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The Mission: Get Jayden Back written by Jimmy


The Mission: Get Jayden Back

By Jimmy


After losing the wrestling championship with Jayden Gomez, Zagan Keller is beside himself with misery.

Zagan Keller is not used to losing and decides, after some careful thought to contact an old acquaints of his. He’s lost and licking his wounds when Zagan remembers a guy with a terrifying reputation and asks him for a favor.

The guy’s name is Silas Dark, and his nickname is… the Silencer.

Silas Dark is a bully, through and through and thoroughly enjoys inflicting humiliation and pain to anyone really and when Zagan Keller asks him to “Get creative,” he grins back in response.

“Anywhere that I should target?”

“Yeah, Jayden’s balls. He’s got a tough set…I want them cracked.” Zagan Keller gives him a clever wink. “Think you can handle that… he’s only fourteen after all.”

He grins, Silas has long sweeping dark hair that falls just below his grey eyes, and he’s well built, strong and silent. But there is a deadliness to him. When Silas grins he reveals a chipped front tooth, and the crooked grin only adds to his growing mystique. Wearing a dark leather jacket, Silas has his silver zipper partly down showing off part of his well-formed pecs on his chest. The blue jeans that Silas wears are old and well-worn and when he cracks his knuckles he says:

“It will be my pleasure to bust him. I’ll make it so that he always remembers our encounter.”

 “Do me one better,” Zagan replies.

The thug raises one dark eyebrow.

“Bring me his spent semen.”

He chuckles, not a bit of mirth in the cold hard laugh.

“Fine with me. I will make sure to take his undies covered in the stuff. Hope you don’t mind crusty undies.”

He gets up, and when Silas stands and he comes in close to the wounded wrestler and asks “I bet he got you here.” Silas drops his voice a few octaves, and it seems to drip with venom.

He grips Zagan’s balls rather roughly.

“Y…ye…yes.” Zagan relinquishes. “Ugh….ugh…Now let go.” Zagan moans, as Silas delights in his pain.

“I take full payment now, that’s how this works and remember…” at this he squeezes harder. “Jayden’s balls will never be the same when I am done with him.”

The thug walks out, after taking the small stack of bills that Zagan pulls from his wallet. The musical groans coming from Zagan’s whimpering delights Silas as he walks away, a growing smile creeping up the sides of his jaw.

Silas Dark gets into his car, heading to the locker room to find his target.


He has a job to do.


Jayden Gomez is changing, he’s captain of the wrestling team at his Bartlet High School. And like usual, he is the last to leave the locker room having given a pep talk to his older brother Gino just before he took off in his old used truck.

He’s a little tired, his muscles ache a bit from his training with the team and Jayden carefully slips off the straps from his red singlet where they dig into his shoulders. Jayden will need a new one soon, his chest is getting bigger. He sighs and rubs his shoulders and down his chest. Turning to open his locker door, the metal clings as he open it and starts to get ready for a nice relaxing shower.

The singlet is now around his waist, just low enough that hits the beginning of his pubes as he pulls out his towel and shower items form the bottom of his locker.

His skin is starting to darken more, as he has gotten in some of the early summer sun at Chase’s pool. Chase is his boyfriend, and the swim team captain at Midtown High School on the other side of town in Bartlet. The thin tan line is evident around his waist and he gently scratches at his chest feeling his own firm pec a bit as he looks for his bar of soap contemplating his team and his new position as captain after Logan is set to graduate next weekend.


Sneakily Silas Dark creeps into locker room watching Jayden. He carefully walks very quietly towards his target, he has taken off his shoes so that his footfalls are quiet as fallen flower petals as he inches closer. When Silas is behind Jayden he gives him a surprise uppercut to the balls, finding Jayden’s groin easily and as he strikes the mound dangling between his legs he can’t help but be rather impressed by the sizable contents that he finds. Jayden is a big boy.


‘The bigger they are, the harder they fall’ musses Silas.

Before he can react, Silas moves to the shower room right next to Jayden’s locker and shoves in the groaning boy as he turns on the water. Jayden spins around to confront his attacker as the water hits him cold as ice only to find Silas upon him and knees him succinctly again targeting his lower region.


