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Cocky guy meets his master (Marc meets Xander and Shorty)

Special thanks to our reader Marc for the plot idea! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who has sworn off sex and gets off to ballbusting instead!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Xander (click for pictures)

“What’s up?” Marc said with a smile. The handsome, tall 21 year old ran his hand through his light brown hair as he leaned against the bar of the crowded club. He glanced at his crotch where his manhood was bulging in his tight jeans. He looked up at the platinum-blond boy who was sitting on the barstool next to him. When he caught him staring at his prominent bulge, he chuckled. “You like what you see?”

The boy looked up and smiled. “I like it a lot”, he said softly.

Marc looked down at the guy’s crotch. Something big and hard was pressing against the thin fabric of the guy’s short-shorts.  “I can see that”, he grinned. He leaned forward and whispered into the boy’s ear. “I know a slut when I see one.”

The boy blushed.

“You want my big fat cock in your tight ass, right?” Marc whispered.

The boy shifted on his stool.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll be walking bow-legged for a week”, Marc continued.

The boy giggled.

“You’d like that, huh?” Marc grinned. “My big fat cock in your tight little ass?”

The boy gulped. “Yeah”, he said hoarsely.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Marc grinned. “My place or yours?”

The boy smiled and got up. He was wearing white short-shorts and a skintight white tank top. “Let’s go”, he smiled and walked out the club.

Marc followed him, his eyes fixed on the boy’s bubble butt.

“Do you mind if I invite a friend?” the boy turned his head and smiled at Marc.

Marc grinned. “Is he as hot as you are?”

The boy smiled. “Hotter.” He grabbed Marc’s crotch and gave his bulge a playful squeeze. “He likes it rough”, he whispered. “You like it rough, too?”

Marc’s dick twitched. “Fuck yeah!”

“But I have to warn you”, the boy whispered and squeezed Marc’s bulge again. “He might wear you out…”

Marc chuckled. “Don’t worry about me. Nobody has ever worn me out…”

The boy snickered. “So you want me to invite him?”

“Sure, the more the merrier.” He grabbed his crotch and winked at the boy. “There’s more than enough for two…”

The boy licked his lips and giggled. He pulled a mobile phone out of his pocket, took a picture of Marc and pressed “Send”.


Xander looked at the picture on his phone and grinned. The guy looked perfect. This was going to be fun…

The 23 year old was in his bedroom, wearing nothing but a white dressing gown that had his initials stitched on in golden letters. His hair was blond with immaculate highlights. His skin tone and his blue eyes gave him an almost angelic look. Those who knew him, however, were well aware that Xander was anything but an angel…

Xander smiled and set up the camera.

Precisely half an hour later, the door bell rang.

Xander opened the door and looked at the two visitors.

The blond boy smiled. “His name’s Marc.”

“Good work, Shorty”, Xander said.

Shorty smiled proudly.

Marc chuckled. “Shorty?”

Xander clicked his tongue. “He didn’t tell you his name?” A mean smile spread on his face. “He’s called Shorty because he has a small dick.” He turned to Shorty. “Isn’t that right?”

Shorty blushed and looked at Marc with an almost apologetic smile.

Marc pointed at the big bulge in Shorty’s crotch. “But---“

“Yeah, we’ll get to that later”, Xander interrupted him, turned on his heels and walked into the bedroom.

Shorty followed him on his feet.

Marc raised his eyebrows. “Hey, listen”, he said.

Xander and Shorty turned around.

“What?” Xander said, walking up to Marc.

Marc was a lot taller than Xander, and he had a cocky grin on his face. “If you and your little boyfriend want to get fucked by this”, he grabbed his bulge and grinned, “you play by my rules.”

Xander stared at him.

“Get down and suck my cock, blondie”, Marc smiled and unbuttoned his jeans, freeing his big dick that slapped against his abs. Marc’s jeans slid down and revealed a nice, big pair of low-hanging balls.

Shorty looked at Marc’s fat dick and licked his lips.

Xander didn’t look down. His eyes were locked with Marc’s.

“You are hungry for my cock, right, blondie?” Marc grinned. “I know your slutty little boyfriend is.”

Shorty giggled.

“He told me you’re a hot little number, too”, Marc continued without breaking eye contact with Xander. “I can’t wait to fuck that tight little ass of yours with my big fucking dick.”

Xander held Marc’s gaze without blinking.

