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Sexy Santa and his nutcrunching elves: Great big balls of Christmas Magic

Special thanks to my friend bbmal who came up with the plot and helped me write this story. Merry Christmas, bbmal, you are wonderful! :-))

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Warning: Can contain traces of egg nog.

The muscular man was almost invisible in soft evening light that surrounded the North Pole. He was tall and handsome, standing the snow buck naked. The skin that covered his muscular body was light blue. He had been standing there for more than an hour, motionless, half a mile away from the house. If someone had seen him, they would have thought he was a frozen corpse.

He wasn’t.

Through the windows of the house he saw the warm light in the parlor where the elves were singing and dancing and having fun. And in the bedroom where Santa prepared to go to sleep after a hard day’s work.

The work was done, the temps had left the North Pole. Now it was just Santa and a dozen of the senior elves.

Suddenly there was a movement in the bedroom window. Santa stepped to the window and looked outside, oblivious to the fact that he was being watched.

When he looked at the man in the window, there was nothing that reminded the watcher of the chain-smoking, ugly, old slob with a fuzzy white beard, greasy hair and a pot belly who had retiredsome time ago after his second heart-attack.

This man was a young, fit, formidable stud with brown hair and a handsome face, a friendly smile and beautiful eyes. He looked like a prince from a fairy tale. No, that didn’t cover it. He looked like a gay man’s fantasy of a prince from a fairy tale. Nico. Sexy Santa. What a stud.

The man sighed. His cold fingers clenched into fists.

Nico looked so happy, so friendly, so warm. He had brought joy and happiness to millions and millions of people, and the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment seemed to radiate from his perfect body.

The watcher’s cold heart started pumping faster.

He wanted to be warm and happy like Santa was. He wanted to feel like Santa felt. He wanted to be like Santa.

He wanted Santa’s Christmas Magic.

And he knew exactly how to get it.


Inside the house, the petite blond elves had just finished singing the two hundred fifty-second verse of “Jingle Balls”, the one where Rudolph’s bulbous red testicles were punched into oblivion.

Theodore opened his mouth to start singing the two hundred fifty-third verse. It was his favorite. But before a sound came out of his mouth, Jonathan interrupted him.

“It’s time to make Santa’s egg nog!” Timothy said in a festive voice, his face brimming with excitement.

The rest of the elves cheered and formed a circle around Santa’s favorite cup. They reached into their felt pants, pulled out their dicks and started jerking them.

“Don’t you just love making egg nog?” Theodore sighed, fondling his pink, plump balls while he was stroking his dick.

The rest of the slender elves sighed in agreement.

This was their favorite part of work. Every night, they brought him a big cup of their own special egg nog. It made sure that Santa stayed as sexy and young as he was, and even though Nico probably didn’t know about it, he had become used to his daily dose of steaming, warm egg nog. Right now, he was probably lying in his bed, waiting for it.

“Speed up!” Benjamin yelled with a laugh.

Suddenly, Timothy noticed that something was wrong. “Wait a minute – what’s---“

He was interrupted by the sound of the door smashing open.

The elves turned their heads, their dicks hanging out of their pants.

They knew the man who was standing in the door frame. Their eyes wandered collectively from his handsome face down to his muscular chest and defined abs until they settled on his incredibly huge cock and his massive pair of low-hangers that dangled below.

“Oh no!” Theodore shrieked, bursting into a flood of tears. “Oh no!”

 “Jack Frost”, Timothy whispered.

“That’s right, it’s me, Jack Frost! Winter's coming, and it's going to be a cold Christmas!” the man said, laughing maniacally. “I am here to claim the Christmas Magic from it's very source!”

The elves gasped as a brisk chill filled the air.

Jack laughed again.

Theodore’s cried out, tears running down his pretty little face.

“You know about the Christmas Magic?” Timothy said in a toneless voice.

Theodore let out a whimper.

Timothy swallowed. “But how---“

Jack looked at the elves with a piercing gaze and chuckled.  "I've stood by and watched you pathetic sprites frolic and spread cheer for far too long. Well, no longer! The Magic of Christmas shall be mine, even if I have to drain it out of every last one of you."  His eyes lowered and focused on Jonathan's dangling ball sack and grinned.  "Time to put the quash on Christmas!"

