Friday, March 6, 2015

From stud to dud: SIZZLE!

Very special thanks to Chadfan! We co-wrote this story and had a great time exchanging emails and tossing ideas back and forth. This story is a bit different from the rest of my work, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Previously on “From stud to dud”:

Title credit: I read the phrase "From stud to dud" first in pooiu's 2010 f/m story Busting League: Day 1. Check out his excellent story blog Busted Spuds.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Quint couldn’t wait for Troy to arrive. Ever since his phone call last week, Quint was looking forward to it. The 25 year old was tall and athletic, a clean-cut, dashing young man. His blond hair and his short bristly beard accentuated his handsome face.

He worked as a ranch hand on a nearby cattle farm. Quint lived a simple life, and he liked it that way. He got up early in the morning and worked all day long. Every Friday and Saturday night he went out with Troy. Every Sunday he played baseball with Troy and a couple of other guys.

Troy was his best friend. Troy was confident and funny, and he talked a lot.

Talking wasn’t Quint’s strong suit. He didn’t trust his mouth. Sometimes things came out that made no sense, not to anybody but him. But Quint trusted his hands. His hands were strong. Quint loved to work with his hands.

He loved working on the farm, working in the stables wearing his work gloves, his boots, his worn-out jeans and his father’s denim jacket. He loved working with the animals and making them do what they were supposed to do.

But he was always looking forward to the weekend when he got to spend time with Troy. Sometimes they went hiking together, sometimes they just spend the day at the Wet'n'Wild Emporium, drinking beer and watching the strippers. Sometimes they went hunting. Quint knew his way around firearms. And Troy had a closet full of guns. He wasn’t as good a shooter as Quint was, but Quint knew better than to make him feel it. One time, on their first hunting trip, Troy got really mad when Quint shot a deer and Troy didn’t. Since then, Quint always made sure that he didn’t shoot anything unless Troy had already made a kill. Most of the time, they came back without any prey. But it was okay. And Troy was happy. And if Troy was happy, Quint was happy.

Being with Troy was awesome. He always came up with something they could do together. Like building a beer fountain in the back of the old stable. Or sawing off a shot-gun and trying to hit the glass bottles on the other end of the field. Or playing catch with a pair of dismembered testicles in front of the newly castrated bulls.

Quint chuckled. Yeah, that had been fun. There was something oddly funny about castrating bulls. Troy had explained that it was like showing the bull who was boss. Telling him that his fun times were over. Troy had wiggled the big pair of dismembered nuts in front the bull’s eyes and taunted him. At first, Quint had thought that that was a cruel thing to do. But Troy had explained to him that it was necessary to make the bull understand what had happened. Quint had thought about that. Since then, he always showed the bull his testicles after he had castrated him.

Quint looked at the big watch in the locker room. Troy was late. The rest of the baseball team had already left. Quint was naked. The sweat from the game had dried on his body.
Suddenly, the door opened and Troy entered the room. “He’ll be here any minute”, Troy grinned.

Quint chuckled.

“Did you bring the cattle prod?” Troy asked, quickly taking off his baseball uniform and revealing his tattooed body.

Quint reached into his gym bag and pulled out the prod. It was an old, rusty thing, but it worked great.

“Awesome”, Troy grinned, weighing it in his hand before putting it back into Quint’s gym bag.
The two naked studs sat down on the bench.

Quint was taller than Troy, and more muscular. Everything about Quint was a bit larger than Troy: his hairy balls were slightly bigger and hung a little lower, his dick was fatter and longer, his legs and arms were stronger.

“Listen”, Troy grinned, touching his buddy’s shoulder. “Last week I met Rocco.”

Quint stared at Troy.

“You know Rocco”, Troy said. “The third baseman.”

Quint stared at Troy.

“You know, the one with the huge cock who loves to run around naked with a big fat boner”, Troy said impatiently.

Quint grinned and nodded.

“Guess what, that doof ruined his cock”, Troy burst out laughing. “Completely ruined it. It’s useless. A big, fat, floppy piece of useless meat. Can you believe that?”

Quint chuckled. “Fucked too much.”

“Nah, not at all”, Troy grinned. “He’s horny all the time but he can’t get it up. Last week I caught that stupid motherfucker when he was stuck with his dick in a hole in the wall.” He pulled out his phone and showed Quint a picture.