“But first I want you to suck it”, Marc grinned. “I know you want it. Come on, get down and suck it.”

Xander didn’t answer.

“Listen, blondie”, Marc whispered and grabbed Xander’s hair, pulling his head back. “Is this how you want to play it? Your boyfriend told me you like it rough. You want me to force you down, spread your pouty little mouth open, shove my fat cock down your throat until you’re gagging?”

Shorty snickered.

“No”, Xander said.

Marc chuckled. “I take it that’s a yes, right?” He tried pushing Xander’s head down.

“Actually”, Xander said, “that’s a no.” He jerked his knee up into Marc’s dangling balls, crunching them flat against his pelvis.

Marc’s eyes opened and he let out a surprised, incredulous groan. His fingers let go of Xander’s hair and he slid down, sinking to his knees.

Xander looked down on him. “Since you’re down there already, would you like to suck my cock?” He opened his dressing gown and revealed his flawless body. The size of his dick and balls was comparable to Marc’s, and his dick was just as hard as Marc’s had been before he got kneed in the nuts.

Marc’s erection was wilting rapidly as the pain spread through his body. He was gasping for breath, clutching his balls and grimacing in pain.

Xander clicked his tongue. “Another cocky guy with weak balls.” He chuckled. “Looks like this isn’t your night…”

Marc looked up at him, an angry expression on his face. “Listen, I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, blondie.” He got up and stuffed his fading erection and his aching balls into his jeans. “The little slut over there told me you like it rough.”

Shorty shrugged.

“I do”, Xander smiled.

Marc frowned at him. “Then why---“ His eyes narrowed. “You fucking hit me in the nuts, you little bitch---“

Xander brought his leg back and kicked Marc in the balls. It wasn’t a particularly hard kick but it was enough to make Marc drop to the floor again. He let out a miserable groan and curled up in a ball.

“I’m not your bitch”, Xander said with a cold smile.

Marc groaned.

Xander grabbed Marc’s hair and pulled him up.

Marc let out a pained yelp and his hands shot up and grabbed Xander’s wrist.

“I’m not your bitch”, Xander repeated before sending another hard, nut-crunching kick into Marc’s crotch.

Marc’s eyes bulged and he let out a hoarse cough. “Fuck! My nuts!” he whimpered and doubled over.

Xander yanked him up by his hair, making him scream in pain.

“There’s only one bitch in the room”, Xander hissed. “And that’s you.” With that, he kicked Marc’s nuts with all the force he could muster. The instep of his bare foot connected with the big bulge in Marc’s jeans and flattened it with a dull thud.

Marc’s eyes crossed and he let out an anguished wail.

Xander tightened the grip on Marc’s hair and pulled him closer. “Shorty is a bit of a bitch, too”, he whispered. “But at least he can take a kick in the nuts like a man.” He raised his voice. “Right, Shorty?”

Shorty snickered.

Marc let out a miserable moan.

“Can I kick him?” Shorty asked with a naughty smile. “Please?”

Xander pulled Marc up by his hair, looked him in the eyes and smiled. “Sure, go ahead.”

Shorty giggled and positioned himself behind Marc.

“Now you’ll get a nice, hard kick in the nuts from the sweet little slut you thought you’d be fucking by now”, Xander said with a mean grin. “How does that feel, huh?”

Marc’s eyes were filled with pain and anger. “Fuck you”, he grunted.

Shorty brought his leg back.

“Fuck you”, Marc repeated, gritting his teeth.

Shorty swung his foot up but Marc avoided the kick by lunging forward, ramming his head into Xander’s chin and throwing him to the ground.

“Damn”, Shorty mumbled, pouting.

Xander and Marc were struggling, each of them trying to get the upper hand. Being taller and more muscular than Xander, Marc quickly came out on top.

“You fucking bastard”, Marc grunted. “You tricked me!” He threw a punch at Xander’s face.

Xander let out a pained grunt.

Marc glared at him and raised his fist to punch him again. “You fucking tricked me, you fucking---“ His eyes widened and a retching noise came out of his mouth as Shorty’s foot collided with his nuts in a sneaky attack from behind.

“How dare you punch him?” Shorty yelled in a shrill voice before bringing his foot back and kicking Marc’s nuts once again.

Marc let out a dry cough. His eyes crossed and he fell to the side, clutching his crotch, moaning and groaning in pain.

