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Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 2 The Hunt written by Jimmy


Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 2 The Hunt


By Jimmy



Sam Hell races after Kim, pedaling quickly and breathing hard.


Sam is not used to bike riding anymore, but he grits his teeth and pedals faster not letting Kim out of his sight.


Kim managed to get Junior, and takeoff with him. His intention is clearly to kick Junior’s ass, and more than likely bust his balls some more. Sam wants to be the one to do that and he does not inted to let Kim finish the job.


In the darkened night, Sam spots Kim glance over his shoulder and shout “Fuck!” into the night. Kim turns back, and pedals onwards but not as fast as Sam can. Junior lays across his lap and he cannot go as quickly, and that becomes apparent as Sam comes along beside him.


“Pull over.”


“You just won’t give up!” Kim shouts.


“Nope. Now pull over, or I will make you crash.”


The threat seems to drain the color from Kim’s face, and his bike wobbles.


“Fine, let’s finish this.”


The two went so far away from Sam Hell’s house that they got close to the school. They pulled over to the side and drove their bikes into the playground.


Kim got off first, and dragged Junior over towards the monkey bars. Junior was struggling, having recovered a bit but Kim had his bike lock and chain and Sam liked where this idea was going.


Kim positioned Junior with his hands over his head and was trying to secure them, but Junior was fighting hard so Sam Hell stepped in reaching between the boys legs and grabbing his nut bag easily in one hand.


Junior froze, looking over at his shoulder his blue eyes staring at Sam with boiling hatred.


“Fight him anymore and I squeeze,” Sam says threateningly.


Junior says nothing as Kim secures his arms overhead and his body is fully stretched out, and Sam Hell can’t wait to kick Kim’s ass to get to the Krueger cousin.


“Winner gets Junior,” Kim says after securing the lock and pocketing the key.




The two move to an open area not too far from Junior so that he gets to watch, and they can make sure he does not get away. Both seem to know that the main course is going to come after the appetizer.


Sam is tired of the cat and mouse game with Kim. The Asian wrestler, ex-friend of Logan is growing quite tiresome indeed.


“I’m going to end you quickly,” Sam informs him confidently. Still wearing his briefs he shivers in the night air. The sweat is cold on his lower back, and Sam can’t wait to start fighting to warm up.


Sam Hell knew that this fight would not take long. Kim without his Allie’s would be no match for Sam, and he is eager to finish him off, get the key for the lock and get to his main target: Junior.


Kim stretch’s before Sam, never letting him out of his sight. It’s smart, Sam does not “play fair.” Kim is not known for playing by the rules either, which suits Sam just fine. He’s got a tough pair, and they are hard to crack. He gives his nuts a firm squeeze, loving how Kim watches him. 


“I heard that you are… under developed in a certain area.” Sam states with a growing smile on his face. “If that’s the case, I can see why you like targeting others that are bigger and more impressive than yourself.” Sam inches closer, still clutching his own testicles and pushing them to the front of his underwear. Even in the starlight, it’s easy to see that Sam is well equipped. His bulge, juts out and hangs low and full and Sam enjoys the way his coins bounce against his thighs.


Kim’s face reddens, and his dark eyes narrow to slits as he clenches his teeth so hard that Sam can hear him grinding. “Shouldn’t listen to every rumor.”


“Then it’s easy to correct it.” Sam says with a smile growing wide. Sam adds “Show me what you got.”


“I don’t have time for this!” Kim says dismissively and he lunges for Sam, eager to be done with the bantering. 


Sam saw him Kim brace himself before he lunged, his antagonistic behavior worked just the way he planned. Kim is airborne ready to spear him in the middle, but a quick sidestep finds Sam no longer in the path and Kim crashes hard into the ground rolling to all fours and breathing hard. 


“Stand still!” 


“I don’t follow anyone’s lead.”


