Friday, February 20, 2015

From stud to dud: PLOP!

Very special thanks to Chadfan! We co-wrote this story and had a great time exchanging emails and tossing ideas back and forth. This story is a bit different from the rest of my work, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Previously on “From stud to dud”:

Title credit: I read the phrase "From stud to dud" first in pooiu's 2010 f/m story Busting League: Day 1. Check out his excellent story blog Busted Spuds.

Rocco sighed. What a boring job. The big, muscular hunk ran his hand through his full head of black hair and scratched his stubbly beard, staring at his tool box. He was supposed to lay pipes in an office building that was being renovated. Boring. The rooms on the fourth floor were empty except for some junk lying around, and there was not a person in sight. Boring.

On the upside, being alone meant that Rocco could work the way he worked best: in the nude. His big, muscular body was covered in black hair. His huge, limp dick was dangling between his legs above his furry nutsack that held his fat, extralarge testicles. Rocco’s dick had suffered a lot in the past couple of months. Rocco used to be very, very proud of his massive monster cock. It had been hard all the time, and Rocco spent hours and hours jerking off and blowing his load. Rocco closed his eyes. The mental image of his huge, dripping erection brought a little smile to his face.

Damn, he was fucking horny! He hadn’t had an erection or shot his load in months.

Rocco tugged at his dick with a frustrated grunt. His balls had to be filled to the brim with pent-up sperm. If only he found a way to get off!

Rocco looked around, tugging listlessly at his long, limp cock. There had to be something here that could help him get off!



He sighed again and got down on his knees to prepare a hole in the wall where he was supposed to lay a pipe for a sink. He put his finger into the hole and examined it. It went right through the wall. He couldn’t feel any obstacles.

Suddenly a thought shot into his mind. That hole. It was just the right height. And it looked a lot like those holes in the bathroom stalls at his gym. He loved those holes. You could stick your dick though it and there was always a willing mouth on the other side to dump your load in.

Rocco chuckled. Maybe this was a sign? Maybe this was just what he needed? Maybe there was a mouth on the other side that could heal his limp, floppy cock and make it rise and shine again?

Rocco looked through the hole but he saw nothing but darkness.

“Hello?” he said softly.

No response.

“Hello, anybody there?” Rocco repeated.

He thought he heard something.

Maybe it was just his horny mind playing tricks on him. But maybe there was a mouth on the other side.

There was only one way to find out.

He got up and bent his knees a little bit so that he could push his dick into it. It wasn’t as easy as he’d thought. A fat, floppy tube of soft meat couldn’t be directed as easily as a hard, throbbing fuckstick.

Rocco let out a frustrated grunt. His dick just didn’t have the stability it needed to get pushed through. He thought for a moment. Then his face lit up. He grabbed his oversized nuts that were hanging heavy and low in his hairy nutsack. They should be able to prop his dick up. Carefully, he fumbled with his junk, concentrating hard on shoving first one ball, then the other one into the hole while juggling his limp dick on top of them.

“There we are”, he mumbled to himself before letting out a laugh. “Awesome!”

He pressed his body against the wall and moved his hips.

“Hello?” he said again. “I got something for you.”

No response.

He moved his hips again.

Maybe there was nobody on the other side. He pressed his loins against the wall as tight as he could.



Rocco sighed. Well, it had been worth a try. He tried to move away from the wall and gasped when a sharp pain shot through his body.

He stayed in place for a moment, grimacing in pain. His loins were pressing against the wall. Why couldn’t he move?

His balls must have rolled out on the other side. And now those stupid eggs hanging out the other side, probably tilted, and he couldn’t pull them back!

“Fuck!” Rocco groaned.

It was starting to get dark.


Troy had spent his day patrolling the vacant construction site. The 26 year old guy ran his hand through his short brown hair and sighed. He had been on duty since noon and his shift lasted until midnight.

When he started working for the security company, he had been dreaming about driving money trucks, armed to his teeth and ready to defend himself and his charge from masked villains. Now he was stuck with walking around and shouting at kids who tried to skate on the first floor. He didn’t even have a gun, just a nightstick.

Troy pointed his flashlight at his watch. It wasn’t even ten. Two more hours. He looked around. Everything was quiet. He was supposed to keep patrolling but he decided to go back to the rec room. The name was a gross exaggeration. The “rec room” wasn’t much bigger than a closet, but it was the only room in the vacant building that had a lock in the door. What better way to spend the rest of the shift than watching porn and blowing a load? Thank god for the internet. He had found a website that had some pretty hot shit. Troy was getting hard just thinking about it.

