Friday, November 21, 2008

Charity Nutshot Festival: Day 1

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Kev and Simon (click for pictures)

I was standing at the entrance of the gym, watching a long line of people wait to buy their ticket and enter.

Today was the first day of our Charity Nutshot Festival. I had been quite busy this week, so I had delegated the organization of the event to 20 year old Kev, veteran president of the Ballbusting Olympics Committee (BOC). Kev had done a great job organizing the Olympics in spring, and I was amazed at the efficiency of his work today.

Kev was standing next to me.

I looked at him and smiled. “Wow”, I said. “Great work.”

Kev shrugged and grinned. “Thanks.”

The line was moving, and the gym filled with people. At one side of the gym, there was a small stage where today’s show was going to take place.

“What are we going to see today?” I asked.

Kev smiled. “Today is Simon’s day. It was his idea, so I thought he’d be the perfect one to start the festivities…”

I looked at the people walking into the gym. There was a ticket counter that was staffed with two guys, probably friends of Kev’s. They were his age, both of them tanned and handsome, with short hair and athletic bodies. One of them collected the admittance fee, the other one handed out what looked like lottery tickets.

“The guests can buy as many tickets as they want to”, Kev explained. “That’ll improve their chances.”

I nodded. “What do they win?”

“Well, Simon is going to take to the stage”, Kev smiled. “And he’ll draw the numbers from a glass bowl. Then…” He pointed at a red boxing glove that was lying on stage. “…the lucky winner gets a shot at Simon’s nuts.”

I nodded. “Nice idea.”

“Thanks”, Kev grinned. “It was---“

“Hey, Kev!” one of the guys at the counter shouted. “We need more tickets! We’re almost sold out!”

The guys waiting in line turned their heads, looking at Kev.

Kev raised his hands. “Don’t worry. Everyone will get a ticket. Don’t worry.” He turned to me. “Excuse me.”

I grinned.

Kev walked away, heading for a door marked “Office”.

Half an hour later, the gym was packed.

I was standing next to two young men. One of them was blond and blue-eyed, wearing tight jeans and a white t-shirt. His friend was wearing similar clothes. His hair was brown and cut very short.

“How many did you get?” the blond one asked.

“Three”, his friend answered. “You?”

“Ten.” He grinned.

The brunette chuckled.

“Have you seen the guy?” the blond said.

“On the flyer. Looks hot”, his friend answered.

“I’ll say”, the blond grinned. “Can’t wait to bash his balls. Today is my lucky day…”

The two guys laughed.

A sudden shrill sound from the loudspeakers made the crowd turn their heads and look at the stage where Kev was standing, holding a microphone, smiling at the audience.

“Ladies and gentlemen”, Kev said. “Thanks for coming! We are going to crack some nuts for charity tonight! All of you have---“

Kev was interrupted by loud cheers and applause from the crowd.

He smiled and continued. “All of you have bought some lottery tickets. So please welcome the star of tonight’s show. Put your hands together for the poor, brave guy who is gonna be in pain for the at least one week if you do a good job! The guy who is man enough to put his balls on the line and let us have a great night! The man who – simply put – donates his balls to charity! Here is Simon!”

The crowd roared with cheers and applause as Simon walked on stage. The 23 year old boy was smiling nervously as he stood next to Kev. He was naked except for his horn-rimmed glasses and a pair of tight blue boxer briefs that contrasted nicely with the pale color of his skin. His body was smooth and hairless, looking fragile next to Kev’s muscular frame. At 5’6” Simon was considerably smaller than Kev.

Kev grinned. “Hi, Simon.”

“Hi”, Simon smiled.

“How are you feeling?” Kev asked.

“Uh, well, I think---“ Simon stuttered.

“Feeling great, huh?” Kev interrupted him.

Simon shrugged and grinned sheepishly.

Kev chuckled. He looked down at the considerable bulge in Simon’s briefs and smirked. “Ready to get your nuts crunched?”

The crowd laughed and cheered.

Simon grimaced.

“Okay”, Kev said. “Why don’t you show the audience your equipment?”

Simon looked at him. “You mean---“

“Yeah, let us see your nuts”, Kev grinned.