Stepping up Sam grapples with Kim on all fours, and with his feet firmly planted on the ground easily gets the upper hand and stretches Kim backwards so that his belly is fully extended. Wrestling Kim’s arms behind him, Kim wrenches and yanks at the hold but his efforts prove fruitless as Sam pins him to the grass. For good measure, Sam sinks Kim’s face into the Earth. 


Kim spats out a wad of thick grass, and coughs as Sam meanwhile keeping Kim on the ground in a schoolboy pin reaches between Kim’s widespread legs and gets a god grope of what Kim is packing. As rumored he is not terribly big, more average than anything. But if Logan, Gino and Jayden are who Kim compares himself with he is decidedly lacking.


“Not so small,” Sam whispers in his ear. “But not very big either.” Sam chuckles as his fingers lock around the twin targets. Kim sucks in a breath and trembles beneath him. 


“You…” Kim starts but stops when Sam clamps on his nutclaw, his nads invaded and assaulted by Sam’s deft fingers. “No!” Kim squeaks as Sam squeezes.


Chuckling Sam looks up at Junior seeing him watching with interest. Junior does not seem to be struggling but eyeing the fight intently as if he is trying to learn from the older more experienced wrestlers. 


“Juniors watching you, give him a good show and be loud when I do this!”


“Do what——ah!” 


Sam’s thumbs plunge deep into Kim’s nuts pressing directly into the center cores. Kim hisses between his teeth, his lips curving into a perfect oh as the veins across his neck bulge. 


“Come on…my damn nuts!”

“You’re in trouble now, Kim. You’ve angered me and now you have my full attention. You are more of a bottom feeder…while I am a shark. I eat bottom feeders that don’t know their place!”


Sam twists his nutclaw viciously and yanks Kim’s nuts between his legs as hard as he can, yanking Kim’s genitalia down stretching his ball cords to his knees. Hell does not toy with Kim like he did with Junior. He plans on putting him out of commission. Kim will not be getting up again anytime soon.


 Kim hollers, his shriek cutting into the night and Sam tired of his screams shoves his face back into the grass.


“Choke on it, Kim.”


Gagging Kim fights with everything he can but Sam sitting on his lower back digs his knees further into his shoulders until he still and whines as Sam Hell’s nutclaw rampages on his nether region squishing the contents with his closed fist.


“Sam” calls out Junior hanging by his wrist.


Sam Hell looks up, still crushing Kim’s nads.




“Can I…help?”


Sam Hell thinks about this as a sudden noise makes him turn his head.


It’s another bike.


“Isn’t anyone in bed?” Hell grumbles and gives Kim one last long twist in the other direction with his nutclaw making Kim’s voice raise up several octaves even with his mouth full of grass Sam’s ears prickle at the sound coming from Kim.


Sam Hell stands up and gives Kim a warning. “Get up again and this time I will make sure you won’t be able to for a long time.”


Kim says nothing but grabs onto his crotch, laying still face in the grass.


Sam Hell steps on Kim’s head as he moves away from him, hearing a yip as he turns towards the noise of the incoming bicycle.


A street light hits the rider and Sam curses under his breath.



Moments later, Bill appears next to him slightly out of breath.


“I found you,” Bill says triumphantly.


Rolling his eyes Sam Hell fixes him with a stare. “I told you not to.”


Bill bravely steps up to Sam Hell, “I want to play with him to. We found him together.”


Sam Hell’s hands turn into fists, and he contemplates hitting him but Bill gets there first and reaches up boldly and grabs Sam by the balls.


“We can share, or…” and at this Bill digs his fingers into his foster brother’s nuts a little. “I’m not leaving.”


Sam seethes, and reaches to grab Bill but he dodges and twists until he is behind Sam and wraps his free arm around his neck and twists his hand harder wrenching Sam’s coins painfully to the side.


“Come on Sam, we can share!” Bill murmurs in his ear as he stands up on his tip toes to do so.


