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Duped - part 1 (Daniel meets Ben, Zach and Logan)

Special thanks to Daniel for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves wrestling and fucking!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

This is part 1 of 2. Part 2 is coming next Friday.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Ben, Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

“I’m gonna kick his ass”, Ben said. His voice was oozing with confidence. “No doubt about it. That little shit is going to beg for mercy.”

The 20 year old stud ran his hand through his black hair and grinned. He was shirtless, showing off his muscular arms and chest.

His friends looked at the picture on the computer screen.

“I don’t know”, Logan said. The blond high school wrestler grimaced. “He looks like a pretty big guy.” He was 18 years old, an athletic, handsome young man who knew a thing or two about wrestling.

“A very big buy”, Zach chimed in, scratching his head. He was as old as Ben, a good-looking hunk with short blond hair and a muscular body.

Ben shrugged his shoulders.

“You’re sure about this?” Logan asked. “I mean, do you even know his name? It just says hiredwrestlr on his profile.”

Ben chuckled. “His name’s Daniel and he’s 33 years old. Don’t worry, guys, I’ve done my research.” He flexed his muscles and grinned. “I’m gonna kick his ass!”

Logan rolled his eyes. “You don’t know anything about him, do you?”

Ben shrugged. “I know all I need to know. We talked about wrestling and lifting and working out and stuff.” He laughed. “He thinks he’s fucking tough – but I’ll show him who’s boss.”

Logan and Zach looked at each other.

“This challenge”, Logan said slowly. “Who came up with the idea?”

“I dunno, it just came up”, Ben said, growing tired of his friends’ questions. He grabbed his car keys and looked at them. “Are you coming or not?”

Half an hour later they arrived at the place that Daniel had chosen.

He was waiting in front of it, a huge grin on his face.

“You’ve brought some friends”, he grinned after introducing himself. “Nice. I like humiliating cocky guys in front of an audience.”

In person, Daniel looked even more impressive than on his profile picture. He was tall and muscular, and his tight white t-shirt looked like it was about to burst at the seams. He was of Chinese descent, with handsome features and jet black hair.

Ben laughed. “Guess what – me too!”

“Let’s go in”, Daniel grinned and opened the door.

“Wow”, Ben grinned when he entered the large room and saw the wrestling mat and the weight lifting benches. “That’s perfect.”

“It is”, Daniel said proudly. “Nothing like a private gym if you want to keep in shape.” He took off his t-shirt and flexed his muscles, showing off his strong biceps.

Ben watched him for a moment before following Daniel’s lead.

“Look at those guns”, Ben smiled cockily as he showed off his muscular arms. “Look at them and weep.”

“Well, they’re nothing against these babies!” Daniel retorted, grinning as he struck another pose.

“Okay”, Logan mumbled and looked around. “This is gonna take a while.” He found a couple of folding chairs in a corner of the room and motioned for Zach to follow him.

They sat down, watching Ben and Daniel from a distance.

“My money’s on Daniel”, Zach said, watching the two big, hot studs try to outdo each other in showing off their muscles.

Logan nodded. “He’s gonna wipe the floor with Ben.”

After almost half an hour of taunting and flexing and stirring it up, Ben and Daniel changed into their wrestling singlets.

“Let’s start off with a lifting competition”, Daniel said with a grin.

“Yeah, sure!” Ben smiled.

It took a little while until they had agreed on the stakes.

Zach and Logan couldn’t help but chuckle at the cocky guys’ insistence on ruining each other’s manhood.

“The loser gets a kick in the nuts”, Ben suggested, grabbing the fat bulge in his pants in order to intimidate his opponent.

But Daniel wasn’t easily intimidated. “Kicks are boring”, he said with a shrug. “What about one minute of nut crushing. Winner’s free to do anything he wants.”

Ben laughed. “Just one minute? You afraid what my hands will do to your little balls?” He cracked his knuckles.

Daniel smiled. “What about two minutes?”

Ben grinned. “What about three minutes?”