Simon gulped. He pulled the waistband of his boxer briefs down, exposing his big, semi-hard cock and his low-hanging nuts, causing the crowd to clap and cheer.

Kev chuckled. He grabbed Simon’s balls and weighed them in his hand. “Those are prime quality eggs, ladies and gentlemen!” He squeezed, causing Simon to inhale sharply. “Filled with spunk, I guess…”

Some guys in the audience laughed.

“Let’s see”, Kev said, looking at the ceiling and rolling Simon’s plums in his hand. “Three day’s worth?” He looked at Simon, winking.

Simon chuckled. “Four days, actually.”

The crowd laughed and cheered.

“Alright”, Kev grinned, giving Simon’s nuts a playful slap. “Put them back into your boxers, Simon. Let’s see if we can bust those suckers tonight…”

Simon shifted uncomfortably and pulled his briefs up again.

Kev reached inside his pocket and produced a black marker. “Let’s define the target for our guys”, he grinned.

Simon raised his eyebrows and looked down at Kev as he leaned over and drew a line on his upper body, starting on Simon’s solar plexus and going down over his navel until it reached his pubic hair. With two additional lines, Kev drew an arrow that pointed at Simon’s crotch, eliting cheers and applause from the audience.

Kev chuckled and wrote “PUNCH HERE” on Simon’s hairless belly.

Simon adjusted his glasses and grimaced sheepishly.

“I guess the writing will be gone in a few weeks”, Kev grinned. “Until then, I guess you’ll have plenty of fun when you go swimming… Anyway, let’s start!”

The guys in the audience clapped and cheered.

“Let’s draw the first number”, Kev said, pointing at a large glass bowl that had several small pieces of paper in it.

Simon reached inside.

“Let’s see”, Kev said and looked at the number. “381.” He looked at the audience. “Come on, 381! Where are you?”

A loud cheer erupted and the guys in the audience turned their heads to see a tall, blond guy waving his ticket.

“Come up here!” Kev shouted as the crowd clapped and cheered.

The blond guy walked on stage, eyeing Simon as he passed him.

Simon grinned nervously.

“Alright, what’s your name?” Kev asked.

“Dominic”, the blond replied, beaming with glee.

“Dominic”, Kev repeated, handing him the boxing glove. “Put this on and let him have it.”

Dominic grinned and nodded. He slipped his hand inside the glove and turned to Simon.

Simon bit his lower lip.

“Spread your legs, Simon, and put your hands up and behind your head”, Kev grinned. “Let Dominic have a nice shot at your danglers…”

Simon hesitated for a short moment. Then he sighed and spread his legs.

Dominic reached out and squeezed Simon’s brief-clad nuts with his left hand. Then he brought his right hand back.

“Okay, go for it!” Kev shouted.

“Break his balls!” someone in the audience shouted.

Dominic grinned. He knelt in front of Simon and looked up at him.

Simon’s eye twitched in anticipation.

Then, with thunderous force and admirable precision, he punched Simon’s balls. The heavy red boxing clove connected with the soft contents of Simon’s briefs, squashing his nuts agaist his pelvis, making Simon blink a couple of times before he groaned in pain and doubled over.

“Ow!” Kev shouted, feigning sympathy, grabbing his own junk and jumping up and down. “Ow! God! That must have hurt!”

The crowd laughed and cheered.

“Look at his nuts!” Kev shouted, laughing. “Oh, fuck, he crunched them! Well done, Dominic!”

Dominic took off the boxing glove and waved at the audience.

“How are you feeling, Simon”, Kev said, holding the microphone in front of Simon’s face while Dominic left the stage.

Simon coughed. He grimaced in pain and whispered. “Good, thanks.”

“You up for the next lucky winner?” Kev grinned.

“Sure”, Simon said hoarsely, massaging his aching testicles.

Fifteen minutes later, Simon was in serious pain. His nuts had been punched by seven guys, none of whom had held back on the blow. Seven lucky numbers, seven hard blows to Simon’s tender testicles, seven loud, slapping thuds when the boxing glove connected with Simon’s gonads, seven cheerful, jubilant victory poses while Simon was squirming in pain and Kev was mocking poor Simon’s manhood.