Quint’s eyes widened at the sight of a huge pair of testicles and a fat dick swimming in a pot of water.

“I cooked his junk”, Troy roared with laughter.

Quint joined in. “Cooked it?”

“Yeah”, Troy laughed.

“And ate it afterwards?” Quint chuckled.

“What? No!” Troy stared at Quint and punched his shoulder hard. “What do you think, I’m some kind of savage?!”

Quint rubbed his shoulder, looked at the picture again and chuckled. “Cooked it.”

“Yeah”, Troy grinned. “That big, fat horse cock of his totally useless now. And those balls – well, he said it himself, they are only causing trouble.” He looked at Quint and grinned.

“Trouble”, Quint repeated.

“Yeah”, Troy nodded.

“Poor guy”, Quint said.

“We should help him, right?” Troy grinned, looking at Quint expectantly.

Quint grinned. “Sure.”

Troy let out a laugh and slapped Quint’s naked back. “I knew you’d love this.”

Quint nodded slowly. “Suck him off?”

Troy stared at Quint. “What?! No!”

Quint grimaced. “Don’t know if I could take him in the ass, he’s so---“

“What are you talking about?!” Troy punched Quint’s shoulder. “No, I told you, his dick is useless! How could he--- No. We’re going to destroy those big, fat nuts of his.”

“Cut ‘em off like a bull’s”, Quint grinned.

“Yeah, we could do that but that wouldn’t be much fun, would it? Just a little snip and they’re gone”, Troy

Quint shrugged. “It’s fun.”

“But I have something better”, Troy grinned.

Quint’s eyes lit up. “Better?”

“Much better”, Troy chuckled.

Quint shifted with excitement.

Troy opened his mouth to say something when the door opened and Rocco entered the room.

“Rocco, my man!” Troy shouted and got up.

“Rocco!” Quint chimed in.

“Hey guys”, Rocco said with a grin, opening his locker and taking his baseball clothes off.

The big, muscular stud loved playing baseball. Today had been his first time on the field for a long time. Rocco had been looking forward to it for a couple of days, and it had been awesome. Well, not as awesome as he’d imagined it to be. He just couldn’t keep his head in the game. He was horny as hell, thinking about sex almost all the time. When he was not thinking about sex, he was thinking about not thinking about sex.
His performance on the field had been okay, even though his huge, limp dick always got in the way, slipping out of his jock all the time. And his low-hanging balls frequently got caught in the straps, causing him quite some discomfort.

But that was nothing that bothered Rocco. Not on a day like this. His damn junk had been causing him a lot of trouble in the past few weeks. Today, on the field, he had felt like a man again. Even the ground ball that hit him right in the junk hadn’t been able to change that. He had laughed along with his buddies, and even made a joke about his huge balls and what a great target they were.

There still was a dull ache in his balls, and Rocco adjusted his crotch, remembering the ball heading for his tools. Right on target.

“How are you, buddy?” Troy grinned and put his hand on Rocco’s shoulder.

Quint stood next to Troy.

Rocco chuckled. He had stripped completely naked. He grabbed his junk and grinned. “A little foul ball can’t bring a stud like me down…”

Troy laughed, and Quint joined in a second later.

“What a stud, right?” Troy chuckled, winking at Quint.

“A stud”, Quint repeated with a goofy grin.

“How’s your cock?” Troy grinned, looking at Rocco’s groin.

Rocco’s mammoth snake was limp and droopy. Due to a buddy’s prank and a rather unfortunate accident, the words “LIMP DICK” were tattooed on the shaft in big letters. Below his floppy cock, Rocco’s huge, meaty balls hung low in their sack. One week ago, his scrotum had been covered in fuzzy black hair. After a very close encounter with some duct tape, it had been left hairless and bare.

“I just can’t keep my mind off sex”, Rocco grinned.

Troy laughed. “Damn, you are a stud!”

“A stud”, Quint repeated again.

“Yeah, sex is all I think about”, Rocco grinned. “Sex. Nothing but sex. All the time.”

“So – are you having any with that big, limp noodle?” Troy grinned.

Rocco had a weak smile on his face. “No, not exactly.”

Troy raised his eyebrows. “Why?”

Rocco chuckled and looked down at his crotch. “Well, no idea. That big, limp noodle just won’t get hard.”

