears, and then his manly goods roll out. Chase’s big thickening erection bursts upwards, his thickening rod slapping hard against Jayden’s dangling manhood, pressing into his honey-tan nut-sack. With a mean grin he lifts Jayden’s wilted schlong and holds it out against his own pale shaft and pumps his fist in triumph.

“Nice try Gomez” Adam sneers meanly “Look down and weep, loser! Chase’s huge dong is at good inch longer than your little shrimp! Oh man, I can’t wait ‘til you see the size of his bull-balls!”

Jayden grits his teeth and remains silent, not wanting any more trouble. All he really wants is for this nightmare to end so he’s not best pleased when a new voice pipes up.

“What’s going on, I wanna see too!” Bills shrill voice rings out as he finally manages to squeeze through the door and races over.

“Get lost baby-nuts!” Chase sneers up meanly.

“Screw you, Chase!” Bill frowns, blinking back bravely “You’re just mad because JAYDEN is the biggest on the team now!”

 “What did you….!” Chase huffs.

“You really didn’t notice, jackass?” Bill interrupts him with a cheeky grin “If you really want to know, I had a little suck on Jayden’s huge dong at his place… while you were getting your nuts cracked by Gino. I tell you Chase, you have GOT to see his dwarfs your little popsicle!”

“Bullshit!” Chase roars.

“Oh and by the way, Jayden’s balls are bigger too!”

Bill sticks his tongue out and gives a mean little grin. The slender, dark-haired boy is really enjoying tormenting the blond bully and with Chase on his knees he feels untouchable. His new-found bravado has blossomed since his moment of intimacy with Jayden and Bill is pretty sure the tough Latino boy will protect him from Chase’s wrath. Best of all, though, he feels a deep satisfaction and a thrilling sense of power seeing the muscular bully on his knees, squirming in frustration and yet to face the biggest humiliation of his life.

The blond teen clenches his fists and snarls up with a face of thunder but even his rippling biceps and icy glare fail to deter Bill so Chase pulls Max over and whispers in his ear.

“Max, you know what to do!”

Max groans, still nursing his aching balls but finally nods and gives his brother a nudge. Both twins slowly get to their feet. Without a word, they move together, close the gap between them until their slim arms touch, completely blocking Bill’s view. The two brothers exchange glances, their bright eyes sparkling with menace under their reddish-blond hair. They stand tall peering down on the slightly shorted intruder trying their best to contort their playful faces into a mean and tough fa├žade.

“Get out now, baby balls!” Rex growls and suddenly both twins charge forward, propelling Bill straight back into the heavy swing-door. All three tumble out into the corridor as the ferocious heavy door booms shut leaving a strange calm in the locker room.

A clock ticks loudly above them as Jayden awaits his fate.

He clamps his eyes shut beginning to believe the worst might be over now he is no longer sandwiched between the terrible twins. His naked cock is still flaccid, perhaps even contracted from fear as it rests so vulnerably in Chase’s hands, sprawled out straight on his palm alongside the older boy’s admittedly delicious, semi-rigid schlong. Chase’s bright pink bell-end is just starting to poke out from his foreskin and Jayden can feel it prodding his right testicle while Chase grins back at him like a Cheshire cat, reveling in his obvious size advantage.

“See, Gomez, I beat you again!” Chase smirks “I knew your dickhead brother was full of shit!”

“Too right! Not so cocky now, are you Jayden!” Adam taunts him before bravely reaching down and running his fingers along Chase’s throbbing cock carefully taking in every magnificent inch “Wow, Chase you are so much bigger than that loser!”

“Definitely the biggest on this team! Looks like this little fellow lost round one, Gomez!” Chase smirks proudly pumping his fist while his other hand gives Jayden’s dong a painful squeeze at the root before he slides his fingers along its soft rubbery length before meanly slapping its sensitive circumcised head.