A couple of minutes later, he was on the fourth floor, heading for the rec room. Suddenly, there was a noise.

Troy froze.

He switched off the flashlight and pulled out his nightstick. Slowly, he sneaked towards the noise. Getting closer, he realized that it was a man muttering obscenities.

Troy pointed the flashlight in the direction of the voice and switched it on. “Hey!” he shouted. “What are you doing here?! This is private property! Get your hands up where I can see them!”

The man looked at him, squinting into the blinding light. He was completely naked, his hairy, muscular body pressed against the wall. He lifted his arms and shouted back, “It’s okay, I’m the plumber. My name is---”

“Rocco?!” Troy let out a laugh and lowered the flashlight. “I didn’t know you worked here, too! You haven’t been to baseball in weeks! Good to see you, man!” He pointed his flashlight at Rocco’s face again. “What are you doing, man?”

“I’m stuck”, Rocco mumbled.

Troy burst out laughing. “What did you do? Try to fuck that hole in the wall?”

Rocco grinned sheepishly.

Troy chuckled. “Damn, you are such a doof!” He grinned at Rocco. “You know where that hole leads? Right into my office. We’ll get you out of there in no time.”

“Thank god you’re here”, Rocco grinned. “I thought I’d have to spend the night.”

Troy shook his head, laughing. “You’re such a doof, Rocco.” Troy chuckled and walked towards the rec room. This was typical, pure Rocco. Horny all the time, running around in the locker room after baseball with a huge fucking boner. Now it seemed like that monster cock of his had gotten him into trouble.

Troy unlocked the heavy steel door to the small, windowless rec room. There wasn’t much room for furniture. A chair, a little fridge, a table with a hotplate and a pot for heating water, a rusty locker with all kinds of useless junk, and last year’s Playboy calendar that showed a big-titted Miss March. Below Miss March’s huge breasts, Rocco’s huge pair of hairy balls and his massive cock were hanging from the wall.

Troy chuckled and moved closer. Such a doof.

“Hey, buddy”, Troy shouted. “Looks like I found something that belongs to you…”

He heard Rocco laugh through the wall.

Troy looked at his buddy’s junk. Without Rocco’s huge, muscular body, his dick and balls looked even bigger. In fact, they looked almost ridiculously oversized, incredibly huge, like some kind of novelty item.

Troy chuckled. He hadn’t seen Rocco’s dick soft before. Whenever they had been in the showers or the locker room, Rocco’s cock had been hard as a rock. Troy sat down on his chair and took a closer look at Rocco’s supersized junk.

The tattoo was something he hadn’t seen before. “Limp dick”, Troy read aloud before bursting out with laughter. “What the fuck is up with that?”

“What?” came Rocco’s muffled voice through the wall.

“It says ‘LIMP DICK’ on your dick, man”, Troy shouted. “What’s up with that?”

He heard Rocco laugh through the wall. “That’s a long story…”

Troy chuckled and grabbed his nightstick, playfully poking at the fat tube of meat. He chuckled and moved on to the big, fat hairy nuts, lifting them up one by one with the end of his nightstick.

They looked unreal.

Troy grinned and smacked Rocco’s goods with the palm of his hand, eliciting a muffled scream from Rocco that made Troy roar with laughter.

He put his nightstick on the table and examined the hole. It was pretty tight around Rocco’s junk.

“How the hell did you manage to get your fucking junk through the hole in the first place?” Troy shouted.

“I dunno”, Rocco repeated.

Troy shook his head. Fucking doof. He grabbed Rocco’s junk and tried squeezing it back through the hole.

Rocco let out a grunt. “What are you doing?”

“Trying to get you free, idiot”, Troy mumbled. He renewed his grip and tried pushing Rocco’s nuts and his huge, limp dick through the hole.

There was a muffled yelp. “Careful, man, I may need them someday!”

“Don’t worry, man”, Troy laughed. “I’ll try and be gentle…”

There was a muffled laugh in return that quickly turned into an anguished yelp when Troy squished Rocco’s nuts again.

Troy let out a frustrated grunt. “Don’t be a pussy!” he mumbled. He wiped his forehead and looked at Rocco’s junk.

