Monday, December 4, 2023

Logan's Farwell Speech written by Jimmy


Logan’s Farwell Speech



by Jimmy




Logan Kruger crosses the stage and stands at the podium, trophy in hand as he gazes out across the full attendance of the gymnasium.


“I would like to introduce this year’s new wrestling captain, and the first freshman to take the title of captain in over first years.”


Logan takes a breath and grabs the microphone and moving across the stage to stand before the crowd. 


“My friend, and fellow wrestler has earned this title and I could not be happier to be leaving the team in such capable hands. Although, I have already started my internship at Captain of the Bartlet team I know that Jayden will keep trophies like these coming into our school!”


The crowd erupts in cheers as Logan waves the trophy up high, pumping it in the air.


Logan walks back to the podium and says, "May Jayden Gomez come take the stage."


He goes back to the podium. The podium is an old lectern which has been with the school for over a 150 years. It’s made of gleaming polished mahogany and stands chest height to Logan, but he made sure to get a stepping stool in place next to the velvet curtain that skirts around the tall lectern. 


The lights are on full blast, washing the stage in bright light. Jayden Gomez hovers near the outskirts but upon hearing his name stumbles to the stage, the quick movement of his feet catches and he trips almost falling over. 


The crowd chuckles, and Jayden Gomez blushes scarlet his cheeks feel like they are on fire. 


Gingerly Jayden walks up the small steps to stand directly in front of the podium and unbuttons his wrestling letterman’s jacket. He’s wearing his red singlet underneath and in the crowd his boyfriend Chase whoops. He and the rest of the swim team played hooky and skipped today to hear Jayden speak and support their friend and former swim team mate. 


It’s late in June, summer approaches and Jayden tries to smile as goes to pick up the microphone from Logan. 


“Thank you Logan for that warm introduction, I am honored by your kind words and I…” Jayden takes a pregnant pause and looks over at him. The warmth of the lights and emotions are clear on his face as he goes on. “I was lucky enough to have you be my captain. You taught me what it was like to be a wrestler, and I would not be who I am today without you.”


Logan grins at him and the crowd cheers. It’s clear to all that are watching that Logan Kruger is somewhat a celebrity at Bartlet High and is so popular among his classmates that any kind words that Jayden says about him will almost guarantee a big applause.


Putting a hand on his shoulder, Logan gives it a squeeze. 


“Logan left me big shoes to fill, and you can’t see but behind this podium they had to bring in a set of stairs so I could see over the top” says Jayden and the crowd laughs. He has them eating out of the palm of his hand. Jayden can feel it. 


He takes a breath and continues “Captain Logan will be the best captain that this team may ever see, but like when I joined his wrestling team almost six months ago he taught me how to be a wrestler, a champion, and a man.” Jayden’s eyes swim with tears as he looks back at Logan, and he can tell that he touched his friend. 


“I am thankful that, this superstar is not leaving the team. He is instead taking a big step up,” Jayden says leaning over the podium and feeling the velvet curtain below rub up against him. 


“He will be my advisor, and the best coach that this team will ever have!”


The crowd stands this time, banging their feet on the floor. 


“The legacy that Logan leaves me is a big one but” and here Jayden pauses again but a gentle shift below the podium causes him to take another second as a warm mouth covers his singlet pouch. Hot breath engulf the head of his hanging dick taking in the crown of his tip and sucking. 


Jayden almost loses his place, as his eyes widen but he rushes through the end of the speech to get away from the podium. He moves to take a step back but two hands shoot out and grasp onto his nutsack and firmly rummage around his scrotum until fingers lock in place squeezing his balls. 


“But…” Jayden starts again or tries to. He fights off a moan as rising panic makes his knees buckle. 


Logan puts one hand on his shoulder and squeezes, as he runs one finger up and down his neck in a stimulating pattern and Jayden’s dark muddy eyes widen in understanding. The knowing smile on his captain’s face tells Jayden all that he needs to know. He’s been set-up. 


Fighting back another moan, as his fully hardened cock pulses in the stranger’s mouth that hides underneath the lectern and suckles at his tip. The Lycra does nothing to provide any resistance to the warm tongue lapping at his fully engorged lollipop that jerks in the person’s mouth below. 


“I am…fortun…ate!” Jayden’s voice breaks and goes up an octave as the fingers encompassing his scrotum squeezes harder at his boynuts sinking fingers crushing his resistance. He leans heavily against the podium now as chuckles spread throughout the crowd. 


