Thursday, October 3, 2013

Busted at the gym

Featured in this story: Ben and Kev (click for pictures)

Kev looked at his watch. The 20 year old jock was wearing sweat pants and a black t-shirt. He ran his hand through his brown hair and sat down on a bench in the locker room.

Five minutes later, his buddy Ben entered the locker room and sat down next to him. Just like Kev, he was 20 years old, and just like Kev, he was wearing sweat pants and a black t-shirt.

Kev was a bit taller than Ben, but except for that and Ben’s black hair-color, the two guys looked almost identical. They both had muscular arms and legs, handsome faces and a fit, trained body.

“Tell me again”, Kev said. “Why are we doing this?”

Ben shrugged. “I got a call from Danny. Apparently he knows a couple of people in the movie business, and these people pay us a good amount of money to deliver a message…”

Kev grinned. “Okay. But why did Danny come to you?”

Ben shrugged again. “I did a job for him and he thought that I would be interested.”

Kev nodded. Then he turned to his buddy and asked, “So the job went smoothly?”

Ben shifted uncomfortably. “Yeah, it did.”

Kev raised his eyebrows.

“It did”, Ben insisted.

Kev chuckled. “I bet you botched it and ended up crying on the ground in a pool of your own cum…”

Ben blushed.

Kev laughed. “Wow, your poker face is fantastic…” He nudged Ben’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, today I’ve got your back, and we’ll make sure that Mr. Lautner gets what his friends in the movie biz are paying for…” With a wink, he threw a quick backhand slap at Ben’s bulging crotch. It was meant to be playful but it connected perfectly with the two tender orbs inside Ben’s pants.

The muscular jock gasped in surprise and doubled over with a long, miserable groan. “Fuck”, he whispered.

Kev roared with laughter.

“You really got me”, Ben said in a toneless voice, grimacing in pain.

Kev shrugged. “I’m a master at my craft…”

Ben shook his legs to get rid of the pain in his throbbing nuts.

“You ready?” Kev asked with an amused grin on his face.

Ben glared at him. “You really got me”, he insisted.

Kev rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I’m sorry.” He paused. “You ready?”

Ben grunted affirmatively and the two buff jocks walked into the empty gym. It was a large room with different training gear and various workout devices. Three of its four walls were glass fronts that allowed the attendants to watch the city while working out.

The gym was located on the top floor of a commercial building downtown, granting the sweaty sportsmen a very impressive view. Now, at nightfall, it was spectacularly beautiful and as romantic as one could possibly imagine.

At the far end of the large room, facing the window, someone was working out with two dumbbells, groaning with effort. He was listening to some music on his iPod and he didn’t seem to be particularly impressed by the view in front of him.

“He always comes here after hours”, Ben whispered as he sneaked up to him with Kev in tow. “He has an arrangement with the manager.” He made a lewd gesture which suggested that the things Taylor did in exchange for this privilege were probably not PG-rated…

Kev chuckled.

The hunky movie star was wearing a sleeveless black shirt and tight fitting white lycra pants that contrasted nicely with his tanned body and accentuated his sexy ass.

The closer Ben and Kev got, the more they realized that Taylor Lautner was in excellent shape. His calves and thighs were rock-hard, and his arms looked like he recently won an arm-wrestling tournament. There was not an ounce of fat on his body, and Ben’s and Kev’s muscular bodies paled in comparison to Taylor’s great physique.

Ben shot Kev a skeptical look, but Kev smiled reassuringly. He nodded at a silver barbell bar that was lying on the ground. Ben picked it up, wincing as the bar clanked against a dumb bell.

But apparently Taylor didn’t notice, probably due to the music that was blaring in his ears.

With a mean grin, Ben slowly placed the bar between Taylor’s slightly spread legs. He looked at Kev and winked.

Holding on to the bar with both hands, Ben prepared to smash Taylor’s nuts as hard as he could. He inhaled deeply.

Before he had a chance to make a move, Taylor whirled around and stepped on the bar with his sneaker-clad foot.

Ben wasn’t able to let go of the bar and grunted as he crashed to the floor. He quickly got up again and was met with a derisive grin and a dumbbell to his nuts. The heavy metal instrument crashed into his crotch, flattening his tender testicles with a dull thud.

Ben let out a wheezing groan as the air left his lungs.

“Stupid fuckers!” Taylor barked. “Did you really think I couldn’t see your reflections in the window?!”

Kev jumped over Ben who was kneeling on the floor, doubled over and clutching his crotch. He tackled Taylor, making him drop the two dumbbells with a loud clank.