Xander rubbed his face and glared at Marc. “Fucking bitch”, he hissed. He got up and stood next to Shorty.

They looked down at Marc who was writhing on the floor, his eyes clenched shut, his face a mask of pain, his hands cupping his aching gonads.

Xander leisurely jerked his rock-hard dick. “Let’s get his clothes off.”

Together, Xander and Shorty stripped Marc naked. He had a swimmer’s body, lanky yet muscular. He was groaning and moaning, and he was in no state to put up much of a resistance anymore.

“He’s got a nice ass”, Shorty said, fumbling with the bulge in his short-shorts.

“Yeah, he does”, Xander said casually, stroking his cock. “You want to fuck him?”

Shorty’s eyes lit up. “May I?”

Xander smiled. “Get naked.”

Shorty let out an excited gasp and stripped off his tank top and his short-shorts. He turned to Xander, an expectant expression on his face.

Xander’s eyes dropped to Shorty’s crotch.

His little dick was locked in a hard plastic chastity cage, and it looked like it was very eager to get out. It was trying to get hard but the sharp bend of the cage made that impossible.

“Oh”, Xander smiled. “I forgot about that.” His eyes gleamed with malice. “You have another week left, haven’t you?”

Shorty looked at Xander. “But I---“

“Sorry”, Xander grinned. “Seems like I’ll be only one fucking our little bitch here…”

Shorty let out a frustrated sigh.

“But I’ll let you help me”, Xander smiled.

Shorty fumbled with his caged cock and shrugged, pouting.

Xander grabbed Marc’s hair and pulled him up.

Marc groaned, cupping his crotch and grimacing in pain.

“I’m going to fuck you now”, Xander said calmly. “And you’re going to enjoy it.”

Marc looked at him.

“I hope your tight little ass is ready for a nice, hard fuck”, Xander whispered.

Suddenly, Xander noticed something poking at his erection.

Both Xander and Marc looked down.

Xander let out a laugh. “You ARE enjoying it!”

Marc swallowed and stared at his fat dick that was hard as a rock again. He looked at Xander and cleared his throat. “I--- I don’t know---”, he stammered hoarsely.

“You know, I think you’re enjoying this a little too much”, Xander said slowly.

Marc raised his eyebrows.

Xander jerked his knee up and rammed it into Marc’s nuts, making him howl in pain and collapse on the floor.

Xander laughed. He reached into his nightstand and produced another chastity device. He lobbed it at Shorty. “Lock him up”, he said.

Shorty snickered and knelt down next to Marc. He grabbed Marc’s big, full balls and squeezed hard, making Marc scream in pain.

Marc tried to prevent Shorty from locking his dick in the chastity cage – but a couple of hard squeezes did the trick, and it didn’t take long before Marc’s dick was securely locked away.

“Look at you”, Xander grinned. “Who would have thought that behind that cocky fa├žade is just a slut?”

Marc looked at him, humiliated and horny at the same time.

Xander walked up to him and whipped his dick against Marc’s face. Little drops of precum flew from Xander’s dripping cock as he smacked it against Marc’s lips.

“Come on, open your mouth, bitch”, Xander whispered. “You know you want it.”

Marc groaned.

Xander brought his leg back and sent a sharp, hard kick to Marc’s nuts. The hard plastic cage around his dick intensified the pain, and Marc’s mouth opened as he screamed in agony.

“Attaboy”, Xander mumbled and shoved his dick all the way into Marc’s mouth, burying it deep inside until Marc’s nose touched his pubes.

Marc retched and gagged and tried to push Xander away

Xander rolled his eyes and withdrew his dick. “Hey”, he said sharply and smacked Marc’s face with his dick. “Take my fucking cock!”

Marc was breathing heavily.

“Look at me”, Xander barked.

Marc looked up.

Xander looked at him expectantly.

Marc stared at him.

“Well?” Xander said impatiently.

“I---“ Marc grimaced. “I’m sorry?” he said tentatively.

Xander nodded with satisfaction. “Now let’s try it again.”

Marc opened his mouth and Xander shoved his dick in and started fucking his mouth.

Shorty watched them, fumbling with his locked dick, his eyes filled with jealousy.

“Come, make yourself useful”, Xander said while thrusting his dick in and out of Marc’s mouth. “Loosen up his hole so I can fuck him.”

Shorty sighed and hot down on his knees behind Marc. He reached between Marc’s legs and grabbed his nuts, squeezing hard and yanking him by his balls until he was on all fours.

