Saturday, December 8, 2007

Casting Simon

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Simon (click for pictures)

For our third casting we had invited Simon. Simon is a bit of geek. He is 23 years old but he looks younger. I suppose he works at a public library or at the university or something. He is pretty short and pretty thin, has dark blond hair and hides his cute little face behind shell-rimmed glasses. He seems shy and has an innocent smile, although the photos he sent us speak a different language. A smile doesn’t seem particularly innocent if the smiler is naked…

Simon came exactly on time. Chad and I were just talking about the fact that the castings seemed to get better. We were more efficient, now that we had a strategy.

“So we will always do one kick, one punch and a squeeze?” Chad asked while taking notes on a pad.

“I suppose so. It worked fine with Danny and Leo”, I replied.

“And afterwards we let them bust one of us?” Chad looked at me.

I shrugged. “Well, we have to find out if they are willing to put some force in the kick, or the punch – you know what I mean. We need to know if they can do it. By the way – it’s your turn today”, I winked at him.

“Great”, Chad adjusted the bulge in his jeans. “I have a date tonight. Could you take over for me? Just this once? I don’t want to… well…”

“Underperform? Well I’m not exactly thrilled about it, either. Okay, I’ll do it. But you will take the next one!” 

I glared at him.

A knock on the door told us that Simon was there.

“Come in”, I shouted.

He entered the room and looked around. “Hi, I’m Simon. This is the casting for… you know… the website?”

I smiled. “Yeah, this is the casting for I’m Alex. How are you?”

“Fine, thanks.” Simon sat down on the couch.

Chad positioned himself behind the camera and turned it on. “Camera rolling”, he said.

“Wait a second, errr, I don’t really know, errr, what this is about, you know?” Simon stammered.

I explained to him what we planned to do with our website, the videos, the content, the money he could make. “We have already cast two guys, a skater-type boy and a cute actor. If this casting goes well we could start shooting next week.”

His face was bright red after my little monologue. He sat on the edge of the couch and seemed uncomfortable. “So this is porn?”

“Well, we don’t know, we haven’t decided if we do hardcore content, yet. Why do you ask? You have done porn, gay porn, right?” I looked at him quizzically.

“Right. But I – I’ve never been, you know, hit down there. I misunderstood your ad. I thought it was about sex – but it seems to be about, well, low blows…” He flushed.

Oh god, he was cute. “Don’t worry. We will do it here and if you don’t want to do it, fine. But at least you will have been hit ‘down there’ when you leave this room.” I smiled at him.

Simon was uncertain. He looked at Chad, then at me again. Then he smiled back. “Okay, let’s do it, then. But please be patient with me…”

“We will”, I assured him. “I suppose you don’t have any problems with getting naked in front of the camera?”

“Not at all”, Simon replied and stripped of his trousers, his dark blue slipover, the narrow matching tie and his white shirt and put all of his clothes neatly on the fridge in the back of the camera, the tie resting on top. I was surprised to see he didn’t wear any underwear. But then – he had done some porn and he had assumed that we would ask him to strip.

He had two large nuts and a nice big hard dick. What should I have expected from a ‘porn star’?

“I’m ready”, he announced, wearing nothing but his glasses. He stroked his cock and put on that innocent smile.

I grinned. “Perfect!” Then a thought came into my head. “Simon, are you in the middle of shooting something? I mean, we are gonna bust your balls – and I don’t know if you’ll be able to perform properly for a few days after that…”

“Oh. I – well, I don’t shoot at the moment. In fact I need to make some money, so… No problem, go ahead”, Simon said rubbing his dick.

It’s always great to get an invitation to bust someone’s nuts, especially if the ‘someone’ in question is as cute as this little devil.

“Okay, we should make your first kick a good one. What about you get on the floor, on all four, and I kick you from behind?” I suggested.

He seemed to like the idea and got down. His juicy big balls were swinging between his legs. I looked at Chad to tell him to zoom in on the action, but Chad just smiled and gave me the okay-sign: He had everything under control.

I stepped behind Simon and brought my foot back a bit. Then I rammed it between his legs, squishing his balls between my shoe and his ass cheeks to an audible ‘slap’ that seemed to echo in the room.

Simon cried out and collapsed on the floor. “My jewels… oohhh… man… you… oohhh…” He wasn’t very literate at the moment, the pain setting in and radiating from his busted balls. He lay on the floor now, writhing, clutching his aching nuts and repeating “My jewels… my jewels…” over and over. I noticed that his dick hadn’t deflated at all. It still stood proudly above the hands that tried to comfort his nuts.

When he had recovered a bit, I asked him: “You call your nuts ‘jewels’?” I had never heard anyone refer to them that way outside of humorous conversations.

“Well, they are precious to me. And they look good and shiny and everything…” he answered, trying to smile and still cradling his battered manhood.

“They sure do”, I smiled back. “So – what do you think about your first kick?”

