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Harry Potter: Gryffindor Fight written by Ash (Kramtoafd)


Gryffindor Fight

By Ash

Hi, I’ve noticed a lot of requests for Harry Potter stories, so I decided to make one. Some of these facts don’t agree with the books because I haven’t read them in a long time. Here’s my stab at my first story, tell me how you like it! (Also, if you guys like this story, then I’ll make 1st person perspectives of this story, one
story from Harry's perspective, the other from Ron’s)

Dear Ballbusting boys' community,

I'm going to edit and post some of the stories found on Kramtoad's website while I have access to it, so they do not get lost to sands of time. This one is written by Ash.



Warning: Contains underage characters (both Ron and Harry are 15 in this story), some nudity, and ballbusting.

Harry and Ron were both 15-years-old. They both sported toned bodies, they weren’t skinny, but they also weren’t ripped. A lot of girls, and a few boys, too, wanted to go out with the 2 Gryffindor’s.

One girl got that chance. Hermione, the boy’s friend since they first met back when they were 12, was going out with Ron. The problem was, she didn’t like Ron as much as she did Harry. Ron was furious when he walked in on Hermione and Harry making out in the boy's dormitory. Harry had meant to apologize, but
he never got a chance.

However, Harry got that chance one night, exactly 7 days after Ron had walked in on him and Hermione. Harry and Ron were the only 2 people left in the boy's shower room. As Harry and Ron were showering in the open shower area, Harry was thinking of how to say he was sorry.

After about 5 minutes, Harry worked up the urge to apologize to Ron. The 2 boys were both talking hot showers, Harry noticed as he walked slowly towards Ron, who had his back turned to Harry. The 2 showers alone made the shower room humid and steamy. Harry’s balls were dangling relatively low in an effort to cool off.

Harry tapped Ron on his shoulder. Ron turned around, surprised. Both boys took time to check out their friends naked bodies, no matter how hard they tried to control their eyes. Harry cleared his throat.

“Ron, I’m really sorry that I hurt you. I don’t know what came over me, but I promise it won’t happen again. Really. I’ve spent the past week kicking myself in the nuts over doing such a stupid thing. Do you forgive me?”

With that, Harry extended his hand. Ron took Harrys hand in
his own, and they shook hands.

Without realizing what happened, Ron’s bare knee was suddenly digging into Harry’s crotch. Harry stumbled backwards, his hands clutching his aching nuts. He found it hard to believe that Ron would do such a thing.

“So, you’ve been kicking yourself in the nuts over this, huh?” Ron said, with a smirk on his face. “Looks like it’s my turn.”

Harry managed to stand straight up. “I don’t want to fight you, Ron, but if I have to, I will.”

The 2 boys circled each other, waiting for the right time to strike.

Harry made the first move, diving towards Ron with a punch. Ron stepped to the side and grabbed Harry’s outstretched arm by the wrist and pulled Harry forward into Ron’s knee, which slammed into Harry’s crotch once more.

Harry managed to stay standing, but barely. He got up and threw a kick aimed at Ron’s nads. Ron grabbed Harrys ankle and delivered a kick of his own into Harrys nads. Harry fell to the floor, writhing in pain.

Ron then dropped to one knee. That knee happened to land on Harry’s nuts, in a precise and well-aimed knee drop. A moan escaped Harry’s lips, as the jolted blow coursed through his body. Harry rolled over, onto all fours. Ron was so mad, Harry could hear him breathing heavily.

Harry got back up. Ron immediately charged, but Harry stepped aside. Harry then wrapped his arms around Ron’s biceps and interlocked his fingers over Ron’s chest. Harry’s chest was pressing against Ron’s back.
In a flash, Ron brought his arms up between Harry’s, and dropped his arms on the outside of Harry’s arms. Ron now had Harrys arms trapped in Ron’s armpits. Ron then brought his heel up behind him, slamming into Harrys nuts.
Harry tried to double over, but his arms were trapped. Ron threw another kick into Harry’s nuts, this one with more force now that he knew that Harry was fully stuck. And another. And another. And a 5th time. Ron brought his leg up straight in front of him, and with all of his strength, swung his foot backwards, and let go of Harry’s arms just as his heel crashed into Harry’s nuts one more time.

Released from Ron’s grip, Harry fell to the floor, rolling around in pain, clutching his nuts.

Ron walked over to Harry, rolled him onto his back, and lifted his legs into the air. Ron said, “This- is- what- you- get-for- be- ing- an- ass HOLE,” and with each syllable, he stomped on Harry’s balls, and when Ron said hole, he jumped into the air, and came down hard onto Harry. Ron’s full body stomp on Harrys nuts with his full weight, one foot per testicle wrecked the wizard and his chest shot up a grimace of pain etched into face.

Ron let go of Harry’s legs and walked away. He tried to hide the smile of satisfaction he had on his face, but it was a lost cause: He had gotten his revenge.



Anonymous said...

not bad

Anonymous said...

Nice hot idea and well written but much too short! Need a longer part 2 with both boy ballbusting each other at the same time...

Anonymous said...

I, too, would have preferred if the fight had been a bit less one-sided.

I don't mind at all Ron winning at the end of the day, but it would have been even greater had Harry put up more of a fight and landed a couple of nutshots of his own... But good work and good ideas overall mate. Thanks for this story

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi everyone,

I got this story off of Kramtoad's Blog. If Ash somehow sees this story, I hope that he sees all of your comments and if he is interested to continue the story!