Friday, April 19, 2019

Taking a crack at Greg's plums (written by BostonBallbuster)

This is the very first story of our longtime reader BostonBallbuster (you can find him on under that name, too) - and it's absolutely amazing. I'm so glad he let me publish it, and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Greg shoved his hands down his jeans, adjusting his big manly bull nuts to one side. His boys were hanging low in their sack, sweaty after a full day of work putting out fires all over town. Greg had been working at the local fire station for the past 5 years. The work was intense and demanding, but he wouldn’t trade it for anything. He had the best group of buddies who supported him through everything, despite the fact that they had developed a habit of busting his balls any chance they got.

Greg was 6’5” and muscular in his early 30’s, with short buzzed blonde hair. Years of putting out fires had made him gain a lot of muscle, something his wife really appreciated. Her favorite thing to do in bed was grab and slap his huge sculpted ass and tug on his ballbag. He told the guys that was the reason his boys hung so low in his sack — a good 6 in from his body.

Greg stripped and hit the showers. He sudsed himself up, making sure to clean in all the hard to reach spots. Scrubbing his pits, ass, and taking plenty of time to soap up his ample manhood. His lowhangers smelled salty from the load he shot earlier in the day when he was sitting around the fire station. He lubed his thick 8 in cock with the soap before taking each nut in his hand. Rolling and massaging the soap into every crevice of his big ballbag and using his fingers to get in between the balls. Suddenly, Greg dropped the soap bar. It clunk on the floor next to him.

One of the other firefighters stepped into the shower and saw greg’s big juicy lemons swinging under his built sculpted ass and couldn’t resist the temptation. He reached under and grabbed each juicy plum between his hands, squeezing as hard as he could while he stretched the ball chords back toward him, nearly flossing gregg’s ass crack with his scrotum.

“UNNNNNGGHHH” Greg howled a deep gutterall bark, startled by a random stranger grabbing his boys so savagely. “What the fuck dude, let go of my nuts!”

The stranger kept applying pressure while he laughed, alternating thumbs, squishing n squashing the heavy contents of Greg’s giant sack.”Oh come on man, let me just scramble your eggs first!” The stranger pressed deep into the center of the two babymakers as hard as he could before letting go. “Come on dude, I’m just busting your balls.”

Greg breathed a sigh of relief as his nuts plumped back to normal size from the flattening they just experienced. “Keeevvviin” he moaned. “What are you doing grabbing a dude’s junk like that for -- that’s messed up! I wanna be able to have kids someday!”

Kevin laughed hysterically, “I couldn’t help myself man! They were just hanging right there!”

“Well you got me man, my boys are aching!” said Greg, cupping his balls and nursing them. “You guys always bust my balls. This is the third time someone’s crunched em this week!”

Kevin pat Greg on the shoulder in sympathy, “Yeah, John got you good yesterday, didn’t he?”

“He straight up sucker punched my sack while we were climbing up the ladder putting out the fire between 7th and Washington.”

Kevin laughed, “Yeah, that was fucking hilarious dude! ”

“And last week, Tony caught me jacking off in the sauna and he pulled on my boys so hard I thought he was gonna pull em right off of me.”

“Hahah yeah man, they look like they’re hanging a little lower than usual….” Kevin grinned with glee as he playfully tugged Greg’s sack.

“Awww come on man!” Greg grimaced and rubbed his jewels.

Kevin said “You know what bro, maybe the guys  just gotta get it all out of their system, busting your balls I mean. Maybe you should just let em all have a go and then they’ll take it easy busting you in the future.”

Greg pondered the idea. If it worked, it would mean his balls would be safe when he was on call and maybe he could enjoy the sauna in peace. Kevin had a point, give everyone a chance to get it out of their system.

“Ok man, let’s do it,” Gregg said with determination.

The firefighters assembled on the mezzanine above the fire trucks, their pecs bulging through their white t-shirts while their suspenders kept up their heavy firefighting pants.

Greg walked out to meet them, his hands resting over his junk. One his friends whistled at him and he smiled in embarrassment.

“Alright bros,” said Kevin, “We’re gonna take a crack at Greg’s big plums here, get all the nutshots in we want so that way Greg’s spuds can rest in peace for a bit. Everyone on board?”

“YEAH!” Roared the firefighters as they hooted and hollered. “Time to nutshot Greg’s boys!” shouted Tony, as he mimicked doing an uppercut to Greg’s junk. Greg grimaced at the sight and cupped his bulge in anticipation. Tony was one of the senior firemen who had a reputation for being rambunctious and a prankster. He was a chiseled muscular older guy with huge biceps and cropped salt n pepper hair. Previously he had served as a colonel in the military, and rumor had it he had been a ball buster even then.

Tony adjusted his own junk and barked at Greg: “Alright son, time to drop trow! Then lean on that table over there.”