Troy grimaced. “Damn. When’s the last time you shot your load?”

“I dunno”, Rocco shrugged. “A month ago. Maybe two.”

“Wow”, Troy chuckled.

“Wow”, Quint repeated with a grin.

“And before that?” Troy asked, trying to look concerned.

“Before that I shot two or three loads every day”, Rocco chuckled, fumbling with his floppy, useless dick. “Big, creamy loads, you know. Like, splash!, All over the place.”

“I see”, Troy grinned. “Well, I hope you’ll get better.”

Rocco was silent for a moment. “What do you mean?”

Troy shrugged. “You never know if you’ll ever be back to normal.”

Rocco let out a disbelieving laugh.

“I mean it”, Troy said. “Your stud days may be over.”

“No way”, Rocco chuckled, grabbing his huge nuts. “These big suckers aren’t done yet.”

Troy shrugged. “Maybe they are.”

Rocco laughed. “Come on, man, you know me. You ever seen a guy with a bigger cock?”

“But it’s limp, right?” Troy insisted. “You haven’t emptied your balls in a long time.” His face lit up. “You know what – maybe that’s why you can’t get hard.”

Rocco stared at him. “What do you mean?”

“Well, all that cum in your balls. It’s not healthy, right?” Troy said.

Rocco thought about that for a moment. “You think my balls are cock-blocking me?”

“Exactly”, Troy nodded. “That would explain a lot.”

Rocco thought again. Actually, it didn’t explain a thing. But maybe Troy was seeing things more clearly than Rocco. “Stupid fucking balls”, Rocco mumbled, smacking his nuts hard with the palm of his hand.

Troy nodded with a grin and put his hand on Rocco’s shoulder. “I think I know what we have to do, buddy.”

“Cut ‘em off”, Quint grinned.

Troy glared at Quint and punched his shoulder.

Quint looked puzzled.

Rocco blinked. “What did he say?”

“Get you off – that’s what he said ‘cause that’s what we gotta do”, Troy said quickly. “All that pent up sperm in your nuts. You have to release it, right?”

“Oh yeah”, Rocco chuckled.

“You have to shoot your cum and everything will be alright, right?” Troy grinned. “Your cock will be back to normal, and your mind will be off sex.”

“Oh yeah”, Rocco grinned. He looked at Troy. “But it just won’t get hard. I tried everything.” He paused. “Everything”, he repeated with an almost comically desperate expression on his face.

“I see”, Troy said slowly, rubbing his chin. “If only there was something we could do. I mean, we’re best friends, right? Maybe we can help you.”

“You’d do that?” Rocco grinned. “Awesome.” He paused. “But how?”

Quint shrugged. “Cut ‘em---“

“I have an idea!” Troy said quickly. “It’s hard, and it’s painful, but it just might work. Trust us, okay? I promise you, your balls will be empty when we’re finished. And your mind will be off sex.”

Rocco’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

“I promise”, Troy grinned.

Rocco looked at him with a skeptical expression on his face.

“Let me explain it to you”, Troy smiled. “You know that a guy's sex drive is really controlled by his nuts, not his dick, right?”

Rocco blinked.

“Even Quint knows that”, Troy said.

“Even I know that”, Quint grinned.

“Well, apparently your nuts need a jump start”, Troy continued.

“A jump start”, Quint repeated with a dumb grin.

“A jump start?” Rocco said with a blank expression on his face.

The idea sounded reasonable and somehow familiar. A jump start. Sure, why hadn’t he thought of that? Rocco looked at his buddies and smiled. He was so lucky to have friends like Troy and Quint.

“Awesome”, Rocco said, looking down at his crotch, grabbing his balls with one hand and smacking them hard with his other hand. “You hear that? You’ll be empty, soon. Great news, huh?”

Troy chuckled and bent forward. He slapped Rocco’s naked nuts hard, shouting, “Yeah, we’ll make you give us your load!”

Rocco laughed along with Troy while grimacing in pain.

Quint wrapped his fingers around Rocco’s nuts and yanked them up. “Hear that?” he yelled, balling his fist and smashing it hard into Rocco’s trapped balls. “Give us your load!” He punched Rocco’s nuts again, making him grunt in pain. “Come on, what are you waiting for? Give us your load!” He punched Rocco’s nuts hard more than a dozen times, making Rocco yell through his gritted teeth, before Troy was able to pull Quint away and stop him from turning Rocco’s nuts into paste right away.