Finally, after a couple of minutes of muscle flexing and tough negations they settled on ten minutes.

“And they’re gonna wrestle after that”, Zach chuckled. “I’d hate to be the loser.”

Logan grinned. “Wrestling with a pair of sore nuts is no fun…”

From the very moment the competition started it was obvious that Ben didn’t stand a chance.

He was huffing and puffing, his muscular body glistening with sweat, as he tried to match Daniel’s weight lifting prowess.

But he didn’t give up, and his friends watched him go to the absolute limits of his capacity while Daniel was taunting him, mocking his weakness and telling him about the things he’d do to him once he gave up.

“I’m gonna turn your little nuts into peanut butter”, he whispered into Ben’s ear while he was struggling with a heavy barbell, his muscles straining, his eyes clenched shut, sweat pouring down his face. “Do you prefer creamy or chunky?”

Ben grunted and managed to lift the heavy barbell. Breathing heavily, he placed it back in the holder and got up from the bench, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand. “How do you prefer yours?” he replied breathlessly.

Daniel laughed and added another weight to the barbell before taking Ben’s place. “You are stronger than I expected”, he said before going silent and concentrating on lifting the barbell.

When he placed it back in the holder, he was slightly out of breath. “But you’re not strong enough”, he grinned. “Your turn.”

Ben lay down on the bench and inhaled deeply.

“I prefer creamy, by the way”, Daniel grinned, shamelessly staring at Ben’s bulging crotch. “You’ll know soon enough…”

Ben grunted and groaned, trying to lift the barbell. Finally, with much effort, he managed to heave it up just a little – but he couldn’t lift it all the way.

“Fuck!” he barked, panting. His arms were trembling and he couldn’t put the barbell back into the holder. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Daniel had his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“Fuck!” Ben yelled. His arms got weaker and the barbell sunk closer and closer to his chest.

“Help him!” Logan yelled, seriously worried about his friend’s health.

Daniel laughed. “He’s strong. He’ll make it”, he said without taking his eyes off Ben.

Finally, Ben was done. The barbell sank onto his chest, knocking the wind out of his lungs.

“Looks like he didn’t make it”, Daniel said cheerfully. “I guess that means I won.”

Ben was groaning, his black hair wet with sweat. The barbell was resting on his chest, pinning him to the bench.

“Stay in that position”, Daniel chuckled and grabbed Ben’s singlet at the crotch. He reached inside the leg opening and pulled out Ben’s junk, exposing Ben’s big, floppy dick and his fat set of heavy low-hangers. His nutsack was sweaty and moist, making his big babymakers glisten like freshly polished snooker balls.

“Alright”, Daniel grinned, cracking his knuckles. He placed his phone on the ground and set the timer on ten minutes. “Let’s make some peanut butter.”

With that, he grabbed Ben’s nutsack with both of his hands.

Ben was panting and moaning, his hands clamped around the barbell that was pinning him down.

Daniel watched him with a gleeful grin as he started squeezing and kneading Ben’s balls with all the force he could muster.

There was no build-up, no gentle increase of pressure. From the start, Daniel crushed Ben’s nuts as hard as he could. He pushed his thumbs deep into the core of Ben’s tender testicles. He twisted them around in their sack, squishing them and squashing mercilessly.

Ben was screaming and howling, his eyes clenched shut, sweat dripping from his hair. His muscles were strained and the veins in his neck looked like they were going to explode. His head was beet red and contorted in a gruesome grimace of agony.

Zach and Logan watched him, cringing in sympathy.

“Wow. He sure knows a thing or two about making peanut butter”, Zach said, unable to avert his gaze as Daniel crushed Ben’s nuts flat as pancakes.

“He sure does”, Logan nodded, grimacing in sympathy.

“Do you have a watch?” Zach asked, gingerly grabbing his own bulging crotch as Daniel forced a soprano squeal out of Ben by digging his fingernails into Ben’s rapidly swelling testicles.