“Oh fuck!” Jayden splutters, water hitting the back of his head now instead of his face. The singlet around Jayden’s waist instantly starting to dampen, and the bright red darkens as the material soaks up the water. His balls, his precious boynuts got two hard knocks delivered in quick precession and as Jayden tries to deal with that he turns his head up to meet the eyes of the one that has attacked him. Jayden’s dark eyes stare directly up at the stranger in his gym. In his locker room. He’s wearing a mask, and intensity in his grey eyes scares Jayden more than the blows.

Jayden gulps, one hand on his balls and asks rather bravely “Who…the hell are you?”


“Let's just say I'm the silencer I'm here on a job. So don't you give me wrestling tips while I'm here,” Silas Dark laughs at his terrible joke as he helps Jayden up only to grab him by the balls while looking him in the eyes laughing even more at the pain he continues to inflict.

“You have quite the pair on you,” Silas admits rather impressed. “But…come on I thought you were a wrestler! You should know how to fight!”


Jayden is very alert now. The “silencer,” has his balls in hand and all Jayden is wearing is his singlet with his privates tucked carefully into his jockstrap. The pouch, with his goods is clearly too easy to access as Jayden’s protective hand was knocked aside and deft fingers find a good, strong hold.

Jayden takes in a long breath, and knows that he is in for a fight if he is going to get out of this. Jayden grabs his assailant’s shoulders rather roughly his wet slippery hands from the shower cling to his leather jacket, and with a mighty roar Jayden kicks straight up and hits him in between the aggressor’s thighs. The blow hits so deep into his rough blue jeans and Jayden feels the silencers balls squishing underneath his hard boned knee cap.

“I don’t…I think you got the wrong guy,” Jayden says while grunting. Although he doubts it as he powers his knee upwards with the thug balanced on his upward trajectory high on his thigh. He just can’t imagine who would hire someone to go after him of all people.

“If not…then it will be your balls funerals. Not mine.”


“Oughhh!” Silas Dark mouths, his bottom lip falling open widely as he falls to ground moaning in pain as this wasn't supposed to happen…he always wins.

“I did get the right’re Jayden Gomez...a cheater at his own game you are going to get what you deserve. I will take what you have away and I'm gonna take it all.” Silas Dark words were cold and calculated as he gets up.


Coming at Jayden hard and fast, Silas spearheads him back to the wet shower floor landing on top of him. The weight of Silas Black’s torso is oppressive, and the sheer bulk of him pins Jayden down but still Silas grips Jayden’s wrists and trapping them. With Jayden laid out like a trapped butterfly, Silas brings his knee straight up and hammers it into Jayden’s growing spuds. The sound of the blow reverberates, sending shockwaves through Jayden’s torso which tightens as he gasps.

“There's no escape now. You may think you had a chance but you didn’t I won't fail my mission which is to destroy your balls.”


Jayden got lucky with his knee before, and just as the silencer drops away he is back up already, knocking him flat next to the shower drain, which spirals with lukewarm water spilling out. Jayden’s legs were wide open and the silencer moves in topping him and hitting him with his own knee. Jayden should have expected it, but that means nothing as his balls are blasted hard against his tailbone. Only then does the full weight of Silas Dark befalls him, as he smooshes the knee downward crushing Jayden’s balls underneath.

Jayden groans, and tries to reach up to fight back but his hands are held against his will on either side of his head. His groin stirs, as his nuggets crunch against his body forcibly held in place.

“Destroy my….ooo. Oooo god! Not my boynuts!” Jayden exclaims rather violently struggling hard to get freed.


Silas Dark pushes harder against Jayden’s nuts while I have his hands pinned down and laughs at the joke. “Boynuts? How pathetic.”

Beating the legendary Jayden is most certainly a prize seeing him in pain with his rather weak balls is everything Silas Dark could have ever ask for. Silas Dar remarks “Soon everyone that has lost to you will see what a failure you are and I will have everything you do. The fame of your victories will be mine.”


His breath clogs Jayden’s nose, and his senses are going haywire while his body seems to coil in on itself as his nuts are flattened in their sack. Jayden fights back a gag, but he has not stopped struggling as his legs rear back like wild claws and wrap around the silencers neck catching him around the throat and his bare feet gives them a tentative squeeze, before Jayden’s ankles clamp together like a vice trying to cut off his air flow.

