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Before They Were Ballbusting Boys: Leo's Origin by Dominik


Before They Were Ballbusting Boys: Leo's Origin

Dear Ballbusting Boys Community, 
This fun tale is told by none other than Dominik. I have asked many authors to write stories to add to the the Before They Were Ballbusting Boys origins, and Dominik took me up on my offer and wrote this fun story. I hope that you all enoyed it as much as I did!


“So, what‘s your deal, Leo?” Ben asked as he leaned back. The boys were sitting together in Alex’s ballbusting studio again on the chairs and couches that they had prepared, in various states of sobriety. They had come together to talk about their past ballbusting adventures. Halfway through the day, someone had made a suggestion to spice the retellings up with a few drinks, and one thing had led to another.


Several of the boys had already shared a bunch of stories about their past over this and the previous get-togethers. Their evenings had been pretty chill, with only the occasional foot or fist ending up in someone else’s crotch “per accident;” but for the most part, the boys had been pretty restrained and listened to each other’s past adventures. A particularly significant topic of conversation had been their origins: what was the spark that started it all? When did they initially get to enjoy the painful sensation of having their crotch squished or pummeled by someone else?


“Ah, I don‘t have a deal,” Leo dodged the question. He had been mostly listening to the other guys’ stories and mostly survived the previous nights without much trauma to his family jewels, and he had hoped he could keep it that way.


“Come on,” Gino chimed in. He was the most recent member of the cast, but he was already well-accepted among his fellow men – last but not least because his balls had already been through some rough times, something that the boys cherished for better or for worse. “Did our previous stories not break the ice for you?”


“No need to be shy, we‘ve already seen you’re ballsies get squished plenty of times, haven‘t we? Logan asked. General cheering and nodding. “What was your fist time?”


“Did you fall off your skateboard?” Brandon laughed. “Or did someone ‚make it fall into you?”


“Or did someone play a mean prank on you?” Cal suggested. “Or did you voluntarily put your balls on the line to find out what it feels like?”


“Alright, alright,” Leo raised his hands in a defeated voice. “But my first time wasn‘t even very eventful.”


“Why don‘t you let us be the judge?”


“Just didn‘t want to disappoint any of you,” he quipped.


“Considering your dick-size, you‘re already doing a piss-poor job at that” Zach threw in, making Leo blush and the others laugh.




Leo walked down the brightly-lit hallway of his school. It was an ordinary day for him. He came from Biology class which he always had Thursday morning. Next up was gym class. He was currently headed to his locker grabbing his gym clothes and locking away his unneeded books, getting ready for his next class.


That’s when he saw her, just a couple meters away from him: Nancy, his middle school crush. Nancy looked stunning. She wore a cute summer skirt and a pretty blouse. Leo was absolutely falling for her, and for the last couple of weeks, he had trying to muster up the courage to ask her out. Well, and waiting for the right situation to do so, since she was usually surrounded by her girls.


Leo shyly approached her as he shouldered his bag. “Hey,” he said with a meek voice.


“Oh hey, Leo,” She looked over to him, not very interested.


“H... how‘s it going?” he stuttered.


“Uh, fine, thank you.” She shrugged and gave him a brief smile. “Just waiting for Veronica and Sascha, they’re still in class.”


“I see,” he nodded.


“So how about you?”


“What? Oh, well, me, um.” Leo grinned nervously. “Well, I’m fine, thanks. Nancy, I was wondering if you were interested in...”


He attempt to ask her out was stopped dead in his tracks when all of the sudden, a boot came flying into his view. Before he could react, he felt a sudden, immense burst of pain coming from his crotch. He sank down to his knees while he heard a loud laughing and giggling besides him.


“Dude, that was right on target!” he heard the voice of one of his male classmates next to him. He was too focused on the pain to look up.


“I know, right? That‘s another five bucks!”


“Poor Leo, look at his face. He didn‘t even deserve it.”