He turned and opened the fridge. It was empty except for a six-pack of beer. Troy got it out and left the room, joining his buddy on the other side of the wall.

“Looks like you got stuck really good”, Troy chuckled, placing the six-pack of beer on the ground. “Want one?” He opened a can and took a gulp.

“Fuck yeah”, Rocco grunted. “Awesome.”

 “Been a while since we had a beer”, he said with a grin.

“Yeah”, Rocco nodded.

“Last time we talked about my police exam”, Troy said slowly, staring at the can.

“Yeah, right”, Rocco said. “What happened? Did you pass?”

Troy stared at his beer. Then he looked up at Rocco, his eyes gleaming with rage. “I didn’t, can you imagine?”

Rocco raised his eyebrows. “But you told us it was just a formality.”

Troy scoffed. He emptied his can of beer and threw it away before opening another one and taking a big gulp. “Those idiots don’t know a good cop when they have one in front of their noses”, Troy mumbled. “Apparently a couple of DUI charges and a few convictions for disturbing the peace is enough to make you unfit for the job, can you believe that.”

Rocco shook his head, his eyes fixed on Troy’s can of beer. “Incredible”, he said, licking his lips. “Could you---“

“Fucking idiots”, Troy barked. “I’m a great shooter, you know? I have whole closet full of guns, pistols and semi-automatic rifles. But apparently that doesn’t count.” He let out a bitter laugh. “Oh, and remember when my wallet was missing after baseball and I got that new guy to confess? That’s what you call police work.”

Rocco cleared his throat. “But he didn’t do it, did he?”

“Of course he did!” Troy shouted. “He just placed it in my locker to make you think he didn’t. That’s called ‘averting suspicion’, all the bad guys do it!” He emptied his beer can and threw it away. “Fucking idiots.” He opened another can.

Rocco watched him drink in silence.

Troy finished the can and threw it away. Then he turned to Rocco, a suspicious expression on his face. “I was thinking about your story, mister, and there’s something I have to ask you?”

Rocco raised his eyebrows. “What?”

Troy watched him closely. “Did you blow your wad into my office?”

Rocco shook his head emphatically. “No, Troy, no, of course not.”

Troy eyed him suspiciously. “You stick your boner through the hole and it gets limp just like that?” He clicked his tongue. “Don’t believe you, mister. Doesn’t sound like you. Doesn’t sound like you at all. We’ve known each other for years, and I’ve never seen you not hard!” He put his hands on his hips. “Tell me the truth.”

Rocco grimaced. “Trust me, Troy! I didn’t jizz in your office. I didn’t even get hard!”

Troy let out a laugh. “Yeah, sure.” He shook his head. “Do you kiss your grammy with that mouth?”

Rocco sighed. “Believe me, Troy. I haven’t gotten hard for weeks. You saw that tattoo, right? LIMP DICK? It’s true.”

Troy’s eyes narrowed. “Anybody can get a ‘LIMP DICK’ tattoo on their cock. Doesn’t mean a thing.”

“But it’s true, I swear, Troy”, Rocco said. “It’s been limp for weeks.”

Troy watched him. “But you used to be hard all the time, mister!”

“It’s a funny story, you know”, Rocco said with a weak grin.

Troy looked at him expectantly. “Humor me.”

Rocco grimaced. “I crushed my nuts in a vise.” He paused. “And then I blew my cock up.”

There was a moment of silence.

“You’re telling me you ruined your dick”, Troy said slowly.

“I didn’t ruin it”, Rocco mumbled. “It just doesn’t cooperate right now. It’ll be fine.”

Troy turned on his heels and walked back to the rec room.

“Troy?” Rocco shouted. “Where are you going? Troy? Troy?” He looked down at the remaining three cans of beer that were sitting just outside his reach and sighed.

Troy unlocked the door to the rec room and slowly walked in. He examined the chair and the floor and the table. If Rocco had lied there had to be some evidence. Judging from the size of his testicles, a lot of evidence. But there was no sign of jizz.

Troy left the room and returned to his buddy. “Your story checks out”, he said with a grin.

Rocco smiled weakly. “I told you I didn’t jizz into your office.”

Troy chuckled. “I bet you would have if your cock had gotten hard.”

Rocco grinned. “Yeah, I probably would have flooded your office with my cum.”

They shared a laugh.

“LIMP DICK”, Troy chuckled. “Awesome tattoo.”