Not prepared for Bill to try and make such a bold move, Sam cannot help but be a little impressed. It’s not a bad hold, and it leaves Sam at a disadvantage but nothing can stop him getting what he wants. Sam grabs Bill’s arm around his throat with both hands, ignoring Bill’s nutclaw and yanks the boy off of his feet.


Bill sucks in a breath and Sam moves to power slam him to the ground, but Bill’s other hand in still holding on tight to his balls. And Sam being so aggressive manages to jerk his own nuts hard between his ass cheeks. Bill never let go. Sam stumbles, his balls bursting in fresh sharp pain and he drops to his knees gasping.


Squeezing harder, Bill crushes Sam’s bulge in hand and yanks his arm further back against Sam’s windpipe.


“I guess…” Bill grunts “we do this the hard way.”


Bill pulls Sam’s nuts further between his butt cheeks until his coins cannot possibly stretch any further. Water pinpricks his red eyes, and Sam lets out an agonized rasp as Bill scissors his but with his own ballsack.


Sam struggles, but on his knees he can’t quite get the upper hand and he holds onto Bill’s arm as Bill wreaks havoc on his devil coins. Sam has not felt pain such as this in a long time. He’s in trouble and Bill knows it.


“This could have gone differently, Sam.” Bill informs him as he adds a vicious twist to his coin sack and Sam can’t help but see the irony in what is happening to his loins that he just inflicted to Kim.


Unbelievably Bill continues to be aggressive and bunches Sam’s nuts to the bottom of his ballsack and swings his knee forward bumping it against the bottom of Sam’s bulging goods with a terrible squishing squelch.


Sam’s eyes bulge, and his upper body shakes from the impact to his loins. Sam gags out a grunt, and even though Sam’s coins usually can take a beating he is starting to falter. His nuts are being crushed so hard in Bill’s fist and he does not seem to be letting up.


A voice calls out to him, pulling him from his pain.


“Should have teamed up with me,” Junior says. “Now you are fucked.”


“Don’t get too comfortable!” Bill says. “You are next!”


Junior says nothing, but stares at Sam Hell a little smile playing on his lips.




“Yeah?” Bill asks hitting him hard again with his knee, sending it full force into his nuts and Sam crumples onto all fours.


Bill lets him and releases his neck, but still keeps a solid hand on his precious balls.


“Stop.” Sam gasping one hand on his neck as he looks back over his shoulder.


“You…hurt my coins.”


Bill grins as he brings his knee back against Sam Hell’s scrotum and grinds his knee bone into his bulge. Trapped between Bill’s hand and his hard unforgiving kneecap Bill grinds Sam’s sack that sends him over the edge and he hollers out in agony. Bill grinds against his nuts for almost a minute until he is satisfied and releases his hold.


Immediately Sam flops to the grass and moves hold onto his bulge, but Bill’s foot gets there first and Sam regrets telling him to put on shoes earlier. Bill’s sneaker, toes first kicks between his wide spread legs nailing him squarely in his bulge.

“Uggggggggggggggh!” Sam hollers.


Bill pulls his foot out and walks past Hell, still smiling as he moves purposely towards the playground. He kicks at Kim in the gut on his way by and the wrestler groans rolling away in the other direction still holding his privates.


“Now he is all mine,” Bill says as he strides up confidently towards Junior his pale blue eyes full of lust, his pecker is hard and in the dim light as Sam curls into himself he wretches watching hid foster brother get exactly what he wants.


Hanging before him, Junior eyes Bill carefully as he approaches.


Bill stops a few feet away and looks Junior up and down. Junior’s singlet is even worse for wear the rip now extending to his hip and exposing half of his torso and the material gently flaps in the cool night air. Junior eyes him warily, with his feet not touching the ground, the bike lock keeping him solidly in place binding him at the wrists.


“Well?” Junior asks. “What are you going to do?”