“Two minutes”, Logan said, shuddering as an ear-piercing wail echoed from the walls.

“Two minutes left?” Zach asked, biting his lower lip while Ben was gasping for breath, his eyes wide open and slightly crossed.

“Nah”, Logan said. “The other way round.”

Ben screamed from the top of his lungs as Daniel worked over his nutsack like a particularly stubborn portion of pizza dough.

“Eight minutes left”, Zach said slowly, crossing his legs.

“Yup”, Logan nodded.

Daniel made very efficient use of his valuable time. Goal-driven and with remarkable vigor he crushed Ben’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

Ben was screaming and squealing, panting and groaning in pain as Ben lambasted his precious globes, squeezing them and smacking them, grinding them and kneading them as if he wanted to reduce Ben’s chances of ever fathering children to an absolute minimum.

At half-time, Ben’s nuts were bright red and severely bruised.

Five minutes later, they were starting to turn black and blue.

Zach and Logan were watching Daniel’s prosperous labor with growing unease. They didn’t mind seeing Ben get his nuts crunched – after all, that was what they had expected – but they couldn’t shake the feeling that Daniel got a little carried away.

Finally, the timer on Daniel’s phone beeped and he stopped his assault on Ben’s mangled manhood.

“Okay, we’re done”, he said cheerfully, lifting the barbell off Ben’s chest. “Time to wrestle, buddy.”

Ben let out a long, miserable groan and rolled over, falling off the bench and curling up in a ball.

Daniel watched him, chuckling. “Come on, buddy. Get up. We don’t have all day.”

Ben was a wreck. His balls were sore and ridiculously swollen. He was drenched in sweat, his face a mask of pain.

“Come on, man”, Logan yelled. “He’s done. Just leave him alone.”

Daniel raised his eyebrows and kicked Ben in the ribs. “Hey, buddy, your friend says you wanna give up. That right?”

Ben let out a soft moan.

“You wanna chicken out?” Daniel asked, kicking Ben’s ribs again. “I didn’t take you for a quitter.”

Ben opened his eyes. “I’m not a quitter”, he whispered hoarsely. “I’m gonna beat your fucking ass.”

Daniel grinned. “Yeah, sure. Come on, get up.” He helped Ben rise to his feet tucked his bloated ballbag into his singlet again. Then he explained the rules of the wrestling match. “Traditional wrestling rules. No hitting below the belt. Submission holds are okay. Loser gets fucked.” He chuckled. “You okay with that or do you wanna bow out?”

“Ben!” Logan yelled. “Don’t---“

“No problem”, Ben moaned. “Let’s do this.”

Daniel laughed. “Yeah, let’s do this.”

Logan looked at Zach.

“Ben’s gonna get fucked”, Zach said.

“Yup. Definitely”, Logan nodded. “Let’s hope that Daniel’s dick isn’t too big.”

Zach grimaced, glancing at the bulge in Daniel’s crotch. “Even if it isn’t huge it can do a lot of damage…”

In the meantime, Daniel was wiping the floor with poor Ben.

Weakened by the mind-numbing pain in his groin, Ben was no match for Daniel, and it was obvious that even without his testicular impediment Ben would have had a hard time fighting Daniel.

The muscular Asian stud was a technically brilliant wrestler, and he showcased his superiority mercilessly. He put Ben through hold after painful hold, dominating the cocky jock without even trying to hide his glee.

Whenever Ben was ready to submit, Daniel changed the position, making Ben scream in pain, effectively preventing him from muttering the words, “I submit.”

Logan and Zach watched from the shadows, wincing in sympathy.

“Come on”, Logan yelled. “Let him submit. Can’t you see he’s done?!”

Daniel laughed, putting Ben into a painful spladle and making him groan in agony. “He’s done when I say he’s done!”

Logan and Zach looked at each other.

“What an asshole”, Zach mumbled.

After what seemed like an eternity, Daniel finally allowed Ben to say the magic words.

Daniel got up and looked down on the beaten stud.

