Tuesday, July 1, 2014

World Cup Testers: Argentina

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Zach (click for pictures)

Lionel Messi had a skeptical expression on his face. “I don’t know”, he said slowly. “I guess there was a misunderstanding. I thought you wanted me to kick some balls, you know, like, normal balls.”

The 27 year old Argentine looked helpless, searching for words. It was weird. Lionel Messi had who won countless prizes, an Olympic gold medal among them, and held the Guiness World Record for scoring 91 goals in a single year. And yet, he seemed like a regular guy who wasn’t sure what to do. A regular guy dressed in Argentina’s official colors: white shorts, a white jersey with light blue stripes, white socks and soccer cleats.

After meeting a couple of very confident soccer stars over the last few days, it was somehow refreshing to see that the greatest star of them all was the most down-to-earth person among them.

We were in Brazil at the FIFA World Cup, and we were on a mission to have the most famous soccer players use their skills to knock down the sperm count of our models. Young marketing consultant Kieran had devised a viral media campaign for BULL’S EYE protective cups, and this was our fourth day of shooting.

Kieran smiled at Lionel. “Don’t worry, it’s okay.” He pointed at Zach. “He’s a professional.”

Muscular superstud Zach grimaced. He was naked except for a jockstrap that had the BULL’S EYE logo on it. Not very surprisingly, the logo consisted of a large, bright red bull’s eye that was conveniently placed right at the front of the jockstrap’s pouch.

Apparently, we had brought the wrong size, because Zach’s oversized meat and potatoes barely fit into it. The pouch was bulging with its vulnerable contents, and his huge balls as well as his massive dick seemed to be in constant danger to leave their designated place and fall out.

“Right?” Kieran said, looking at Zach. “You’re a pro.”

Zach shrugged. The horsehung hunk had taken his fair share of nut-crunching kicks, knees and squeezes – but I wouldn’t exactly call him a pro. Those bull balls of his were particularly sensitive and prone to crack.

I had managed to convince the handsome blond 20 year old stud by showing him pictures of Brazil – and I was pretty sure that one picture in particular, showing three superhot Brazilian girls in skimpy bikinis had closed the deal. Zach’s brain was reliably very susceptible to letting his monster cock do the thinking.

“I guess I am”, Zach muttered. He looked down at his crotch, carefully adjusting his delicate goods.

“Alright”, Lionel said hesitantly.

“Nice”, Kieran smiled. “These are your lines.” He handed him a sheet of paper. “Make sure you kick him as hard as possible right in those fat nuts of his.”

Zach grimaced.

Lionel smiled shyly. “I’ll try.”

Kieran chuckled. “Well, they’re not that hard to miss, are they?”

Lionel laughed. “You’re right about that…”

“Just imagine you’re trying to score the winning goal for Argentina”, Kieran smiled.

Lionel rubbed his hands and chuckled. “That might work…”

“Alright”, Kieran chuckled and patted Lionel’s shoulder. “Turn his nuts into peanut butter.”

Lionel let out a laugh and looked at Zach. “You’re not planning on having children, are you?”

Zach opened his mouth.

“Well, even if he did”, Kieran said quickly, “you don’t want him to sire the boy who’ll grow up to be a soccer player and kick Argentina out of the World Cup in 2034, right?”

Lionel had an amused expression on his face. “So you are saying this is like a preemptive strike?”

“So to speak”, Kieran smiled.

Lionel chuckled. “For Argentina, then.”

“For Argentina”, Kieran grinned. He handed Lionel a BULL’S EYE hard plastic protective cup. “Let’s go.”

Lionel looked into the camera and smiled. “Hi, I’m Lionel Messi and I’m going to show you why you shouldn’t leave home without this.“ He held up the cup with the bright red bull’s eye on it. With a whimsical smile, he threw the cup back over his shoulder and it landed on the ground with a loud clank.

The soccer star turned around and faced Zach who looked anything but comfortable. His massive genitalia was stretching the fabric of the jockstrap to its limits. At the sides, I could see the skin of his hairless nutsack. His pubic hair showed above the waistband, and his absurdly oversized dick looked like a snake trying to sneak up underneath the waistband to see the light of day.

I knew that Lionel Messi was one the most confident goal-scorers in history, but nevertheless his confidence and accuracy amazed me. He drew his leg back, and with an elegant yet powerful punt he rammed Zach’s juicy plums into his body. His foot connected perfectly with both of Zach’s tender gonads and crunched them flat against his pelvis.

Zach’s eyes bulged and he let out a hoarse grunt as his babymakers were flattened like pancakes.

“Owwwwww”, he groaned, his knees folding inward as he closed his eyes and doubled over.

“Goal!” Lionel mused.

Apparently, he was getting into the groove.

It took a moment for Zach to recover. He grimaced and straightened, groaning and moaning, his muscles straining.

Lionel had done a god job at rearranging Zach’s privates. Zach’s right nut was on the verge of slipping out of the jockstrap, and the tip of his dick was peeking out above the waistband.

Lionel focused on his target and followed up with another hard, nut-crunching kick that landed right in the middle of the bull’s eye, smack in the middle of Zach’s sperm factory, driving Zach’s huge meat balls away from each other and to the sides.

Zach let out a miserable shriek and doubled over, his hands on his knees, his fingertips whitening as they gripped onto his legs.

The force of the star soccer player’s kick had caused Zach’s hefty plums to become wedged between the sides of the jockstrap and his thighs. The rims of the pouch cut into the flesh, the pressure creating what looked like a white middle line on Zach’s otherwise beet red balls. The additional room inside the pouch was filled by his meaty dick that visibly hardened and fattened. Its mushroom head was fully visible above the waistband, pressed against the top of his trimmed bush.

