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I-n-v-i-s-i-b-l-e: A Shane Tale Part 1 (A Gino & Jayden Story) written by Jimmy


I-n-v-i-s-i-b-l-e: A Shane Tale

A Jayden and Gino Story

By Jimmy


Shane takes a quiet dip into the swimming pool.

He likes staying after the team has left, or before they get to the pool. Everyone is always so loud, and Shane knows that he does not quite fit into the group; especially the swim team that he belongs to at Midtown.

Shane almost become someone…but Chase ripped that dream away.

Gliding in and out of the water, his powerful form swoops and swivels beneath the waters surface barely coming up for air. The vivid images of Chase pronouncing to the locker room “The biggest nuts in the room is the captain.”

In that moment Shane’s heart dropped, for he knew that he did not measure up. No matter that he was the best swimmer after Jayden left, that didn’t matter.

Chase was chosen as the captain.

Shane was forgotten.


And this is his story…

Breaking the surface of the pool, water pools down his chests and slides splashing on the cool tiled floor as Shane climbs out of the water. Shane’s bare feet clap against the tiles, loudly portraying his movements across the room as he pushes the large swinging wooden door open and stepping into the locker room alone.

He’s breathing hard, his heart racing and rips off his swim cap tossing it to the bench as he drops his googles next to it breathing into his warm, dry towel and starting to dry his face before picking up his phone.

‘Hurry up asshole, I’m not going to wait all day.’

It was his older brother, home from college.

Shane quickly texted back. ‘Showering.’

‘Stop jacking off and meet me outside, dickwad.’

Shane snapped a photo of himself in his speedo and hit send, and a second one of the wet swimsuit as it hit the floor. After hitting send Shane quickly replied with: ‘I’ll make it a good one.’

Before, dropping his phone into the bag and ignoring the quick pings of more incoming messages as he strolled leisurely to the showers to get clean. Shane’s slightly shriveled dink was starting to chub up at the prospect that his older brother might think he is actually touching himself in the showers.

The water pours over him as the water spout of, cold at first but only for a moment as the temperature changes and he hurriedly gets beneath the warmth allowing his kin to suck in the heat.

Shane closes his eyes, and unconsciously reaching down and grabs his spuds and giving them a tug. Shane has sprouted hair, unlike many members of the team and feels the slight bristles along the curving tight scrotum and moans at the wrinkled walnut sac. Digging his toenails into the tiles Shane opens his mouth and filling it with water before spraying it up over his head.

He laughs quietly as it falls back down, and he opens his eyes feeling the splashing water hit him full in the face before closing them and turning away back to the door as he grabs the soap bar gliding it along the planes of his chest, his dick rock hard now and pointing straight out like an arrow ready for release.

That’s when Shane realizes that he is not alone.

At the other end of the shower room standing in the doorway is dark hulking figure and Shane’s mouth drops open forming the word on his lips, before he says them out loud.

“Bro? Is that you?”

Coming into the light Shane sees how wrong he is, and he gulps in surprise his heart skipping a beat and he holds his breath as in walks his new captain.

“You happy to see me?” Chase asks, and his eyes stare fixedly at Shane’s erection.

“I…” Shane starts to say but splutters, as water gets in his mouth and he chokes on the rest of his sentence and goes quiet.

Smirking, like a Cheshire cat Chase steps closer. He still wears his towel around his waist and his eyes so intense bounce up to his and Shane finds he can’t look away.

“I meant to run into you,” he states coming closer to Shane.

Shane’s heart thumps wilder in his chest and he nods, as if he knows why Chase is here. But in reality he has no idea.

“I wanted to make sure that you fall in line, after all I am captain now,” Chase says matter-of-factly.

Shane clamps his jaws shut and a brief flash of anger flows through him.

“I know, I was there.”

“Good. Glad that’s settled. Now we can move on to important matters, you will continue to help lead the team as you have been, but under my orders. Your input, we will say comes directly from me. I will learn the ropes from you until I can properly take over without the rest of the boys getting the wrong idea about who is really captain,” Chase explains coming right up to Shane and pulling off his towel from his waist, with a swish of the cotton fabric flowing through the air as if caught on a sea breeze as Chase places the towel on the hook besides his own. A flash of stark white naked skin comes into sharp focus and Shane could not help himself.

Shane had to look.

Shane’s attention starts in at Chase’s perk pecs, and the hard firm dime sized nipples and he could not help let out a small breath of air as his eyes swooped quickly down the planes of Chase’s taut waist and abs landing far below. Chase’s light blonde bush is quickly splattered to his skin as the water pours down from the water above as Chase moves in to stand close to Shane.

