Monday, February 18, 2019

Poll results: Favorite character(s)

Poll results (version 4) - artwork created by Champ

Last month I asked you about your favorite character(s) from this blog. More than 1,350 votes from almost 400 people were counted. Thanks to everybody who voted!

Here are the results*:

Logan, "the high school wrestler"   53%

Leo, “the skater”   29%
Zach, "Big Balls"   26%
Tristan, Leo's skater buddy   20%

Parker, "the indie boy", the twins' friend   19%
Celebrity guests   19%
Brandon, Cal's swim team mate   19%
Michael and Will, “the twins”   17%
Kev, “the jock”   16%
Sammy, Leo's skater buddy   15%
Cal, “the swimmer”   14%
Ben, Kev's dorm buddy   14%
Xander, "the rich boy"   11%
Simon, “the geek”   10%
David, "the dancer", Danny's brother   10%

Phil, star soccer player from England   9%
Danny, “the actor”   7%
Colin, Kev's dorm buddy   7%
Vince, technician and prop guy   7%
Chad, cameraman   7%
Erik, assistant   4%

* More than one answer per person was possible. The percentage number is calculated by using the total of voters, not votes. That's why the shares add up to more than 100%.

Now, let's have a look how these results compare to the results of our earlier polls from 2016 and 2017:

One thing is for sure: Logan remains the absolute favorite character with 50% or more in every poll I conducted.

Zach's popularity is on the downswing: After 41% and 40% (in 2016 and 2017 respectively), he scored a rather disappointing 26% this time. Maybe it is because I didn't give him any juicy stories? What do you think?

The skaters are as popular as ever, with Leo climbing his way to #2 with 29%, a personal best after 16% in 2016 and 23% in 2017.

The jocks on the other hand have seen a decline in popularity: Not one of them is in the Top 5, which is a first. (In 2016, Kev was in third place with 37%, and Ben was in sixth place with 15%; in 2017 Kev was in sixth place with 20%, and had shot to the third place with 24%; now Kev is in ninth place with 16%, and Ben is in 12th place with 14%.)

A few people have suggested introducing new characters, and I'm currently in the process of creating a couple of new boys and fleshing them out.

What do you think about the results? Let me know by leaving a comment or by sending me an email (

Thank you!


Unknown said...

Hi Alex!

New characters sound great!

I think that Logan is popular for several reasons. The first is his age, there is just something special about a boy turns into a man at 18. The second he is the wrestling captain at his school. Third, you made him the most well connected character. From his brother ship to Zach, to the various friends that wrestle with him, and that most guest stars get a chance to interact with him. Also you developed his personnel relationships so well. He has his girlfriend Ashley, who's a blast. His most father, whom everyone loves, and even his cousins. And lastly, he is everyone's favorite Alex because he is yours. You poor your heart and soul into this character and we see that, and love it.

Characters that you did not include who I think people would vote for are Logans Dad, Logans cousins, and Logans girlfriend Ashley. Also you are a character that many people would vote on as you have appeared in so many stories. What's special about the stories that feature yourself is that it's from a first person perspective and we don't get that in many of the stories as (you) are the commentor in the story. Maybe those characters could be added in next year's poll. Or a poll on which characters we would like to see in the next few stories.

When creating new characters use the Logan model. A character that is well connected, a possible relationship of some kind (good or bad for them), family relations, job outside of modeling (Logans wrestling team or Zach's frat; for instance), and if those characters happen to be 18 it might take some of the shinyness off of Logan as he would not be the only 18 year old.

Those are my thoughts, and we can always discuss more about those if you would like.

Glad to have you back, I hope that your vacation was fabulous!



Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Jimmy! Our ideas are very interesting and I‘ll think about them. :-))

Anonymous said...

I like that the results for the characters are more versatile this time. I've noticed the gymnasts and skaters popularity had increased the past year and it's been nice to read.

I enjoy the jocks, but it seemed the past few years they've dominated the blog, so the change is nice. Maybe Kev, Ben and Colin need a fresh storyline of some sort (A 2 or 3 part series of a showdown with another college fraternity, or a girl wreaking havoc on their friendship in a couple stories, not full time characters just people who come and go after a few stories).

I also consider Zach and Logan jocks due to their athleticism and personalities. They are both my favorite and least favorite jock. Like Jimmy said, Logan is so relatable: he's fun, his confident and only a touch to cocky at times (which is sexy), he wrestles like a champ but still has the odd loss, he's hot both when happy or angry, and has that hot "what the hell, why not" personality that makes everyone swoon. Zach on the other hand just seems dumb (lol), while he has a nice package, the cocky, stumbling dumb blond type just doesn't do it for me (found it hot at 19/20, not so much at 31 lol). He's funny in a story here or there, I just find him one dimensional.

The new character will certainly shake things up! I'd like to see the models mingle with each other outside of their designated group of friends, just to see if they would get along or clash.

Just some thoughts. I'm excited for the new character. You always do a great job and I'm sure more fun stuff is coming!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it! :-))

Anonymous said...

I love the stories you write but personally I feel like there's so many Logan stories and he always comes out on top with everyone loving him. I like Michael, Will, and Zach. This is not to say that I dont like your writing, I still read everything, i just miss the other characters

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate your opinion, and I‘ll try not to focus on Logan too much... :-))