Greg started to undress much to the excitement of his buddies, who were getting rowdy like they had never seen a pair of nuts before. Greg dropped his boxer briefs, letting his big nuts flop out and hang freely. “Ow ow!” a guy from the crowd catcalled at the sight of Greg’s big nutsack.

Greg walked to the table and assumed the position, pressing his forearms against the table, thrusting his ass in the air. His lowhangers pendulously hung between his strong muscular legs, in full view of all his buddies. “Don’t be nervous Greg, we’ve seen it all before!” laughed Tony. Another guy in the crowd whistled, making Greg blush. Tony walked up and pat Greg’s bare muscular ass. Then he kneeled down, eye level with Greg’s pendulous junk. Tony grabbed Greg’s sack in his strong hands, pressing his fingers into the center of each testicle. Greg grunted as he felt the strong fingers burrowing into his nutmeat. Suddenly Tony pulled the sack down, yanking as far down as the ball chords would permit.

“OOOOOOh” yelled Greg, his head jolting forward in pain while all his bros started laughing at the comical expressions he was making

“Fuck yeah!” exclaimed Tony “I’m gonna milk you like a cow!” Tony continued yanking and pulling on the already low hanging ballsack, almost as if he was going to rip it right off.

Gregg moaned and tried to resist Tony’s hard yanks on his ballsack. “Come on man, take it easy on my NUTS!” he yelled.

Tony smirked. “Take it easy, huh? Alright, how about this?” Tony started speedbagging Greg’s balls like a boxer, rapidly punching the left gonad then the right one, making them bounce around wildly.

“UNhHhHH FUcK!!!” Greg shouted as he felt his ballbag slap so hard it ricocheted against the underside of the table he was knelt over. Tony continued pummeling Greg’s plums over and over again. As the sack smacked against the table, it swung back only to meet Tony’s eager fists.


“UNHH my balls!” moaned Greg. Tony delivered punch after nut-crunching punch, determined to crack Greg’s plums.


Finally Tony ceased his onslaught on Greg’s manhood. He massaged Greg’s balls, stroking from the neck of the sack all the way down, realizing he needed to pull Greg’s boys back down after punching them into his throat. He noticed Greg was starting to spring some wood, as his thick 8in cock began to get hard.

“Who else wants a go?” Tony asked as he squeezed Greg’s swelling ballsack in his right hand, pulsing it in his palm like he was juicing a lemon.

“My turn!”

John took center stage, rubbing his palms together rapidly with enthusiasm. His big cock was tenting through his pants, which made all the guys snicker.

He stood several feet away from Greg, bending down to eye up his targets. He lined up his foot, planting it solidly behind him. In the blink of an eye, he launched his foot into the tender orbs dangling between Greg’s legs, connecting dead-on with both balls so hard they swung toward Greg’s stomach, only to slam against the underside of the hard wooden table. The guy’s groaned in sympathy, clutching their own nutsacks.

Surprisingly, Greg barely even flinched, despite the vicious impact his nuts just received.

“Well, guess I’ll need to use my black belt skills.” said John. He walked back a few feet, eyeing his targets with a sadistic grin on his face. He ran forward, swinging his right foot into Greg’s inviting basket.


The sound of foot hitting ball meat echoed throughout the fire station as the guys groaned in empathy and muttered “fuck” under their breath, watching the testicular destruction.

Greg’s mouth opened in an O and wailed for what seemed like an eternity “UNnNnNnNnHhHhHhhHh. Fuuuuucccckkk my balls! I think you popped one, FUCK.”

Paul, one of the junior fire fighters, who was also tenting severely, walked over to Greg, his throbbing cock grazing against Greg’s muscular ass through his pants before he knelt down to inspect Greg’s plums.

Greg grimaced in fear as he felt Paul’s cock graze against him. The last thing he needed was to get fucked in the ass after putting his balls on the line for his buddies’ enjoyment. Paul grasped the testicles, exploring every inch of the ample lemons.

“Nope! Looks like they’re still intact! A little squishy though.” Paul grabbed Greg’s fat pulsating cock, which was fully engorged and leaking precum, stroking it slowly as he licked his lips. Greg was moaning in ecstasy as Paul edged Greg’s giant penis, using the precum as lube.

“Damn guys I think he likes it!” said Paul. He stood up while he continued to edge Greg from behind, he started rubbing his boner against Greg’s hole. Greg continued to spew precum and groan in pleasure. Paul fondled Greg’s lowhangers in one hand as he thrust against the stud’s muscle butt.

“Wow, do you guys want a room?” asked Jeff snickering. Jeff was built and swole 6’7” guy in his 40’s with a bristly red beard. The other guy’s started chuckling. None of them wanted to admit how hot it was to see Paul gyrating his tenting cock against Greg’s hole, but were eager to see how Jeff was going to abuse Greg’s cantaloupes.

