Saturday, February 18, 2023

Nightwing: One Big Happy Family written by Jimmy


Nightwing One Big Happy Family

By Jimmy

Warning: I do not own any Batman or Batman related properties, this is an act of fiction. Also, this is not my artist work in the comic. It was sent by a good friend that wants MORE ballbusting and Robin stories. This one is for you Jake.

Ballbusting Boys: Nightwing's Reckoning written by Jimmy

Tim knew that he had taken things too far.

Nightwing, Dick Grayson is on the roof above in danger and it’s all his fault.

The laughter of villain, causes Robin to go numb and spring into action firing his grappling gun as the Joker approaches the fallen Nightwing. Robin had been toying with Dick earlier, busting his balls literally and figuratively leaving him vulnerable to the Joker or any other form of attack. Joker is deadly, a maniac and unpredictable. Tim Drake, aka Robin the boy wonder can only hope to get his friend and teammate in time to save him.

The grapple gun shoots him high into the air and he spies the laughing clown coming close to Nightwing and quick as he can Tim takes out a spray can and yells “Hey shitbag!”

Joker turns towards him and Robin grins as he gives him a face full of the blinding spray.

“Made you look!”

“Aghk!” yells the Joker stumbling back and away from Nightwing.

Robin leaps up and aims a very low jumping kick, Tim Drake decides in the air… ‘Why not?’ as he springs downward hitting Joker deeps in between his legs.

The swoosh of air and the “Oof!” that follows as the satisfying blow nails the crown prince of crime makes Tim laugh and grin.

“You came to the wrong root top, Joker.”

Robin comes in slapping on the cuffs on Joker just as Nightwing gets up. He’s on wobbly legs and Robin turns to warn him…but is too late.

“Watch out!” Robin yells.

Nightwing turns round, and spots on of the Joker’s goons coming for him but the foot that sails between his legs hits Nightwing hard and he goes down.

Dick grabs his nutsack and moans low feeling his dangling bits and Robin grimaces right along with him, “That one had to hurt.”

“It…does,” squeaks Nightwing.

"Hurt's huh?" asks the goon.

The goon moves forward to hit him again but a well-placed batarang from Robin nails him between the eyes and he stumbles and falls knocked unconscious on the roof.

Robin smiles, and shakes his head at Dick Grayson.

“Well, that could have…”

A shadow covers Robin just as Batman lands on the other side of him and deflects a knife meant for Robin’s throat.

“Uaooo,” Joker says. Followed quickly by a loud “Ooof!”

A loud sinking SMACK echoes over the rooftop as Batman’s fist nails Joker’s in his plums. The strike happens so quickly that Robin can barely follow it but Joker's gagging tells him all he needs to know on how accurate the move was.

“Watch your back.” Batman scorns.

Robin can’t help but giggling.

“Good one, Batman.”

Cuffs are applied quickly, and Robin moves over to cuff the larger foe.

A few minutes later the police arrive taking the two away. Batman in the middle says nothing until they leave.

“Robin,” chastises Batman glancing at Tim Drake who at least tries to look shamed.


Batman stares out across the city, the Batsignal appearing in the sky.

“This will have to wait. In the meantime, try not to get Dick killed.”

Robin nods soberly as he takes off.

Nightwing after the dark knight leaves says “I’m going to get you back Tim Drake. Watch out Robin, because when I do…you will regret it.”

He too leaves, leaving Robin alone in the night with his thoughts. He quickly pulls up his phone glancing at some of the photos a camera lens caught from the roof top exchange.

“Worth it,” Robin says as he too heads towards the signal and what might await him next in Gotham City.




BBfan said...

Greetings Jimmy

Tim Drake rules the nest again. Dick can't catch a break. Nice story Jimmy.


Anonymous said...

Jake here, thanks again for keeping these stories going! If you need more images or have questions about some of the character dynamics feel free to email me whenever

Excited for everyone to get their revenge on Tim soon, his luck will run out eventually

BBfan said...


Thanks for sending Jimmy all these photos! Nice finds man, hopefully he has a lot more coming because these little shorts are great. It's like weekly ball busting comic just for us.

Anyone else have any? If so send them to Jimmy!


Dagan said...

Hi Jimmy,

Damn! I saw that there was a post...hoping for Jayden V Chase. Can that be the next one? This was fun though.


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Dagan, BBfan, and Jake,

Thanks for writing in everyone!

I will try to write Tim getting busted soon!