Rocco shrugged. “I dunno. As soon as my cock is working again I’ll have it removed. Don’t want to risk getting sued for false advertising, you know?” he grinned.

Troy laughed. “I got a new tattoo, too, wanna see?”

“Sure”, Rocco said.

Troy took off his jacket and opened his shirt, revealing a large police badge tattoo on his muscular chest. “What do you think?”

“Looks fucking great”, Rocco said.

“Right?” Troy grinned proudly. He buttoned his shirt again and grinned at Rocco. “You know, we should try to get you free, right?”

Rocco nodded emphatically. “Yeah, please.”

Troy winked at Rocco and turned around, heading for the rec room.

“Be gentle, though”, Rocco shouted with a grin. “I don’t want to leave here without my junk, you know?”

Troy laughed before walking around the corner. “Sure, buddy.”

He unlocked the rec room, entered and sat down on the chair right in front of Rocco’s junk.

Troy eyed the pathetic, limp piece of meat that hung listlessly from the wall. He tried to reconcile this floppy schlong with the huge, majestic erection he had watched so many times in the locker room.

So Rocco had ruined his dick. What a moron. What a motherfucking moron. If Troy had a huge fucking dick like that he’d treat it with the respect it deserves.


Troy had always wanted to get his hands on Rocco’s cock. He had slapped him in his huge nuts a couple of times with a wet towel, like most of the team. But he had never touched his cock.

Troy grinned. He grabbed the fat shaft and jerked it a couple of times. No reaction.


He tugged on it some more, yanking it down and stroking it. Nothing. He slapped it with the palm of his hand a couple of times, causing it to bounce around.

“Ouch, careful, buddy!” he heard Rocco chuckle.

Troy grinned. He scratched the sensitive, pink, skinless head with his fingernails, eliciting a muffled scream from the other side of the wall. Then he focused on Rocco’s balls, grabbing his ballsack by the neck and pulling down, trapping his balls at the bottom of his sack.

“Are you making progress?” came Rocco’s muffled voice from the other side of the wall.

“Yeah, buddy, you’ll be free in no time”, Troy shouted. He grabbed his nightstick and smacked Rocco’s trapped nuts with it a couple of times, going harder and harder every time.

“Ow, you’re hurting me”, he heard Rocco shout. “Those suckers are pretty sensitive, you know…”

Troy rolled his eyes. What a moron. “Sorry, buddy”, he shouted slamming his nightstick into Rocco’s trapped nuts as hard as he could. “I guess a little pain is inevitable.”

“Just think about my sex life, okay?” he heard Rocco cough. “I may want to father children one day…”

 “I thought you couldn’t get it up”, Troy shouted, smashing Rocco’s fat, furry balls again and again. By now, their color had changed into a deep, dark red. “How does that feel by the way.”

“Not good”, was Rocco’s muffled reply. “I’m fucking horny all the fucking time.”

Troy sighed and let go of Rocco’s balls, leaning back in his chair and staring at Rocco’s junk. “I bet you are. You know, I always wondered: Do you have trouble getting underwear with a cock that big?”

Troy lifted his foot and placed his sole on Rocco’s junk, slowly increasing the pressure and flattening Rocco’s big, soft cock and meaty balls against the wall.

Rocco let out a muffled grunt. “I don’t wear underwear. Underwear makes my balls itch.”

“Right, you play baseball without a cup, too, right?” Troy shouted, increasing the pressure in Rocco’s junk.

Rocco let out an anguished grunt. “Right”, he groaned. “You had a good laugh when that foul ball caught me right in the spuds, remember?”

Troy laughed. Good times… He twisted his foot a couple of times, making Rocco yell in pain, before withdrawing it and taking a closer look. The sole of his boots had left an imprint on Rocco’s junk.

Troy chuckled. What a moron. “Is it hard to walk? I bet your junk slams into your thighs all the time.” Troy stomped Rocco’s nuts against the wall, eliciting a muffled moan.

“You learn how to walk without hurting yourself, you know”, Rocco shouted hoarsely. “You learn that pretty quickly.”

Troy stomped Rocco’s balls again, making him grunt in agony. “I see. Has your junk always been this big?”

“It has always been bigger than other kids’ stuff”, Rocco shouted with a pained inflection in his voice. “Listen, do you think this is working? It hurts a lot, you know.”

