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C-A-U-G-H-T: a Shane Tale Part 2 written by Jimmy



By Jimmy


“I am in so much trouble,” Shane mutters to himself as he races to the other end of the house, trying to get to the back door before his brother Roel does.

Somehow, Shane grew a pair and decided to actually hit his brother.

It might be his final act of rebellion.

He might die.

Gruesome thoughts raced in Shane’s mind as he gets to the back door, and successfully clicks the lock in place and slides down the door with his heartbeat racing in his chest. Shane clutches at a stich in his side as the kitchen door opens and his younger brother comes in, ice cream carton in hand with a trail of creamy chocolate trailing across the floor.

He grins at Shane sitting on the floor and asks, face covered in chocolate “What are you doing there?” Jacoby questions, his freckly nose crinkling as his eyebrows raise staring at his older brother.

“Did you even get any in your…mouth?” Shane manages to huff out in between breathes, still clutching at his side.

Shane’s brother cracks a smile, and a bit of dark liquid drool escapes down his chin and Shane sticks out his tongue.

“You are so gross, Jacoby.”

Jacoby chortles, and a bubble of chocolate appears on his lips, and he screams with delight until it pops.

“Want a kiss?” Jacoby asks, leaning in the twelve year old dribbles more ice cream onto the floor as he comes nearer.

Shane grabs his brothers arms, laughing saying “No!” and “Don’t you dare!”

Then a bang startles both of them.

Shane and Jacoby look at the wooden door.

Roel is starring at the pair of them and looks livid.

“Open this fucking door right now!” Roel commands.

Jacoby, flicks back his hair and his peppery face full of freckles is highlighted by the light as he looks up at Shane. “He’s mad.”

“Yeah, I am aware of that.” Shane answers.

Jacoby eats another spoonful of ice cream and Roel looks at him.

“That better not be mine!” Roel yells, banging the door again.

Jacoby looks at the cartoon and sees Roel has in fact written his name on it, and spin it around to face the other direction so the eldest brother cannot see.

“Naw, it’s mine!” Jacoby says taking another slurp from his spoon.

“I’m going to get you both so bad!” Roel curses, and turns away leaving the back door.

Jacoby rounds on his brother. “Why is he so angry?”

“Let me put it this way,” says Shane thinking quickly. “Dad explained to us what the box of condoms are used for upstairs right beneath the sink last week, right?” Shane asks.

Jacoby nods finishing the cartoon, and using his shirts as a napkin and cleaning his hands on it before taking it off and tossing it on the floor by the cartoon. “Yup,” he says.

Shane looks at the floor, and his brother’s disregarded shirt and peers up at him, one eyebrow raised still in disbelief that his younger brother has a six-pack A thin trail of chocolatey cream has snaked it’s way down between his blossoming pectorals and he couldn’t hold back a chortle. “You’re an animal. Anyways, Roel was planning on using a few of them tonight, and now he can’t. His condoms are going to stay in the box.” Shane says going into detail of their eldest brothers failed plans.

“Bummer,” Jacoby says licking his fingers.

“Also, it might be my fault.” Shane says adding to the story.

“That’s awesome.” Jacoby moves in for a high-five, and Shane returns it but regrets it after his brother’s sticky hand meets his own.

“Yuck,” Shane laughs wiping it on his brother’s shorts. Jacoby does not seem to notices as his finger go right back into his mouth.

Shane and Jacoby share a laugh and then hear foot-steps coming up from the basement.

The color drains from Shane’s face.

“I forgot that door…”

“The ice cream…”

“Hide!” Shane says in a forced whisper.

The two run out of the back entryway and split-up, Shane takes the living room while Jacoby runs upstairs. His brother is small, but fast and he zooms up the stairs just as Shane hides behind a curtain and holds his mouth closed, trying to quiet his breathing as he spots Roel entering the room.

Roel holds the empty carton of ice cream in one hand as his beady eyes float around the room. Roel is tall, thick and the direct opposite of his two lankier, scrawny younger brothers. Roel has pitch black hair swiped back behind his ears with startling green eyes a hard set jaw and small thin lips. Shane and Jacoby’s elder brother has a barrel chest from his time on the gym, and playing lacrosse and hockey. He’s tough, with well callused knuckles from the many fights that he has gotten into and frequently spends time sitting on the bench after destroying an opposing player. Roel has never shown either brother a hint of affection, but treats them just as harshly and Shane’s heart pounds in his chest as he hopes his brother doesn’t find either of them.

“Oh, we playing games are we?” Roel says cracking his knuckles as he tucks the carton into back pocket. “Well, I play to win boys. Dad and Mom won’t be home for hours. They texted me…date night. It’s just you two and me. I’m going to find you both and make you pay. Let’s see who the unlucky one is that I find first,” Roel says looking around the living room, his eyes falling on the curtain that Shane hides behind.