“We’re doomed!” Theodore cried. “Doomed!”

“Get Santa!” Benjamin yelled. “He’ll---“

Before Benjamin was able to finish his sentence, Jack had lifted his hands, filling the room with an icy breeze that immediately froze the elves in place, engulfing their little feet in chunks of ice.

“Oh no!” Theodore croaked, his slender body shivering.

“Santa”, Timothy said hoarsely, his teeth chattering, unable to raise his voice. “Santa.”

“Santa won’t help you”, Jack chuckled and walked across the room.

The little blond elves were shivering and shuddering.

Jack reached into a cupboard and produced a big crystal vial. “I guess that’ll do.” He turned around and looked at the elves.

The petite blonds were shivering with cold and fear, their felt pants around their ankles, their hard dicks pointing at the ceiling, their plump pink ballsacks dangling vulnerably below.

Jack smirked and approached Timothy, the head elf, kneeling down in front of him and grabbing his fat little elf balls with his cold hand.

Timothy inhaled sharply.

“Got cold feet?” Jack quipped before bursting out with laughter. He placed the vial on the ground and started jerking Timothy’s dick while squeezing and kneading his plump testicles.

It didn’t take long before Timothy let out a deep groan and shot a big, juicy load into the vial.

“Two down, twenty-two to go”, Jack chuckled, turning to Jonathan.

He reared back and sent his foot crashing between Jonathan's spread legs, smashing the elf's balls like a pair of silver dollar pancakes.

Jonathan made a funny noise and his eyes crossed slightly.
Theodore giggled.  "Uh oh, looks like Jonathan took that one square in the gum drops!"

Benjamin looked at him. “Do you think that’s funny?” he hissed.

Theodore blushed. “I can’t help it”, he whispered. “Seeing someone get kicked in the sugar plums is just so funny!”

“Wait till he kicks your plums”, Benjamin whispered, causing Theodore to burst out in tears again.

Again and again Jack kicked Jonathan’s nuts, causing him to shriek and squeal. Finally, his eyes rolled back into his head as Jack delivered the twenty-fifth hard, nut-crunching kick, his frost covered toes drilling into Jonathan’s warm, fleshy globes, making his cock erupt with a fresh batch of sweet frosting that went right into the vial. 

“Now it’s your turn”, Jack said menacingly, taking his position in front of Theodore who was silently sobbing. “Let’s see if we can squash your plum dumplings and extract the sweet filling…” Jack looked him in the eyes and grinned. He flicked his finger into Theodore’s nuts, causing him to let out a high-pitched wail.

Again and again he flicked Theodore’s nuts until Theodore’s dick erupted with a massive load of cream that found its way into Jack’s vial.

Next up was Benjamin, and then all of the other elves. One by one, Jack drained the elves’ nuts, slowly but steadily filling the vial with magic elf spunk.

When he had drained all of them of their loads, he looked at Timothy and grinned. “Ready for round two?”

The elves groaned in unison as Jack started getting another load out of Timothy’s precious, sore balls.

After the second round came the third round, and after the third round came the fourth.

When Jack had finished the fifth round, the elves were spent and exhausted, their bodies shivering and cold and pale.

The vial was almost completely filled.

“Have mercy”, Timothy croaked. Like the other elves’ testicles, his once plump, pink balls had shriveled almost to the size of raisins and turned slightly blue.

“Mercy”, Benjamin chimed in. “Please let us go.”

Jack let out a vicious laugh. “I won’t leave until I have collected all the Christmas Magic!”

“No!” Theodore cried out, his voice cracking with exhaustion and hysteria. “No! Don’t take it all! Don’t take it all! Please don’t touch Santa!”

The other elves turned their heads, staring at Theodore in disbelief.

“Theodore!” Benjamin hissed.

“What did I say?” Theodore whimpered. Then he realized his mistake. “Oh nooo!” he wailed, breaking into tears.

Jack looked at him, his eyes lighting up. “Of course! How else would it be? You have fed him your spunk for weeks and months and years! The biggest reservoir of Christmas Magic is dangling right between Sexy Santa’s muscular thighs!”

He grabbed the vial, careful not to spill a drop, and headed for the door, leaving behind the hapless, freezing, crying elves. “It’s time to get working on a bigger pair of snow globes…”


Santa was lying on his bed, listening to a tune from the Christmas Rock Collection on his iPod, slowly humming “Driving home for Christmas” while flicking through the “North Pole Daily News”. The comic strip made him chuckle.