“My foot makes no difference between deserving or not...”


He heard them laughing again. But the worst thing, aside from the pain, was: he heard Nancy laughing as well.


Finally, Leo managed to look up. In front of him were Steven and Bill, two boys from his class. Steven was one of the most muscular studs in their class; he was the one who had just roundhouse-kicked Leo in the balls. Bill was smaller and a little chubbier. Steven had folded his arms in front of his chest; he was the one whose boots had just found the way into Leo’s balls.


“What are you guys doing?” Nancy asked, partially laughing, partially indignant.


“Bill and I made a bet how many boys in our class I can nail in the nuts!” Steven proudly explained. “For each of them, he owes me five bucks. I‘ve already earned myself thirty bucks.”


“Twenty-five,” Bill chimed in. “It needs to be a real hit, like with poor Leo here. If someone doesn‘t go down, it doesn‘t count.”


“Alrighty, Bill. Twenty-five.”


“That‘s just super-mean,” Nancy said in a serious tone as Leo slowly got up next to the three of them, still holding his aching crotch. But then she smiled. “But it’s also kinda funny. What’s in it for Bill, though? Seems like a pretty one-sided bet.”


“Well, if anyone dares to retaliate, Bill gets to see me suffer for a change, that‘s in it for him,” Steven continued. “But so far, none of them did...” He threw a brief, measuring look over to Leo before subtly flexing his arm muscles. “And I don‘t see that changing anytime soon. One of the perks of being the fittest guy in class.”


“Cool, cool. And one of the roughest guys in class, huh?” Nancy asked.


“Oh, I have some soft sides as well, sweetie,” Steven smiled, suddenly being the charmer that he could be.


“Yeah? Haven‘t seen any of them yet.”


“Why don‘t you let me show you one of them,” Steven said. “Let‘s meet up after school, how about it?”


Leo‘s heart sank down to his pants as Nancy smiled back at Steven. “Sure, alright. I‘ll wait for you at the entrance at 1 o‘clock.”


“It‘s a deal!”


At this moment, Nancy‘s friends Sascha and Veronica arrived. The two girls marveled at Steven for a second, then they briefly threw an irritated look at Leo who was standing next to them holding his crotch with an uncomfortable facial expression. Then they laughingly hooked their arms in with Nancy and straddled away. Leo still heard one of them asking: “Jesus Nancy, what happened over there?”


Steven briefly struck a triumphant pose before high-fiving Bill.


“Woah, nice man!”


Then he turned to Leo and gave him a pitying smile before patting him on the shoulder.


“Sorry about your balls, man, I just had to do it. Are you alright?”


Leo felt his face turning red. Not only had Steven just inflicted an immense pain on his balls that he hadn’t known before, but he had done it in front of his crush and then snatched a date with his crush right in front of him!


“Nah, I‘m alright,” Leo said as calm as he could.


“Okay, great! See you around, Leo.”




“Man, this Steven guy sucks,” Brandon laughed. “What an asshat.”


“I mean, he had the right idea,” Gino giggled while blushing a little. “Crushing your ability to have kids and your chances of getting with your girl at the same time.”


“If you gotta do it, you gotta do it right,” Kev laughed.


“I still remember these type of bets back in school,” Tristan nodded. He was one of Leo‘s best friends and skater bros; the two knew each other since middle school and had been in the same class back in school for a few years. A few of the ballbusting boys had went to the same school together and knew each other from back then. “Several guys did it; these type of gotcha-games were ‚in ‘for a while. Sometimes for small sums of money, sometimes just for the fun of it. Though I don’t even remember Steven.” He shrugged.


“Yeah, I don‘t think we were in the same class then,” Leo nodded.


“Did you ever get back at him?” Tristan asked.


“Oh yeah, please tell me you have an awesome revenge-story,” Ben said.


Leo threw his hands in the air. “I wish, guys. But life doesn‘t always work out that way.”