Rocco doubled over, grimacing in pain and clutching his aching balls.

Troy shot Quint an angry look.

Quint just shrugged, a stupid grin on his face.

“Alright, why don’t we start with a few light kicks?” Troy suggested.

“Or maybe some hard kicks?” Rocco grinned. “The sooner I shoot my load the better!”

“Okay, buddy, spread your legs and let me kick your nuts”, Troy grinned.

Rocco did as he was told.

Troy chuckled. Rocco looked so ridiculous. A big, manly, muscular guy, standing in front of him, his legs spread wide, his long, droopy cock dangling between his thighs along with his fat, hairless nuts.

Troy brought his leg back and smashed his foot into Rocco’s nuts as hard as he could. His instep collided with Rocco’s nuts with a loud SMACK, driving his limp dick and his big, bulging balls into his pelvis and making Rocco grunt in agony.

Again and again, Troy kicked Rocco’s nuts with his bare foot, pummeling his testicles with all the force he could muster, alternately crunching them with his instep, his shin, his ankle and the tip of his foot.

Rocco was grunting and moaning, his face contorted in pain. But he took it like a man. He squinted at Troy occasionally, throwing him a smile, encouraging him, shouting “Harder!” or “Come on, kick my nuts!”.

This probably wasn’t much fun for Troy. He did it just for Rocco, to help him get his mind off sex. A true friend!

Troy continued smashing Rocco’s nuts as hard as he could. He thought of all the idiots that had wronged him in the past. This one was for the stupid guy at the police station who had called him unfit for the job. This one was for his boss at the security company who refused to give him a raise. This was for the fucking bitch who didn’t put out even though he had paid for her meal at Burger King. He felt his dick get harder and harder.

“Do you think it’s working?” Rocco groaned, grimacing in agony.

“Oh yeah, it’s working”, Troy grunted, throwing another devastating kick between Rocco’s muscular thighs.
“Limp dick”, Quint observed with a chuckle.

Rocco looked down at his crotch just as Troy smashed his nuts hard once again. “He’s right”, he said hoarsely. “Maybe you have to go harder?”

Troy let out a low growl and powered another hard, nut-crunching kick into Rocco’s huge, meaty balls, knocking the wind out of his lungs. “Like that?”

“Yup”, Rocco coughed. “Just like that.”

Quint watched him, a big grin on his face, and lined up behind Troy.

“Come on, harder!” Rocco grunted. “Harder!”

Troy noticed Quint standing behind him but he continued bashing Rocco’s balls with all the force he could muster, ignoring his friend. Kicking those big fucking nuts felt absolutely awesome! He wasn’t going to stop just to let Quint have a go.

“Go harder, man!” Rocco yelled. “Fucking jump start my nuts!”

Quint waited patiently, a serene smile on his face.

Finally, Troy was out of breath. He stepped to the side, panting, his hands on his knees.

“Don’t stop, man!” Rocco groaned, his face contorted in pain. “Don’t stop! Don’t just give up! I need to cum! Jump start my fucking nuts, goddamn it!”

Troy exhaled slowly. That big, muscular stud was crazy. Here he stood, his nuts swollen and bloated, begging to be kicked in the nuts.

Troy shook his head slowly, wiped his forehead and motioned for Quint to take over.

“Come on, what are you waiting for?” Rocco shouted. “Kick my fucking nuts!”

Rocco’s balls were severely swollen, and his muscular body was covered in sweat. He was in pain. A lot of pain. But he wasn’t going to give up until he had shot his load. He really, really needed to blow that load. It felt like his cum had taken over his body. He felt his brain swimming in spunk, his eyes watering with jizz, his nose running with sperm. His sex drive had taken control of his body. He felt cum run through his veins. He needed to cum! He needed to cum!

“I need to cum!” he yelled just before Quint’s foot connected with his testicles, ramming them into his body.
Quint smashed Rocco’s nuts as hard as he could, kicking his balls again and again and again.

“Come on”, Rocco yelled hoarsely. “Kick me harder!”

Troy watched as Quint kicked Rocco’s balls with the force and the energy of a football player, leisurely stroking his erection.

“I need to cum!” Rocco shouted. Through his clenched eyes, he spotted Troy’s baseball bat leaning against the locker. He pointed at it. “Try that!”

