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The Sad Boys: Leroy and Jayden Date #1 Part Three Dating Disasters written by Jimmy


The Sad Boys:

Leroy and Jayden 

Date #1 Part Three 

Dating Disasters


By Jimmy

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Jayden is perched on the end of the dock, his legs dangling off the side as the bright June sun alights the soft hues of his rich brown skin, the golden hairs slightly glimmer, but the richness of his skin seems have become even darker from his time outside. 


Leroy has his shirt off beside him, and is the recent winner of a special competition but for some reason things didn’t go the way that Jayden planned. Leroy picked him, and now he is afraid that things are about to get…messy. 


Leroy’s bright white teeth shine as he grins a Jayden finishing his hotdog. “That was delicious, man. So you trying to be Cupid again?”


Jayden blushes and nods “Kinda…but you picked me, and I’m kinda taken. Although sometimes Chase and I have been known to bring in a third.” A smirk crosses his face as his eyebrows bounce up and down with not so hidden meaning.


Laughter comes up deep from within Leroy’s chest and he punches Jayden on the arm. 


“Ow!” Jayden grabs it and laughs back giving him a shove in return.


“You did good, man.”


“No I didn’t.”


“Yeah you did, Rex finally stepped it up and after this…I’m gonna show him on what he has been missing out on.”


Jayden’s jaw drops open. 




“Yes, sir. I’m gonna make smoke come out of his ears like an old Looney Tunes show.”


Jayden laughs heartily now, and grabs his stomach. “That’s awesome, but how did you know—?”


Leroy interrupts him with “You have to trust, Jayden. I picked you cause…I wanted to check in. It’s been a minute. You okay, with Chase and all that?”


Jayden nods, “Yeah man, I’m good. For real, he’s…different when we are alone and…he still makes my heart skip a beat every damn time he says my name. And what’s more is that he loves me even more than I thought was humanly possible.” 


He takes a breath and drops back onto the dock grinning stupidly and not caring at all. “I’m just so in love with him you know?”


Leroy’s smile fades, and he clears his throat. “Yeah, I feel that. It’s how—Aldo…fuck it. Yeah, I know.”


Jayden sits back-up “You…okay?”


It takes a moment but Leroy nods. “It’s all for the best, Aldo has to do Aldo. And I got to do me. Rex’s different than him. And I think that will be good for me…you feel me?”


“Yeah, I do.”


As the sun starts to dip down, it touches the water sending out a cascade of bright blinding light that skips across the surface as if fireworks were bursting from the center. It fills Jayden with a lightness and he stands up, looking both ways before lowering his drawers to show Leroy his skin tight speedo. 


“Sense you won in all…you should get a free hit. For old times’ sake.”


“You crazy,” Leroy says but he’s standing up eyeing the giant bullseye poking out at him. “But I’ll take you up on the offer.”


“Make it a good one.”


Leroy says nothing but comes in daringly close, so that Jayden feels his hot breath on his face and Leroy’s lips so soft and large, but acutely delicate touching his lips. Jayden is unprepared and pauses, but relents as Leroy slips him the tongue deep inside and he fights back a moan of pleasure that shoots down to his toes. 


Jayden groans, and grabs Leroy around the waist pulling him in close to feel his hardness that has spring up like a wonky spring shooting out of an old couch. He feels familiar, but different and Jayden sucks at the sweetness of his tongue and—Leroy’s knee slaps up hitting him hard from below. 


Jayden’s eyes which had just started to close snap open. A mixture of shock, surprise while undulated pain spreads across his muddy brown eyes. Leroy’s knee jostles his crotch, rearranging his packed in speedos which are stretched past the breaking point. Something had to give. 


One of Jayden’s brown nuts pops out, laying still against Leroy’s kneecap and Leroy rubs it just a bit before pulling his knee out from between Jayden’s legs. The absence of it makes Jayden stumble into him, a groan comes from between his teeth and he drops down to one knee before him. 


“Thanks man…I needed that.”


Jayden coughs, his voice hoarse as he mutters as he rapidly blinks back the soon to be debilitating agony “Your…welcome.”


Leroy turns without a backwards glance. Only a wave of his arm and his trialing laughter reaches Jayden’s ears as he cups his busted genitals, and tucks back in his escaped nut back inside his speedos. 


“No time to dawdle…I got date number two next!” 


“Maybe…don’t smash his balls so…hard,” Jayden suggests in a squeak.


Leroy makes no promises as he walks off the dock, tucking his shirt into his waistband. Faintly Leroy can still hear the groans of Jayden behind him, and he grabs his lips holding close the kiss that they both shared. Jayden may not have chosen him all the months ago but he knows deep down that a spark still lives between them. And you never know…maybe being a third sometime could have its…advantages.






To be continued with Sad Boys: Leroy and Rex Date 2: Part Four Dating Disasters

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