Shane closes his eyes and prays.

“The one I catch first gets it the worst,” Roel explains. “Second will still be able to go to school tomorrow, the first one is having a sick day.” Roel’s voice is cool, with no hint of sarcasm and Shane knows that he means every word.

Shane gulps, and his body trembles in fear. A cold sweat leaking down his back, and he feels his shirt sticking to his skin.

Roel steps closer to the curtain, but then his eldest brother freezes and Shane looks up just as Roel does. A creaky bang is heard overhead along with a: “Oh fuck!”

Roel smiles and sprints up the stairs and into his littlest brother’s bedroom.

Moments later Shane hears the struggle.

“Get off of me!” Jacoby yells, his screech echoing along the staircase and Shane feels honor bound to go to his brother’s defense, but fear keeps him behind the curtain as he listens hard to his two brother’s scuffling above him.

Indecision plagues Shane, but Roel drags Jacoby down the stairs carrying him over one shoulder, firefighter style, and drops him on the couch in the living room. The seat cushions groan, and Jacoby attempts to jump up and flee but Roel presses him back down with his foot burying it deep within his guts and pinning him in place.

“You are not going anywhere. Now tell me…where is dear old Shane?” demands Roel.

“Not telling,” Jacoby says, his voice wincing under Roel’s foot buried in his guts.

Shane watches as Roel presses his foot deeper and hears Jacoby groan further, grabbing Roel’s leg and trying in vain to remove it.

“Your funeral. I was planning on kicking Shane’s ass…but I can kick yours first and then find him. What’s it going to be dumb, dumb?” Roel asks grabbing one of Jacoby’s nipples through his t-shirt and pinching it hard until Jacoby cries out.


“Where. Is. He?” Roel asks again twisting the nub this way and that, while Jacoby twists and fights beneath him trying to get freed and out of the purple nurple.

Shane’s heart beats faster and swells, his younger brother is trying to protect him and here he is hiding behind a curtain like a loser. Shane feels defeated, and like a coward. It’s not until Roel reaches between his brother’s legs and grabs the front of his shorts saying “I could try this in another way. Tell me or I squeeze your little grapes until they go smoosh.”

“No!” Jacoby says indignantly, bucking underneath Roel’s foot even harder, his face turning bright red.

“Guess I will have a baby sister instead,” Roel laughs and his fingers start to squeeze.

Jacoby’s eyes go wide. “You wouldn’t!” he squeaks as Roel’s fist twists his nuts in his shorts, all evidence clearly leaning towards Roel will.

“This gives me no pleasure bro, you chose this for yourself; besides the only reason that Mom and Dad tried for a third sibling was to get a girl. I can call this an early Christmas present,” Roel says with a sneer. Roel’s grin and poster reflect his mood as he laughs at Jacoby’s discomfort and squeezes his kid brother’s balls hard.

Shane can’t watch this anymore, and he comes out from behind the curtain rushing up to his brother’s ready to intervene and finally do something.

Swinging his fist back, he comes in strong ready to clobber his brother but Roel catches his punch in mid-air with his free hand and twists it behind Shane’s back arching it up painfully between his shoulder blades, clipping him as one would do to a bird.

“Ah!” Shane says his free hand cartwheeling as he reels from the intensity of the hold.

“I wondered when you would come out from your hiding spot. Coward.” Roel mocks, inching Shane’s arm up further until the boy cries out and his limb starts to go numb.

“Ugh!” gasps Jacoby, the youngster moans and slowly stops hitting Roel and mumbles, “Please man…my nuts!”

Roel laughs, pulling in Shane close. “He teamed up with the wrong brother. He shouldn’t have picked the coward, but that’s what makes him stupid, just like you.” Roel laughs in Shane’s ear spittle flaking his skin.

Shane winces as Roel pulls his arm up further and he chances a look back at Jacoby and sees him writhing beneath Roel’s foot, pain etched all over his chocolaty grin, his eyes squeezed tightly shut as he winces and takes small measured breathes Roel’s ball-crushing hold clearing doing an effective job at neutering his brothers attempts to get freed.

Laughing Roel shoves Shane away, and he stumbles falling to the wooden floor and grabs his arm in pain, feeling the deadness in his appendage as feeling slowly comes back strongly pulsing through his shoulder. He looks up, eyes wet as Roel twists his wrist and Jacoby sucks his teeth and Shane witnesses as Roel’s finger plunge even deeper into his brother’s ballbag skewering the fragile nutmeat beneath his fingertips.

“He’s had enough,” Roel chuckles lowering his hand hold and now rolling Jacoby’s nuts around. “His grapes are bigger now, he should thank me!” Roel laughs.