Bill thinks back of Jayden in a similar position in his garage when they paid Gino ten dollars to bust his younger brother and Gino hung him on the pull-up bar.  Chase, Adam, Max, Rex and he almost half of the swim team jumped at the chance to bust Jayden. Now Bill has Junior in the same position, and this time no one is left to stop him from getting what he wants.


Saying nothing Bill takes another step towards his target and reaches for Junior’s waist, his eager splayed hand swooping closer his fingers pale and searching. Junior sucks in a breath in an effort to draw his crotch further away, his belly moving in but his full plump singlet not moving an inch. Bill’s fingers graces along the seam of Junior’s underwear along his left hip, his heart thudding quicker and his fingers trace their way south. Bill’s eager, hungry pale blue eyes spot his prize before his light touched fingertips locate their targets.


The singlet clingy to Junior’s frame hug his junk, and the orbs hidden the pouch are easily visible this close up as Bill rubs his hand underneath Junior’s at risk, precious nutsack.


Junior’s bulge is soft, his sack full and heavy. Bill’s almost fifteen, and he wishes that his basket was as impressive as this. Bill’s fingers glides across the silky sleek singlet pouch and he licks his lips as he cups Junior’s balls. Fingers curling around his adversary’s pouch, Bill rolls Junior’s fat nuggets around appreciating how dense the orbs are and how manly they feel in his hand.


Bill feels a tremor running through Junior’s loins, as he plays with Junior’s ball sack. He glances up with a grin, and sees a small sigh escape Junior’s mouth.


“You like that?” he asks, his voice barely above a whisper.


Sam Hell stains to hear, but he tries to follow along as best he can.


Junior shakes his head, “Come closer.” He beckons.


Bill’s smile widens and he does, but his attention is drawn back to Junior’s crotch he’s not sure, but another tentative tremor and he wonders if Junior is starting to plump up.


Junior eyes him, his downward glance sees the hunger within Bill and he waits until Bill seems to be throbbing in his underwear, a little wet at the tip of his straining pecker before he strikes.


Junior rears back and kicks Bill as hard and as fast as he can. Bill never changed into warmer clothing so sneakers and his briefs were all he wore. Bill was so busy touching Junior’s plump full singlet pouch that he didn’t see the shift in Junior until it was too late. Junior’s foot connects with Bill’s groin with an audible thud that makes Junior’s jaws clench. He peers up just to see the self-satisfied smile on Junior’s face as the kid twists his sneak snapping back Bill’s chiclits to the back of his tiny sack.


Stepping back Bill moves to grab his sore stinging balls, but he is not quick enough. Junior gets to them first. With a mean punt Junior snap kicks him again hitting Bill perfectly with another solid hit that drops Bill onto all fours. Gasping for breath he hugs his guts not daring to touch his throbbing orbs.


“My nuts!” Bill coos.


Bill’s eyes stare at the grass, while his nuts throb and pulse in his ballsack, his erection so mighty and pointy earlier droops like melted ice cream peak left in the hot sun too long.


Junior chuckles and begins to inch the bike chain along the back of monkey bars until he drops to the ground, his hands still bound but no longer hung. Junior with more wiggle room manages to slide his hands free as he stares down at Bill.


Nice try.” Junior says.


Still holding onto his middle, Junior sees his opening and reaches between Bill’s legs and sneaks his hand into Bill’s tight underwear and grabs him by the bare balls.


“No!” Bill mumbles, groaning.


“Hey at least you are bigger than Caleb,” muses Junior as he rolls Bill’s balls threateningly in his fist. “But…I think you were more worried about what I would do to your nads, right?”


Bill gulps, but Junior spots Sam Hell and he is gingerly trying to stand up.


“Hmm…I’m going to go with, to be continue Bill. But here’s something for you to remember me by!”


Bill gulps and says “Nnnnn….noooooooooooo!” while Junior squeezes his balls and grabs him by the back of the head and with a grunt lifts him into the air, as his full weight is precariously balanced in Junior’s hand crushing his nuts. Bill moans and stares at Sam who tries to get to his feet but drops back to one knee holding onto his devil coins with a grunt.