“It’s a bit tricky. But don’t worry, buddy”, Troy shouted, “even if it takes forever, I’ll get you free in the end!” He stretched his limbs before sending a hard, well-placed kick into Rocco’s nuts, smashing them hard and making Rocco howl in agony. He kicked them again and again, eliciting all kinds of funny noises.

Finally, Troy got bored. Rocco’s balls were red and bruised, and his limp cock looked like it had been an army battalion had walked over it.

A beer would be nice, Troy thought. He left the room and walked over to Rocco.

He opened a can of beer and took a big gulp.

“Any progress?” Rocco croaked.

“You’re stuck pretty good, you know”, Troy grinned. “Getting a huge, fat dick like yours through a tiny little hole – it’s not that easy, you know.”

Rocco let out a groan.

Troy emptied his beer and threw the can away. He adjusted his crotch. A thought crossed his mind. “We are talking about your junk all the time”, he said with a grin. “Tell me, what do you think about mine?”

Rocco looked at him, his face contorted in pain. “What do you mean?”

“Well, you’ve seen me in the showers, too, right?” Troy said. “What do you think?”

“Well”, Rocco groaned, “I don’t really remember looking at you like that.”

Troy chuckled. “Surely you’re checking out other guys’ stuff, right? I mean, everybody does.”

Rocco grimaced.

Troy grinned and opened the fly of his pants. He let them drop to the floor and pulled his dick and balls out of his underwear. “What do you think?” he asked, grinning proudly. “Tell me your opinion. Be frank.”

Rocco looked at Troy’s crotch. He cleared his throat. “It’s… nice…”, he said slowly. “Kinda… average… you know?”

Troy stared at him. “Average?”

Rocco shrugged his shoulders.

“Average?” Troy repeated.

“Nice though”, Rocco said quickly. “Really nice.”

Troy turned on his heels and walked away. Nice. Average. What a fucking moron. What a motherfucking, arrogant moron. Average. Average meant tiny. Troy didn’t have a tiny dick! What motherfucking, arrogant, limp-dicked moron would say something like that?!

“Troy?” he heard Rocco shout.

Troy unlocked the door to the rec room and saw Rocco’s fat, useless junk hanging from the wall on the other side of the room. He let out an angry grunt.

“Troy?” he heard Rocco’s muffled voice. “Hey, Troy you are not mad at me, are you?”

“Fuck you”, he mumbled and threw his heavy ring of keys at Rocco’s junk. It crashed into fat, bulging nutsack and dropped to the floor, making Rocco let out an anguished wail.

Troy looked around and opened the locker. He found a roll of duct tape and an idea popped into his head. He looked at Rocco’s furry balls with a mean grin. Then he took a large stripe of tape and applied it to Rocco’s hairy ballsack.

“Troy?” Rocco shouted. “Troy? What are you doing?”

Troy ignored him and punched Rocco’s nuts a couple of times to make the tape stick. Then he ripped it off. Rocco let out a high-pitched wail. Troy looked at Rocco’s nuts and let out a laugh. The once furry nuts were now completely hairless. They looked like a particularly fat, red-skinned, plucked chicken.

“Troy!” Rocco yell. “Troy! What did you do?!”

“You know, you’re pretty lucky I found you, mister”, Troy shouted.

“I am?” came Rocco’s hesitant reply through the wall.

“Yeah, just imagine what could have happened if someone else had found you”, Troy shouted, taking a step back and focusing on Rocco’s bare, hairless sack of spuds.

“Someone else?” Rocco asked.

“There are really bad people lurking around in places like this”, Troy continued. “Why do you think do they hire people like me to keep the place safe? There are all kinds of dirty thug criminals waiting for somebody stupid like you. What do you think they’d do if they found you helpless and naked like this? Well, I’ll tell you what they’d do: They’d probably kick your nuts into paste.” He brought his leg back. “You know, like this.”

“I don’t think they would!” Rocco screamed frantically. “I think they would help me! They would help me out of this!”

Troy let out a laugh. “Oh no, they wouldn’t. I know those kinds. Trust me, they wouldn’t help you! Those dirty fucking thugs, they don’t care. And a big fat pair of balls like yours – they’d see it as an invitation! They’d just smash your nuts as hard as they could, like this.”

“Troy, don’t!” Rocco screamed. “Troy, please---“

Troy sent his foot flying into Rocco’s trapped balls, ramming the two fat, naked orbs flat against the wall and eliciting an anguished yell from Rocco.