Jacoby moans, and his eyes open hopeful as his brother toys with him.

“Say thank you, Roel.” Roel demands.

Jacoby stays quiet, and a defiant look crosses his face and Roel tisks looking down at Shane.

“Guess he wants more pain, don’t you? You like it when I squeeze your grapes? Makes your twig feel good?” Roel asks his fingers closing again and his fist tightens and Jacoby opens his mouth in a silent scream that makes Roel laugh.

“The faces he makes!” Roel says. “So comical! Ha!”

Disgusted, Shane gets up again and rushes forward but Roel is too quick and uppercuts him deep in his stomach and Shane finds himself on all fours gasping and clutching his belly unable to breathe.

“Down he goes again!”

Roel laughs again.

“So pathetic, two on one and you both still suck ass.”

An idea seems to come to Roel.

“Hey, I’m curious. Shane…is your tiny nuts still as small as Jacoby’s here? Or did your little rasinetes actually get bigger.” Roel ponders aloud as he grabs Shane by the short hairs at the back of his neck pulling him up to standing. “Pull down your shorts and give us a show!” Roel stresses, yanking roughly at the hair at the back of Shane’s head.

Shane shakes his head, “No way.” Still holding his stomach Shane tries to dig his feet in the floor, and Roel smiles with a sigh and reaches below his waist his hand outstretched like an open clamp ready to close.

Shane tries to protest but Roel yanks his shorts forcibly down, underwear too in a jumble near his bony knees and Shane’s dick and balls flop out and are fully exposed for all to see.

Gulping Shane looks up meeting Roel’s eyes as his brother takes in his hanging genitalia, and a slow smile slowly grows on his eldest brother’s face. “Not much growth I see,” Roel says grabbing Shane’s bare hanging fruit in his fist and rolling the pair between his fingers. “Still the size of a little boy. Not like your big brother at all.” Roel laughs then and tightens his handhold and squeezing Shane’s nuts in his closed fist.

Shane turns bright red, and then the pain starts to sink in and his bottom lip falls open a soft moan coming from his throat, “Ugh.” Shane’s gaze lingers on his nutsack being crushed in his brother’s fist as Roel squishes his nuts, sending shooting pains into his lower abdomen. Grabbing his brother’s wrist with both hands he tries to pull his brother’s hand away but Roel is too strong and all of Shane’s efforts are fruitless as his eldest brother scrambles his eggs, and deforms his once oval shaped testes.

Hearing his brother’s grunts and moans Jacoby tries again to sit up, but Roel’s foot presses his deeper into his guts and is forced back down and Roel focus his attention on the youngster and says “Oh yeah, I was going to compare!” and shoves his hand underneath Jacoby’s shorts again and wastes no time in finding the tiny spuds and grabs them both in hand. With both pairs of his sibling testicles in his fist, Roel seems to be in deep concentrated thought as he sticks out his pink tongue a bit and ponders the situation.

“Hmm, it’s so hard to tell who has the bigger sack!” Roel laughs.

Shane and Jacoby only moan trying to get free as Roel crushes their growing spuds.

“These nuts are just so tiny, I can’t believe that either of you are on our family tree! Has Dad seen these? If so, he must be embarrassed…after all he did make them!” Roel shakes his head laughing some more.

Shane’s knees are buckling and he slowly tries to drop to the floor but his brother is standing, one foot still perched on Jacoby’s stomach and he can’t go down without straining his ball cords so Shane tries to keep from falling, his wobbly knees shaking with concentrated effort. Shane’s eyes are crossed, and his younger brother Jacoby does not seem to be fairing much better than he as he huffs and grunts his arms straining as he never stops fighting to get out. Shane wishes that he were as strong and resilient as him but he’s already done and wants this to be over and that’s when he feels an unwelcome stirring…his cock starts to fatten and he hopes that Roel does not notice. But of course, Roel does.

Roel smile grows even wider as he turns to Shane “Are you getting a boner?” he scoffs in disbelief.

Shane is shaking his head. “No…ugh, ugh. Just let us go!”

Roel laughs and is about to tease him some more when his phone starts to playing music.

“Shit! That’s my girl!”

Roel let’s Jacoby’s nads go and answers the call.

Jacoby let’s out a groan and he tries to reach for his nads but Roel lowers his foot until he is sinking his sneaker into the bulge and flattening it against his pelvis. Jacoby’s eyes go wide and he curses, “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

“Hello?” Roel says smiling.

A bright smile warms his face and he nods his head answering. “Already on my way.”

Roel disconnects, but turns back to Jacoby and bounces his foot a little before he moves it back to Jacoby’s bruised abdomen and grabs his sore nuts again.

“You are both so lucky, I get to see her after all!”

