Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Video links: New balls please!

Tennis is a gentleman's sport. The audience watches quietly as the ball moves back and forth between the players, erupting in applause only when a point is scored. There are no hooligans, no anthems, no drunken fans taunting the opponent's supporters with dirty and abusive chants. There's no blood, no broken bones, no grandstanding. And the winner gets handed his trophy in a boring ceremony, usually by the Duke of Kent.

That's why watching a tennis player get smashed in the wedding tackle by an errant ball is so incredibly funny.

The first clip I want to share with you features Andy Murray hitting Jo-Wilfried Tsonga "in a very vulnerable spot" as the commentator puts it before chuckling and adding "He didn't mean it. But it was effective...". Listen closely at the 0:34 mark when a jokester yells "New balls please!" and the audience erupts in laughter and applause...

Next up is an unsupecting ballboy at the Australian Open who gets whacked in the goolies by a 200 km/h (125 mph). You'd think that a boy who takes care of the balls in a tennis tournament knew how to take care of his own...

In the following clip, a player gets hit in the nuggets at a "just for fun" tournament. I don't think this was his idea of fun, though...

Andy Roddick is one of the best players of the world, and it's always satisfying to see a successful guy taken down a notch... His opponent Mark Philippoussis doens't even hide his glee after he serves a ball right into Roddick's nuts. Watch his gesture at the 2:32 minute mark. When the match resumes, Philippoussis brings Roddick a bag of ice (5:40).

In the next clip, Grigor Dimitrov takes a bouncer to the balls, courtesy of Lleyton Hewitt.

And finally, Jack Sock gets hit in the balls during a mixed double. The fact that his female partner mocks him probably doesn't make it any better for him...

What are your favorite videos featuring sportsmen getting hit where it hurts? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email:


George said...

The first video is "Private." Andy Murray hitting Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

In the next clip, Grigor Dimitrov takes a bouncer to the balls, courtesy of Lleyton Hewitt. Returns "This video is no longer available because the account has been terminated.


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, George! Apparently, the two videos disappeared after I created the post... I have found other versions of the clips and added them to the blog post.

Thanks again for letting me know there was something wrong! :-))

Anonymous said...

Hey, Toothpick here

Apparently ballboys aren't allowed to move while the game is still in progress because it could interfere with the game. Poor kid probably saw it coming and was too helpless to protect his nads.

No tennis clips but here's a baseball one

Anyway that is the Austin Kingsolver video I mentioned a few times.
I love how the opposing team does nothing to hide their joy.
I even saw a few twitter comments about how much they enjoyed watch Kingsolver get his nuts crushed.

Have some football as well

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Toothpick! And thanks for sharing those links with us! :-))

Anonymous said...

What did you think of the videos?


Alex said...

Usually, I'm not that much into baseball or football nutshots, but the ones you posted are great! Thanks for sharing them with us!