Junior drops Bill to the ground, and heads to his bike but not before giving Sam Hell a part double middle finger salute. “Fuck off, Sam. Next time I will have my own back-up. Fucking coward!”


Junior picks up his bike and begins to kick off when Sam makes one last lunge at him.


Jumping back, Junior moves gracefully to the other side of the bike, Sam only managing to yank a scrap of Junior’s red singlet off in his hand, exposing Juniors navel.


He stares at it dumbly, cursing himself as Junior kicks him between the knees. Sam’s red eyes snap up meeting Junior’s.


“Loser,” spits Junior as he jumps onto his bike and begins to speed away.


Kim laughs from the fetal position. “He’s right…ugh…you are a loser.”


Sam drops to all fours, looking over as Kim chuckles and moans clutching himself.


The three boys stay down for a while, long after Junior leaves.


Sam Hell is up first and he takes Kim’s bike who still makes no move to get up. Bill’s up to and swinging on a swing at this point eyes downcast.


Sam Hell says nothing as he sits, kicking his feet in the well packed dirt underneath the swing.


It’s getting later, and the chilly spring air feels like a cold blanket wrapped around Sam’s shoulders. Bill shakes, but says nothing. Eventually he looks up at Sam, his eyes are red.




“Let’s go home.”


“You aren’t mad?”


“Not at you.”


Bill can’t even fake a smile, but he gets off the swing and gets on the back of the bike, wrapping his arms around Sam’s waist.


“It would have been different if we woke up Jake.”




Bill lays his head against Sam Hell’s bare shoulder and yawns, turning his head so that his cheek lays along the Sam’s shoulder. “I really wanted to but Junior.”


“Don’t worry…this is far from over.”


Sam can feel a ghost of a smile tugging on Bill’s lips along his back.


“Good, and next time Jake will be with us.”


Sam Hell’s fire eyes glow on the way back to their home, while dark thoughts run through his mind. While not victorious, he still managed to win a few scrapes today and although he didn’t get Junior, his main prize is happening tomorrow. He needs a goodnight’s sleep for what he is planning, and there is no room for error. The Bartlet team will fail in their championship round. And no one will stop him from making if happen.


The night air wisps past Sam Hell’s ears, and Bill hugs him closer. Sam didn’t notice before but he is pedaling faster, his heart has started to quicken and a cool sweat glistens on his brow. This is far from over, and he hungers for a chance to get Jayden in his claws once again.


His teeth gleam, and Sam Hell lets out a roar that cracks the night and surprises Bill, he gasps and Sam imagines that it’s Jayden making the sound.


‘I’m coming for you Jayden, and nothing will stop me from getting you this time.’




Anonymous said...

Awesome story Jimmy. I can't wait to find out how Sam Hell's revenge plays out. Things didn't work out too well for him this time but he's one tough badass and won't give up until his mission is complete!!

Anonymous said...

Well this seems to be a real love it or hate it story based on reviews so far 😉 i do love this opportunity to give feedbsck... and for those that don't like a particular type of story there is always the opportunity to try your talents as an author !!! I know Jimmy is always happy to give guest authors their moment of glory.
Loved this one, keep up the great work. Reg

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for writing in! Yes, he was not victorious but we all know that Sam Hell hates giving up. He’s still out for revenge on Jayden and he won’t stop until he gets it. Get ready for a big battle!



GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Reg,

Lots of folks feel pretty strongly on this story. I always find it good to trigger strong emotions in my work, otherwise what’s the point? In any case, I am happy to hear that you enjoyed it Reg.

I always enjoy helping authors find a place for their work, and this is a great space for it. You will receive feedback, and our readers won’t hold back. Their will be those that live what you do, encourage you to write more, and I am lucky enough to work with some great authors that would love to see a greater pool of us out there. If you have ever desired to see your name on this website with a story under your name don’t be shy and reach out!



Anonymous said...

