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Just for kicks (Mark meets Phil and Kev)

Special thanks to Mark for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves fun and sex and pain and cum!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Kev and Phil (click for pictures)

“Here we are, boys”, Mark grinned and placed two six-packs of beer on the table. He grabbed a chair and sat down, straddling it. He was a handsome young man, 25 years old, with blond hair and a stubble, looking a bit like movie star Ryan Gosling. After spending some years as a semi-pro soccer player, the young Scotsman was now working as a fitness instructor. And it showed. His body was lean and muscular, and he looked hot in his tight t-shirt and sweat pants.

“Awesome!” Kev chuckled and grabbed a can of beer. The 20 year old opened the can and took a big gulp.

“Mark, you’re my hero”, Phil said, reaching for the six-pack. The 18 year old redhead raised his beercan. “To helping hands.”

The three boys laughed and emptied their beercans.

Soon, they had finished the two six-packs and Mark went out to get some more beer. When he returned, he found the two boys engaged in a heated argument.

“No fucking way”, Kev shook his head emphatically.

“Oh, shut up! You weren’t there!” Phil replied. “Nineteen bloody times!”

“No fucking way!” Kev insisted.

Mark let out a laugh, supplying Phil and Kev with beer before opening a can for himself. “What the hell is going on here?!”

“That little shit tries to convince me that he took nineteen fucking kicks to the nuts without flinching”, Kev chuckled, shaking his head in disbelief.

“It’s true!” Phil said firmly. “They all had a go. My team mates, the subs, and even the trainer.”

Mark laughed. “What did you do? Fuck the trainer’s wife?”

Phil grinned sheepishly. “Something like that…”

“No fucking way”, Kev repeated. “Nobody takes nineteen kicks without flinching.”

“I took twenty-five once”, Mark said matter-of-factly.

“What?!” Kev and Phil said in unison.

Mark chuckled. “Wasn’t pretty. Put my sex life on hold for a while.” He grinned. “But I didn’t flinch.”

“Listen”, Kev said. “I know what I’m talking about. We hold an annual Roshambo Championship at our dorm. I hold the record for taking twenty kicks. And my nuts are tough as hell. You’re definitely not in my league.” He reached out and grabbed the prominent bulge in Phil’s sweat pants, squeezing hard. “I know weak balls when I see them.”

Phil pushed Kev’s hand away from his groin, trying to keep his face from scrunching up.

“I think we all know that there’s only one way to settle this”, Mark said. He emptied his beer and threw the can away. He spread his legs and put his hands behind his head. “Kick me in the bollocks, man. We’ll see whose bollocks are the toughest.”

Kev and Phil looked at each other.

“Come on, don’t hold back”, Mark insisted with a grin, shaking his hips. “I can take it. Kick me already!”

Phil scratched his head.

Mark chuckled. He grabbed his crotch and squeezed his heavy bulge. “What are you waiting for?! Come on!”

Phil shrugged, brought his leg back and kicked Mark’s crotch with all the force he could muster. His foot slammed into Mark’s crotch, flattening his big bulge and eliciting a low, guttural grunt. Mark’s face contorted in pain but his body remained remarkably still.

“See?” Mark managed to put on a weak smile. “No big deal.” He swallowed hard. “It’s your turn, now.” He rubbed his bulge, grinning at Phil. “Let’s see how tough your bollocks are…”

Phil chuckled. Usually, he was quite reserved about having his balls bashed in, but the beer seemed to work its magic, and he spread his legs wide, a huge grin on his face. “Balls of steel”, he chuckled. “Balls of steel, mate.”

Kev laughed and threw a hard, powerful snap-kick at Phil’s crotch. His foot met the impressive bulge in Phil’s flimsy soccer shorts, flattening his tender organs and making Phil’s jaw drop. His face scrunched up in agony and he let out a cough. “Bloody hell”, he whispered in a toneless voice.

Mark and Kev burst out laughing.

“Balls of steel, huh?” Kev grinned. “Watch and learn, buddy.” He spread his legs wide and turned to Mark.

Mark brought his leg back and kicked Kev’s nuts with all the force he could muster. A dull, sickening thud echoed through the room as Mark’s foot collided with Kev’s precious babymakers, smashing them into his body and lifting Kev off the ground.

“Oooooh!” Mark laughed, cringing in mock-sympathy as Kev landed with his feet on the floor again, doubling over in agony and clutching his precious jewels. “That’s gotta hurt!”

