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Watch This Epilogue 1 written by Jimmy


What This

Epilogue 1

Rex, Max, and Logan (If you are just joining us here are the rest of the chapters) ~Jimmy

by Jimmy




It takes Rex a long time to climb up the stairs. He pauses several times to hold his sad sack, and he winces every time he pulls the lip of his speedos back and peers inside. His scrotum is red like a fire engine, and starting to bruise.


When Rex finally walks the rest of the length to Logan Krueger’s door, it’s quieter now. He can no longer hear the various groans, and swears under his teammates breathes. His feet slap the hardwood and when he moves to grab the handle he hears Logan chuckle and his twin moan, not in pain but in desire. Rex knows the sound well. His fingertips pause, just barely making contact but instead he leans against the door to listen.


“Like this?” he hears Logan’s muffled voice.


“Ohhh! Yes…like…god…I…”


Shit! Max and Logan…? Rex is hard at the thought, but he wants to see. He needs to get into that room.


That’s when he remembers the secret entrance. Rex quickly, but quietly pads down the hall, his heart is racing as he heads to the room next door and through Chase’s bedroom he slips to the back wall and gently, and quietly pulls the small lever next to the bookcase. It slides quietly open, and Rex finds himself at the far end of Logan’s room staring at the bed in disbelief.


Prone and naked Max has his legs opened wide, his bare legs are parted with Logan licking up his inner thigh. Max’s is harder than his brother can believe his cock is oozing, and it’s elevated and trembling above his navel. Fuck, Rex thinks Max got bigger. Max’s cock trembles in air, a steady trickle of pre-cum is dropping from the bellend landing in the small puddle near his belly button.


Max’s amber eyes are closed, a smile is on his face as Logan licks, nibbles with his teeth and gets closer to the hardened tool.


“Please…suck it this time…” Max pleads.


Logan grabs his nuts and squeezes.


Max winces, back arching. He almost opens his eyes but stops at the last moment.


“Good. You’re learning,” he goes back between Max’s spread thighs and leans down, his long pink tongue laps up the tiny puddle. Max moans as a quick flip takes away the hanging pre-cum clear droplet hanging from his rigid bonner.


“I’m…” Max warns.


“Not yet.”


Logan squeezes Max’s nuts harder, adding in a twist and Max hisses between his teeth, one hand finding the back of Logan’s head trying to press him into his groin. Logan resists, and let’s go of Max’s nuggets and takes each one into his mouth until his cheeks bulge with Max’s ballsack inside.


Max screams in pleasure, his lips moving to a wide smile. Logan slaps the center of Max’s chest and Max groans and laughs in surprise before Logan sucks.


He grunts, and Rex’s jaw falls open. Rex has dropped his speedo to the floor and grabs his own cock, steadily starting to masturbate. A glob of spit silently falls from his parted pink lips to the tip, slicking his knob up. He starts to increase the pressure of his left hand, his favorite to use and steadily travels the small length of his cock from root to tip. Rex can’t decide what to watch…his brother’s cock which has started to leak again, and the way it quivers like an arrow stuck in a tree trunk, Max’s face as he moans in absolute pleasure, or Logan’s as he swirls around Max’s nuts in his mouth sucking for all he’s worth.


Rex pants quietly, he’s going to cum before Max does and he’s not sure if he can do so quietly.


Logan’s fingers scrape down the center of Max’s abdomen, and one finger raises up to poke at his belly button.


Max shoves his hand in his mouth, trying and failing to stifle a scream.


Rex longs to go to him, that dick is so hard and he wants it in his mouth. He moans quietly, and he can see Max stiffen on the bed. He heard me…fuck. Rex sobers up a moment, and he pauses on his cock. A small pulse travels up from the base and he closes his eyes. Fuck it…I need to cum.


Logan’s jaws start to chew on Max’s balls, the nibble is gentle at first. Max’s nuts are so tight against the base of his cock that Logan has to use his tongue to guide the twin’s nuts between his teeth. A good long sucking sensation descends the pair enough that he can bite down.


Max starts humping the air, he’s desperate now. His body heaving, and trembling on the bed. His ass checks are flexing and clinging tightly to the bedsheet below and his cock is desperate in need of some attention.


Rex takes another step closer, and he licks his lips. No one sees him. He takes another step and then gets down on all fours crawling to the side of the bed. Logan is at the bottom, his head turned down as he works Max over, his hands rush underneath Max grasping his firm quivering buttock as he chews on his nuts. Rex can hear the slurping now, and he drools as he gets closer.


That’s when he spots it. The twin hand cuffs at the bedposts. Logan must not have removed them when Chase chained him up all those months ago.


*Logan and Chase story

Rex’s heart is thudding in his chest, as he comes around to the front of the bed, his cock sways and pokes Logan’s mattress. And he shivers with pleasure. Not yet. He promises himself that it will be soon.


Reaching down he grabs both of Max’s wrists pulling them up. His fist leaves his mouth and Max almost opens his eyes, but he doesn’t, he’s just not sure what’s going on as Rex clinks the locks on Max’s wrists pulling his body taut. Max goes to open his mouth but Rex covers it with his own kissing him, wanting Max to know who exactly is here.