Jayden in his balled up position underneath the silencer moans low, his voice unsteady as he says “No you…won’t!”


Silas Dark lets go of Jayden’s wrists and manages to twist away and get up as he grabs Jayden in with both hands one on his waist and the other his neck as he powers him, with muscles singing onto the air high above him.


Jayden twists and dances in the hands of the silencer not believing in the raw power of him as he tries to escape. Silas carries him from the shower room and kicks open the locker room doors and to the wrestling ring and unceremoniously throws him onto the blue mat. Jayden lands with a wet slosh, rolling a bit before he comes to a stop leaving the mat rather damp where he first landed with a trail of puddles until the smear gets to Jayden’s prone body.


Silas Dark takes off shirt and pants and puts phone to record the match. He stands in only his underwear, black and straining to hold his ample junk.


Jayden gazes up at him, and is astonished to see that his attacker’s hard muscled frame is one of raw power and menacing form. Silas Black’s chest is huge and covered in brown hair, his hard abdomen is rather round but his cobra thick arms are well-coiled and the veins pronounced. That’s when Jayden sees a tattoo on his left bicep: I win Devilboy. Underneath the line is a broken three pronged pitchfork snapped in the middle.


Jayden’s mind whirls with renewed questions as Silas Black starts to break the silence.


“I'm not simply going to beat you. I will get what's mine and you'll lose.”


Jayden is amazed at how fast he is and able to withstand the hold around his neck, he…the silencer is something else plus the hard knee to his balls…he was able to shake it off. Maybe…

Jayden eyes him warily as he pulls up the straps of his singlet covering his chest with the red material, Bartlet now splayed over his pecs. Jayden eyes his foe in his underwear seeing the scars on him and he gulps. ‘He’s a fighter’ Jayden thinks. ‘… And I am in for the fight if my life.’

Jayden gets to his feet, he is shorter and smaller than his opponent by far, most of the wrestlers that he faces are bigger than him but usually he’s faster and smarter. Jayden smirks and says “I’m glad that you are going to record your downfall.” Jayden runs a hand gently over his ample gonads his fingers sliding around first the left, and then the right before pushing them out away from his groin to illustrate how big his set is. “These are what you want? Well…come get ‘em!” Jayden challenges hitting his chest his the palm of his hand.


“You think I'm scared of you…boy? I know that you’re just a fake. I've known you since you first started wrestling and how you managed to win every match but it’s because you'd cheat I'm recording your downfall not mind.”

Silas Black runs into Jayden kneeing him in the balls again and before he can cup himself, Silas kicks him hard and fast between his spread open legs.


With a sickening grin Silas Black then proceed to grip Jayden and carry him up in the air once more, lifting him as if he weighed nothing and drops him extremely hard on the mat.


Jayden can’t believe how fast he is, and he is on the floor again but not before he takes two more hard blows to the groin. Jayden moans, and retches reaching for his injured goods. The intensity of his busted boynuts pounds below his navel demanding to be nurtured and caressed.

“Fucking hell… oooo, ugh, ugh….uh…uh!”

Jayden looks up and spits a glob of mucus out and at the man standing gloating in front of him and is happy that his aim is true and it hits Silas Dark right in his mean grey eyes.

Gritting his teeth Jayden takes that as an opening, and even with his legs feeling the gelatin he comes off the mat with the silencer furiously swiping his eyes to pound an uppercut right in his tight underwear aiming for the mound just below his hanging thick cock and smooshing the tender testes right into the crevice of his body and crushing the contents with his well-muscles forearm.


“Take that you, asshat!” Jayden curses and powers him up in the air, feeling his thighs struggle as he lifts him up and drops him onto the mat. Jayden could barely keep him up, he’s so heavy and dense.


Jayden gasps as if he has run a marathon and folds over holding his knees, his balls pound furiously in his ballsack refusing to be ignored.

“Ugh.” Jayden moans. “My god…my boynuts…dammit….uh, uh, uh.”


“Oughhhh you bitch! I won't lose to you.” Silas gets up very quickly and trips Jayden and easily grabs Jayden’s ankles and opens up his legs. Jayden knows what’s coming and he does not beg for mercy, he won’t give him the satisfaction. Instead he leers up at him, challenging him with his muddy brown eye stare. Silas Dark acknowledges this as he stomps down with heel.