“Fuck”, Kev groaned, clutching his manhood with both of his hands.

“Looks like your sex life took a beating”, Phil chuckled, patting Kev’s back.

“My turn again!” Mark grinned and spread his legs.

This time, Kev stepped up to the plate – with a slight limp. He was grimacing in pain but he managed to land a hard, precise kick that flattened Mark’s precious testicles against his pelvis, eliciting an anguished wail from the handsome Scot.

Phil and Kev roared with laughter as Mark’s face turned into a mask of pain.

Mark reached inside his pants and fondled his balls. “One, two”, he counted in a raspy voice, his face contorted in agony. “Three”, he added with a weak grin. “Everything’s alright.”

Kev and Phil laughed.

They went on for a solid thirty minutes, kicking each others’ nuts as hard as they could, eliciting screams and wails and groans of agony. They all did their best to hide the pain as their rapidly swelling spuds were smashed and bashed and crushed into paste. They joked and laughed, trying to outdo one another with self-depreciating one-liners and raunchy jokes about the devastating testicular damage and the effects that their nut-crunching kicks most probably had on their ability to father children or perform in the bedroom.

“I bet your bollocks look like a pair of tomatoes”, Mark laughed after launching a particularly devastating kick between Kev’s thighs that made Kev’s face turn pale and elicited a series of dry coughs.

“You think?” Kev grunted, swiftly pulling down his pants to reveal his thick, heavy dick and a pair of swollen and bruised testicles.

Both Mark and Phil burst out laughing.

“Holy shit!” Kev couldn’t help but chuckle through his pain at the sight of his severely damaged nutsack.

“They’re gonna pop any moment!” Mark roared with laughter.

“I bet yours don’t look any better”, Kev groaned, carefully fondling his bare balls.

A moment later, the three studs were naked, comparing their junks.

Kev’s nuts were probably the most swollen. His sack was bruised and bloated and had assumed the color of a heavy red wine.

Phil’s balls were swollen, too, but not quite as bad as Kev’s, and the color wasn’t quite as dark.

Mark’s goods looked surprisingly normal. Maybe his left nut hung a little lower in his sack than usual, and maybe it was a little bigger than usual, but they weren’t as badly swollen and bruised as the other guys’ nuts. But the most striking difference between Mark and the other guys was Mark’s huge erection that was pointing at the ceiling. Where Phil’s and Kev’s dicks had apparently quit their job and dangled listlessly in front of their swollen, battered balls, Mark’s phenomenal boner was standing up straight like a soldier with a big, firm – albeit slightly sticky and dripping – helmet.

Phil and Kev eyed Mark’s genitals with envious expressions.

Mark had a huge grin on his face. He put his hands on his hips and shrugged. “I told you they’re tough.”

“Damn”, Phil mumbled.

“Fuck”, Kev added, cupping his own balls with a painful expression on his face. “Our nuts are fucking useless – but you look like you could do a fucking fuck-a-thon right now!”

Mark chuckled and looked down. His dick was hard as a rock and looked like it was ready for action. “You’re right about that!” He grinned and jerked his cock a couple of times, making his fat, low-hanging balls swing from side to side.

Phil looked down at his own crotch where his cherry-red babymakers were acting as a bloated cushion for his limp dick. “Damn”, he repeated in a low voice. He grabbed his limp noodle by the tip and lifted it up, tugging at it before letting it sink down on balls again.

“What’s wrong?” Mark grinned, showing off his hard, fat cock. “Did you break your balls?” He roared with laughter.

Phil shifted uncomfortably, tugging at his limp dick.

“And you”, Mark turned to Kev and nudged his red, bloated sack playfully with his toe.

Kev yelped in pain. The slightest touch triggered waves of pain that washed through his body.

“What about you?” Mark grinned. “Your balls broken, too?”

Kev mumbled something unintelligible.

“Oh, come on”, Mark chuckled. “You’re just a bunch of sore losers.” His face broke into a wide grin. “Very sore losers.”

Kev and Phil looked at each other.

“You didn’t plan on having sex tonight, did you?” Mark continued cheerfully. “I guess that’s off the table.” He laughed.

Kev gave Phil a little sign that went unnoticed by Mark.