Before Shane could get a good look at what Chase was packing the appendage bumps into his thigh, and Shane knows that it is not completely flaccid. Shane gulps and takes a step back to make room but Chase grabs his waist pulling him in close.

“We can share,” Chase says.

“Okay,” Shane readily agrees his voice feather light and higher-pitch than usual. Shane clears his throat as the swim captain flashes him a winning smile.

Running a hand through his hair Chase says, “Wash my back, will you.”

Shane nods, but Chase does not seem to pay attention as he spins around but before placing the bar in his hand.

“Start at the top.”

Shane nods again, even though Chase cannot see and starts a slow steady stream of soap, wet and slippery over Chase’s unblemished perfectly smooth skin. Shane can’t think of anything to say as he touches his captain and feels himself getting an erection. He’s so close to Chase that he swears if he is not careful his captain will feel him against his bare backside.

“We will make a good team,” Chase says.

“Yeah,” Shane answers immediately.

Chase turns his head a bit smiling, “I knew that you would see it my way.” He turns towards Shane still soaps and reaches down his fingers so close to Shane’s bonner that Shane stands perfectly still waiting for it to happen.

“Because when people don’t…” Chase starts his blue eyes electric as he leans in so close that Shane can smell his scent beneath the bubbles. “I get a little handsy.” Chase almost wraps his fingers around Shane’s penis and Shane feels his heart stop, but instead they gracefully arc away and down his shaft never touching the head, but grabbing the tight scrotum beneath.

Shane grunts, his pupils dilating, and his mouth trembles as Chase rubs the tight skin around his testicles and Shane thinks he might cum.

“I’m not always nice,” Chase says his voice lowering as he comes right up to Shane’s ear his lips brush the lobe. “In fact, I get quite mean when I don’t get what I want.” Chase’s tender, stroking fingers grip Shane’s balls extra tight and Shane winces, turns to face Chase their mouths so close.

Chase squeezes hard, and Shane shudders.

That’s when Shane sees Chase’s eyes steel over and his fingers plunge into the centers of his ballsack, digging straight to the very centers, the cores of his boyishness.

“Ugh,” Shane groans.

Chase tilts his head, and gives Shane a wink as he squeezes harder intensifying his grip and uses his thumb to skewer deep into his left ball and Shane gasps.


“They don’t matter. Nothing does, if you step out of line. Doug learned his lesson, and I want to make sure that you understand too. This is my team, I call all the shots. Get it?”

Shane can’t move his balls are in Chase’s hand, and he is squeezing so hard. Shane grabs Chase’s forearm, the soap laying all around him like fluffy white clouds after a rainfall as they swirl down the drain.

Finally Shane realizes that Chase is waiting for an answer and not trusting his voice he shakes his head in the firm nod.

“Good, glad we have that understood.” Chase squeezes Shane’s balls a little longer, and Shane can tell that Chase enjoys it.

“Please… let go…oh…my nuts…Chase!” Finally not able to take anymore Shane breaks his silence and pleads for mercy.

Chase smiles and uses his other hand to trace a line down Shane’s cheek and pulls him in closer so that Shane’s drooping erection losing his stiffness is pressed against Chase’s thigh.

“Looks like you get my point, and you have fully lost yours.”

A whimper escapes Shane, and he grabs Chase’s waist as the swim captain laughs at him and finally shoves him out from under the showerhead and grabs his towel and turning away from him to leave.

Shane grabs his balls and stumbles back against the wall before he catches himself, and slides down landing on his butt and curling into his knees gasping as pain floods his senses. His balls hurt so bad.

The door closes and Shane looks up through his wet hair, and sees Chase’s foot through the glass retreating into the locker room and he wishes that he could go after him. But he does nothing but hold his balls, and moans feeling stupid and useless.

It takes Shane a long time before he gets up and heads to the door, walking very slowly. The water has gone cold and he shivers getting dressed. The winter wind hits him full in the face, and he takes a quick breath of the warm air inside before he steps outside.

A car horn blares at him and he remembers: his brother.


Shane tries to hustle, but winces and slows back down.

“You made me late.”

“I’m sorry,” Shane starts to say.

“Save it.”

Shane tries again but his brother is already revving the engine and flies out of the parking lot and cursing as they come to a red light.

“It’s not my fault—“ Shane tries to explain, but his brother hushes him with a well-placed punch deep in his guts.

Shane blanches and gasps.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses.”

Shane grabs his middle, and pants.


Hunched over, and panting Shane breathes through his teeth hissing as his abdomen rolls beneath his fingers.