Well, first of all I wanted to say, please don't take the ratings too seriously, I mean, c'mon Jimmy, you gotta realize it's clearly a troll review bombing all the stories he doesn't like, because it has happened more than once, and in sure it's gonna happen again

And second, well, it's the end of the two parter, time for my thoughts as a whole!

I won't lie, when I realized that Sam was going to be the protagonist of these story I was kinda turned off by them, but those twists and turns really caught my attention! And not to mention that surprise appearance from Junior! And you know me, any story that contains Junior getting his boynuts busted is a winner to me!

First of all, I can't believe that Bill left Rex, not for Jake, but for... Sam?! That little brat! Poor Jake would probably be destroyed if he ever discovered it, and also, just Bill in general was probably the most interesting part in the story to me, he's a officially a bad guy again! I mean, I always knew Bill was a dick (a tiny one with two tiny peanuts to match) but I don't know if either Sam had something to do with it or if Bill was always like this and he just embraced it thanks to Sam, I mean, the way he manipulated Junior into trusting Sam and him and then how Bill actually wanted Junior all for himself was a big twist! Hell, their interactions at the end of the story was very similar to how Bill treated Jayden when they were dating, so I'm glad Junior didn't restrain himself (even if he was) and busted Bill's tiny peanuts the moment he had a chance, I kinda wished Junior could have worked over Bill a little bit more, but I guess that's gonna be for next time, and with Sam being there, I wouldn't wanna be there a second more either, the way he wanted to use Junior as a little Logan dummy to know how to properly bust his balls was intimidating!

Plus, I'm glad Junior didn't lose his load to any of those 3 jerks, after all, that load is reserved to a special kind of jerk... (can't wait for junior and Oliver to share a story again~!) I'm glad he's become a bigger player in the Jayden-verse, and I can't wait to read more stories with him.

Ps. Did Jake sleep through all of that?

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,


Thanks for writing in.

Yes, I certainly do have a "fan of sorts." I try not to let it bother me. It's the internet, and in this type of format anyone can share their thoughts with one click and with a comment anonymously. For the most part its great as I get to hear back from readers who have stayed with me for a very long time (thank you all) and I have had a few that... dislike what I post. I'm learning to take it all with grace; hence why I never respond back to any of those types of comments. I find that it is not helpful and genually a waste of my time. Instead I always resond back to those that do give feedback that is either of both constructive or positive.

I'm so glad to see that you enjoyed Bill's part in this. Bill to me is one of my more dynamic characters, and he is going through his own sort of catartic experience. He made a huge choice in trying to help Sam Hell and Jake out by inviting them into his home. This has had an impact on him, and I believe that he is learning from them...and they are learning from him. There is more to the trio that will be unfolding, and I am happy to tell you that while this story concludes this part of the: Thorn in My Side I am actually about to post the next part. Sam Hell is not done, he has not gotten his revenge against Jayden.

I'm writing another story right now with Oliver and Junior right now, and it is certainly a juicy one. I hope to publish it soon! I thought by now that I would be onto the wrestling tryouts by now and Jayden fully taking on his role as captain but...I have been having far too much fun with the set-up between Oliver and Junior. All of you who have posted on here or emailed me asking for more...I took that suggestion and I'm having fun with the pair!

Last part, did Jake sleep through all that...? Or does he have any idea if the two boys are sharing secret moments without him? More on that soon. (Sorry to tease! But you will get an responce to this in a story soon.

Thanks for writing in!



BBfan said...


It's BBfan. Have not wrote in a bit. Don't pay any attention to the haters, they suck. All great writers have people that hate their work. Look at it like a compliment. They comment and click hate so often, usually someone does that they feel the opposite way of what they are saying. It's why little boys push little girls when they are young. Or it's why we kick our mates in the nuts, we want to see if they will do it back to us. Maybe he just needs a good kick in the balls.

Anyways, keep writing Jimm. It's a tret everitime I read your stuff.