Troy grinned. “Good idea”, he said, grabbed the bat and weighed it in his hand.

When Quint was out of breath, Troy took over and lined up the bat with Rocco’s flaming red nutsack.

“Hit ‘em out of the park!” Rocco grunted. “Fucking make me cum!”

Troy swung the baseball bat into Rocco’s balls as if he was trying to score a home run.

Rocco let out an agonized grunt through his clenched teeth. “Fuck yeah!” This worked even better than the kicks.

The baseball bat connected with Rocco’s fat meatballs again and again, ramming them into his body and flattening them like a pair of sweet, succulent pancakes.

Rocco let out grunts and groans of pain, his eyes clenched shut, gritting his teeth, his voice getting hoarser and hoarser with every ballbashing blow from the bat.

After a couple of dozen hits, Troy handed the bat to Quint who continued bashing Rocco’s balls as hard as he could.

Rocco was groaning and grunting, yelling in pain and egging Quint on. He wasn’t going to give up until he shot his load! “Hit them harder! Harder! Fucking make me cum!”

Quint gladly obliged. Actually, he didn’t need any additional incentive. The sight of Rocco’s nuts getting bashed out of shape was enough for him to go harder and harder. In fact, he had a raging hardon, just like Troy. In Quint’s mind, he pictured Rocco’s meaty testicles inside their sack, being smashed back and forth and up and down, slowly changing their shape until the two big, juicy orbs were dented and lumpy like two big deformed potatoes.

“Spuds!” Quint shouted.

“Out of the way!” Troy shouted suddenly.

Quint turned around, a surprised expression on his face, and was met with a fast-travelling ball from the pitching machine right in his naked balls that dangled completely exposed below his hard dick.

“Sorry, buddy”, Troy laughed. “Wrong nuts.”

Quint let out a gurgling grunt and doubled over

“Is the speed alright?” Troy grinned.

Quint looked up, grimacing in pain, and gave his buddy a thumbs up gesture.

“Great”, Troy chuckled.

Quint stumbled to the side just in time to avoid getting hit by the next ball. It found the way to its intended target, crashing into Rocco’s dangling, red nutsack with a meaty smack and eliciting an anguished howl from the muscular stud.

Troy was laughing his ass off. “Yeah, good one!” he shouted. “Oooooh, that looked painful… Do you feel it in your nuts, buddy?”

Quint was rubbing his aching balls, chuckling as ball after ball smashed into Rocco’s groin.

“I--- oofff! I don’t think--- oofff! ! I don’t think it’s--- oofff! I don’t think it’s working! Oofff! The bat was better! Oofff!” Rocco groaned, interrupted a couple of times by the balls that slammed into his testicles. All the groaning and grunting and yelling and moaning had turned his full, deep voice into a hoarse, throaty croak.

Troy grinned at Quint. “I think it’s time for the cattle prod…”

Ball after ball smashed into Rocco’s nuts while Quint fetched the prod from his gym bag.

He gave it to Troy who switched the pitching machine off.

Rocco doubled over, groaning in pain. His throat was raw and sore nads felt like someone had lit them on fire. But he hadn’t cum yet! “Bash them with the bat again”, he croaked, his voice cracking. “Come on! Fucking make me cum!”

“We got something even better”, Troy grinned and held up the cattle prod. “That will definitely jump start your nuts. If you don’t cum from this baby here, you’ll probably never cum again.”

Rocco looked at the rusty tool. It was slim and long. His last hope. “Go for it!” he grunted hoarsely, spreading his legs.

Troy grinned. “Left one or right one?”

“Just fucking jump-start them”, Rocco muttered.

Troy pressed the two sharp, pointy electrodes into Rocco’s fleshy right testicle. This was the moment he had been waiting for. The kicks and the bat and the pitching machine – all of that had just been foreplay. Troy was pretty sure that Rocco was sterile after what his balls had endured. But that wasn’t enough. Now he was going to really cook Rocco’s balls. Not just boil them in water. No, he was going to cook them until they were done. He was going to obliterate every last bit of live sperm in Rocco’s system. Roast them until they were dead forever. Every sperm cell was going to die.

“What are you waiting for?” Rocco grunted. “Fucking make me cum!”

