Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Ballbusting Olympics 2010: Finding team 8


As I entered the Gym, I was a bit taken by the size. The gym was large, it had a stage in the center that was brought out for special occasions, and a bunch of bench's surrounding it. There was also a Media area that had a commentator’s box and control room. There would be a small camera crew present the day of the competitions, I would be in charge of running the show, Vince would in the control room editing, and Chad would be behind the camera this year as the Head Cameraman of the film crew. Right now the gym was empty, I went ahead on my own to check it out. I had to have a pimply janitor show me the way to the gym, according to him he had to help Alex during the last Olympic Games. This was in fact the same gym as last year, but it had undergone major renovations in terms of size. I had discussed it with Kev, and we decided he could still be a BOC member, just not the chairman. He helped book the event, and is currently advertising. I had noticed there was a rather large monitor placed up high where everyone could see it. We had talked to the Gymnasts about doing another opening ceremony, and they accepted. As I was checking out the gym, I had a ring on my cell phone. I answered it and it was Simon.

"Hey Simon, what's up. You decide who's entering yet?"

"Actually..." Simon said, "the thing is, me Jeff and Larry are being called away to see the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland by the company Jeff works for, and this is kinda a big deal, and if I go, which I think I am, I'm not gonna be able to make the games. I might make it in time to watch the final events, but..."

"Oh, I see," I said, a bit flustered. "Well, I guess I can try to find a new team on time, you can't pass that up after all. And I think it's being streamed online this year if you want to watch.

"Alright," Simon said, relived. "I'll see if I can. Sorry again, good luck finding a replacement."

I hung up and cursed loudly. We couldn't compete with only 7 teams, and where was I going to find a 8th team this late? I was about to phone Chad to tell him, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure enter through the gym doors. I recognized him from online pictures, it was Warren, the owner of a rival site that gave Alex trouble a while back. I was a bit scared, I already had a lot on my plate, I don't think I could handle whatever drama Warren was about to send my way. He approached me quickly and said, "Hey you, you Alex's replacement?"

"Well, one of three, and we're not exactly replacements-"

"I don't care," he interrupted rudely. "Listen, are you the one in charge of this Olympic crap?"

"It's not crap, and yes I-"

"Good. Listen, I'm still pissed at Alex for that whole thing with the sites, and I wanna crush his old models at this thing, you looking for another team?"

"Well, yes actually, but I don't think you-"

"I don't care, my guys are competing, end of story. Besides, you know your not gonna find a replacement team on time." Damn. He was right. I wasn't happy, but I agreed to it. I ran through a list of the events and asked him who would compete in what. "Well, I think Dima should be in Ball Punch and Ball Fight. Itsuki in Roshambo and Squash. And for Nutball," he thought about it for a second, "Harley. You got all that?"

"Ya. Listen, hopefully your guys can have fun and-"

"That's not important. I want them to win. Looks like you suck at running a site almost as much as the guy before you." That angered me a bit. I was getting ready to yell at him when he delivered a hard slap to my balls. As I clutched my nuts, Warren left. I was a bit amazed at what just happened, just like that we lost a team, and gained one. I called Chad to inform of the turn of events. After that I finished examining the gym, and left, hoping that my guys would crush Warrens.

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Love the reference to the Large Hadron Collider!