Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Poll results: Special Guest Star 5

Last month we entered the final round in our search for the next Special Guest Star. More than 1,779 votes have been counted - which is an absolutely amazing number and an all-time record for this blog. Apparently you feel very passionate about this... :-))

Thanks to everybody who voted in the poll!

For a while, it looked like it was going to be a three-way race between Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas and the team of Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell in an Arrow/The Flash Special Edition. In the end, Justin and Nick turned it into a two-way race.

Here are the results:

Justin Timberlake   0.5%
Chris Evans   3%
Flash vs. Arrow Edition: Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell   14% 
Nick Jonas   40.5%
Justin Bieber   42% 

So Justin Bieber's the winner, with a winning margin of 31 votes. Congratulations! :-))

Now, as always, I need your help: What are your ideas for the story? Which of our boys do you want to see in it? Would you like to see Justin bash some balls or would you like to see him get his nuts crushed? Or both?

Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!

Thank you!


Kevin said...

Please please please have Justin get his nuts crushed permanently. The boys must hate him, he's an awful human being (and hopefully many of your readers hate him too and would love to see him lose his balls)

BK said...

Hang a cement cinder-block from his balls and beat them with a truncheon. and don't forget the stun-gun and vice grips !!!

OMB Stories said...

Please have him acting like the cocky prick he is only to get brought down a peg by one or two of the boys who have had enough of his shit. It turns me on to see a stud get knocked down a notch :p

Apart from that, anything that might maximise humiliation would be great, something that will reduce him to a pathetic form. Contraptions are always fun.

Regardless, I'm sure it'll be a great story and can't wait to read it. Also so bummed that Nick Jonas didn't win- maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

some celebrity nut destruction would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

you haven't had a castration in any of your celebrity stories yet ... ;)

olon said...

Justin meets Logan and his girlfriend after a concert, Justin acts like a dork and tries to kiss Logan's girlfriend,Logan teaches him a lesson he never forgets, hitting his balls with kicks, knee drops, hammer fists and immobilizing him in wrestling hold in whick he can squeeze the life out of his balls, forcing him to sing one of his songs with a soprano voice while squeezing his balls, with last squeeze and twist he leaves Justin naked, fucked, senseless with his ball destroyed, forever? For once Logan will enjoy a night with his girlfriend like an hero in shining armour.

Unknown said...

I've had an idea for a story that I was intending to write, but time doesn't seem to be on my side lately.

My idea revolves around two guys, tied up and then tied together by their dicks and balls with an ace bandage. As the bandage squeezes all four balls, the other participants take turns choosing various torments and tortures in an attempt to see who cums the most in a certain time limit. What is left unsaid makes the competitors believe that the one who cums the most loses, so they fight with all their might not to cum. But after the match is over, they discover that that the one who cums the most WINS. Then the loser has to undergo a forfeit that leaves his balls devastated, his ejaculations dry and his ass stretched out.

Anonymous said...

Have Leo, Logan and Kev find Bieber rather drunk, acting like a prick after a night out. Logan's girlfriend Ashley is there and Bieber is making the moves on her.

Logan steps in to say no, and Bieber laughs at him and Leo and Kev saying that any girl would rather have one of him than any of them.

Being a cocky bastard, Bieber challenges all of them to a fight a the same time, sure he'll win (or that his security detail will step in if it gets tricky).

But they've been looking for an excuse to leave him be, and actually starting on someone isn't covered by their contract, so they leave him to his well deserved beating.

Basically I'd make this as brutal as possible, and I agree with the others above that Bieber's balls need to go and that Logan and Ashley need their night together.

I'd like Bieber to get a few good hits in though, enough to take one of Leo or Kev out of commission for a bit, and I think Leo should do the finishing move with a kick or a stomp or all body weight jumping on Biebers balls with Kev and Leo trapping them so they've no where to go.

But you are the meastro of these stories, so I'm sure it will be awesome regardless.


Anonymous said...

I want it taking strong kicks and strong sucking too. I want their balls being tight and it tightening the others as well. Stomps and kicks a lot, please.

Anonymous said...

How about a story where Bieber's management team is sick of Bieber's Cocky and Douchebag Attitude and they hire the ballbusting boys to humble him by destroying his manhood to get him humble. They keep him at the studio for a while and use all kinds of toys and stuff. Basically using him as a fucktoy and showing the whole world what a bitch he is. He only learns his lesson when he loses either one nut or both nuts!

Anonymous said...

Dear Alex,

My thoughts on a story with Justin Bieber is to have him heard about the wonderful website that you run and show interest in being a buster. After all he has busted a member of his crew before, and you can work that into the story if you wish. How Justin has always enjoyed busting people that he has worked for him, how the young lad really gets a thrill out of it. You could even have Justin prove his point by going after your camera crew and you yourself. Afterwards he may make demands upon your studio to get him people to bust, how he can help your site rise to infamousy if only he could your guest star. I can see him standing on the camera mans balls and holding yours in his hands making his demands and saying something along the lines of, "Make this happen or the worst crunching for you will be when I shut your site down for not giving me what I want, what I deserve. I want to bust your biggest stars; leading up to the best that you have. If not... (squeezes your balls for emphasis) I will ruin you."

In the following parts you could have him face off against Logan, Leo, and finally Zach (or whoever he deems as your biggest star) to face off against him.

I can tell that you'll have fun writing this story, and the interest is so high. Personally destroying a guys nuts is not my thing but bust as you so deserve. This is your play ground, and you always make magic happen.

Enjoy your break away, we all look forward to your spectacular return.



Anonymous said...

humiliation with a dash of castration, or at the very least the threats of!

Alex said...

Wow! Thanks for your suggestions! I don't think I'll be able to make everybody happy... I'll think about your ideas and I hope you'll like the result. :-))

Anonymous said...

Whichever storyline you choose, It would be great to have Bieber shirtless and showing off his body. Also maybe boasting about his manhood even though he probably falls short of your biggest guys!
Personally I favour some kind of fight which ultimately bieber loses but only after beating / humiliating one of your jocks (kev, ben, logan?)
Maybe one of his beefy bodyguards (a young, black bodybuilder type) steps in at some point but then end goes down with just one kick to the nuts. Bieber screams at him get up or he's fired!
I can't wait for the story and I'm sure it'll be great!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'll see what I can do... :-))