He looked at his watch and raised his eyebrows. The elves were late tonight. His egg nog had been due half an hour ago.

He looked at the fireplace. The fire that heated up the room was almost out.

He sat up, put the newspaper away and took out the earplugs.

Then he heard it. Little whimpers and moans and groans and--- Was that the sound of little teeth chattering?

What was going on?

He got up and walked towards the door, stark naked. His tanned body was still nice and warm from the cozy bed.

Suddenly, the door burst open and a cold breeze filled the room.

Nico shuddered and his balls instantly pulled up in their sack.

Jack stood in the door frame. “Santa”, he growled.

The two men stood opposite each other. Both had perfect bodies with muscles in all the right places, and between their thighs dangled big, fat dicks and well-filled, low-hanging ballsacks. But that’s where the similarities ended: Where Nico’s body was warm and tanned, Jack’s body was cold and pale blue.

“I’m here for the Christmas Magic”, Jack said menacingly, his eyes lowering until they rested on Nico’s oversized manhood. “I’ve taken care of your little helpers’ chestnuts. Now it’s time to crush the big ones.”

Nico’s eyes narrowed, spotting the spunk-filled vial. “That’s my eggnog!”

“Guess what, now it’s mine!” Jack chuckled. “And now I’m going for your eggs!”

“Over my cold, dead body”, Nico hissed.

Jack shrugged, grinning. “Whatever you say.”

He put the vial on the ground to free his hands for the final confrontation.

Nico seized his chance and lunged at Jack, punching his cold, muscular back.

Jack groaned and sank to his knees.

Nico followed up with a hard punch right in Jack’s face, sending him flying back against the door frame.

Jack let out an annoyed grunt and grabbed his face with both of his hands. “Is that all you got?” he said hoarsely, looking up at Nico.

Nico inhaled deeply. “Not by a long shot!” He lifted his foot and stomped down on Jack’s big, blue balls.

The sound of ice cracking echoed through the room and Jack’s eyes crossed comically. “Ugh”, he moaned. “Right in the snow balls.”

Nico lifted his foot again but before he had a chance to stomp Jack’s nut once more, Jack’s fist shot up, hitting the muscular hunk right in the nuts, squashing both of them into his body and knocking the air out of Nico’s lungs.

The handsome stud let out a strangled moan and stumbled backwards.

Jack got up and went after him, ramming his shoulder into his groin and slamming into the wall.

Nico wailed in pain.

Jack wrapped his cold fingers around Nico’s ballsack, trapping the two tender nuggets at the bottom of his sack before sending his fist smashing into the sensitive spuds again and again.

Nico’s eyes watered and he screamed from the top of his lungs.

His dick started twitching. It slowly fattened and rose with every punch, until it was hard as a rock.

Jack continued punching Nico’s nuts with all the force he could muster, watching Nico’s dick rise with a satisfied grin.

Nico was groaning and moaning as his nuts were pounded mercilessly, until his eyes rolled back into his head and his body went limp – except for his rock-hard dick that stood proudly, pointing at the ceiling.

Jack chuckled. He touched Nico’s wrists and ankles, freezing them to the wall so poor Sexy Santa’s legs were spread wide apart.

Jack ran his icy fingers over Nico’s naked body until they closed in on Nico’s dangling ballsack. Jack fondled the heavy ballbag, licking his lips, his eyes lighting up. “This is it”, he whispered to himself. “This is it.”

Nico’s balls looked like they were filled to the brim with Christmas Magic. In fact, it seemed like they were overflowing. A thin thread of clear, sticky fluid was leaking out his huge, hard dick.

Jack swallowed hard. He grabbed Nico’s round, warm balls with one hand. He could almost feel the Magic boil inside, hot and tasty, delicious and so wonderfully warm.

Jack ran the tip of the index finger of his free hand over the glistening head of Nico’s dick. He brought the finger to his nose.

That smell.

Jack closed his eyes and brought the finger to his lips. He licked Santa’s spunk off and felt the warmth inside him. It was just a tiny little drop but he could feel it running down his throat and filling his stomach with a warm, comfy glow.

