Monday, May 4, 2015

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (1)

We all know it: Boys just wanna have fun. And what could be more fun than hitting each other in the nuts? YouTube is a treasure trove for videos of guys busting each others' balls, and I want to share a couple of my favorite videos with you. I'm sure you've seen some of them before, but I think they are worthing watching again and again. And again.

Let's start with a simple cheap shot. A guy standing between two friends. Well, his friends don't guard their testicles. Bad luck.

When your friends challenge you to a game of "Bowling for balls" in the hall you sit down, spread your legs and let them roll a heavy bowling ball right into your nuts, right? Right!

The most important thing is that your friends really, really want to hurt you. Otherwise it just isn't fun. These two guys have a wheel of fortune to determine what kind of punishment they must endure. It lands on field goal. Hilarity ensues.

(skip to 4:43 and make sure you keep watching until the guy in the singlet gets his nuts crushed. Ouch.)

Sometimes you need a little help. The guys from NubTV asked Rick Thorne to help them out. It's a rather elaborate stunt that ends in two sacks worth of crushed nuts. The best thing about the clip: Rick Thorne has a lot of fun with it and makes a couple of hilarious topical jokes.

Last but not least: One of my all-time favorites. These four guys have invented a wonderful little game called "Bruised balls foosball". What an awesome idea!

What are your favorite videos of guys having fun and busting each others' balls? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email:

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