Continues as if no pain has even entered my body from Jayden’s latest hit, Silas smirks down at the distress he causes the kid.


The quickness of his opponent still throws him, he’s just so fast. On his back again Jayden stares up fully into the florescent bulbs above as the silencer stomps and crushes his balls hard and fast with three quick heel thrusts. Each blow reawakens the agony from between his legs and Jayden gasps at each terrible crushing foot fall.

On the four stomp Jayden catches his heel and pulls hard making him overbalance, arms spiraling out of control to catch himself as he lands on his ass.

Jayden moves fast and grabs both of his ankles and kicks both bare feet forward until his toes are digging into the silencers genitals, making toe prints in his flesh.

“Dickhead,” Jayden grunts feeling his balls throb worse than ever. But each altercation excites him a bit more and he feels himself hardening under all the unwanted attention. He’s not at full mast but he is on his way.




Jayden is amazed that his own blows count as ‘cheating,’ while the silencers do not.

Silas Dark starts to notice the excitement growing in Jayden’s pouch, the singlet stretching up and away from his groin. The budding boy cock starts to grow firmer as he yanks on Silas’s ankles. The singlet offers little way of hiding ones dignity, and the growing lump is rather obvious as it curls upwards. While Jayden is concentrating on smashing Silas Dark’s groin and getting some much needed payback, Silas grits his teeth and while Jayden is distracted reaches for Jayden’s rounded knob instead. Silas grasps Jayden’s dick head and gives it a tight squeeze. Immediately Jayden responds by letting go of Silas’s ankles as he “Yips!” to protect his lengthening tool.


Unfortunately for Jayden, Silas then grabs his unprotected balls and Jayden is yet again amazed that he manages to fit both, albeit with difficulty in a one-handed grasp. Jayden gulps as Silas starts to work him over, twisting the bell end of his penis, while the other clutches strongly at the base of his impressive genitalia and crushes his balls against the other.


Jayden sucks in a sweet breath, filling his lungs as he feels himself harden more. He’s getting further excited…dammit and his moan of pleasure pain is music to Silas’s ears.

“No,” Jayden says, hating the pleading tone in his voice as he grabs the silencers own balls with both hands. He knows that he is not the only one with a weakness and squeezes just as hard as the man above him does.

The looming figure above takes a sharp inhale and Jayden knows that he is human. Thank god.

But trying not to be… Silas Dark reminds Jayden of someone but he pushes the thoughts away and concentrates as each digit in his hands clamps around the silencers balls.

Jayden says “I’m bigger…where it counts.” Hoping that the truth insult stings as he grips him harder.


“OUGHHH!” Silas grunts as he sucks in his cheeks as pain courses through his body. Most grown men would have quit by now…but not Jayden. Silas twists his hand making Jayden see stars as Silas’s deft fingers plunge ever deeper into the central cores of his boyhood denying Jayden any last visages of pleasure as all pain overwhelms his senses and he rears back and howls in agony.


Still clinging on Jayden squeezes back, matching Silas in intensity and the older teen sensing Jayden’s resilience not waning takes his hands away and pinches Jayden’s hardened nipples as hard as he can.


Jayden reluctantly, but instinctually reaches for his chest as Silas  pushes off of the wrestling captain and runs off the mat, one hand holding his balls as he searches for a weapon. Finding a folding chair he quickly picks it up with malice in his cold grey marble eyes intent to finish Jayden off.


Trying to protect himself, Jayden puts up his arms to shield his head, but he should have known where Silas would strike. Silas Dark slams the brunt end of the metal chair into Jayden’s nuts. The blow from the metal chair causes Jayden to fall back to the mat, while the reverberations spread throughout his groin.


The hard unforgiving cool metal meets Jayden’s still damp singlet pouch and dents it inwards as the ultimate move causing the boy to cry out and moan in pain as he ever so gently moves around in sore balls aching nuts.


Silas Dark kicks away Jayden’s protective hands and slams his nuts again with metal chair.