Troy smiled at him. He hated him. All those years he had watched him in the locker room, strutting his stuff as if he was something special. That big, fat fucking cock. Those big, fat fucking balls. Larger than life. Humiliating. He was going to ruin them, once and for all.

“Come on, make me cum!” Rocco croaked.

Troy’s smile froze. Maybe he should say something appropriate, like “Say goodbye to your sex life.” or “I hope you like roasted nuts.” or “You fucking bastard, your time as a super-stud is over, once and for all! I’ve never liked you, you stupid fucking shit! I hate you and your fucking huge dick and you fucking huge balls! I hate you! Hate you! Hate you! And now I’m going to cook your balls until they are fucking ruined!”
“What  are you waiting for?” Rocco said impatiently. “Make me cum, man!”

Troy pressed the button.


Nothing happened.

He pressed it again.


Troy let out an angry grunt. “Fuck!”

“Oh, come on!” Rocco groaned.

Troy pressed the button again and again and again.

Click. Click. Click.

Troy couldn’t believe it. He turned around to Quint, his face contorted in rage. “That fucking doesn’t work!”

Quint raised his eyebrows. “It works.”

“No it doesn’t”, Troy barked and poked it into the meaty shaft of his buddy’s hard dick before pressing the button again.

This time it worked.

Quint let out an anguished yelp as the electricity flowed through his dick, instantly turning his massive boner into a limp noodle. He fell to his knees, grabbing his crotch and howling in pain.

Rocco stared at him.

“It works”, Troy mumbled, turned around and put the prod on Rocco’s right nut.

He pressed the button, a mean grin on his face as the electricity started flowing through Rocco’s nuts.
Rocco’s eyes opened wide and his mouth opened to let out a croaky, guttural gurgle. He felt like he was screaming from the top of his lungs but his throat was so tight and sore that only a strange, strangled, hoarse groan came out. He felt the sharp, fiery pain in his balls, a kind of pain he’d never felt before, cutting through his nerves and making him want to rip off his testicles.

Troy kept his finger on the button and turned his attention to Rocco’s left nut. It was hanging slightly lower than the right one, and it was just as swollen and bloated. With a satisfied grin, Troy noticed steam rising from both of Rocco’s balls. He went back and forth between Rocco’s nuts, cooking them both with the cattle prod, shocking their very core and eliminating every last bit of cum. His dick was throbbing with excitement, leaking drops of precum onto the floor.

Quint watched him, clutching his aching dick. You couldn’t beat that old technology. No safety switch, not automatic shut-down after a while. Pure, electric heat.

Troy continued cooking Rocco’s nuts, making sure to give equal attention to both of the huge, heated testicles, while slowly jerking his own dick. Rocco was never going to cum again. But Troy was. And he was going to shower Rocco in it.

Through the unbelievable, red, hot pain, Rocco felt an oddly familiar feeling rise in his loins. Something he hadn’t felt in a long time.

“Holy fuck!” Rocco yelled, his face a mask of pain. “I can feel it rising!”

Troy’s raised his eyebrows. What? Rocco’s dick wasn’t even hard. He pressed the electrodes of the cattle prod deeper into Rocco’s boiling nuts. They were literally steaming like two freshly cooked, piping hot meatballs. His cum had to be hot like lava. There could not be a living sperm cell left in those huge, battered, steaming hot spuds.

Troy’s own dick was hard as a rock and leaking precum as he watched Rocco fall down on his knees.

“Holy fuck!” Rocco yelled hoarsely. “I’m cumming!”
A grin spread on Troy’s face. He switched off the cattle prod let his arm sink.

Rocco was down on all fours, arching his back like a lion in heat. “Yes!” he grunted. “Oh, fuck, yes!” How he had missed that feeling! He felt as if an old, rusty engine was finally starting up after having been out of order for years. He began to thrust his hips. “Fuck, yes! I’m cumming!” Rocco groaned, his arms and legs shaking. “You guys better step back!”

Quint and Troy watched him, amused expressions on their faces. Quint had regained his erection, and both of them were stroking their cocks as Rocco, on his hands and knees, fucked the air in front of them.

“Here it comes!” Rocco shouted. "I'm gonna flood the whole room, you guys!" Finally, he was going to shoot his load again. Finally, he was back to being a super-stud! Finally!

