Friday, November 22, 2019

Busted balls and an extramarital milking (1) (Chad and Jessica meet Simon)

Special thanks to Chad for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the naughty bi boy who loves naughty ballbusting girls!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Warning: Can contain traces of cum. 

Additional warning: And it contains nothing but f/m ballbusting. If you don't enjoy reading about that please skip this story and tune in again next week: Part 2 will be all about m/m ballbusting.

Featured in this story: Simon (click for pictures) and characters introduced in Husband and wife.

“I loved him in the competition”, Simon said with a smile. The 23 year old geek was wearing a light blue shirt and a dark blue sweater vest that matched the color of his pants. His dark blond hair was neatly parted and his horn-rimmed glasses made him look a little like Clark Kent.

“Yeah, that was hot”, Jessica nodded with a smile.

“Your husband looks awesome when he is getting his nuts crushed”, Simon chuckled. His pants were tenting with his erection.

Jessica let out a laugh.


“Sorry”, Jessica and Simon mouthed.

They were standing behind the camera during in the Ballbusting Girls studio.

Jessica’s husband Chad was in front of the camera, a slim, handsome 33 year old man with dark hair and a hot body. He was bare naked, spread-eagle on the bed, his limbs tied to the bedframe.

Two girls were working on him, both of them barefoot, topless, wearing denim short shorts that looked like they were spray-painted on their bodies.

They were having fun with Chad.

One girl, a gleeful redhead, was using his nuts as a trampoline, jumping up and down, cheering and laughing as she crushed his nuts. His raging erection was twitching and throbbing, leaking precum all over the place.

Chad’s screams of agony were muffled by the second girl, a busty blonde, who was sitting on his face, pressing her denim-clad butt against his mouth and nose. She was giggling and egging her friend on.

“I wonder if they are adhering to the union standards”, Simon said under his breath, winking at Jessica. “It’s a hazardous work environment”, he explained with a cheeky grin, pointing at the puddle of precum on Chad’s abs. “The redhead is going to slip any second now.”

Jessica covered her mouth to prevent herself from laughing out loud.

A moment later, Simon’s workplace security fears came true: Chad’s precum had run over his hairless balls, covering the two swollen, beet red orbs in a layer of slippery spunk. The redhead lost her footing and crashed down on Chad, landing with her butt on his balls, eliciting a long, high-pitched squeal that was muffled by her blonde friend’s ass.

Chad’s dick started twitching violently before it erupted in a geyser of spunk that rained down on them. Jet after jet of creamy jizz shot out of Chad’s dick and splattered down onto the two girls, covering them in spunk.

After the moment of shock had passed, the girls started laughing uncontrollably as Chad’s cum rained down on them.

Chad was screaming and screaming into the blonde’s ass as he emptied his seemingly bottomless balls in a spectacular fountain of salty spunk.

Simon bit his lower lip. His body was shaking as he creamed his pants watching Chad’s involuntary ball depletion.

“That”, Simon whispered after his orgasm had ended, “was hot.”

Jessica glanced at the wet patch in the front of Simon’s pants and grinned. “You enjoyed that, huh?”

Simon let out a satisfied, serene sigh. “Oh yeah.”

With a sweet smile, Jessica brought her foot up between Simon’s thighs, crushing his drained balls and making him gasp in surprise and pain. Her foot connected with Simon’s sperm-drenched pants and his emptied nutsack with a wet splat that echoed through the room.


“Sorry”, Jessica and Simon mouthed.

Simon’s face was contorted in pain.

“I think that was only fair”, Jessica whispered with a sweet smile. “Considering that you turned my husband into a sex object.”

Simon couldn’t help but chuckle as he rubbed his sore balls. “Look who’s talking!”

They shared a laugh.

In front of the camera, the two young women were treating Chad to some post-orgasm torture, kicking his nuts and stomping on them as Chad moaned and groaned in pain.

“Actually, I love turning him into a sex object”, Jessica said with a smile as she watched her husband get tortured for the camera.

“Funny you should say that”, Simon grinned. “I wanted to ask you if I can borrow him.”

Jessica looked at Simon.

“You know, I wasn’t part of the competition back then”, Simon explained. Inside his jizz-drenched pants, his dick grew hard again. “And I’d really, really like to play with him.”

Jessica thought about that for a moment.

“If you lend him to me that is”, Simon said. “I promise I’ll return him in perfect condition.” He paused. “Well, except for his dick and balls, obviously.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.”

Jessica giggled. “I like your idea. There are a few conditions, though.”

“Sure”, Simon smiled. “He’s your property, so that’s only fair.”

“I’ve heard that you have this ‘magical’ powder that can keep a man hard and cumming for hours”, Jessica said as Simon nodded affirmatively. “I want to see how many loads you can milk out of him. I’ll make sure he has a few days of tease and denial before I hand him over to you.”

“No problem”, Simon said. “I’ll milk him completely dry.”

“You’re both naked for the whole length of the video”, Jessica continued.

“You like to see him naked, huh?” Simon chuckled.

“He’s no good when he’s wearing clothes”, Jessica said.

“Sure, okay, got it”, Simon smiled. “Full nudity from beginning to end.”

“I want you to swallow at least one load”, Jessica went on.

Simon let out a laugh. “Of course I will!”

“And you’ll wear another one”, Jessica grinned.

“Trust me, I’ll be drenched in cum!” Simon laughed. His dick was creating a huge tent in his wet pants.

“And I get to watch off-camera”, Jessica added with a smile. “Deal?”

Simon’s smile was as huge as the tent in his pants. “Deal!”

In front of the camera, Chad orgasmed once again just as his wife sealed another deal for a painful, humiliating ballbusting session.

Part 2 is coming next week.


Chad said...

Love it! Part one was worth the wait... *anticipation intensifies*

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Chad! I‘m working on part 2 as we speak. :-))