‘A chair?!’ Jayden can’t believe it…’It’s as if the silencer thinks he’s from the WWE…’ Jayden thinks barely as the pain envelops every aspect of his being as his boys bloat and pound sending shooting pain into his lower abdomen.

But each blow, knock him hard against the mat and the straw that broke the camel’s back was a jump. The heavy body of Silas Dark hits Jayden like a freight train, with the metal chair firmly struck deep within the bowels of his boyhood flattening out his once proud big balls. The last move leaves Jayden a mess below him as he grabs his bruised and bloated boyballs and rolls into a fetal position.

“Stop…” he begs. Jayden gasps out his voice cracking as he continues… “I can’t ta…ugh, ugh, ugh,…take…take anymore.”

He holds out his hands in surrender…

“You…UGH!...oooo…uh, uh, uh, uh, uh win.”


Jayden tries a different tact…he has to be smarter.

“What do you want?” Jayden asks, his eyes dark and downcast and gently rolls his balls around as he cups himself.


“Now that you’ve beaten me…clearly this is over…right?” Jayden asks.


“After I post this video online… you’ll be done. Everything you have will be mine. All that glory in all of your victories. Everyone will see that you belong to me. I will even allow you to work with me… your tough kid. I can train you to be better than you are. The last one I trained…well, he couldn’t take it. Sam Hell… he even gave himself a stupid nick name. Devilboy. What a buffoon.”


“But you… you have some raw talent. You can work for me.”


“That’s true…” Jayden says, feinting a sad smile. “I still can’t believe you beat me.”

Jayden holds out his hand looking for a hand up.


Silas smirks and kicks him weakly in between his legs, but it’s enough to make Jayden Gomez’s dark eyes bulge as he curls in on himself moaning once again.


“Of course! I am the winner,” Silas kisses one bicep his cold grey eyes fixed on Jayden Gomez.


Picking up his phone he begins to explain to Jayden. “I will post this everywhere, thus you will soon become viral so enjoy this place while they still allow you to be captain in it.”


“Ohh!” Jayden groans holding himself.

Jayden sits bolt upright, pain floods his whole system and he drops back to the mat.

“Ohh…ugh…my nuts… that was low…”


Jayden rolls into the fetal position to nurse his balls, not believing that this actually occurred. Not seeing how he could lose to someone like this.


Don't be sad you can still work for me in the future.”


Jayden closes his dark brown eyes groaning. “Work…for you? Doing what?”


“What other wrestlers here do.”


Jayden looks up warily… “Like what?” Jayden seems confused as he gingerly gets to his feet, one hand still gently rolling his balls gently in his sack.


Silas Dark rushes him getting angry and ball tags him with the back of his hand so hard that Jayden spins around in a circle and Silas pushes him back to the mat. “Stay on the ground and don't get up!!!” he demands, color rising to his cheeks.


Down goes Jayden…again.

Jayden is back to being prone, flat on his back both hands covering his crotch and he kicks his feet rather weakly as pain overwhelms his senses. He feels his dark eyes begin to cross as he sucks in a few deep breathes, while body contorts and his balls thump rapidly full of angry twisting agony pulsing in between his fingers.

“Not again… fuuuuuuuuck!”


Jayden’s head rolls side-to-side as he is left gasping like a fish out of water, while the pain cloaks all aspects of his being.


Satisfied finally, Silas Dark hovers over Jayden content to watch him squirm in anguish under his careful grey eyed gaze. Delight sparkles in his intense grey eyes, a smile playing on his lips as informs Jayden. “We are almost done…one final humiliation is left. My employer wants me to be quite thorough.”


Exasperation creeps over Jayden, and he moans low in the back of his throat. “My goddam boyballs…oh shit, fu… fucking kills. You got me so good.”


Silas Dark puts one hand on his waist, grinning now. “Yeah, I bet I did.”


Jayden only nods in ascent, knowing full well that he is feeding into his ego. “No one… has ever beaten me…not like you. Fuuuuck.” Jayden squirms some more for Silas’s benefit rolling, onto his side and facing away from him, while one hand still hangs onto his ample goods the other is flat on the mat, along with both feet ready to spring if given the chance.


He drops to his knees, crawling over to Jayden’s limp body whispering… “I just need your underwear next.”