Ben couldn’t even move. He was tired, exhausted, sore. Every bone in his body was aching. His nuts were killing him.

He lay on the ground, whimpering and sobbing, curled up in a ball.

Daniel chuckled and rolled him onto his back before ripping his singlet off, leaving him bare naked and vulnerable.

With a mean grin, Daniel pulled the straps of his singlet down and whipped out his dick. It was hard as a rock, a throbbing, juicy piece of meat.

Ben didn’t even open his eyes when Daniel’s fuckstick entered his hole.

His cock was about average size, nothing special, but Daniel knew how to use it most effectively.

Zach and Logan winced in sympathy as Daniel buried his cock to the hilt before starting to fuck Ben aggressively. He pounded Ben’s hole mercilessly, grunting and barking as he thrust his throbbing cock into Ben’s tight ass, smacking and slapping his nuts with every thrust.

Ben was mewling and whimpering, his body rocking back and forth as Daniel destroyed his hole.

After a couple of minutes of hard, rough fucking, Daniel pulled his dick out of Ben’s ass and stuffed it into his mouth, making him gag and retch as he buried his dripping dick deep inside Ben’s throat.

“You like the taste of your ass, buddy?” he sneered as he drilled Ben’s mouth, grabbing Ben’s bloated, bruised ballsack and squeezing hard.

Ben let out a muffled grunt, choking on Daniel’s fat, meaty dick.

When he was ready to shoot his load, Daniel grabbed Ben and whirled him around like a rag doll, driving his dick deep into his ass.

He threw his head back, roaring with pleasure as he flooded Ben’s guts with his hot cream, grabbing Ben’s nuts with both hands, his knuckles turning white as he crushed the swollen orbs.

“Fuck!” Daniel laughed, his throbbing dick buried deep inside Ben’s hole, squishing and squashing Ben’s balls. “You’re my fucking bitch!”

“Please”, Ben croaked. “Please let go. It’s over.”

“You’re my fucking bitch!” Daniel repeated with a sneer, viciously twisting Ben’s swollen nuts, making him scream from the top of his lungs.

“Hey!” Logan yelled. “It’s over, man. Let him go.”

Daniel laughed and pressed his thumbs into Ben’s throbbing balls. “Tell me who’s the best, bitch!”

Ben wailed in agony.

“Tell me who’s the best!” Daniel yelled, squeezing Ben’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

“You are!” Ben squealed. “You are the best!”

As if on cue, a pathetic spurt of cum sputtered out of Ben’s dick, forcefully ejected by Daniel’s strong hands.

“I’m the best and you’re the bitch!” Daniel yelled triumphantly.

Ben howled in pain as Daniel roared with laughter.

“Okay, that’s it”, Logan mumbled and got up. He ran over to Daniel and grabbed his shoulder, turning him around.

He lost his grip on Ben’s balls. His hard dick slipped out of Ben’s ass.

“Listen, asshole”, Logan said, looking Daniel in the eyes. “Why don’t you fight me and we’ll see who’s the bitch?”

Daniel laughed as Ben curled up in a ball, clutching his sore, spent balls, cum oozing out of his wrecked hole.

“My, my, you’re a cocky little dude”, Daniel grinned, looking Logan over. “You think you can handle me?” He flexed his muscles, his dick twitching with excitement.

Logan was boiling with rage but he managed to stay calm. “Loser gets fucked?” he said casually.

“Sure”, Daniel grinned, grabbing his dick by the base and smacking it against Logan’s thigh. “Can’t wait to fuck you, too.”

Logan smiled. “Yeah, we’ll see.”

To be continued.


Anonymous said...

Poor Ben, humiliated in front of his friends again! Can't świt for part 2

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Anonymous said...

I love how Ben gets humiliated but that was rough and intense! I really hope that Daniel gets what is coming to him since he is cocky like Ben and we all know how Ben ends up.hehe

Great story! can't wait to see part II!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I hope you'll enjoy Daniel's comeuppance in part 2! :-))