Troy gritted his teeth. “Running around naked in a place like this”, he barked. “That’s asking for trouble, mister!” He kicked Rocco’s nuts again as hard as he could. “Those fucking thugs, that’s what they would do to your balls!” He followed up with another kick, smashing Rocco’s poor, helpless balls with all the force he could muster and making Rocco scream in agony.

Troy got down on one knee and rammed his elbow into Rocco’s nuts again and again, hearing Rocco’s muffled screams through the wall. “You’re really lucky I found you”, he shouted. “Right?”

Rocco screamed and groaned in pain.

“Right?” Troy repeated, crunching Rocco’s nuts with his elbow once more.

“Yeah, I’m lucky! I’m lucky!” Rocco screamed. “Thank you, Troy!”

A smile appeared on Troy’s face. “Just doing my job, you know.” He smacked Rocco’s junk with the palm of his hand, making it bounce wildly. “You think you learned your lesson, mister?”

“Yes!” Rocco yelled.

“Good”, Troy got up, smiling proudly. “Then my job here is done.”

There was a moment of silence.

“Troy?” Rocco shouted after a while.

“Yeah, what’s up, buddy?” Troy replied.

“Could you, you know, get me free?” Rocco asked slowly.

“Sure, buddy, I’ll help you”, Troy said. He walked to the locker and rummaged around inside. Now that Rocco had learned his lesson it was time to have a little fun and lighten him up a bit. He seemed to be in a really bad mood.

Troy found a bottle of water. An idea popped into his mind that put a smile on his face. He pulled the table with the hotplate and the pot over so that it was standing right beneath Rocco’s junk. Then he filled the pot with water. He placed the hotplate right under Rocco’s balls. Then he grabbed Rocco’s junk, put the pot on the plate and let Rocco’s plump testicles and his fat, limp dick drop into the cold water.

“Hey, Troy”, a newly alarmed Rocco shouted. “What are you doing? What is it? Is that water?”

“Your nuts are pretty swollen buddy”, Troy shouted, trying to sound serious. “We’ll let them cool off so they fit through the hole.”

Rocco let out a relieved sigh. “Great idea! Good thinking!”

Troy grinned and switched the hotplate on. He watched Rocco’s junk swim in the water for a moment. What a hilarious sight. He pulled out his phone and took a couple of pictures. He looked at the pictures and laughed. Two great, big eggs and a huge sausage getting boiled. He logged into his facebook account and shared the picture. His friends were going to love this. Troy chuckled. Rocco would love it, too.

“Wanna see something really funny?” Troy yelled.

Rocco let out a weak laugh. “Sure, man! But don’t you want to free my nuts first?”

“I’ll come over and show you a picture”, Troy shouted. “Then we’ll free your nuts.”

“Okay”, Rocco replied weakly.

Troy left the rec room and ran over to Rocco. “Do you like eggs for breakfast?” he said with a huge grin.

Rocco grinned. What was Troy up to? “Sure”, he said. “Who doesn’t?”

“How do you like them?” Troy chuckled.

Rocco raised his eyebrows and laughed. “I dunno. Hard-boiled?”

Troy laughed and showed Rocco the picture on his phone. “Then you’ll love these!”

Rocco stared at the picture. Then he burst out laughing. “You’re fucking crazy!”

Troy was roaring with laughter.

“You’re cooking my eggs!” Rocco laughed.

“It’s hilarious, isn’t it?” Troy cried out, laughing.

Suddenly Rocco was silent. His balls were getting warmer. “You didn’t switch on the plate, did you?”

Troy chuckled. “You want them hard-boiled, buddy…” He burst out laughing again.

Rocco chuckled weakly. “Seriously, the water is heating up. Can you switch it off again?”

“Sure”, Troy grinned and turned to go before facing Rocco again and grinning. “It’s a pretty funny picture, though, right?”

“Yeah, it’s awesome”, Rocco chuckled.

“Want me to send it to you?” Troy asked.

Rocco blinked. The water was getting warmer and warmer.

“I can send you an email”, Troy said.

“We can do it afterwards, right?” Rocco said nervously.

Troy chuckled. “It only takes a second. What’s your address?”

Rocco told him.

“Wait, can you spell it for me?” Troy said, looking at his phone.

“It’s my first name and my last name”, Rocco said, growing impatient as the water was heating up steadily.

“Rocco with two K’s, right?” Troy said, trying to hide a grin.