“I’m not wearing any,” Jayden says half looking over his shoulder before he turns back and gasps. “My nuuuuts.”


That makes Silas Dark pause. “I thought I felt…”


Interrupting him Jayden says “I have on a jockstrap. But…you can’t strip me! I’ll be naked…” he puts a lot of pleading into his voice, showing a vulnerability. Jayden has no intention of willingly getting naked in front of him.


“That will do. And yes I can…but first,” Silas Dark puts one meaty strong hand on Jayden’s upper arm holding his shoulder firmly. “I’m going to need you to…fill it up.”


Jayden thinks for a moment before it dawns on him. But for Silas’s sake he asks “Fill it up…with what?”


“You’re cum of course.”


“Oh…” thinking quickly Jayden lies and continues with. “I can’t cum yet.”


“Hahaha. Never tried, Jayden?”


“No…I can…but I only get the good feeling nothing else happens.” Jayden tries to look sheepish as he turns his head to look up at Silas Dark, “I wish I could…so that this would end. But I am not…developed enough. You know…down there.”


Silas Dark takes a deep breath. “Well we can always practice. Maybe you didn’t choke the chicken good enough, I can show you how.”


Jayden gulps, fully alarmed now. “No…that’s okay…I…”


“Shhh,” Silas Dark hushes him, the hand on his shoulder sliding over his perk pecs and down his rib cage. Jayden sucks in a breath, pulling in his stomach as Silas’s creeping fingers inch over the strap of his jock and down further until his hand glides around until he holds Jayden’s limp cock.


Jayden freezes, and Silas Dark mouths his lips so close to Jayden’s ear that his hot breath moistens his ear in a thin layer of sweat. “You were hard earlier, like a steel rod. I felt it. Come on now, boy. Don’t be shy.”


Shuddering, Jayden whimpers. “Please don’t…”


Silas Dark comes in closer so he can see Jayden’s eyes staring at the mat, his hand rubbing at his cock trying to get him to firm up. “You’re going to like it. I promise.”


Jayden bows his head, toying with him a moment longer before he says “Yeah, but you won’t!”


A dumb look crosses over Silas Dark’s face as Jayden swings his elbow back nailing Silas right in between the eyes, knocking him backwards until he drops down onto the mat. The thump rings in his temple as Jayden swings around eyes blazing with righteous anger and slams a fist deep into his bare abdomen, expelling all the air in Silas’s lungs as he lurches upwards only to meet Jayden’s other fist that punches him square in the mouth.


“I don’t fucking think so, asshole.”


Jayden is in a rage as he hammers his fists into Silas Dark’s stomach, one after the other pummeling the abs. Each blow sinks further into Silas’s tough abdomen eliciting another grunt.


Not out of this yet, Silas Dark comes off the mat anger swelling as Jayden tries to fight back.


“You little!” Silas Dark yells reaching for Jayden’s throat, fingers splayed out like claws.


Jumping back a little, Jayden rushes back in and punts his foot right into Silas’s face knocking him backwards with his toes smacking hard against Silas Black’s skull.


“Ugh!” Silas grunts a spray of spittle flying behind him as his skull cracks, and his head lolls back.


Jayden is breathing hard as he moves in grabbing Silas Dark’s ankles and using them like ski poles as he pulls them apart staring at the mound in the silencers underwear.


“You are about to regret coming here,” Jayden states before he drops down, knee first sliding in between Silas’s thighs, barely grazing them before his hardened shin hits home crushing Silas’s meatballs until they resemble mashed potatoes.


The seventeen year old groans, “Ohhhh no, my fucking baaaaaaaaaawls!” he hollers coming up and yelling in into Jayden’s face.


Jayden has a mean little smile now on his face.


“You started this,” Jayden tells him as he rocks his knee cap, rolling over Silas Dark’s balls like a road roller smooshing Silas’s balls flat when he rolls forward until the seep out from behind and comes back to repeat the crushing process again. The process is agonizing but Silas Dark refuses to give in and tries to head-butt Jayden.


Jayden Gomez sees the move, but rolls backwards, using Silas’s momentum to take him with him in the backwards roll so that Silas Dark is on top. That’s when Jayden kicks straight up into Silas’s groin, and stretches his leg out and up to his full lengthened stride with his opponent hovering trapped above him. Jayden grins as Silas’s full body weight is resting on his groin, which Jayden’s foot uses to pump and jostle sending further agonizing shockwaves throughout Silas Dark’s body.