He inhaled deeply and opened his eyes.

“This is it”, he repeated, his voice trembling with excitement. He had waited for this moment all his life. Finally feeling warm. Finally.

He bit his lower lip and glanced at the vial that was standing near the door where he had left it.

“Oh, what the hell”, he mumbled before wrapping his lips around Santa’s big, fat pole, taking it as deep inside his throat as he could. At the same time, he wrapped both of his hands around Nico’s fat danglers and squeezed hard.

Nico let out a low groan.

Jack started bobbing his head back and forth, giving Nico the coldest blowjob of his life while squishing and squashing his tender testicles as hard as he could, digging his icy fingers into the soft flesh of Nico’s warm, meaty balls.

It didn’t take long until the first delicious batch of Christmas Magic flowed down Jack’s throat. It was incredible, mind-blowing. It was unlike everything he had ever felt. Jack gulped it down hungrily, swallowing every little drop and sucking hard on Nico’s dick until he was sure that there was nothing left inside his shaft.

Jack leaned back, closing his eyes, letting Nico’s dick slip ot of his mouth and slap against his stomach.

He felt dizzy, dazed and intoxicated. He felt warm. Warm!

Jack opened his eyes and looked at Santa. He didn’t notice the little lines that started showing on Nico’s once immaculate skin. He didn’t notice the streak of grey hair on Nico’s head or the slight white stubble that started building on his chin. He didn’t notice that Nico’s stomach didn’t seem as flat and muscular as before. He just saw Nico’s big, round balls and all the Magic that was waiting for him.

Nico looked down at Jack, unable to move and grimacing in pain. “Stop”, he whispered huskily. “Please stop.”

But Jack didn’t hear him. All he could hear was the sweet, infatuating sound of Santa’s spunk sloshing around in those magnificent, big Christmas balls.

Jack licked his lips and grabbed Nico’s balls again, making him grunt in pain. “God, they are so full”, Jack whispered. “But not for much longer!” He started squishing and squeezing and twisting Nico’s balls, engulfing his fat, chubby dick and sucking eagerly, making Nico moan and groan in agony.

The second load took a little longer, but eventually Jack was rewarded with another potent load of creamy, salty jizz that he swallowed eagerly before starting to work on the third load right away.

He kneaded and twisted Nico’s nuts, squeezing as hard as he could, driving his thumbs into the soft center of his precious babymakers and eliciting anguished screams from Nico’s mouth.

The third load tasted even better than the two before it, rich and salty and fresh.

The fourth load was slightly smaller than the others, so Jack squeezed harder and more forceful when he started coaxing a fifth one out of Nico’s swollen nuts.

After he had gulped it down, he took a moment to catch his breath, kneeling in front of Nico, his hands on his knees, his eyes closed, facing down.

He felt better than he had ever felt. He felt heat radiating through his body, a kind of warmth that he had never experienced before.

When he opened his eyes, he was blinded by a warm, white light.

He squinted, trying to locate it. Then he saw it: His balls were shimmering brightly, like a pair of lit up snow globes. They contrasted with his pale, cool, bluish skin. He held them in his hands, admiring them for a moment.

“Do you see that?” he whispered. “Can you see that?” He looked up at Nico. “Santa, can you---“ He didn’t finish the sentence, staring at the man hanging from the wall.

Nico’s hair had gone completely white, and he had grown a big, fuzzy white beard. His face had grown fat and rosy. His muscular body had transformed. His defined eight-back abs had turned into a big, fat pot belly that threatened to crush the shriveled dick and the wrinkly old sack of nuts below. There was nothing sexy about Santa anymore, except for a flirting glow in his young eyes. The magic had almost completely gone.

Jack’s eyes widened, his mouth gaping open. He quickly reached for Santa’s withered dick, desperate to drain the very last drop of Santa’s spunk from his balls.

Santa let out a hoarse, throaty groan. “Please”, he whispered, his voice cracking. “Please.”

Jack ignored him, letting go of his dick and balling his fists before sending them crashing into Nico’s balls, punching them again and again at a rapid pace as if he was working a speed bag. Nico’s low-hanging nuts smacked back and forth between his thighs as Jack wreaked havoc on them.

Nico cried out in pain, closing his eyes, as he felt his final load build in his tormented balls. “Stop, please, stop!” Nico screamed.