Rocco looked between his legs, expecting a huge spurt of cream to shoot out of his proud, rock-hard cock. Instead, he saw a long, steady stream of warm, soupy fluid run out of his limp dick and form a steaming puddle on the ground between his knees.

“What the fuck?” he mumbled, staring at his leaking, limp dick with a look of confusion and disappointment on his face. His dick wasn't even hard. Was cumming with a limp dick even possible?

Then suddenly, that awesome, familiar feeling turned into painful, gut-wrenching cramps. Rocco let out a long, wheezing groan, throwing his head back, while his aching balls seemed to speed up production. His dick was emptying the contents of his balls like a faucet!

“What the fuck?!” Rocco repeated.

“Wow, looks like you’re finally cumming”, Troy grinned, slowly jerking his own dick. Troy was sure Rocco's nuts were fried through. They had to be fried. They had to be. Whatever was left in those once mighty, huge gonads was trying to get out in one last stab at impregnating a female, only to spill messily onto the cold tiles in the locker room.

Quint whistled in admiration, and took a step away from the increasingly large puddle of runny jizz inching toward his bare feet.

Rocco's pain clouded mind raced to make sense of this. His balls felt like they were on fire. And his stomach was in knots. Any good feelings were gone completely, and yet his dick was still splashing out jizz. So. Much. Jizz.

Troy laughed. "Man Rocco! This has got to be some kind of record!"

Rocco couldn't really hear Troy. His mind was focused entirely on the pain in his nuts. He was cumming so hard, he was worried they might cave in. Could that actually happen?

Finally, thankfully, the cramps began to subside, and the steady stream of jizz became short, irregular splats. Rocco let out another long, low groan, and involuntarily thrust his hips. His hairy ass clenching as the last dribbles of hot, runny cum spurt from his long, floppy dick.

“Holy fuck”, Rocco gasped, barely able to stay upright on his hands and knees. "That was... not great."

He looked up at Troy and Quint, a confused expression on his face. Troy and Quint were smiling. Had they been successful? Did they jump-start his balls? He looked down between his thighs and stared at the large puddle of steaming liquid between his knees. Wow. That puddle was large. He was a super-stud!

Rocco smiled weakly, and opened his mouth to say something when he felt another “orgasm” begin to build. He groaned through clenched teeth as the cramps kicked in, and his dick released another stream of hot jizz.

“Fuck me”, Troy chuckled. “Here he goes again…”

"Shit! Not again!" Rocco muttered. Rocco’s body cramped and shook as his dick released a another stream of watery jizz, splashing even more liquid onto the floor, and showing no sign of stopping.

“I really ruined his balls”, Troy whispered before his own orgasm hit him. In sharp contrast to Rocco’s pathetic climax, Troy’s orgasm was wonderful. Thick, heavy spurts of cum splattered down onto Rocco’s sweaty body, covering his naked, shivering back in creamy jizz.

Quint glanced at Troy and came, too, adding his own salty semen to the mix of sweat and spunk on Rocco’s body.

While Troy was enjoying one of the best orgasms of his life, Rocco’s body was writhing and bucking in agony. Rocco’s vision was blurred and he was screaming hoarsely while his dick let go of a stream of hot, watery goo.

This time his nuts were hurting like never before, like a million hot needles were stabbing them, again and again. And with every fresh wave of hot cum, his urethra felt as if it was being burned straight through. Rocco wasn't sure he could take this much longer.

Troy wiped his cum covered hand on Quint's shoulder, and kneeled down to peer beneath Rocco. The jizz leaking from Rocco's stupid dick was almost clear. There probably wasn't a bit of live sperm left in the dumb stud's body.

Troy smiled. He slapped Rocco on the ass, and stood up. "Looks like we did it Rocco!"
The pain was subsiding once more, as was the stream of cum, and Rocco managed to look up at Troy and Quint again.

“Jeez. You really needed to cum, huh?” Troy smirked. “Do you feel better now?”

Rocco blinked. Did he? Not really. This wasn’t exactly what he had expected. Frankly, this was pretty disappointing. Kinda lame. It had felt good in the beginning, but then it had been painful. Extremely painful. His cock and his balls were aching like hell.

“He’s so happy he can’t even speak”, Troy grinned at Quint before leaning forward and smiling at Rocco. “Hey, buddy, do we at least get a ‘thank you’?”

Rocco croaked something inaudible. Then the pain hit again.

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