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Nightwing's Plan written by Jimmy


Nightwing’s Plan


By Jimmy



Warning: I do not own any DC characters or properties, this is pure fiction. Contains ballbusting and underage characters.

Nightwing was hobbling around for a while, trying to get over that last kick from Tim Drake, Robin. Dick Grayson used to be Robin years ago and as he plots how best to get Tim Drake back he starts to think of his first successful kick against a criminal not too long ago in the past.

Dick brushes his hair out of his eyes and finishes suiting up, one hand protectively cupping his overly large and frequently targeted vulnerables wishing that he was not as big as he is. His big cojones always seem to get him into trouble… although this time Dick Grayson can clearly remember when he used a testicle shot to his advantage.


Dick’s arms were held by a thug, he had them looped behind his back and Robin’s chest was splayed out read to take any hit. Robin struggled to get free, and he heaved and tried but the crook would not let him go and with the second one coming closure Dick started to get worried.

The gloomy cave held barely any light, even though it was daylight outside. On the edge of Gotham City Robin tracked down these two goons and went on ahead as Batman and he head separated from following the getaway car. Robin now is in trouble and just as the second crook holding an axe with a grim look on his face was about to take a swing…an idea struck Robin.

Robin kicked up with all of his might and felt the groin of the man splatter upon impact, his pixie green felt boot slammed deep in-between the fork in his legs crunching the criminal’s balls good until Batman arrived moments later.

“Don’t just stand there…run!” Robin shouts as he surprises the goon holding his arms back, and loosens one enough to nail him in the bridge of his nose and knocking him out.

Batman gave Dick a raw nod seeing all three taken down. “Nicely done, let’s get the last one. He went this way.”


Speeding out of the cave Dick Grayson reflects that he can do some real damage when he tries, and he plans on dishing out to Tim just as good but then another memory hits him of when Damian Wayne went back in time to when he was Robin, and confronted him and how that did not go so well.

Dick Grayson was fighting this other young assassin and losing badly when he did the unthinkable and booted him between his buttcheeks, nailing his balls against his taint so hard that he could swear his nuts flattened down to sand dollars that one would find in the ocean.

Dick Grayon gasps as Damain Wayne cheers.

“Finally!” Damian had said, his toe kick successfully crashing against Dick Grayson’s nutsack so hard that his whole body stopped in mid-air and fell to the ground where he lay curled in a ball groaning.

Damian Wayne grinned down at him, smiling devilishly.

“I am the better son.”


A tremor runs through Dick Grayson, but his motorcycle flies down the streets of Gotham City, his eyes on the roof tops above looking for Robin, and ready to get his revenge.

No more mister nice guy.


To be continued…

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