“It hurt. It really hurt. But I’m okay now, I think. It still hurts a bit. But it’s okay”, Simon rubbed his dick again, letting his jewelry hang freely beneath it. Then he noticed something. “Oh”, he said, looking down at his crotch. Some precum was oozing from his rock hard dick. He looked up and said impishly: “Perhaps I like it… At least my sceptre does…”

Chad and I were stunned. I shook my head incredulously and made a mental note to look up the porn that Simon had done. If he was that spontaneous and enthusiastic while having sex, I sure wanted to have a look at his videos…

Chad cleared his throat and reminded us that we should get on with it. I suggested to do the squeeze next and Simon was okay with that. He seemed to get more and more comfortable with the situation – or perhaps the whole shy demeanour hat been an act all along…

His nuts hung low in his sac. I put my right hand around it but couldn’t get both of his balls into my grasp, so I took both hands and squeezed lightly.

“Oohh”, Simon moaned. I squeezed harder and he moaned louder. I compressed both of his nuts in my firm grip and ground them against each other, interlocking my fingers and increasing the pressure. Now the moaning turned into shrieking…

“You… oohh… you are… oohh… my jewels”, Simon gasped. “They feel… oohh… they feel like they are in a lemon squeezer…”

“Well, I’m trying to see if I can get any juice out of them…” I quipped and gave his large diamonds a last solid squeeze, causing Simon to shriek again.

When he fell to the floor, he made a sound that was somewhere between laughing and crying. He comforted his balls with both of his hands. “I think you succeeded…” he gasped. “It’s not much – but there it is…” He put his right index finger on the tip of his dick – his left hand was still grabbing his nuts – and showed us a drop of precum. He moved the finger to his lips and sucked on it seductively. “Doesn’t taste like lemon”, he said with a dirty grin. “Tastes completely normal to me…”

Chad and I looked at each other and gulped. We both knew we had found another perfect model for the website.

I said: “Okay, I think we’ve seen enough. We…”

But Simon interrupted me, seeming insecure again: “Oh… no… I need the job, you know? Was that last bit too much? I thought… well, I said the thing with the lemon squeezer and you said the thing with the juice… I thought, I would go with it…”

“No, no”, I tried to calm him down. “You are great! We absolutely want you to join our team! Absolutely!”

“Wow, thanks. For a moment I thought… I get carried away sometimes, you know…” Simon smiled at us with that innocent expression on his face, with his dick pointing straight upwards and his hands holding his nuts. He licked his lips. “Didn’t you want to do a punch, too?”

Chad and I looked at each other again. Chad’s eyes seemed to say: “If he wants the punch, give him the punch.” He was right.

Simon stood up again. His nuts hung very low in his sac and I told him to grab his sac and push his balls down, away from his still hard dick, so I could easily punch them. But Simon had another idea. He grabbed his tie from the fridge and said with a wicked grin: “Couldn’t I tie my balls with this? Wouldn’t that be more kinky?”

I nodded speechlessly and heard Chad clear his throat. I just hoped he didn’t mess up the videotape…

Simon expertly tied the tie around his balls, separating them from his dick and then separating the left from the right nut. Both were now bulging in their respective area of Simon’s sac. He tucked the end of the tie into the knot just below his dick. Wow. That boy sure knew some tricks.

“Okay?” he asked and smiled invitingly. “My jewels hurt like hell. Let’s get this over with! Oh, what about this: You clap your hands together with that package between them. It’s gonna hurt – but that’s the whole purpose of it, isn’t it?”

I nodded. Simon was eager to please and it seemed he had understood what this whole thing was about. What more could a director want?

So I spread my arms, clenched my fists and drove both of them against each other – crushing Simon’s ‘jewels’ nicely and tidily between them. They flattened against each other and against my fists, looking like small meaty pancakes.

Simon screamed. I hadn’t expected him to do something else. I let go of his balls and stood back. He continued screaming and sank to the ground. He tried feverishly to untie the knot around his dick and balls. I rushed in to help him and freed his manhood from his little blue tie. He continued wailing and breathing heavily, throwing the tie away and beginning to uncontrollably jerk his hard dick.

Chad and I exchanged glances again and couldn’t quite believe the show this little geek/porn star put up for the camera.

Simon was close to cumming, kneading his fat nuts and jerking his cock. When he came, he screamed again, shooting a massive load of spunk on his belly and his chest, some of it even flying up into his face and making stains on his glasses.

He opened his eyes and smiled at us. “Whoo!” He took off his glasses and licked them clean. He spread the cum on his body and brought some of it to his mouth, licking his fingers. Then he grabbed his nuts again. “Wow, they hurt! Ouch!” Simon laughed and stood up. “Well, how was I?”

Neither Chad nor I had words for that performance. Eventually I said: “Do you want to do this more often? You seem to be quite good at it…”

He thought about it for a second. “Well, it was fun”, he licked his finger again, “I would like to – if you want me…” The innocent smile was back on his cute face.

“We want you!” Chad burst out.

I looked at him and said: “Absolutely, we do!”

“Fine!” Simon said and put his clothes back on.

When he had left, Chad said to me: “Oh, damn, we forgot to test his kicking skills. And we had agreed that it was your turn!”

“Never mind, even if he is a lousy buster, he still is a first class performer!” I replied.

“Right. But it’s your turn anyway…” Chad grinned and whacked his notepad into my nuts.

I felt the pain immediately and doubled over.

“Thanks”, I groaned.

Chad grinned wider. “My pleasure!”

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