“That…Logan is going to…” and here Jayden grunts, and has to close his eyes. The overstimulation of his cock makes him shudder and when he opens his eyes he glances out into the crowd his eyes meeting Chase and wordlessly he tells him that he is about to cream himself. 


He can see Chase mouth the words “Oh shit!”


Jayden nods in agreement “take care good care of the team…and me!” Jayden finishes just as Logan’s hand slides down his back and between his harder than steel but cheeks that are clenching hard and bat the hand away that was crushing his balls to replace it with his own. 


“Thank you Jayden, I know that you will do us proud!”


Logan emphasizes his words by squeezing his boynuts and because he does so from behind, he gets them both in an awkward and painful manner but getting into the more sensitive undersides. 


Jayden puts his head down on the podium and moans. He appears as though to the crowd at least to be overtaken with emotion. 


Logan knows better. 


“Jayden is a remarkable young man, so vital to the team’s success this year and I know that in the years follow that he will only get better,” and here Logan twists Jayden’s ballsack. Jayden pops up to wordless plead with Logan as the person deep throating him rips open his pouch and his cock tumbles out. The sensation was good before, but it’s even better now. Whoever it is under the podium bobs up and down so quickly that Jayden’s toes are curling in his very shoes. 


“He will get stronger.”


Jayden whimpers turning into Logan’s chest.


The crowd gives a collective “Aaaawwww.”


“More vibrant”


Logan hugs him back with his free hand, but also steadying the young teen as he trembles his cock pulses down the strangers throat. 


“And put on the performance of a lifetime. Give it up for our new wrestling captain, Jayden Gomez!”


Jayden bites Logan’s neck to keep from screaming as his cock begins to shoot, his erection pulses and throbs as burst after burst of teenage semen shoot down the awaiting and welcoming mouth. 


Logan eases up on the tense teenage churning nuts and rolls the busy balls as they pass through a few more shots of his sperm. 


Jayden moans again and turns back just as his cock stops ejaculating. 


“Ahh…ahem. Th…thank you Logan. I’ll try to…” Logan squishes his nuts in his in his mean nutclaw and Jayden rushes through his words “Make you…proud!” Jayden’s eyes roll cross comically and Logan grins at him as his voice goes soprano. 


Logan pulls back and away from Jayden and messes with his short curly hair and heavily faded sides. But his handhold remains strong, as his arm flexes Jayden’s boynuts squishing down into a mushed up blob inside his fist. 


“Thank you everyone for coming” and here Logan turns back to Jayden, a wolf like smile crosses over his face. 


“But no one came as hard as Jayden did right now…with his speech!”


He gives a twist and releases him, and the person inside the podium lets his spent cock out of their mouth. 


Jayden almost sighs in relief as an arm shoots out and punches Jayden right in his barely contained nutsack. The hole stretches now and rips down the center as his boynuts tumble out. 


Groaning Jayden leans against the podium once more as everyone stands up. 


“Fuck me…” Jayden whimpers after turning on the microphone.


“Just wanted to give you a memorable moment” says the voice inside the podium as his brother comes out from the side and steps out. He’s wearing his red singlet too and no letterman’s jacket and he gives his brother a hug as Jayden leans against the hard wood podium base. 


“Hell of a speech, Captain Gomez.”


Gino smiles and whispers in his brother’s ear “It’s my last year in High School with you after summer. I promise to make it the most memorable one yet!”


Chuckling Gino walks away and past Chase as he rushes onto the stage of check on his boyfriend. 


Gino and Logan walk out into the crowd, as Jayden slumps to his knees grabbing his balls. Jayden’s wounded dark eyes stare down as his bare genitals and the rushing feet of Chase coming up to him. 


“You okay, Jayden?”


Jayden can’t even speak, he’s spent and he whimpers at Chase’s gentle touch to his shoulders. 


“No…” croaks Jayden. “But…this will be the last time that they get me like this. It’s my turn next.”


Chase grins down at Jayden. “Just tell me when, I’ll make a plan with you any day to get at Logan or Gino.”


“Good…cause I think that I will need some help.”


Chase leans down and kisses his mouth, hard and wetly. 


When he pulls back, Jayden is panting. 


“Just say tell me when.”


Jayden smiles, it’s a wounded one. His balls ache and they will for a while but the idea of revenge fills him with an inner fire to get back at them in a most spectacular way. 





~End…for now


Anonymous said...