“What a shame,” Ben said. “Well, if I ever meet him, I‘ll polish his balls a little for what he did to you.”


“For what it‘s worth, things between him and Nancy didn‘t work out,” Leo shrugged. “He dated her for a few weeks, but that was it, from what I remember. Sadly I never got in a relationship with her either.” He shrugged. “I like to think that things might have gone different between me and Nancy had he not kicked my balls that day, but... eh, I don‘t know. Will I get over it? No, but life goes on.”


“That was an interesting story, thanks for sharing it,” a voice came from further down the room. It was Alex, the chief of production of the ballbustingboys-studio. He had been sitting a little outside of the circle of boys and had been mostly silent while Leo had talked.


“No prob, chief. It was a little embarrassing thinking back to that day, that’s all.”


“And as a reward for opening up to us, I think it‘s time for a little present,” Alex smiled.


Leo sighed as he saw Vince walking forward. He had a present in his hands: a literal box with a colorful gift paper.


“Do I have to?” Leo asked. He knew these kind of presents and what was about to come.


“Yes, please. You know what to do.”


Leo got up from the couch. He wore a long jeans and a dark sweatshirt. Wanting to get it over with as quick as possible, he placed himself upright in front of Vince with his hands behind his head.


Vince pointed the upper end of the present towards Leo‘s crotch. He then pulled a little, barely visible handle at the side of the present. A moment later, a boxing glove on a wooden stick shot out of the upper end of the package, flattening his balls like pancakes.


“Ohhh,” Leo groaned and sank to the floor as his friends laughed. The present was a trap with a spring mechanism inside that would release the glove into whatever was in front of hit at that time. The boys had already used the trap present in a couple of painful ways on each other in the past.


“Was this more painful than your very first kick from Steven back in middle school?” Ben quipped.


“I have no fucking idea, dude...” Leo groaned as he rolled around the floor.


“Alright, lads, I‘ll open the next bottle of wine,” Alex announced. “Plus we have another crate of beer if anyone likes one. The day is still young, maybe someone else feels like sharing his first ballbusting experiences?”


“I think Leo should tell us more about himself,” Kev chimed in. “Even if he never got a revenge on Steven, surely he has more stories to tell about his first painful genital adventures?


Leo nodded as he slowly pulled himself up from the floor onto one of the couches, next to Kev and Tristan. “Well, sure. I just don‘t remember everything very well. Maybe some of it, I prefer not to remember.” He laughed nervously.


“Tell them about your skating match,” Tristan said. “I still remember that one.”


“Oh, come on,” Leo said evasively. “I don‘t know...”


“Sounds interesting,” Logan agreed. “I even have some vague memories of it.”


“Yeah, I remember us talking about it at soccer club once“, Zach nodded. He and Logan had been to the same school as him for a while as well.


“Alright. Here it goes. Gonna need a new drink first, though,” Leo laughed as he grabbed the wine bottle. “Well, I don’t even remember how exactly it came to be. There was a guy called Perry at our school. Not in our class, I think he was one class above me, but we liked to hang out for a while. But somehow we ended up in a conflict together – I don’t know what it was about exactly. Some stupid teenager stuff that wasn’t even important.”


“So what happened?”


“We were both into skateboarding,” Leo continued. “And so we decided we would work things out the good old manly way. We had both already gotten our first taste of ballpain up to that point, but I think this was my worst time up to that date.”




As Leo approached the skate park, he saw Perry already being there. A few of their friends were also around. It was a cold, sunny day in autumn, with some icy wind blowing through the air occasionally.


“Yo, Leo,” Perry said. He was a handsome, muscular stud one or two years older than Leo. He was barely larger than him though; and both him as well as Leo packed some good abs and muscles. “Let’s finish this, shall we?”


“Absolutely,” Leo nodded. “You weren‘t backing down.”


“Well, neither were you.”