Silas opens his jaw in a quivering wild ‘O’ shape as the move, the agony, and the recognition of just how fucked he is washes over him. Then Jayden slams up his other foot, shoots straight up snap kicking Silas in the back of his oversensitive ballsack. Silas whines and Jayden grins as both feet now plow into his grey cotton underwear pouch.


“You said something about needing cum…right?” Jayden smirks. “Go ahead and make some, we can send that right along with your failing ass to your employer.”


Hovering above him Silas grunts and feels one of Jayden’s feet finding his limp noodle and grabbing it between his toes start to jack him off his pecker head in-between.




Jayden shrugs and keeps going.


“This won’t…work.”


Jayden only smiles wider as Silas starts to harden.


“You sure about that?”


Silas Dark is straining in his jockeys now, and Jayden works him over with both ends. One foot crushes his nuts, pounding away at them making him ride his foot up and own as he flexes his foot. The other twists his slippery cock that has started leaking in his underwear making a wet stain at the tip.


“You can’t…I will end you.” Silas curses at the young Jayden below him as Jayden continues to work him over.


A few minutes later, Jayden starts to notice a change in Silas. His erection is harder, and the constant pressure on his balls has made Silas weak he stops struggling to be freed. Jayden still holds both wrists firmly as his toes grip and chug along quicker, and faster gripping him rather firmly around his bulbous cock head that Jayden has managed a few moments ago to work out of the flap in his undies and is using the extra skin from Silas’s uncut cock to really glide up and down his pink tip exposing the glands with his toes and giving him gentle squeezes.


“ooooOOOOOhhhhHHHHHHHH!” Silas moans now, fully unable to not give in. He’s so hard, and Jayden playing with his foreskin as he slips up and down his exposed glistening glands pushes his over the edge and his body freezes up, as all the blood rushes to both his cockhead and the one dangling above leaving him slightly breathless.




Jayden knowing what’s coming, aim’s Silas’s cock at his own face hoping that the angle is just right to hit him in his gaping mouth.




Jayden squeezes and twists the end of Silas Dark’s cock one last time, putting him over the edge as his hardened tool bucks in his toe grip and spews out his first shot hitting himself in-between his eyes, which drips down in his hairline. The second and third jet hit his nose, but with the slight adjustment the remaining spurts land in his open mouth, making Silas wretch at his own salty mixture.


A few start to dribble down onto Jayden as Silas’s cumming slows and he brusquely tosses the teen aside, done with him.


Silas’s cock is still dribbling out as Jayden takes off his underwear and pumps the rest out with one hand and puts the wet underwear in his jaws making Silas Dark focus in on him for a moment as the aftershocks of his cock make him throb.


“Tell your employer that if he wants his revenge to not send some loser lackey to do the job, but to come himself.”


Jayden stands up and picks up Silas’s phone still recording this and says “You hear me.” Jayden fills up the scream looking into the camera on the phone. “You wanted my underwear…well you can have these instead.” Jayden spins around the camera to that it showcases Silas Dark, naked and used on the blue mat his red bloated balls almost double in size.


Turing off the livestream he takes a few photos and sends them to his own phone to use later… he wants to find out the connection to Sam Hell, aka the Devilboy but he’s tired now and just wants to go home.


“Get out of my gym!” Yells Jayden and kicks Silas so hard in between his legs that the smack of his foot connecting with Silas’s nads fills the gym.


Silas Dark rolls over moaning and cursing and reaches for his clothes.


Jayden takes them, marching to the exit door and throwing them outside along with Silas’s phone. He hears a satisfying crack as the glass meets pavement, and sees the telltale spider webs of Silas’s phone screen glistening in the dying light of the afternoon sun.


“You’re going to need a new phone.”


Silas Dark fixes him with a stare but Jayden continues with “If you don’t leave in the next minute…I’m going to run that phone over it with my car.” It’s a bluff, he does not have a car or a license…but the silencer does not know this. But the threat makes Silas move faster. He’s crawling as he goes through the door, his face is red and his dark hair with crusted dried cum that sticks up at odd angle as he leaves the gymnasium behind.


