Saturday, April 27, 2019

Video links: Shoes vs. testicles

People have been asking me to re-upload the videos that were lost when my youtube account was suspended. (Here is the original post with the two videos re-instated.)

I have found the first part of the video on ThisVid, and I have uploaded the second part to my ThisVid Account. You have to become friends with my friend stompharder to see the first one, and with me to see the second one.

Watch Shoes vs. testicles on ThisVid

I hope you enjoy them! :-))


Anonymous said...

How can I add you as friend? I have a profile but I don't see any button to add friend

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment. Just send me a message on ThisVid or use the "Add to friend list" button. If that doesn‘t work just tell me your username and I‘ll add you. :-))

Carter said...

Do you like magic tricks?
Found an excellent video of a neat card trick!
I do wish we had a better angle though

Alex said...

What an awesome trick! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing it with us, Carter! :-))