That was a seriously great story and I'm not usually into that sorta public display thing, although it was a really fun setup, gotta love how everyone thought Jayden was crying and moaning because he was emotional lol

Also, that ending cliffhanger makes me really excited for the next story, could we possibly finally be getting ANOTHER Jayden Vs. Logan fight? I don't think they've had a proper fight since forever!

This gets me seriously excited, I know Logan has more of a rivalry with Chase, and this story made it seem like they were gonna set up a tag team fight between Chase, jayden, Logan and Gino(at least in my comprehension), but something stuck to me about that Rex Vs. Zach rematch story, when they start comparing nut sizes and it was said that Jayden was kind of the same size as Logan? And that just made me extremely excited to see them bust each other's balls, they may be sort of the same size, but which pair is more durable? I'd love to see that, plus Jayden is gonna be captain, it could be a nice way to prove himself to Logan, especially since their first encounter had Logan busting Jayden's boynuts without him being able to fight back, it would come full circle! Now with Jayden as a more experienced ball buster

Maybe have Jayden repay the favor and have him milking Logan himself at the end of the fight? Or the best case scenerio (and my favorite outcome) have it be like the first one on one between Zach and Logan, where both of them, after throughly busting each other's balls until they are severely bruised and swollen, make each other cum at the same time, God I'd love to see that in a story

Anonymous said...

Awesome story and (i hope) a great set up for a Chase, Jayden, Gino, Logan battle!
I love how Chase thinks Jayden needs him in this fight…like “you’re going to need my muscles, kiddo” haha.
Jayden will want to prove his worth as new captain, but Chase also has a point to prove against Logan and Gino. His encounters with both have mostly ended in humiliation.
I’m sure Chase will want to prove his “big balls” are really in the men’s league now (still blind to the fact his own boyfriend might actually outrank him).
Logan has always been supportive of Chase but Gino will just want to humiliate him thoroughly. Maybe this will create a conflict between Logan and Gino?
Whatever happens, I can’t wait to read more!

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this story!! It is a great prelude to a great revenge against Gino and Logan! But, contrary to what I read in the previous comments, I would prefer not to read another wrestling fight between the two teenagers and the jocks. I would prefer real revenge, like one of the first stories you wrote about Gino and Hayden, when Gino tied Jay and let all the friends bust him. I would love to see Gino tied and Jay with Chase having fun on his testicles. Or maybe with both Logan and Gino punished at the same time, even if I think it would be more funny to read stories about two different ways of busting and torturing the jocks. To let Jay have his revenge! Write creative stories about this interesting plot, not wrestling match, where it would be far more probable to see the younger balls beaten, instead of the older ones.


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous, Reg, and X:

Apparently you all saw the setup there!

I have a few more bread crumbs that I want to drop along the way before the Jayden VS Logan comes back. Jayden is surely mad at Logan, but there is a bigger story coming out that I wanted to tell first with Jayden and the wrestling team.

I’ve been working on this story on and off since summer 2022. Clearly a very long time, hence why I keep mentioning and summer is upon the characters because of this big story.

The setup is Jayden is finally taking the reigns as the lead team captain and getting his team the way he wants it, doing tryouts, and trying to take in all the lessons that Logan has given him.

But a wicked surprise hits the young Adonis as he finds out that Midtown High School is being shut down for the year and all of Midtown is coming to Bartlet and the gym does not seem to be big enough to house both wrestling teams that are forced to join as one. Jayden’s wrestling caption title is immediately put on the line as Sam Hell challenges him for the leadership role. And because of the limited number of spots Jayden’s team members are not guaranteed a place of Sam Hells.

All hell breaks loose as new comers Oliver and Junior who thought there were shoe-ins might not get to join the team for the following year.

Doug is beside himself with rage at having to share his team with Jayden’s.

And Aldo, who is not that great at wrestling but loves the sport and wants to stay sees his chances turning into maybe the water boy or bench warmer at best.

This is also, Gino’s last year at Bartlet and as the Midtown wrestlers file in to challenge Jayden his brotherly instincts kick in.

So much testosterone in one place seems like it might burst the very gym apart as everyone scrambles to figure out how the pieces will have.

Amongst all of that Logan who thought would have full control in his internship as the wrestling coach sees Midtown’s coach walking in immediately putting him into a sub role, and giving him orders to follow. Logan does not like it one little bit.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy. That’s such an awesome setup! You really do think up the most amazing plot twists! I just can’t wait to read more. Reg

Ginojaydenauthor said...

Hi Reg,

Thank you! It’s going to be quite the endeavor, but I think that it will be worth it!