Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Bashed by a 15 yr old written by Justin (Kramtoad Story)


Bashed by a 15 yr old

By Justin

Warning: Contains underage characters, ballbusting, and traces of cum.

I was in Australia for a year studying and had a foster family there. So, with the foster family came 2 foster brothers, aged 20 and 15. I was 21. I was as tall as the eldest but I was the better looking one. They were more rugged. Phil the younger one always taunted me that I was good looking and good looking guys are gay. I would counter that by teasing him as a wimp.

So it got to a point where we decided to settle if he was a wimp or not. I had a red belt in taekwondo but they knew absolutely nothing about it. Phil was insistent that he would decide the dress code and he brought out 2 kickboxing shorts. I stood there not sure about the whole thing after that.

“Next rule only shorts and nothing else.’


He went on to say “If you refuse, it would shows me that you are a wimp and I win.” He grins.

“No way,” I said.

Being younger, he was smaller in size and his reach was not as long as mine so he had trouble reaching me. He charged at me so I stepped aside and stuck my knee out. WHAM! It got him in his balls and he dropped on his knees. I went to his back and drop my feet into his balls again till he dropped. Picked his leg up and stomped on his balls twice before he said no more.

As soon as he got up, I went over and gave him a headlock. I told him that “This shows who's the softie! Now say made say good looking guys are not gay!” I thought I had him but I underestimated him. he drove a punch up from between my legs. Caught me in the balls and he left his hand there - for a while I felt my balls was supported by his hand. I felt my balls were exploding in pain. I had yet to let go of the headlock. I actually made it tighter and managed to warn him “Don’t try that move again!” but it was in a high pitch voice.

Before I knew it, his other hand came from the front and whacked my balls - felt
being sandwiched and that really caused a lot of pain. At that point my legs wobbled and by the time I managed to steady my leg, I saw a wet patch in front of my shorts.

I was upset that he made me wet my shorts until I realized that patch was more than wet. He laughed that I did not realize what the wet spot was. I wanted to go after him but after taking one more step forward, I dropped to my knees and threw up.

It took some time to get over the aching feeling but once I got up, I was pissed off. As he approached me, I swept his leg with mine and as he fell back using his hands to support, I launched 2 kicks to his balls. Felt like jelly to me by then.

I had pinned Phil down on the floor but out of the blue when it looked as if he was going to pass out, he kicked up my balls. It was a soft kick and did not cause any pain. I looked down and laughed and said “That was a girl's kick.”

Yeah, you guessed it right. He pulled his leg back and launched another kick. Only difference is I felt being lifted up and my balls were exploding in pain. SHIT! I stood there and my legs wobbled before I dropped to my knees. Immediately he reached out with his hand and grabbed my package. I gasped out and he squeezed and laughed out. I tried to pull his hand away but this time he twisted both my balls and that caused my stomach to churn. I felt nauseas and
with his fingers he really put a dent on my ego for that night when he drove his fingers up between my manhood with as much force as he could.

I shot a load and without any briefs, some spilled on him. He looked up disgusted and pulled his fingers away and came back with an uppercut to my balls.

Next thing I knew, I found myself in my room and lights off. I realized I had the shit kicked out of my balls and incapacitated for 2 hours - by a 15 year old. Later, I found out Phil was kickboxing champion for his age for the last 2 years. Oooh....that hurt!

Now every time we pass each other in the house, I wound up looking scared
and he would sometimes just grab my balls especially if I was wearing those soccer shorts.



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15 yo is considered legal in Europe, world isnt just usa