“Oooooooooh!” Jayden moans. In truth he barely felt the slap…it’s the sensual touch of Chase’s warm pale fingers on his sensitive boy cock that concerns him more eliciting a familiar warm tingling sensation in his nether regions “Chase no, please don’t…oooh, not there, you’ll make me…ooooooh fuuuuck!”

Jayden feels the stirring in his loins growing stronger as his young member begins to pulse. He gasps and peers down in alarm but the sight of Chase’s beautiful manly cock, so firm and virile, twitching with desire next to his own naked boyhood only makes his rampant hormones surge ever stronger. He groans, feeling his tanned cock swelling further, the purple head engorging and stretching out before him and he gulps, looking up into Chase’s deep blue eyes with a sudden urge to lean forward and embrace the sexy blond stud.

“What the…! Stop it now, Gomez or I’ll…Ow!” Chase is now glaring at the young Latino then he winces feeling a sharp jab into his aching testicles. He frowns peering down then balks in disbelief. Jayden’s cock is now throbbing powerfully, almost fully hard and looks impossibly large thrusting out of the smaller boy’s fourteen year old frame. The smooth tanned shaft has grown even broader than his own and extended to an improbable size, thrusting its hefty bell end so deep into Chase’s throbbing balls he has to edge backwards to relieve the pressure on his constrained nuts. Chase bites his lip in concern as his eyes trace his own weapon back to the other end of the battle-field then he blinks in disbelief seeing his own virile sword tip is barely tickling the younger boy’s bulbous gonads.

“No way…how could he…he grew so big!” Chase gapes across in shock at Adam, blinking and gulping like a landed fish.

“So you want to play games, Gomez?” Adam hisses angrily, narrowing his eyes at Jayden “Well it’s time to bring out the big guns! Let’s see how big Chase’s monster gets when it’s fully hard!”

Chase gulps, blinking at his friend for reassurance and Adam provides it, nodding and grinning knowingly, which quickly revives his mojo.

“Is that all you got, Jayden! You’re so going to regret this!” Chase barks out in a nervously loud voice “Want to see me fully hard, huh? I’m a fucking grower…”

Chase grabs himself, spitting into his hand and roughly starts to jack himself off, determined to prove his superiority to Jayden once and for all.

“Oh fuck yeah, mmmm! Oh I’m getting so fucking hard now!” Chase huffs, his proud dick glistening with his spit, engorging even further until his beautiful bell-end bursts out through his foreskin like a blossoming flower and the big throbbing appendage starts to jerk upwards in powerful convulsions. Chase, breathing hard, closes his eyes as he lovingly caresses the full length of his mighty cock, feeling its meaty girth with his fingertips and every throbbing inch of its towering size. A cocky smile creeps over his face as any lingering doubts evaporate. Adam’s right, of course! I’m still way bigger than Jayden!

“What a fucking stud!” Adam exclaims, mirroring his thoughts, as he shoves Chase’s hands away and excitedly wraps his own hands around the blond boy’s throbbing man-sized appendage “So big! Let’s show him who is the biggest on the team!”

Adam is almost drooling now, his lustful eyes glued to his hero’s boner as he reaches down to grab Jayden’s erection, right by the root then mashes the two throbbing erections together lining them carefully up at the base then rocking them together like two skyscrapers teetering in an earthquake.

“Wow!” Adam gasps almost fainting at the sight of all the man-meat swaying before his eyes. Then he recalls his mission and carefully adjusts his sights to line up the tips of the rock-hard members.

The two quivering boners are clearly in the same league both stretching their pretty crowns skywards trying to out-reach the other. It’s a close call but, to Adam’s disbelief Jayden thicker, tanned shaft still has the slight edge in length.

“Come on stud!” Adam hisses encouragement as he squeezes his friend’s rigid tool tightly then mutters quietly through his teeth “Fuck! What is Chase playing at!