“You made me late for my date,” his older brother’s eyes narrow in the semidarkness. Outside the vehicle the sun is dipping below the horizon, barely a whisper of light illuminates the sky and the beginning of stars begin to appear as if shaken from a salt shaker above them.

Wincing, Shane dares to open an eye peering at his older brother. “I’m sorry, Roel.”

Saying nothing, Roel stays quiet.

The ride home is thick with tension but nothing else happens of note, and Shane can finally sit back up, his bruising abs still tight and smarting a bit against his seat belt.

Pulling along the curb of his house, Shane starts to undue his seat belt, but his brother’s phone lights up and he pauses.

“No!” Shane yells after glancing at it and his eyes flick over to Shane’s. “You are so dead.”

Shane gulps and takes off running for the house, not even bothering to close the door behind him.

Roel is right behind him, and Shane can hear him breathing as he rushes to the front door and find it’s locked. He barely gets the key into the lock when his brother comes up the stairs, breathing ragged and rough.

Shane slowly turns, and gulps.

Roel towers over him and grabs him by the throat, lifting him up in the air and pins him to the front door. Shane can’t breathe, and his legs swish back and forth as his hands hold onto Roel’s forearms desperate to get free.

Roel’s eyes reflect the porch light, and Shane’s heart does a double take at the look he finds waiting for him: pure anger.

“Rachel is going out with Steve tonight instead, I’m not getting laid and it’s all your fault!” Roel yells, his voice bouncing around the front porch walls.

Shane can’t even say a word, as his brother tightens his hold and Shane starts to panic and kicks out. He must have gotten a lucky shot in, because he felt something squish as his front toes connect beneath his brothers shirt and his eyes go wide.

Shane is dropped and he falls a long way and lands on all fours as he hears his brother groan and gasp, “Fuck!” bending over, eyes pinched tight and forehead creasing and hands between his legs.

Taking a shaky lungful of air, Shane glances up as Roel drops to his knees beside him in a quiet heap on the front porch.

Quickly, Shane gets unsteadily to his feet and grabs his key and the door knob and pushes inside the house. As he swings the door shut he hears Roel from the other side of the door.

“We…aren’t done yet, bro.”

Shane locks the door putting his back to it as he holds his neck, which is red hot as he hears his brother bang on the front door.

“I’m going to get you… ugh. And when I do, you are going to regret going for the family jewels.”

Shane’s heart beats faster, and he looks up at the ceiling in silent prayer and says “I am so screwed.”


To be continued…


Anonymous said...

Wow awesome story.
We certainly don't know too much about Shane (until now), because he is usually pretty quiet and stays out of trouble.
The coolest thing about this entire series is the how you develop the side characters...often these guys only exist to support a single story (like Chase and the swim team, Doug, Devil Boy etc.)
The shower scene with Chase was sooooo hot and it looks like Roel may be another despicable bad-guy. I hope he's a sexy, bad tempered thug so we can all enjoy when he gets his nuts crunched.
Can't wait for a more complete description of this bullying brother!
Awesome work, Jimmy.

Y1ddo said...

I have to agree with Reg, another wonderful story from you Jimmy!
It's exciting that we finally get to know the character of Shane better, he's seemed really likeable (though shy) in earlier stories. It's also nice to be introduced to a new character in Roel, and so far he's not deserving a lot of sympathy from us readers. I'm really looking forward to a more detailed description of the college boy, and like Reg I hope he is a real cocky stud with a nice pair of family jewels between his legs. Shane's lucky kick sure revealed his older brother's vulnerability, and I hope that the young boy can take some more advantage of this in the upcoming stories...

Great work with the blog, my friend!

Sincerely, Y1ddo

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Reg and Y1ddo,

I am so happy that both of you liked the start of this little adventure with Shane. Shane has been in the background for a while, his main claim to fame was almost getting chosen as swim team captain. Shane's i-n-v-i-s-i-b-l-e storyline is going to highlight what came next for him after that loss and bring us to present.
Some new characters are going to be introduced including: Roel. We will learn a lot more about him next Monday. Roel is not very happy with his little brother ruining his night with his date and we are about to find out how unhappy he is.

Stay tuned!

Thank you again for your kind comments, I am keeping the lights on until Alex comes back for sure.



Bryce said...

Hey Jimmy, I'm trying to get in touch about story submissions, can you share contact info?

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Bryce,

My email is

I'm currently trying to stay within the Gino and Jayden Universe and adding in Alex's characters as I can and that works for the story. If you have something that you want me to add or a great storyline to weave in please send me a message!



Bryce said...

Thank you Jimmy - it's very much in-universe! I will reach out soon.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Bryce,

Sounds awesome! I look forward to your email!