“No, two C’s”, Rocco said. The water was really warm now.

“And the last name?” Troy asked.

Rocco spelled it quickly. The water was getting hotter and hotter.

“Wow, that’s a complicated name”, Troy said slowly. “Can you repeat that?”

Rocco repeated it. He was starting to sweat. The water would be boiling soon.

“You know what, I’ll save your address”, Troy grinned. “Now, let’s see. No, that’s not it.” He looked up and smiled at Rocco. “New phone.”

“Could you please, please turn the water off?” Rocco yelled.

Troy chuckled. “Sure, buddy. I’m just fucking with you”, he said with a grin, putting his phone into his pocket and slowly walking away, whistling happily.

“Hurry up, man”, Rocco grunted. “I think it’s starting to boil.”

Troy chuckled and increased his pace. “See you in a moment.”

He walked around the corner and headed for the rec room. That was one of the best pranks he had ever pulled. Boiling Rocco’s balls. Troy chuckled and reached into his pocket.

He froze.

Where were they keys?

Then he remembered. They had fallen to the ground after he had hurled them at Rocco’s nuts. Fuck. He had locked himself out.

“Troy!” he heard Rocco shout. “Hurry up, man!”

Troy looked at the door. Solid steel. Fuck.

He ran back to Rocco. “Funny story”, he said with a weak grin.

Rocco stared at him. His dick and balls were boiling in the water. He could feel the heat crawl further and further.

“I locked myself out”, Troy mumbled.

“What?!” Rocco said with a panicked expression on his face.

“Sorry”, Troy shrugged.

“What?! What are we gonna do now?!” Rocco yelled. “My fucking nuts are boiling.”

“And your dick, too”, Troy grimaced in sympathy.

“You gotta break down the door!” Rocco grunted.

“No way”, Troy shook his head. “I’m not gonna ruin company property for your dumb nuts.”

“Fuck!” Rocco cried out. “What are we gonna do?!”

“I don’t know”, Troy said.

“Well, think of something!” Rocco screamed, trying frantically to pull his nuts.

Troy glared at Rocco. “What – now I have to think of something?” He scoffed. “That’s perfect, that’s just perfect!” He pointed at Rocco. “It was you who decided to take your clothes of in a public place like this. It was you shoved your fucking dick into that hole. It was you who got stuck. It wasn’t me – it was you! It’s your fault!”

Rocco was screaming in pain, moving back and force, trying desperately to save his junk from being ruined. The water was boiling hot and he could feel his huge balls and his fat, long cock cooking.

“It’s your fault”, Troy shouted. “Admit it and I’ll help you.”

“It’s my fault! It’s my fault!” Rocco screamed.

Troy smiled. “You’re lucky that I’m so good at solving problem”, he said, slowly shaking his head. “Man, you really got yourself into a shitty situation…” He stepped behind Rocco and put his hands around his waist, pressing his body against him as he pulled back.

Rocco threw his head back and screamed in pain.

“Pull yourself together, man”, Troy barked into his ear. “I’m here. Together we’ll make it. We’ll save those big, stupid nuts of yours!”

Troy pulled at Rocco’s body while Rocco was screaming in pain.

“Come on!” Troy shouted, pulling harder and harder, stretching Rocco’s nut chords to their absolute limits.

Rocco felt his boiling balls pressing painfully against the wall. “We won’t make it!” he cried out. “They are just too big! We won’t make it until they are done and fully cooked!”

“Shut up!” Troy barked. “Just pull as hard as you can!”

Both of them were groaning with effort, pulling at Rocco’s dick and balls with all the force they could muster.

Rocco was much too occupied with the red hot pain in his nuts to notice Troy’s erection poking against his thigh.

“Come on, we’ll make it”, Troy shouted, pulling at Rocco’s body, his arms wrapped around his torso, his groin pressing against Rocco’s backside.

Finally, with a big, loud PLOP! Rocco’s junk slipped through the hole.

Troy fell onto his ass, and Rocco landed on top of him.

“Fuck you, wall! We’re stronger than you!” Troy cheered, hugging Rocco in celebration before allowing him to roll onto his side and curl up in a ball. “We made it! We fucking made it”

Rocco was groaning and moaning in pain. “My fucking nuts”, he croaked, cupping his crotch with both of his hands.

“Are they hard-boiled?” Troy grinned. “Let’s have a look.”

Rocco sat up and withdrew his hands, revealing his huge, hairless testicles and his long, meaty cock.

Troy burst out laughing.

Rocco couldn’t help but join in the laughter. It was a ridiculous sight. His goods were flaming red, like a fat, soft, deformed lobster.

“That was a close one”, Rocco said with a chuckle, tentatively fondling his precious balls.

“How do they feel?” Troy grinned.

Rocco grimaced. “Hot.”

“Can I touch it?” Troy asked, casually adjusting the raging erection in his pants.

“Sure, go ahead”, Rocco mumbled.

Troy grabbed Rocco’s red, swollen, steaming dick and started squeezed. “Feels funny”, he chuckled. “Squishy and warm.” He looked at Rocco and grinned. “Do you feel anything?”

Rocco grimaced. “It’s numb.”

“Sure, it has been cooked”, Troy chuckled. “That’s what you get when you stick your stuff into something you shouldn’t stick your stuff through, right?”

“Right”, Rocco sighed, staring at the red, swollen mess between his legs. “Thank you, you know.”

Troy smiled. “No prob, buddy. To serve and protect, that’s my motto.”

Rocco nodded absentmindedly.

“Just make sure you don’t accidentally put your junk into a deep fryer”, Troy chuckled. “I don’t know if I could help you then…”

Rocco let out a laugh.

“You’d have a crispy cock and crunchy nuts”, Troy mused.

Rocco chuckled. “Yeah. That’d be something…”

Troy looked at him. “Seriously, though, make sure you don’t get into trouble again. You don’t want anybody messing with your junk who’s not as good a friend as I am.”

“Yeah, thanks again, buddy”, Rocco said. “You saved my nuts.”

Troy smiled proudly.

“You know”, Rocco sighed. “My nuts just get me in trouble again and again. I’m just so horny all the time.”

Troy grinned. “Well, I guess now that they are cooked they won’t bother you for a while…”

Rocco smiled weakly, looking at his junk. “Sometimes I wonder… Maybe I’d be better off without them.”

Troy looked at Rocco. He felt a wave of heat wash through his body. His hard dick twitched in his pants. “You think?” he said hoarsely.

“Just think about it”, Rocco continued, “if I hadn’t been that horny I wouldn’t have stuffed my junk through that hole, right?”

“Sounds about right”, Troy said. He adjusted his crotch and noticed a wet patch where his dick had soaked the fabric of his pants with precum.

“My cock isn’t worth much anyway, at least in the state it’s in. Just look at that damn thing”, Rocco mumbled, tugging listlessly at his red, boiled, floppy schlong. “And---“ He looked up at Troy and grinned weakly. “Listen to me. Here I am, feeling sorry for myself when I should be thanking you, my friend!” He got up and hugged Troy, wincing as his sore junk bumped against Troy’s erection. “I think I’m gonna drive home now and put an icepack on it.” He put on his clothes and smiled at Troy. “Thanks again. See you at baseball, buddy!”

“Yeah”, Troy mumbled.

After Rocco had left, Troy sat down on the ground. That moron was right. He’d probably be better off without his balls. That dick was useless –now that it had been cooked it’d probably never be the same again. Those fat, stupid nuts were just causing him trouble.

Troy opened the fly of his pants and pulled out his hard dick. He was almost afraid to start jerking it. He’d probably shoot a load right away.

Troy closed his eyes. Rocco needed help. He needed someone to relieve him of those fat, stupid nuts of his. Maybe he didn’t know it, yet. But Troy knew.

Troy felt that wave of heat wash through his body again. It was the same wave of heat that he had felt as a kid when he had helped his neighbor’s dog. That dog hadn’t known that he needed Troy’s help, either.

But this one was different. Bigger. Too big for one guy, even for a guy like Troy.

He pulled out his phone and dialed a number. “Hey, it’s me, how are you?” he said, slowly starting to jerk his rock-hard cock. “Yeah, night shift starts in about half an hour. Listen, you still got that cattle prod, right? Good. Dust it off, okay, and bring it to baseball next week. There’s a friend who needs our help…”


Anonymous said...

Vaya simplemente no puedo esperar el siguiente "From stud to dud".
Realmente me encanta vuesta historia y deseo que sigan torturando al conocido protagonista Rocco.

Alex said...

Muchas gracias for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Toothpick said...

I'm really starting to feel bad for the poor guy.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Toothpick! I'm afraid that there's a lot more to come for poor Rocco...