Lionel watched Zach’s crotch with amusement before taking a step back and throwing another hard, championship-winning kick between Zach’s muscular thighs. Being the star player that he is, he added a little spin, aiming for Zach’s ridiculously oversized left nut that was held firmly in place by the jockstrap.

Zach’s eyes opened wide as the tip of Lionel’s foot connected with his hapless testicle. His mouth opened in a silent scream as his pupils moved inward, giving his face a painfully funny look. The poor, smashed nut looked like it was throbbing as it slipped out of the jockstrap, the white line slowly disappearing and making the fat testicle assume a plain  and and Zach’s cock twitched and slipped up a bit, revealing an inch of his meaty shaft.

Lionel cringed in sympathy, grabbing his own equipment inside his loose shorts. From the look of things, Lionel was pretty well-endowed himself.

Naturally, Lionel didn’t like things half-done. What soccer player settles for one ball when there’s another one sitting right in front of you, waiting to be kicked into oblivion? Before Zach had a chance to come to his senses, Lionel slammed his foot into Zach’s captive right ball, scoring a perfect hit and squashing the delicate orb like a bug.

Just like its throbbing twin, the swollen right nut slipped out of the jockstrap. Slowly, the sheer weight of Zach’s massive organs made them slide down until they almost met at the bottom of Zach’s jock. The two meaty orbs looked like a disjointed pair of juicy, over-ripe plums hanging heavily from Zach’s jockstrap.

Zach’s dick was rock-hard and more than half of its shaft had freed itself from the confines of the jock. His hard, throbbing meat pointed at the ceiling, its tip glistening with precum, like the wet, awe-inspiring scepter of a mighty king.

Zach’s eyes fluttered and he let out a throaty gargle. His body was frozen in shock, every muscle in his body tense and tight. His mouth was gaping open, lower lip trembling.

Lionel stared at Zach’s crotch, his eyes sparkling with amusement and curiosity.

“Let’s see if we can score another goal”, Lionel mumbled and lined up to aim another kick at Zach’s exposed balls.

With the deadly accuracy of an experienced scorer, Lionel nailed Zach’s dangling nuggets dead-on. The tip of his foot smashed into Zach’s unprotected cherries, ramming them up into his body.

Zach’s huge cock twitched and pumped. His traumatized, swollen, red testicles contracted and pulled up to his body.

Zach’s eyes rolled back into his head and he let out a small whimper as the first jet of pearly white cum shot out of the tip of his massive dick. Held in place by the waistband of the jock, Zach’s supersized dick pointed at the ceiling and erupted like a geyser. Spurt after protein-laden spurt of thick, gooey cream shot up into the air, raining back down like a slimy shower on poor, helpless Zach who was frozen in place, whimpering and moaning.

Within seconds, Zach’s hair was drenched in his spunk which ran down his head, coating his sweaty face with a sticky layer of jizz.

Zach was gasping for air, his balls pumping load after load of his precious stud sauce into his cock which unloaded like fountain and sprayed his spunk everywhere.

Lionel watched him, a fascinated expression on his face, absentmindedly adjusting the highly visible hard-on in his loose shorts. “Wow”, he chuckled. “Unbelievable.”

Zach’s balls seemed bottomless as his cock let go of what looked like a gallon of prime stud cream.

Finally, Zach’s orgasm subsided and the shower stopped. Zach’s red, swollen balls were throbbing and the final drops of jizz oozed out of Zach’s dick and ran down his shaft, making it look like an overflowing candle.

Zach’s body was coated in spunk.

Finally, Zach’s knees gave and he sank to the ground.

“Fuck”, he whispered before cupping his spent, sore testicles and doubling over, his forehead touching the sticky, slimy ground and his naked ass sticking up in the air. He whimpered and moaned in pain, kneeling in a puddle of jizz.

Lionel Messi raised his eyebrows and looked into the camera. “I’m not sure if this is what happens every time you don’t wear a cup”, he said, grinning. “But anyway, you better wear a BULL’S EYE protective cup!”

Zach let out a miserable groan.

“Cut”, Kieran said. “Guys, that was perfect. Great work.”

“Thanks”, Lionel said. He squatted down next to Zach, trying to avoid stepping into his jizz. “Hey, man, that was a really big load you shot there…”

Zach whimpered.

“I bet you wanted to save it for some Brazilian hottie, huh?” Lionel said.

Zach groaned.

“Well, thanks for giving it to me”, Lionel chuckled. “That was awesome.”

Half an hour later we sat in the car, heading for our hotel. The car stank of Zach’s cum and we had opened all the windows to allow us to breathe.

Zach looked miserable. His blond hair was sticky and greasy and dried spunk was sprinkled all over his face.

Kieran was enthusiastic, going on and on and on about the great videos.

I grinned. Now all I needed was Germany winning the World Cup and my world would be perfect.


guy787970 said...

Very hot, like all Zach stories. I love how he can never go without cuming. That is definitely a staple of Zach's that we all love. Me personally though, I feel like there's never enough post-orgasms hits to his nuts. I would like to see him get busted before, during, and after he cums. But other than that, flawless story.

Alex said...

Thanks for your input! That post-orgasm idea is pretty hot - I'll try and use it in an upcoming story. Maybe he has multiple orgasms from getting busted? Well, I'll think about it...

BB_Daddy said...

lol I very much approved the multiple orgasms!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you like the story!

Anonymous said...

can you write a new story, but this time messi has
to be ballbusted?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm planning a new Special Guest Star story and I'll make sure to include Lionel Messi in the poll that will be up next month.