Xander continued fucking Marc’s mouth while Shorty lubed up the dildo.

“I bet you’re a virgin, huh?” Xander pulled his dick out of Marc’s mouth and grabbed his cheeks, making him look up.

Marc was panting, his handsome face glistening with sweat. He was drooling, spit and precum running out his half-open mouth.

“I’m gonna tear your ass up, bitch”, Xander grinned.

Shorty grabbed Marc’s nuts with one hand. With the other hand, he lined up the dildo with his hole.

Marc opened his mouth to say something but all that cam out was an ear-piercing scream as Shorty rammed the dildo into his asshole.

Xander laughed and thrust his dick into his mouth.

Marc’s muffled moans echoed through the room as he was spit-roasted by Xander’s dick and the dildo while Shorty squeezed and kneaded his precious balls.

After a while, Xander pulled his cock out of Marc’s mouth.

Marc was gasping for breath.

Xander pulled Marc up, causing Shorty to pull the dildo out of Marc’s ass.

“I’m gonna fuck you now”, Xander whispered into Marc’s ear, making him shudder with excitement.

Then Xander walked behind him. He put his hand on Marc’s shoulder and made him bend over. Then he spread his cheeks and spat at his gaping hole.

“Congratulations”, Xander said with a mean grin before shoving his dick into Marc’s gaping hole. “You’re no longer a virgin!”

Marc moaned in pain and pleasure as Xander started fucking him at a steady pace. His chubby dick was pushing against the constraints of his chastity cage. With every thrust, the heavy plastic cock cage smacked against his low hanging balls, sending wave after wave of pain through his body while he was getting fucked hard and deep by Xander’s big dick.

Shorty watched them, absent-mindedly sucking on the dildo, and fumbling with his own caged cock.

Xander increased the pace of his thrusts, making Marc scream louder and louder. His cock cage slammed into his balls as Xander’s cock slammed into his hole.

Marc was panting and moaning and screaming and groaning. His balls were on fire. His ass was on fire. Everything was on fire.

“Fuck yeah”, Xander grunted, thrusting deep into Marc’s ass. His breathing quickened and he pulled his dick out of Marc’s ass, leaving his hole gaping open. Xander took a step back and kicked Marc’s nuts hard.

Mark screamed in pain and sank to his knees.

Xander grabbed his head and pulled his face towards him just in time to plant a huge spurt of cum right across his face. Jet after jet of creamy spunk landed on Marc’s pain-contorted face, covering his wide-open eyes and mouth.

Xander was grunting as he unloaded what seemed like a gallon of jizz, painting Marc’s face with his salty semen.

Marc’s eyes started to burn and he blinked wildly while gagging from the taste of Xander’s cum.

Finally, Xander’s orgasm subsided.

Xander was breathing heavily, his cock dripping with cum.

Marc was groaning and grunting in pain, covered in spunk and sweat.

Xander ran his hand through his hair and turned around. “Okay, that’s it. Bitch. You can go now.”

Marc tried to look at him but his eyes were sticky with cum. Half-blind, he got up, clutching his balls and his caged dick. “But---“

“Come here next week and I’ll give you the key”, Xander said casually. “Until then you’ll stay locked up.”

Marc gulped. “But---“

Xander turned around. “Next week”, he said sharply.

“Okay”, Marc mumbled and looked around searching for his clothes.

“You’ll get your clothes then, too”, Xander said.

Marc blinked.

Xander’s eyes fell on the video camera. “If you behave”, Xander added slowly, “you’ll get the video tape, too.”

Marc gulped. He nodded quickly and scrambled out of the house, bare-naked, his face covered in spunk.

Xander turned to Shorty. “That was fun”, he said.

Shorty bit his lower lip. “What about me?” he said softly.

Xander yawned. “What about you?”

Shorty smiled weakly. “Well, I could use a nice, hard---“

“Use the dildo if your hole is itchingt”, Xander interrupted him, stretching his arms and falling onto his bed. “Get out now. I’m tired.”


Nick said...

I absolutely loved this story!! It was so hot how Marc got what was coming to him. Wish there was a sequel where Marc Came back begging for his nuts cracked and Shorty was there to finally have some fun with him hahahah Awesome job!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Nick! Unfortunately, I have no plans for a sequel so far. I guess this story didn't hit a nerve with my readers...