“I’m happy to help, though”, Mark grinned, proudly shaking his hips and making his wet dick slap against his body. “I’m good for one or two loads tonight. Just give me their phone numb---“

Suddenly, Kev and Phil lunged at Mark, wrestling him to the ground. He was strong and muscular, and he was not easily overpowered, but the two athletic boys managed to pin him down to the floor.

“One or two loads, huh?” Kev said cheerfully as he sat on Mark’s muscular chest, holding his arms down. “We’ll see about that…”

At the same time, Phil grabbed Mark’s ankles and spread his legs in a wide V. Without further ado, he stomped down hard on Mark’s bare nuts, ramming them into his body and eliciting a low grunt. Phil twisted his foot, grinding Mark’s testicles under his sole as if he was trying to put out a cigarette stump.

Mark screamed from the top of his lungs.

“That’s what we want to hear”, Kev cheered, looking down into Mark’s pain-filled eyes. “Come on, Phil, crush his fucking nuts!”

“I’m doing my very best!” Phil replied with a laugh, pulling on Mark’s legs while grinding his poor, trapped balls with his foot, gaspedalling him as hard and mean as he could.

Mark’s voice rose a couple of octaves and he let out an ear piercing squeal.

Phil brought his leg back and slammed it into Mark’s hapless nuts with a sickening SPLAT!

Mark’s eyes crossed and he let out a shrill scream.

“Not so tough after all, huh?” Kev grinned, pinning down his upper body as another hard, devastating kick found Mark’s family jewels and turned them into diamond dust.

“Look at these things”, Phil chuckled, staring down at Mark’s balls with an amazed look on his face. “They’re indestructible!” He brought his leg back and kicked Mark’s nuts with all the force he could muster, slamming his foot into Mark’s nutsack as if he was trying to score a penalty shot.

The sound of Phil’s foot meeting Mark’s fat, meaty balls echoed through the room.

Mark’s mouth opened in a silent scream, his face contorted in pain.

“That was a good one!” Kev cheered. “Come on, do it again! Maybe they aren’t indestructible after all…”

Phil let out a laugh and smashed Mark’s nuts again with an even harder kick that made Mark’s mouth open even wider. Still, no sound came out of his mouth, but his nose started twitching and his eyelids began to flutter.

“Yes!” Kev yelled. “That’s it!”

Phil followed up with another devastating kick, ramming his foot into Mark’s babymakers, all but turning the beefy contents of his ballsack into mincemeat.

Mark’s dick was rock hard and twitching violently, and his face was a silent mask of pain, his handsome features contorted gruesomely, his eyes crossed, his forehead glistening with sweat.

“Let me have a go!” Kev laughed.

“One more”, Phil said cheerfully before smashing Mark’s nuts with a kick that brought back Mark’s voice and made him scream from the top of his lungs. Ironically, his “Ooooooooooaaah!” sounded a lot like “Goooooaaaaal!”, a rather fitting and appropriate reaction to Phil’s match-winning kick.

Accompanied by Mark’s involuntarily celebratory howl, his dick let go of a massive jet of cum that splattered against the back of Kev’s head before running down his naked back.

“Oh no!” Kev sighed, his voice dripping with disappointment as Mark’s balls unloaded what seemed like a gallon of cum on Kev’s back. “I wanted to do that!”

Phil was cheering and laughing while watching Mark’s spasming dick as load after creamy load of jizz splattered against Kev’s naked back, covering him in a thick layer of sticky spunk.

“Fuck, man”, Kev chuckled, looking down at Mark’s pain-contorted face. “I hope you didn’t save that load for someone special…”

Mark’s eyes focused slowly and he groaned, “What does it matter now, anyway?”

Kev burst out laughing. “That’s the spirit!”

Phil tapped Kev’s shoulder. “It’s your turn, now!”

“Alright”, Kev said, grinning at Mark. “You said you were good for two loads, right?” He playfully slapped Mark’s face.

“One or two”, Mark croaked.

Kev nodded. “One down, one to go”, he said cheerfully before switching positions with Phil.

Kev stood between Mark’s spread legs, looked down at his fat, meaty balls and his spent, softening dick. It was twitching in the final waves of Mark’s powerful orgasm, a sticky drop of cum hanging from the tip.

“I’m not sure I can kick another load out, though”, Kev said slowly.

“Have a look over there”, Phil smiled, nodding his head in the direction of a large cupboard. “Maybe you’ll find something you can use.”