“Let’s see your balls”, Kev shouted as Simon was down on his knees, holding his nuts, whimpering in pain.

The crowd cheered and clapped.

Slowly, Simon got up. He adjusted his glasses and grimaced.

“Come on”, Kev shouted.

Simon groaned.

Kev chuckled and put his microphone to the ground. He stood behind Simon and grabbed the waistband of Simon’s boxer briefs.

Simon’s eyes widened.

Kev yanked upward, giving Simon a picture-perfect wedgie and making him shriek in pain.

He was standing on his tiptoes as Kev pulled hard, revealing the tip of his now fully hard cock.

Another hard yank, and Simon’s hard cock was fully exposed.

Another yank, and the fabric gave, ripping apart and letting everyone in the audience catch a good look at Simon’s naked body.

Simon grabbed his crotch and whimpered.

Kev grinned and threw the shredded boxers away. He grabbed the microphone again and shouted. “Let us see your nuts!”

Simon moaned in pain. Slowly, he drew his hands away, revealing his dangling, reddened balls below his rock hard cock.

“Eww”, Kev cringed in mock-sympathy. “They are swollen! My god, they have doubled in size!”

The audience roared with laughter and cheers.

“Let’s speed things up a bit”, Kev said and reached inside the glass bowl, grabbing a handful of winning tickets. “Okay, the numbers are 128, 15, 401, 221, and 187!”

After a short moment when every member of the audience checked their tickets, four guys came up stage, all of them in their mid-twenties.

Kev looked at the four guys. “128?”

A short, muscular guy with black hair and a three day stubble lifted his hand.

“Your name?” Kev asked.

“Mitchell”, he said.

Kev nodded. “Great. 15?”

“That’s me”, a lanky blond with rimless glasses said, grinning. “I’m Felix.”


“Rory”, a bored looking redhead responded, waving his ticket.


“Me again”, Felix grinned, reaching inside his pockets and producing a dozen paper slips.

Kev chuckled and turned to the fourth guy, a tanned, muscular blond with spiked hair. “You’re 187?”

The blond nodded.

“What’s your name?”

“Daniel”, he replied.

“Okay”, Kev shouted, turning to the audience. “Give them a round of applause, guys. Mitchell, Felix, Rory and Daniel.”

The crowd cheered and clapped.

Simon was grimacing in pain, massaging his aching plums.

“Now, let’s see if we can make him cum”, Kev grinned.

The crowd went wild.

“I mean”, Kev continued. “After all he has four days worth of spunk inside those swollen babies… Let’s help him bust his nut!”

Simon groaned. His cock was rock hard, pointing at the ceiling, only party hidden by his hands that were clutching his sore testicles.

“Okay, Mitchell”, Kev turned to the black haired guy. “You go first.”

Mitchell grinned and put on the red glove.

Simon groaned and spread his legs, reluctantly lifting his hands and letting his testicles dangle between his thighs.

Mitchell looked at Simon’s hard cock and licked his lips, focussing on the task at hand. He brought his fist back and sent it crashing into Simon’s vulnerable balls, smashing both of Simon’s poor testicles into his pelvis and making him let out an agonized, high-pitched yelp.

The crowd cheered and clapped.

Mitchell looked at Simon’s cock. A drop of precum oozed out, making the bulbous head glisten moistly.

Mitchell shrugged and handed the glove to Felix.

The lanky blond adjusted his glasses and winked at Simon who was whimpering in pain. He put on the glove and grinned. Getting down on his knees, he planted a well-placed uppercut into Simon’s nuts, making Simon’s feet lift off the ground.

Simon screamed from the top of his lungs as his nuts were pummelled by Felix’s powerful punch.

Felix grinned with satisfaction.

“Wanna go again or save your second punch for later?” Kev asked.

Felix chuckled. “Save the best for last…”

Kev grinned.

Rory grabbed the glove and put it on. The bored expression had left his face. He grinned and got down on his knees.

Simon whimpered and let go of his balls.