But Jack didn’t hear him, completely focused on that last batch of Christmas magic, his lips closing around Nico’s dick while he was mercilessly punching his balls.

No, Jack didn’t hear him. In fact, he didn’t hear anything. He didn’t hear his fists smashing into Santa’s balls. He didn’t hear the little feet scurrying into the room. He didn’t hear the shocked scream of the little person that was standing right behind him.


After Jack had left the elves the common room, spent and freezing, unable to move, groaning and moaning, they had heard the sounds of the fight in Santa’s bedroom.

“Oh no!” Theodore cried out, tears running down his cute, pale face. “Oh noooo! He’ll steal it all! He’ll steal the Christmas Magic!”

“Stop crying, you little whimp!” Benjamin hissed. “It was you who gave him the idea in the first place!”

Theodore threw his head back, crying bitterly, tears flying from his face.

“Stop crying!” Benjamin yelled hoarsely. “Stop---“

“Wait”, Timothy said slowly. He turned to Theodore and looked him in the eyes. “Don’t stop crying, Theodore!”

Theodore blinked. “What--- Now I’m confused”, he mumbled.

“Don’t stop, Theodore”, Timothy repeated. “In fact, cry harder!” He pointed at Theodore’s feet that were engulfed in ice. “Your tears will make the ice melt, they’ll free you and we might have a chance to save Santa!”

Theodore bit his lower lip. “I can’t cry on demand like that”, he muttered.

Benjamin rolled his eyes. “You gotta be kidding me”, he growled. With all the force he could muster, he moved his hand and smacked poor Theodore right in his recently drained, sore balls.

Theodore let out an agonized shriek before bursting into tears that rained down onto the floor.

“Nice work, Benjamin”, Timothy dead-panned.

“Make him cry harder!” Benjamin shouted.

It was hard for the elves to move their frozen bodies, but somehow they managed to grab what was within their reach and hurl it at Theodore’s exposed ballsack.

Cups and spoons and books and slippers found their way into Theodore’s groin, making the poor elf cry like he had never cried before.

His tears ran down his body and covered the icy gyves around his feet until, finally, he was able to move his toes again. Soon after, he was able to lift his right foot, then his left.

The elves erupted in cheers.

Theodore stumbled forwards, landing on his knees, cupping his crotch. “That was mean”, he grimaced.

“But it worked!” Benjamin yelled happily.

“Now free us!” Timothy said.

Theodore grabbed a piece of wood and held it into the embers in the fireplace, creating a little torch and bringing it close to Timothy’s frozen right foot. When the ice had melted, he did the same with his left foot.

“Thank you!” Timothy said, stretching his limbs and moving his toes.

Theodore moved to Benjamin. He hesitated for a moment, then he held the torch against Benjamin’s nuts.

Benjamin yelled in pain.

“That’s because you were mean”, Theodore giggled. He winked at Benjamin and held the torch to his feet before stating to sing a jolly song.

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,
Jack Frost nipping on your boss,
Yuletide carols…“

The rest of the elves chimed in, filling the room with their angelic voices.

Timothy rolled his eyes and hurried out the room, leaving his singing little friends behind. The sound of their voices echoed through the house as Timothy headed for Santa’s bedroom, running as fast as he could, hoping desperately that it wasn’t too late.

The door was open, and Timothy shuddered when he sensed the frosty chill that was coming out of the room.

He peeked into Santa’s bedroom and let out a gasp. What had happened to Santa?! The once handsome, muscular stud looked like one of those phony, fat, old guys creeping out children in a mall!

Jack Frost was kneeling in front of him, punching poor Nico’s nuts like a madman.

And between Jack’s thighs, Timothy saw his big, round balls, shining brightly, brimming with Christmas Magic!

“Nooooooo!” Timothy screamed, running towards Jack as fast as he could and kicking him right between his spread legs, smashing his foot into his brightly shining balls and making him gag on Nico’s dick before slumping to the ground.

“My balls!” Jack wailed in agony, rolling onto his ball and clutching his nuts.

Timothy’s head was red with rage. “Look what you did to Santa!” he squealed before lunging at Jack and prying his hands away from his genitals. “Look what you did to him!” he screamed, slamming his little hands into Jack’s nuts, crunching them into his body.