“That‘s why we are here now.” Leo gulped. “Alright, one lap around the skate park. Whoever comes out first, wins the argument once and for all and gets to do whatever he wants with the loser’s balls.”


“Sure, let‘s do this.”


The two shook hands with each other as the other boys watched. Then, the two of them grabbed their skateboards and got to the start of the lap.


The skate park close to their school was structured nicely for these type of races. The different obstacles and skate-ramps were placed in an almost circular way as to allow the skaters to easily go through all of them easily. The boys at school, including Leo, had used this in the past for some exciting races and dares. It wasn’t the first time Leo had been part of a skateboard race in this park – just the first time he had put his own balls on the line for it.


Perry was older than him and a decent skater, though Leo also considered himself a good skater. He had suggested this as a resolution to their argument after it had gotten more and more out of hand, with some nasty ball-kicks involved in-between the two of them on both ends. He was confident he could win – and thereby solve this argument one and for all, and even get back at Perry and his balls. He had liked Perry once, but he had become more and more of a macho and show-off, and Leo figured this might be the day he taught him a well-deserved lesson.


“Ready to get your balls turned to mush?” Perry cheekily said as the two of them stood at the start of the skate parkour.


“You wish. Better get some ice ready, because your cherries will be pulverized,” Leo said.


One of their friends gave the starting signal. The two young men got ready...


“... and go!”


Leo managed to get a head-start, but Perry was close. He flew through the first few skate ramps with little trouble, but soon approached the larger ones. He concentrated as he managed to skate through them, Perry just a second or two behind him...


That’s when he messed up and flew off his board, running a few meters and trying to catch himself but ending up running with his balls first into a railing.


He heard the excited screams from the other guys who watched them as Perry swooshed by him. He ignored the sudden pain in his balls from where he had landed, raced back to his board and quickly continued onwards.


But it was too late. He managed to almost catch up to Perry again and given more time, he might have beaten him, but Perry managed to hit the goal about two seconds before him.


“Yes!” Perry cheered and high-fived the other guys while still skating on his board. He stopped and turned around to see Leo with a sour expression behind him.


“Sorry bud,” he said with a winning smile while Leo turned beef-red. “Fair race.” He stepped closer to Leo and reached his hand out, but when Leo was about to grab it, he instead snap-kicked him into the balls, throwing Leo off his board again and making him fall to the floor.


“Fuck,” Leo groaned.


“Guess that means we solved this once and for all,” Perry laughed. Then he grabbed his skateboard and held it above Leo who was wailing on the floor. Leo’s eyes opened wide, but he couldn’t react before Perry dropped the board and let it fall down into his gonads. He hit them head-on, making Leo scream in pain. The other boys laughed in sympathy.


After that, Perry stomped down hard onto Leo’s balls a few times. Leo didn’t get the chance to catch a break and was in a world of pain.


“Why don’t you get up, buddy? I want to practice my kicks on you. It’s not every day that I get the chance at some free ball kicks with a poor skater boy like you,” Perry laughed. Leo sighed and slowly tried to stand up through the pain but fell down again.


“Today, please.”


“Ugh...” Leo groaned. As he didn‘t get up, he suddenly felt two of the other guys grab him by the arms and pull him up until he was barely standing on his shaky legs, his balls still in agony.


“That’s better,” Perry laughed before smashing his foot down into Leo’s balls again. Leo didn’t count how often Perry kicked him, but it must have been upwards of ten times. At least once or twice he threw in a knee as well for good measure. His balls felt like peanut butter as the other boys released him and Perry finally allowed him to sink down to the floor again.


“Fuck, man, my balls,” Leo complained.


“One last thing,” Perry exclaimed.


“What now?” Leo whimpered.


“I want to give them a proper send-off into next week. Finish them off the right way.” Perry grabbed his skateboard. “You just need to lie down there with your legs spread apart.”


Leo groaned, but did as Perry asked. He spread his legs in a big V and pulled up his upper body to watch what Perry was up to.