Slamming the door shut, Jayden leans against it and sinks down to the floor.


“Who the hell hired him?”


Jayden is pondering this as the phone rings outside.


He listens carefully as Silas Dark answers his phone apparently it still works.


“You idiot! How could you let him best you like that! Everyone at school saw! I am not paying you for that! I expect a full refund!”


The voice is loud and screaming and Jayden thinks that he recognizes the sound and knows the identity but Silas Dark confirms it when he says.


“You already paid me Zagan…no refunds.”


The call must have been ended because Jayden can’t hear anymore, but he does not have to as he gingerly gets up and heads back to the locker room sorer and more bruised than before.


He gently takes off his red singlet, the wet material sticks to him harder than usual and when he sees his own bloated genitals he moans.


“At least I got Silas Dark back,” Jayden thinks before he drops his jock and singlet to the floor and moves underneath the water still spraying down. It’s refreshing and cool against his skin, exactly what he needs.


Jayden’s phone chirps and he calls out “Alexa…answer,” water goes into his mouth and he spits it out as a voice says.

“You got lucky this time Jayden.”


Jayden freezes underneath the stream of water, and he feels suddenly cold.




“Next time, I will send someone better to finish the job.”


Jayden growls and says “Coward, come after me yourself!”


“You know…I just might.”


The call goes dead, and Jayden turns off the water heart still pumping as he moves to the edge of the shower room grabbing his dry towel from the hook and glancing at the screen on his phone.


It’s lit up bright with a message.


“See you soon, Jayden.”





Anonymous said...

Wow, I just loved this story!
It's nice to see another "baddie" character and I'm certainly intrigued by the history between Silas Dark and the Devil boy!!! Can't wait to find out more.
Silas came pretty close to beating Jayden this time and is certainly capable to do so. In fact I think it would be good for Jayden to lose a fight sometime and suffer a little humility.
I'm actually hoping Zatan can beat Jayden next time! Of course I'm also intrigued to find out if Zatan's balls are as big as he claims haha, i don't think it was revealed yet.
Good job Jimmy, enjoy your break.

Anonymous said...

Hi jimmy, name's owen, love your stories. Gino, jayden and chase really turn me on. love how jayden always gets backup after being attacked in his nuts. love it when he realises that his nuts are in danger. "oh no, my boynuts his one of my favourite things to hear him say. and my god damned big balls, and not the knee is the favourite thing i love to hear chase whimper. It's only in the past six munths or so i found your gino and jayden adventure stories although I have been reading the ballbusting boys stories for years. I love any stories about guys being kicked in the balls gets me horny as fuck! any way loved this story got hard in no time. one last thing, love when jayden go's for gino's nuts. Your's most ballbustfully Owen brear.

Anonymous said...

Hi Owen, i'm Reg and i just wanted to reply because i love your enthusiasm and i share the same excitement about these characters. Gino, Jayden and Chase are awesome characters for sure and it's great that they react a little differently when hit in the nuts.
Jimmy is an awesome story writer and i can't wait to read more in this saga.

BBfan said...


That was awesome. I hate Silas. He can suck a nut. I did enjoy Jayden getting ballbusted alot. Thats sweeeeet, man. When are you coming back? This week? Hope so. Can you FINALLY do the story with Jayden and Chase. I want to see the two of them finally get it on.


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Reg, Owen Brear, and BBfan,

Thank you all for writing in!

Silas Dark is a character I absolutely plan on bringing back at some point, and that “history he and Sam Hell have aka the Devil Boy will be explored.

Jayden has gotten lucky on a few occasions recently, and we all know that eventually luck does run out. Zagan, plans on making that happen. Silas Dark did beat Jayden pretty badly and our hero just barely managed to get out from
Underneath Silas’s ferocious beat down.

BBfan I mentioned it to you in a different post a few minutes ago, but that story of Chase and Jayden is happening and will be soon!

Owen, welcome! Love seeing new readers. There are plenty of backstories to read on Gino, Chase and Jayden so have fun reading some of their past stories together!

Thanks for writing in everyone!


Anonymous said...

Lots of knees, but I was hoping for more back and forth, giving and taking with the knees....