Saturday, December 29, 2018

Art by Champ: Two balls, one strike (restored)

Originally posted 06/12/2015

This is a short little story inspired by the image below created my my friend Champ.

Taye clenched his eyes shut and let out a hoarse, raspy cough. Just a second ago, he had been fine. His mind had been wandering, as it often did on the baseball field. He was a good pitcher, and he knew it. Keeping your head in the game was severely overrated, Taye thought.

He was having second thoughts about that, now…

The sound of his team mates laughing rang inside Taye’s head.

“That was awesome!”

“Right in the fucking nuts!”

“Good shot, dude!”

The pain was radiating through Taye’s body in dull, throbbing waves. He let out a guttural groan and sank to his knees.

“Oooooh! He’s going down!”

Taye clenched his eyes shut. His hands found the source of his pain and closed tightly around it. Through the fabric of his grey shorts and his well-worn jockstrap he felt his big balls that had been traumatized by the foul ball. He almost thought he felt them throb against his fingertips.

“Strike! He’s out!”

Taye’s team mates burst out in riotous laughter.

Taye’s balls were on fire. Every fiber of his body was on fire. He felt his stomach turn. Taye let out a dry cough.

“Your boyfriend won’t be happy, dude.”

Taye groaned. His boyfriend. Fuck. Yeah, Clinton would not be happy. Not at all. He had been looking forward to getting fucked by Taye’s big, meaty dick.

Not tonight.

Another wave of pain paralyzed Taye’s body and he moaned in agony.

Poor Clinton.


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Gayballbustinwolf said...

You should continue this
Sincerely Orion

Alex said...

Thank you for your feedback! :-))