Perry meanwhile had walked a dozen meters away from him before propping himself up on the board. He then started skating towards Leo and quickly gained speed. He skated right towards Leo, and just as he reached the V that Leo’s legs formed, he shot forward with one of his feet and smashed it into Leo’s balls with all the force of both the speeding skateboard and his leg combined. He then quickly jumped over Leo while the board smashed against Leo‘s inner thighs, giving them some nasty abrasions that would be visible for days.


The skateboard kick was by far the most intense one, and Leo‘s balls still hurt from all the action prior. He was in a world of pain for what seemed like minutes, just lying on the floor whimpering silently. The other boys talked and laughed, but he barely paid attention to what they said.


Finally, Perry kneed in front of him.


“Alright, loser. Hope you enjoyed the race – I know I did. Remember, you are not allowed to contradict me anymore or to try arguing with me. If you do... well, I can do whatever I want with your balls, right? We didn’t agree on a time limit.”


Leo looked up to him with a miserable expression without saying his word.


After a few seconds, Perry shot his fist forward and nailed him in the balls, making the pain in his balls explode again.


“I need verbal confirmation that you accept your defeat,” Perry said with a stern voice.


“Alright, alright, you got me,” Leo nodded. “You beat me. Just please... don‘t hurt my balls anymore.”


Perry smiled. “Glad we have an agreement.” With these words, he got up, grabbed his board and walked away with his mates.




“Man, I couldn‘t walk straight for a week,” Leo finished the story. “It was the first time I had swollen balls in my life. Like, really swollen. The next few days were hellish, and I even was a little afraid that he seriously broke something.”


“Sounds like he really did a number on you,” Ben nodded.


“I hope everything healed up nicely in the end?” Gino asked.


“Sure enough. Once the swelling started to go away, I felt a lot better. They still felt a little strange and mushy for a couple days longer, but it worked out.”


“Glad to hear that. Or else, who knows if you’d be sitting here with us otherwise?” Alex jokingly said.


“Yeah,” Leo nodded. “Kinda funny how it all came together and we‘re now part of some professional ballbusting productions.”


„And still manage to have plenty of ballpain-loving fun in our free-time“, Ben threw in. The others laughed.


“Now that you‘ve shared this story with us, how about one of us takes a kick for the team?” Alex suggested. “Leo, since you just got ball-smashed by the present, you can kick one of the boys in the balls in return three times. Whoever you like.”


Leo shrugged. “Sure thing.” His eyes wandered across his mates.


“Zach, how about you?”


“Why always me, man? It sucks being popular around here.” Zach sighed. “Wouldn’t you rather treat our newbie Gino to a nice kick instead?”


“Hey man, no need to throw my balls under the bus,” Gino gave Zach a nasty look. “Plus, I’m not that new anymore either.”


“You’ve only done like one video. You should be raring to go man.” The boys chuckled as Gino blushed a little. “But sure, if Leo wants my balls, I’m not afraid.”


Zach stood up and spread his legs. He was dressed in some thin basketball shorts and a sleeveless shirt. “Give me your best shot.”


Leo drew his foot back and smashed it into Zach‘s balls. Zach yelped in pain, but stood his ground. Leo dished out two more kicks that made Zach scream before allowing him to sink down to his chair again.


“Oh, did someone hurt your poor ballsies?” Gino remarked.


“Nah I‘m fine,” Zach responded, but the sore expression on his face and his finger rubbing over the bulge in his pants told a different story.


“Not to ask the obvious, but did you ever get back at Perry, Leo?” Ben asked.


“Heh. No. I mostly kept out of his way after that, and he was one or two classes higher so he soon went to High School anyway. And to a different one than me.” He shrugged. “But I heard he got his balls beat up a couple months later when his girlfriend caught him with his... well, other girlfriend. So I guess what goes around, comes around.”