He pulls back and Max mouths his name. Rex covers his mouth all the same with the palm of his hand, and looks down at Logan still sucking, and chomping at Max’s bag. The way his jaw moves, and squishes his brother’s nads looks delightfully painful. Rex wishes to feel Max’s nuts after, and longs to press his fingers in the bruising indents. But first…Max’s cock.


Max’s eyes are open now as he watches Rex lap up his pre-cum, the tiny pool barely a mouthful. Max moans against his brother’s hands, his arms twitching to get out as Rex lowers his head, his hazel eyes on Max’s erection, it’s curved slightly, the head completely flared up and a steady pulse rings down its full length. Rex opens his mouth taking him all the way in.


A moan so deep, wets Rex’s hand and he moans to as he slides down Max’s full length taking him deep down to the root where his top lip meets Logan’s.


Logan’s eyes were closed as he happily chomps and chews on Max’s nutbag, his molars putting Max through the ringer but the sudden contact and hot breath against his face makes him open his eyes. Rex’s eyes are full of mirth, as he sucks hard on Max’s cock, mumbling and humming as he does so.


Rex is beating his own meat with ravenous strokes and Logan’s blue eyes turn cold that was supposed to be his orgasm to bring out.


Max moans, his body glistening with sweat as his whole body stiffens. He can feel it coming now, and nothing could stop this flood gate. Max brings his pelvis up, trying to go deeper down Rex’s throat as his body bucks. Rex grins with Max inside of him, and winks at Logan he’s about to steal the glory for himself.


Logan’s slams up between Rex’s legs with a sudden, wild thrust. Rex’s nut bag is crushed flat, and he gags as a racing pulse of pain floods his system. He blinks as his body tries to understand what is happening to him and Logan’s fist knuckles deep, digs deep into his small pouch, crushing his trapped tiny spuds against his pelvis. The small acorns are no match against Logan’s left hook.


Rex groans, and Logan shoves him full in the chest and Rex falls back next to his brother looking up in despair and misery as Max’s cock was stolen from him. Max’s penis pulses ready to explode and so does Rex’s. Logan grabs both twins by their bags, taking his mouth briefly off of Max’s nuts. Max’s genitals come out, red, wet, and banged up. His fingers curl around the bare nutsacks and he squeezes hard and plunges his head down angling his face to take both cocks into his mouth simultaneously.


The twins gasp.


Rex is barely a mouthful and slides along barely along the base of Max’s but he gets full tongue slithering around the tip as Logan deep throats Max. Everyone moans together, and Logan sucks. He squishes Max’s and Rex’s nuts both sacks so wildly different as he plunges his face up and down, he can’t take Max all the way up and down or Rex’s tiny cocklet might pop out of his mouth. He does the best he can and slobbers as his tongue swipes over Rex’s tip.


The twins are groaning, and soon both seem to be going off at the same time, flooding Logan’s mouth. It’s all too much, he pulls off and double fists the twin’s cocks, milking them for the rest as he crushes their churning gonads from below.


Spent and exhausted Logan drops the boy’s cocks back and plops down on the floor swallowing the cum. Both have similar tastes, but one he prefers more.


Rex is curling up next to Max into his side, breathing hard.


“Fucking hell…that was hot.”


“Uncuff me” Max groans.


Rex rolls on top of his spent cock on Rex’s abdomen. “This is a nice set-up. I could be hard again in a bit and we could…aaAAACCKKKKK!”


Logan grabs Rex nutbag from behind, closing his fist around the recently drained nuts.


“You need my permission before coming into my bed” Logan tells him, squishing his orbs.


Rex’s mouth is open and he gaps.


“No…let go.”


“Get up.”


Rex does and he turns to Logan and his eyes go wide. Logan’s naked, his cock like a sword staring at him.


“Now I need you to go close that wall, Max and I aren’t done yet. But your stay is.”


Logan twists his nuts hard, and Rex cries out as he walks him to the exit.


“But…but…!” Rex squeaks grabbing the wall. “Can I watch?”




Logan releases his hold only to kick him hard between the thighs, crushing the leftover spuds against his bony shin.


Rex’s eyes roll back and he crumples to the ground in agony, rolling around tears swelling in his eyes from the pain.


The wall shuts, and Logan says “Now…where were we before we were interrupted?”


Rex moans, biting his lip. His nuts throb, and he bangs the floor with his fist. He’s never been hit that hard before and it leaves him breathless back in Chase’s bedroom.


He thinks momentarily of trying his luck again, but a second and more potent wave of pain brings him back to the ground and he lays still.


Rex does not plan on moving anywhere for a long time.






Anonymous said...

I always prefer to see the older guys ballbusted. You should write a meeting between Max and Logan in which the latter let the younger boy have access to his balls.


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi X,

Glad to hear from you!

I’ll see what I can do!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget we are speaking about Logan, a actor. He should love to be ballbusted, exactly as the other actors recruited by Alex. He should not just be into busting the balls of the children, he should let them play more with his testicles.


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi X,

Logan does not necessarily "like" to be ballbusted. At least in my opinion. He enjoys busting others, and gets paid to be busted but if he can he likes to be the buster, rather than the bustee.


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi X,

I mean, I believe that all the models on Alex’s website enjoy busting others. Some like some busting, while others think it’s funny. But I don’t think most “like it” at least that’s my opinion.

I would love to hear what others think!

And hopefully you like the next story.