Immediately, Rory’s fist smashed into Simon’s nuts, grazing Simon’s left testicle only lightly, but connected full force with his right nut. The poor, tender orb was flattened between the boxing glove and Simon’s thigh, making Simon eyes cross and his mouth tremble. His dick twitched violently, precum oozing out of its tip and running down the fat shaft if his rock hard cock.

Now it was Daniel’s turn. The tanned boy grabbed Simon’s dick and stroked it a couple of times before he put on the red boxing glove.

“I think he’s ready to blow”, Daniel grinned. Then he powered a devastating punch into Simon’s crotch that made the poor boy’s cheeks puff.

Simon looked seriously sick as his cock twitched uncontrollably and his eyes turned glassy.

Daniel took a close look at the hot, red tip of Simon’s cock. He touched it with the tip of his index finger, making it twitch once again.

“Wow”, Daniel grinned. “Something’s boiling down there…”

Simon whimpered in pain and grabbed his agonized testicles, pressing his hard cock against his abs with his wrists.

“Okay”, Kev shouted. “Felix, it’s your turn again. Come on, make him lose that load!”

Felix chuckled. “I’ll try…”

He put on the glove and walked up to Simon. He circled him a couple of times, egged on by the audience.

Finally, he knelt behind Simon.

“Here we go”, Kev said. “Arms up, Simon!”

Simon complied, putting his hands on top of his head and spreading his legs.

His nutsac looked seriously bruised. The two heavy, large plums inside the fiery red sac looked swollen and ripe, ready to burst out of their skin.

Simon looked at the audience, his attractive face red and sweaty, his eyes glassy, his mouth hanging open.

When Felix uppercut drove his nuts into his pelvis with a sickening thud, Simon’s facial expression changed.

His eyes widened and his jaw dropped. His nose started twitching and his eyes rolled back into his head.

A fountain of jizz erupted from Simon’s fat, twitching cock.

“One!” Kev shouted as the first jet of cum spurted into the crowd, sailing over the first and the second row and landing with a wet splash on the face of a stunned guy in the audience.

“Two!” The crowd started counting along with Kev. The second jet of cum landed on some guy’s hair.

“Three!” Simon’s swollen nuts were busy, contracting and pumping fresh juice into his shaft.

“Four! ... Five! ... Six! ... Seven! ... Eight!”

After the eighth spurt, the jets grew smaller until his balls were completely drained.

The stage was drowned in jizz.

Kev looked down and chuckled. “Boy… Are there any lifeboats in the room?”

Simon was breathing heavily, his face red, his hair wet with sweat. He looked sick. Slowly, he grabbed his agonized balls, careful not to touch them too roughly.

He sank to his knees and collapsed on the ground, lying in a pool of his own jizz.

Felix grinned.

“Put your hand together for Felix!” Kev shouted.

The lanky blond grinned and took a bow before leaving the stage.

“Alright, ladies and gentlemen”, Kev said. “That’s it for today! Thanks for coming! Thanks for giving your money to charity! See you next time!”

Half an hour later, the gym had emptied.

I was sitting on the edge of the stage, right next to Simon who was curled up in a ball, clutching his balls, whimpering in pain.

“What a mess”, I said.

Simon moaned. “My nuts…”

“You were fantastic”, I grinned. “That cumshot – man, you really know how to run a show…”

“Thanks”, Simon whispered. “I think I’m gonna be sick.”

I handed him the glass bowl with the rest of the lottery tickets and left him lying on the ground.


Carter said...

You know I really enjoyed this chapter. I think.Simon may be my next favorite main character after Logan.
I just loved.imagining.him getting his.plums pummeled.
And you did well.with such a simple concept, the lottery really worked well.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Simon doesn't seem to be very popular - I'm glad you like the character!

Alex said...

Thank you very much for your comment! I wasn't aware of this.

It feels funny to basically read your own story in an f/m version - especially when you find yourself suddenly transformed to "Monica"... :-))

I left the following comment for the author on the website:

Hi there!

I'm honored that you took my story and made a couple of changes to make it your own.

Apparently you forgot to credit the source and link to the original story:

You're invited to use every story that I have published and change everything you want, as long as you mention the original source and link to the original story on my blog.

Thank you!