“Oh yeah, I still remember hearing about that,” Tristan nodded. “And it wasn’t just the two girls, I think one of them had a big brother who also dished out his fair share against Perry... fun stuff.”


“Leo, in both of these instances you told us about, you were on the receiving end,” Gino said. “Do you still remember the first time you actually properly dished out some ballpain?”


Leo gulped. “Let me think. It probably was with Tristan,” he said as he looked over to his best mate. “We had a phase where we pranked each other from time to time, not too long after that fail with Nancy...”


“Yep, we did,” Tristan nodded.


“And I got him pretty good,” Leo explained. “A swift kick at school as a way to greet each other, a quick nutshot at the skateboard park before we went on and about – and of course some quick hits and slaps here and there during conversation or when the other person wasn’t paying attention.”


“Yeah, I remember“, Tristan agreed. “I tried to retaliate from time to time, but Leo was more attentive than me. Dodged my attempts like half the time.”


“I think that‘s how it came to be for me – the more two-sided ballbusting,” Leo nodded. “How I developed into having fun with it. It became the perfect prank – painful and mean in the most humiliating area, but at the same time harmless enough that it can be done without further thought. Well, for the most part harmless, at least.”


“Oh, very relatable,” Kev laughed.


“There‘s one more ball-related event from fairly early on that I remember,” Leo told as he took another sip of wine. “After the Nancy-thing, but before the big bet with Perry. Tristan, do you still remember that guy Toby?”


“Yeah,” Tristan nodded. “What about him?”


“Well...” Leo raised his hands. “I originally promised him not to tell anyone, but...”


“Come on, out with it!” the boys grinned and cheered.


“Well, I guess it‘s several years ago, so what does it matter,” Leo laughed. “I‘m not even in contact with him anymore. Anyway, we hung out with each other a lot for a couple of months back in Middle School. In one year, we had this big exam in each of our main subjects. We both had Chemistry, and well... he was pretty desperate for me to help him. So I finally suggested that fun training method of asking him questions about the subject that he needed to know for the test, and for each wrong answer, he got a swift kick to the balls.”




“Alright, Toby. You ready?”


“Nope, nope, nope. Not at all, Leo.”


It was a cold winter day. Leo and Toby sat together in Toby’s warm room, both of them in pretty lax clothes. The table in front of them was covered with several pieces of paper that Toby had used to learn.


Toby was a blond, skinny dude. He was normally a very chill guy, but today, he was covered in sweat and had a nervous expression on his face.


“But you still want to do it?”


Leo sat in front of him on a chair cross-legged, their Chemistry book in front of him. He felt mostly prepared for the upcoming exam the next day and had decided that he had learned enough. He was going to let the exam happen and wasn’t going to make himself too nervous about it anymore. This strategy had often worked in the past for him, though. The only reason he had his nose in the Chemistry book today – a day before the big day – was because he wanted to help his friend Toby.


“Yeah, let‘s do it,” Toby nodded. He stood in front of Leo, arms behind his back. “I guess failing the exam is painful enough on its own, so maybe this actually works out. Shoot.”


“Alright. What acid-base definition describes a compound that accepts an electron pair?”


Silence. He heard Toby gulp.


“Uhh, the, hm... the Arrhenius definition?”


“Nope. Lewis definition. Not even a good guess.”


And with that, Leo sent out his fist and smashed it into his friend‘s gonads. Toby distorted his face and bent forward.


“Dude, fuck...”


“Next question,” Leo said good-naturedly. “A Lewis base is any species that...?”


“I... I don‘t know...”


“... donates a pair of electrons to a Lewis acid.” Another fist flew into Toby’s crotch, another scream came from him.


“Come on, you know this next one. What does amphoteric mean?”


“It, uh... means something cannot act as either an acid or a base?”


“Nope, it means a substance can act as both an acid and a base.”


For this one, Leo actually got up from the chair and smashed his knee forward in-between Toby‘s legs. He felt the weak little baby makers of his friend smash against his pelvis bone as Toby screamed in pain.