Jack tried to throw Timothy off, but the little elf was too nimble and agile, sneaking his hands between Jack’s thighs and crushing his huge twin orbs with all the force he could muster.

Jack tried to crawl away, but Timothy sent a devastating kick between his thighs, causing him to let out a shrill shriek and collapse on the ground, rolling onto his back, kicking his legs and writhing in agony.

Then the rest of the elves entered the room. Half of them took care of Nico, melting the ice that was pinning him to the wall. The rest of them helped Timothy fight Jack.

Benjamin and another elf sat on his arms, Theodore sat on Jack’s face, and Jonathan and another elf grabbed Jack’s ankles and spread them wide apart.

Timothy lifted his foot before driving his heel into Jack’s nuts and flattening them into the wooden floor.

Jack let out an anguished, muffled squeal, but Timothy just sent his heel down once more, twisting his foot and crushing Jack’s nuts underneath his sole, grinding his spuds against the shiny hard wood floor.

Suddenly, the sound of ice cracking filled the room.

All went silent.

“Huh”, Timothy mumbled. He shifted his weight, testing the weight of his foot on Jack's trapped orbs.

Another loud crack echoed through the room.

Theodore giggled and turned around to get a better view at what was happening, lifting his ass just in time to allow Jack to watch Timothy lift his foot high up into the air.

“No”, Jack whispered.

Timothy stomped his foot down one last time, smashing Jack’s nuts like a pair of cheap Christmas ornaments.

The sound of his nuts cracking made the elves cringe in sympathy.

Jack wailed from the top of his lungs. Suddenly, his entire body was enveloped by the bright white light that once resided within his balls.

Shocked, the elves backed away from his body.

The light intensified, growing brighter and brighter, making everybody in the room avert their eyes.

There was a high-pitched noise and loud, roaring thunder.

And then it was gone. The sound stopped. The light had suddenly disappeared. And there was left of Jack Frost but a chilled breeze.

Timothy looked at Santa. “Quick, bring him to the bed.”

It took eleven elves to carry the heavy, fat, old man and shove him into his bed.

Theodore watched them, crying softly. “He looks ghastly”, he sobbed. “Ghastly…”

The elves tucked Nico in, covering his fat body with the bed sheet in silence.

Nico groaned and looked at his old, wrinkly hands. “Oh my god”, he croaked.

“Everything will be fine”, Timothy whispered, although he couldn’t believe his own words.

“Oh my god”, Nico repeated, closing his eyes, his head sinking back into the pillow.

Timothy bit his lower lip and looked away. He couldn’t look at Nico. Then his eyes fell on the large crystal vial that was standing next to the door where Jack had left it. It was glimmering with hundreds of loads of elf spunk.

Timothy’s eyes lit up.

He quickly fetched the vial and hopped onto the bed. “Drink this”, he whispered softly, bringing the vial to Nico’s lips. “Drink all of it.”

Nico groaned and took a big gulp.

“Drink all of it, and everything will be fine”, Timothy whispered, running his hand through Nico’s white hair.

As soon as Nico had emptied the vial, his body began radiating light that started melting the extra weight and the signs of age away until Nico was restored to the studly specimen he had been before. 

The elves gasped, covering their mouths in disbelief.

Nico’s face was as young and handsome as ever.

They pulled the blanket away, revealing his perfect eight-pack abs, his muscular chest and his defined arms and legs.

And, believe it or not, his dick and balls were even bigger and fatter than before!

Timothy let out a sigh of relief. He turned to his friends and smiled. “Merry Christmas to each and every one of you!”


Carter said...

I would have preferred if Jack asked the elves to share some of the eggnog. Surely there's enough for everyone.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! This year, Nico needed all the eggnog to restore his Magic. Maybe next year the elves will get to drink some...

BBcrusher said...

Hey Alex thanks again, great BB story ;-)
I wonder Jack's big balls popped and he varnished ? All Nico's magic cum back to him? Well, Santa's big balls fantasy always made me hard hehehe.


Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, BBCrusher! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! I think that Jack is nursing his sore balls somewhere, and he is probably trying to come up with a new scheme to steal Nico's magic... Nico is back to his usual, glorious, supersexy self, and the elves are having a lot of fun with him... We'll see what they are up to next year... :-))