Roel squeezes his fists as hard as he can and Shane cries out, but Jacoby clenches his teeth and manages to stay quiet, although his forehead creases deepen in effort to not scream.

“So long losers!”

Roel moves away from Jacoby, but yanks Shane so that he has to follow and shoves him against the wall and pinches the tip of her growing penis.


Roel leans in, “If you ever make me late again… I will make you regret it. Feel me?” Roel asks a hint of danger in his voice as his thumb plunges deep into his walnut sac.

Shane shakes his head, but Roel seems to be waiting for a verbal response and he screams out “Yes!”


Roel’s thumb slides across his brother’s slit and he leans in and says, “I’ll make you mess yourself on little bro over there if you fuck with my dating life, and that’s a promise. Got it?” Roel asks his thumb flicking his pecker head.

Shane nods saying “Please…I promise!”

Roel finally let’s Shane’s bare balls go and he crumples to the floor holding his privates, tears pinpricking his eyes as pain like he has never known floods his system, his sorry cock only growing harder.

Stepping past his brother, Roel kicks him hard as he passes his toes sinking into Shane’s abs and he rolls further into a ball, whimpering.

Roel gets to the door, but Jacoby runs up to him, his foot flying in the air. Roel turns back and grabs his ankle moments before contact and turns back to him, one eyebrow raised up.


Roel punts his foot right into the large crook between Jacoby’s legs and a terrible whump is heard and the youngster collapses to the floor, taking a moment before groaning his eyes wide and unseeing.

The door slams and Shane and Jacoby are left on the floor contemplating what they have left between their legs as Roel’s car turns on, music blaring, and he peels out fast as can be down the street.


Y1ddo said...

Wow, another great story Jimmy!
Looks like we were right about Roel, he's sure acting like a real dick towards his younger siblings...
Big Roel seems proud about his own 'big' assets, and I'm looking forward to seeing if the reality holds up with his own bragging. The college bully sure deserves to be knocked down a peg (or two!), and hopefully the tormented brothers can find a way to take advantage of his more vulnerable parts!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Y1ddo,

Thank you so much!

All of you were super right about Roel, he is a colossal dickhead. Not sure if Shane has what it takes to take down his older brother, but we will certainly find out if Shane gets a chance to next week! I'm working on writing it right now!



Anonymous said...

Wow great story. Role is certainly
getting his own way so far and acts like a tough guy when he's up against his little brothers. I did love the humiliation of his un-hung brethren.

I am starting to worry about Roel though. His "big" manly nuts are rather vulnerable and i have a suspicion that some of Shane's acquaintances might be packing even more where it counts.
It's always rather sad when a big, bad bully gets put in his place I really hope Roel's date goes according to plan haha.


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hey Reg,

I am so glad that you are liking it. Roel certainly owned the pair, although they did try and fail to take him down.

For Shane's sake Reg, he is hoping that Roel's date went well! He would hate to be at blame for another thing.

Hmm, Shane's acquaintances might indeed come across the stud. If they do, will Roel put them firmly in their places as well? We will see. I already have a good start to the next story going so it should be out on time on Monday!

We do have plenty of experts that know how to measure a guy's worth, but this story takes place before then so Roel might be in the clear. Shane certainly has his hands full at the moment between his older brother and new captain. Hopefully Shane can find a way to overcome the odds. To be continued to next week!



Anonymous said...

Jacoby is so adorable! I wouldn't mind seeing him again after these story come to an end, I thought he was gonna help Roel bust Shane, thinking he was gonna be the stereotypical shitty little brother, but I was pleasantly surprised to see him actually be a good little brother and actually care for Shane! And seeing him getting busted along side Shane was also great, I really can't tell you how much I love it when you write about size measurements on your stories, they are always so good! Great stories so far Jimmy, and I can't wait to read the rest!

Ps. You've mentioned that you have been writing a 13-parter arc for the Gino and Jayden series and I wanted to know if you could tell us when those stories might be releasing?


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anon,

So sad my original comment was never posted!

Anyways, I loved writing Jacoby. I thought about making him a jerk little brother, but I changed my mind and thought, "Nawww!" and made him team-up with Shane. Even though the two failed, it was fun to write them trying. I can try to write sizing as much as I can as the stories allow, especially now that I know another person loves that!

I have thoughts on how to include Jacoby in the future, but nothing set in stone.

The 13 parter is coming! I have April vacation in four more school days, and plan on writing three more stories (with two more to finish after). I will feel more comfortable then starting to post them. I am thinking Friday, April 22. But we will see. That's my goal date!

I hope that you have a great weekend, Anon and thanks for writing in!



Anonymous said...

Damn, makes me wish I had brothers... :p

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

No better compliment could be said than that! Happy to hear that you enjoyed the story!