“Come on, no break. What is a diprotic acid?”


“I don’t know, man, I don’t know...”


Once again, Leo sent his knee flying into his friend‘s most valuable possessions, smashing them as much as any of his hopes to make the exam. Toby screamed in pain as he held his balls.


Leo was starting to enjoy this. He had originally just suggested this more painful learning method out of fun and boredom and hadn’t even expected Toby to pick up on it. But to his surprise, Tony had agreed – maybe out of curiosity about the whole ball-smashing thing, maybe out of desperation to beat as much knowledge as he could into his brain as possible, even if that knowledge had to pass his balls first...


“Next question. What type of reaction is an acid-base neutralization reaction?”


They went on and on, with Toby maybe being able to answer one or two out of each ten questions correctly. The rest of them were either wild guesses or he straight up admitted he didn’t knew. Much to the amusement of Leo, who had a lot of fun pummeling his friend’s balls and sending a painful punishment through his body for each one he got wrong. Each dozen or so questions, Toby needed a small break to recover from the pain and catch his breath, and the two boys talked about other stuff such as their weekend plans. But after that, it was back to the Chemistry questions, and Leo didn’t show any mercy. It became a long day, and a very painful one for Toby.




“That’s why he was limping a little on the day of the exam, right?” Tristan asked. “Well, and on the days afterwards. I was always curious about that.”


“Yep, exactly,” Leo laughed. “I didn‘t actually get to see his balls, but from what he told me afterwards, they looked pretty gruesome.”


“So, did he make it?” Kev asked.


“What do you think?” Leo said. “I think I turned both his balls and any compassion for Chemistry that he had left to peanut butter that day.”


“Sore balls and a failed exam. Damn.”


“So he couldn‘t even wank off to distract himself after that bad exam.”


The boys laughed and joked. Leo‘s story had been quite amusing for them. A lot of them weren’t even sure what they feared more – ballkicks or Chemistry questions.


“Yeah, and that were most of my ballbusting adventures during school,” Leo finished. “There were some smaller things here and there, like a quick slap in the changing rooms or showers, or a little ball-related prank or competition. Got a nutkick during gym class one day while I had my legs spread on some sports machine – that was a little embarrassing. But most of the fun only started as I met you guys,” he laughed.


“Thank you again for sharing that with us, Leo,” Alex said. “As a formal ‚thank you, how about each of the boys gets one more kick to your balls right here and now?


“Sounds fun,” Kev said.


“I‘m all for it,” Logan agreed.


“Zach did say that I needed to be in a few more videos, I will gladly help you out,” Gino said standing up ready to dish out some pain.


Leo made a grimace and drank out his wine glass. “You‘re the boss, I guess...”


It was a short but merry ballpopping event. Everyone wanted to get his shot in while Leo was still standing – while his cherries were still “ripe,” as Will called it in-between. After the first few kicks Leo stopped paying attention to who was even kicking him; he just tried to grind his teeth together and get it over with. And so one boy after the other stepped in front of him and sailed his foot, knee, fist, elbow and one even his forehead into Leo’s most prized possessions.


Two minutes later, they were all done. Michael was the last one to sink his foot into Leo’s crotch, and Leo was already kneeing on the floor by that point. The boys cheered, laughed and clinked their glasses and bottles as Leo groaned and rolled across the floor, his hands buried in his crotch.


“Everything okay down there?” Logan asked.


“Yeah. Some of you fortunately didn’t hit me very well. But some hits were pretty spot-on. Just give me a minute.”


“So,” Kev asked as Leo slowly dragged himself back up on the couch next to him. “Who is next to tell us how his balls became entangled in our painful adventure?”


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of one of my first experiences too. What were yours?

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

Super agree! Poor Leo, but it has the best feeling like a first time hit. Dominik did some great work with this latest installment to the Before They Were Ballbusting Boys stories.