“Move over Paul, let me have a go.”

Paul stepped aside as Jeff walked up, slapping Greg’s ass before he squeezed both balls between his muscular fingers, squishing n squashing Greg’s fat swelling nuts. Greg groaned as he felt his balls flatten under the hunk’s strong fingers.”Goddamn man, easy on righty there. FUcK” shouted Greg.

Jeff smirked as he shifted techniques, sinking both thumbs into Greg’s left ball. “Well in that case, let’s see how much lefty can take, big guy.” Jeff continued squeezing for well over a minute, squeezing the left ball as hard as he could.

Greg moaned as Jeff mauled his left nut between his thumbs, pressing into the core of the firefighter’s testicle. “How does that feel dude, huh? Bet you can’t take much more of this.”

Greg shouted out in agony as sweat dropped off his forehead: “No man I can take it, come on squeeze HARDER.” Jeff obeyed, squeezing even harder than before. He watched Greg’s cock twitch and pulsate, clearly getting close to shooting his load.

“Oh yeah I’m gonna crack these big plums.” Jeff said with a grin as he continued assaulting the tender left ball.

“FUUuCkKkKkkK!!!!!!” screamed Greg as he thrust forward, trying to escape Jeff’s crushing vice grip on his left nut.

Jeff started tenting his fire fighting pants, he unzipped his fly and let his huge cock n balls out, stroking wildly as he crushed Greg’s swelling left nut, which was growing rapidly in size. He grinned maliciously as he dug even further into the vulnerable testicle. “Better say Uncle, Greg! Otherwise lefty’s gonna POP!”

“UNCLE!!!” Greg screamed at the top of his lungs.

Jeff squished n squashed the left nut for the last time before releasing it. Greg groaned in anguish, cursing loudly as he felt his left plum swing freely, finally free from Jeff’s grip.

“You need a break, buddy?” Jeff smacked Greg’s ass hard as lefty plumped up again. Before Greg could answer, Jeff grabbed both balls and shoved them in his mouth. Greg’s tenderized meat balls raged in pain as Jeff leaned back with Greg’s entire ballbag in his mouth.

“Ooooooooooooooooooh.” Greg’s mouth formed an O as he groaned like Tarzan, eliciting an uproar of laughter from his coworkers as they took in the sight of Greg getting his big balls stretched and sucked by Jeff.

Jeff rolled the big cajones in his mouth, tickling them with his tongue and pressing them up against the roof of his mouth. They plopped out of Jeff’s mouth as spit dribbled down his mouth.

At this point all the firemen were stroking their raging cocks, which were rock hard just seeing Greg’s pendulous balls getting busted.

Greg’s lowhangers looked super red, shiny with the combo of spit and precum. Jeff took his right hand behind the ballsack, the nuts were so big his large palm could barely contain both eggs. Greg’s cock twitched defiantly, still raging hard.

“Time to really crack these plums.”

Greg grimaced. He knew what was coming.

Jeff balled up his left fist and slammed it into both balls, hitting them dead on








Jeff pummeled Greg’s plums as hard as he could, driving his fist into the sack and twisting his knuckles into it after each punch for added pain.



“I’m getting close dude. PUNCH ME HaRDeR.”

Jeff increased the intensity of punches, flattening Greg’s big lemons with every strike.



Greg’s thick 8in cock twitched wildly as he emptied the contents of his bulging ballsack, ropes of cum splattering all over the floor as it pulsed and throbbed as he had the most intense orgasm of his life. Jeff kept hammering his ballsack as he moaned and came himself, unloading all over Greg’s cock n balls.

The site was indescribable as the two hung firefighting studs shot their huge loads. Greg’s genitals were covered in sweat and Jeff’s cum. All Greg’s buddies began shooting their loads, their big dicks erupting and splattering cum on the floor and each other.

Jeff punched Greg’s bloated ball sack with one final blow, which made Greg fall to the ground, curled up in the fetal position in agony, his plump nuts hanging behind his legs, under his ass, drooping on the floor.

Kevin stepped over and stomped Greg’s bollocks into the hard stone floor like he was putting out a cigarette, making Greg yelp.

 Greg moaned in defeat: “Damn you really busted my balls, guys.”

Jeff winked at Greg, “Gotta get you some ice for those man.” then he turned to the rest of the crew:

“Alright guys, same time next week?”


Anonymous said...

Wow! This story is amazing and very exciting! I love the shower moment, when Greg's balls are squeezed mercilessly from behind. Just brilliant! Now I'd like to read what Greg's wife likes to do when she plays with his balls.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I’m glad you like the story, and I have forwarded your comment to BostonBallbuster. :-))

BostonBallbuster said...

Thanks so much for your comment! Sounds hot having his wife bust him. I hope to keep writing... Greg's in for a lot more nutcracking action!