Adam, curses under his breathe completely baffled why his hung hero won’t rise to the occasion and put this impudent upstart in his place. Meanly he slaps Jayden’s cock aside then lovingly grasps onto Chase’s erection embracing it firmly in both hands, watching the big testicles draw up tightly into Chase’s scrotum as he gazes up into his idol’s handsome face with puppy dog eyes.

“You can do this, stud! Come on, Chase, just give me half an inch more!  I know you’re man enough!”

“Huh?” Chase blinks down at his straining boner in disbelief, unable to comprehend what Adam is playing at “What the hell, Adam, look how huge I am … Adam!!!  What are you…Oh no, no, no! Don’t do that now. Ooooooh, I’m hard as a fucking rock down there!”

“Yeah right!” Adam winks and gives Chase’s big boner a long sensual stroke “I bet I can put another inch onto this monster!”

“Adam Noooooooooo!” Chase pleads trying to push the boy away “Don’t touch my….Oooooh! Dude, my big balls are so fucking tight!….Oooh! God I think I’m gonna blow….”

Jayden can barely refrain himself from laughing out loud as he watches Chase writhing panic, teetering on the brink of orgasm desperate to keep his precious man-juice contained. Chase’s stunning cock looks utterly magnificent in all its manly glory, hard as a steel rod, thrust upwards and swaying around like a sword as Chase squirms to evade Adam’s eager hands. The blond stud’s big horny balls are strung up so high in his tight scrotum they look ready to explode at any moment.

Adam clearly has his mind firmly set on coaxing some extra length out of his hero’s throbbing meat-stick until his delusional plan is suddenly foiled. Chase grabs his friend by the hips and slams a knee brutally into the stocky boy’s smaller testicles.


Adam freezes peering up into Chase’s cold blue eyes, trying to understand his betrayal then collapses suddenly onto his knees rocking in stunned silence. Chase just takes a deep breath and holds the back Adam’s head then swings his hips slapping him so hard with his meaty boner that Adam is sent sprawling onto the tiles.

“How that for an extra inch? Dumbass!” Chase scolds him angrily.

Just then a muffled scream makes both boys turn towards the heavy door wondering what the hell is happening on the other side.

To be continued...


owen said...

hit jimmy. So, the plot gets ficker. A new character has entered the game so to speak. Things aren't looking too good for paur jayden gomez. though chase isn't in tip top shape either. what's next for the two young guys, and... what will bill's roll in all this turn out to be? When is the next part coming may i ask. keep up the good work get chase's and adam ready to crack some balls jayden's boynuts can take a lot more i have full confidence in that. The one thing i have always noticed about jayden is that he gives people a second chance rather van taking the opatunity while they're down. He could have stompped or squeezed chase's nuts when he pulled down his trunks but he was too busy roling and admiring them to end things. his heart gets him in to trouble. in many of your stories its jayden's lak of action that gives either sam hell, bill, chase or any other character enough time to attack before he can stop them, don't you agree? i like jayden, hell he's my faverite character but sometimes i wanna punch him in the balls myself, "For fuck sake gomez kick his balls already!" hahaha! anyways great stuff as always looking forward to the next episode, I'll be in touch buddy: owen x.

Ginojaydenauthor said...

Hi Owen,

Oh yeah, Jayden Gomez is in a real tough spot here. His balls have been through the wringer!

The next part will be out this Friday.

I’m glad that you have noticed that, and it is indeed one of Jayden’s main issues with beating his opponents. His heart usually gets in the way of finishing the job, and winning the battle/match/what-have-you. He just ends up feeling bad for the other person no matter who they may be.

Jayden is your favorite, Owen? That’s Greta to know! He’s obviously one of mine too. I have not thought about it too, too much. But he might be mine too.

Have a good one, buddy!


Anonymous said...

Loving this throwback / alternate universe story! My favorite was how both Jayden and Chase took the chance to feel up their rival when he was wide open.

Ginojaydenauthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

That part was all Reg. He’s pretty cleaver, right? This was a great idea by Reg! There is more to come next Friday!