Kev raised his eyebrows and walked over to the cupboard. He opened it and his face lit up. He grabbed the Lacrosse stick that was leaning against the back and pulled it out. “Perfect”, Kev mumbled with a wide smile. Then his eyes fell on a large bowling ball that had gathered dust in a corner. “Perfect!” he repeated with an even wider smile.

He put the bowling ball next to Mark’s sweating body and grabbed the Lacrosse stick with both of his hands. Tapping Mark’s balls lightly with the business end, he chuckled, “I was always very good at Lacrosse…”

Phil laughed. “Good luck!”

Kev smashed Mark’s nuts with a hard, precise blow that made his body convulse and elicited a high-pitched wail.

“Looks like I haven’t lost my chops”, Kev chuckled, making Phil laugh out loud.

Mark was screaming from the top of his lungs as the Lacrosse stick connected with his bare balls once again, smashing his precious testicles and causing Mark to shriek like a banshee.

Again and again, Kev found his target, slamming Mark’s balls into his body with devastating force, crushing his nuts as hard as he could.

The sticky remains of Mark’s first orgasm were dripping down Kev’s back as he pummeled Mark’s nuts without mercy, bashing his hapless balls harder and harder and harder with every blow.

Mark’s dick bounced against his abs, growing to its full, amazing size as Kev’s relentless pounding turned his nuts into peanut butter. Soon, it was standing at full attention again, its bulbous head covered in drying cum.

Mark was screaming and grunting and groaning in agony, his face wet and sweaty, his eyes glassy, his body thrashing.

Kev grabbed the bowling ball and took aim. Instead of rolling it into Mark’s crotch, he smashed it into his nuts, flattening the two juicy nuggets like pancakes.

Mark’s eyes turned inwards and he let out a choking cough before the bowling ball found his balls again, crushing his balls into his body.

“Yay!” Phil cheered, pinning Mark down and watching his face turn into a grimace of utter agony.

Kev laughed and brought the bowling ball down once again, squishing Mark’s poor balls with a meaty SPLAT!

“Strike!” Kev yelled from the top of his lungs as a volley of sperm shot out of Mark’s dick. It looked as if the sticky spunk had been squeezed out of Mark’s balls. It splashed against Phil’s back, causing him to burst out laughing. “Whooohooo!”

Mark’s eyes rolled back into his head and a gurgling, retching sound escaped his lips as his dick released load after spunky load of jizz.

“Yes!” Kev balled his fist and raised his arms in a victory pose. The bowling ball dropped down on Mark’s busy balls, flattening the two contracting orbs against the cold floor.

The next jet of cum was the biggest one yet.

Kev danced around as Phil was showered in Mark’s spunk.

Finally, after Mark’s orgasm had subsided, Kev looked at Phil’s sperm-covered back and laughed. “Wow. Not bad for the second one!”

Phil got up and grinned at Kev. They high-fived as Mark curled up in a ball, covering his smashed, empty balls.

“Is there anything else in the cupboard?” Phil asked with a grin.

Kev laughed, glancing at Mark who was rocking back and forth, moaning in agony. “Don’t you think he’s had enough?”

Phil grinned. “His bollocks are the toughest, remember?”

Kev chuckled.

They rummaged through the contents of the cupboard when Phil’s phone rang.

“Just a sec”, Phil said and went looking for his phone.

Kev found a couple of pieces of rope, a baseball bat, soccer cleats and a wooden paddle. “Awesome”, he chuckled.

When Phil returned, he had a huge smile on his face.

“Who was it?” Kev asked.

“One of my mates. I told him about Mark. Apparently his team has lost against Mark’s a couple of times in the past”, Phil said with a grin. “I told him to come over.”

Kev grimaced in mock-sympathy. “This is not gonna be pretty…”

“He said he’ll be here as soon as he can.” Phil’s grin widened. “Just has to make a few phone calls…”

Kev let out a laugh. “Team party?”

“Team party!” Phil yelled.

Kev held up the rope and waved it at the stuff he found in the cupboard. “This is going to be one hell of a night!”

They roared with laughter as Mark looked up, his face contorted in agony. He looked around frantically, trying to find a way out.

Phil raised his eyebrows. “I guess we better tie him up.”

Mark’s eyes widened.

Kev winked at him and chuckled. “I hope you’re good for another couple of loads…”


Gayballbustinwolf said...

Love the story was mark a random fan that wanted you to make this story?

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Orion! Yes, Mark participated in our "Be our guest" series: