Monday, March 8, 2010

The Ballbusting Olympics 2010: Danny's interviews 1


I was a bit surprised when Danny told me he would still be doing interviews after the events. He said he might have to excuse himself days he competes. I uploaded the video he sent me. It was Danny standing outside the gym. He interviewed a few random people, all of them said they were looking forward to the ceremonies. One of the first noteworthy people e interviewed was Seth, Logan's High School pal.

"Seth," said Danny, "I understand you and all your pals are here to support Josiah E. Bartlet High in these games?"

"Ya, well, you know, School spirit," he replied.

"Yes, well anyway, the thing most people want to know about is that little incident with Phil. So you asked him to kick you in the nuts?"

"Well, I wanted something a little more than an autograph, though I got one of those too, and considering where we were and the fact that he kicked things for a living, it seemed appropriate. Besides, I'm such a huge fan of Phil, I felt like a fan girl meeting him, it's nothing short of an honor to be kicked in the nuts by him. Still a bt sore though," Seth replied as he rubbed his package.

"So why are you such a fan?" asked Danny?

"Well, I just think it's cool that someone only a little older than me can accomplish so much..." As Seth droned on, Seth's friend and school bully Dash sneaked up behind him crouched down, and brought his fist slamming into Seth's delicate goods. The cameraman, anticipating the bust,, zoomed in perfectly, and you could see Dash's fist flatten the bulge in Seth's pants. "Fuck! Damn Dash, you suck! I'm still sore from Phil." Seth cursed as he fell to the floor, groaning.

Dash stood over Seth in triumph. "Well boys and girls," Dash said with a smile, "I think that oncludes-" He was interrupted by a foot from behind. The foot slammed into him from behind, slamming hard into Dash's valuables. Dash's face contorted in pain and he collapsed, revealing the mystery kicker to the camera, it was Leroy. He was laughing.

"Man Dash, when your such a dick to guys, do really expect to never be busted back? You need to toughen thoose nuts boy," Leroy taunted. Danny laughed too.

"Shut up," Dash said to Danny ,"you pretty boy asshole," he said as he shot his fist into Danny's crotch and then continued to manage his own pain. Danny grabbed his crotch and doubled over, Dash's fist hit dead on, pounding the young actors poor package. He almost fell, but Leroy helped him stand. Danny began to manage the pain in his balls while Seth and Dash handled their own pain. Leroy was helping to support the aching Danny. Danny then shot his hand down to Leroys groin and gave him a hard squeeze. Leroy let go of Danny and started to squirm under the actors grip. Leroy fell to the ground and started tending to his sore member. He shot Danny a look of betrayl and asked "why?"

"Sorry Leroy, it's tradition that I squeeze someone's balls each interview, and you were the only person to give me a chance. Sorry, nothing personal. Well," said Danny, still slightly moaning from Dash's punch, "guess that wraps things up. See you next time." The video ended.

I was intrigued. Logan's schoolmates seemed interesting enough, maybe we would see more of them in the near future. He still has one more diary. I wonder which group of guys Danny will interview next time...


FireCrotchRox said...

wow, loved it. Can't wait to see the rest of the Olympics, and the rest of the interviews, and I love the whole High School thing.

FireCrotchRox said...

oh, and btw, I'm not sure if you remember about the suggestion I made about Nutball? I was just wondering if you were still doing that.

guy787970 said...

Oh, Of coarse, I will always listen to suggestions. My next story sets it up, and from there, it's just the events and interviews, Nutball is first and will be one story, following your suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Man, when's the next story, I can't wait!