The two muscular studs dropped to the ground, each of them trying to get the upper hand.

Taylor tried to grab hold of Kev’s short brown hair, but Kev managed to smash his fist into Taylor’s jaw.

Taylor wailed in pain. “Don’t you fucking touch my face!”

Kev didn’t seem to be impressed. He followed up with another punch that was aimed straight at Taylor’s nose.

Taylor managed to turn his head away, avoiding any broken bones, as Kev’s punch hit his jaw again.

The movie star screamed with pain and anger. He snuck his hand between Kev’s thighs and instantly found what he was looking for. His fingers closed around Kev’s hanging basket and he squeezed his nuts hard.

Kev’s eyes bulged and he let out an anguished shriek.

“Fuck you!” Taylor grunted, squishing and twisting Kev’s nuts and making him squeal in pain. He let go of Kev’s balls and managed to throw him off, pinning him to the ground with his body weight, his hands holding down Kev’s arms, his thighs at either side of Kev’s hips.

“Fuck you”, he repeated. “How did you know I was---“

He was rudely interrupted by vicious, precise kick to his movie star gonads courtesy of Ben who had recovered and stood behind the two fighting studs.

Unfortunately, the kick hadn’t been precise enough. Instead of just ruining Taylor Lautner’s chances of fathering children, Ben’s wide foot had cracked Kev’s nuts as well.

Taylor and Kev stared at each other, being able to witness the changing facial features of their opponent as if they were looking into a mirror.

At first, the eyebrows rose. Then the eyes crossed slightly. The nose twitched. The mouth opened to form a perfect little O. The eyes crossed even further. Then the sound started: Both of them started with an incredulous, pained whimper that quickly turned into a siren-like wail.

Ben watched them, fascinated and amused. “Four nuts with one kick”, he mumbled. “Not bad.” Then he shrugged, brought his leg back and kicked the double set of twin plums again as hard as he could.

This time, the reaction diverged widely. Taylor Lautner’s eyes closed, he threw back his head and let out an ear-piercing howl not unlike a werewolf in a cheap movie. Kev just let out a dry cough as the color left his face.

Screaming in pain, Taylor rolled to the side, curling up in a ball and clutching his sore nuts, allowing Kev to do the same.

Ben watched them for a couple of seconds, chuckling to himself. Then he dragged Taylor to a nearby bench and tied his hands and legs in a spread-eagle position. The pain in his nuts seemed to be acting as a tranquilizer as the muscled stud didn’t put up a lot of fight.

When Ben was finished, Kev had sufficiently recovered. He was grimacing in pain and occasionally rubbing the sore bulge in his loose fitting sweat pants, but other than that he seemed okay.

“Damn”, he muttered. “Did you have to do that twice in a row?”

Ben shrugged and pointed at the tied up movie star who stared at them with blatant hatred in his eyes. “We got him where we wanted”, Ben said, grinning.

Kev groaned and carefully adjusted his crotch. “And you got me a free vasectomy in the process…”

Ben chuckled.

Kev turned his attention from his own junk to Taylor’s.

The 21 year old stud’s legs were spread wide, making his ample package look even bigger. The sweat on his body had soaked his white lycra pants especially at his crotch. Through the thin, almost transparent fabric, Taylor’s most valuable possessions were clearly visible, his thick bush of dark pubes and the fat, limp cock that lay lazily next to his big, roomy sac. But his two big, juicy plums stole the show. They truly were an eye-catcher, looking like two delicious apples waiting to be picked.

Neither Ben nor Kev were shy about their own equipment, and they had nothing to be shy about – but Taylor outranked them in every department.

Taylor seemed to be able to read their thoughts. “Jealous, huh?” he sneered. “Yeah, have a good, close look at my junk, you fucking morons.”

The two jocks stared at him.

Taylor seemed to realize that bullying his assaulters didn’t get him out of his compromising position. He was an actor, after all, so he switched into another role. “You want my cock, huh?” Taylor said, smiling reassuringly. “You want that big juicy cock up your asses, huh?” He looked at Ben and Kev. “I wouldn’t have taken you for queers.” He quickly added, “Not that there’s anything wrong about being queer. I’ve got a lot of faggot fans.” He shrugged. “I hope you brought a condom because I won’t fuck you without one. You’ve got to play by my rules if you want that monster up your tight little cunts.”

Ben and Kev looked at each other.

Taylor glared at them. “Just to be clear, usually I don’t fuck guys.” He pulled at the ropes that tied around his wrists. “But I guess I’m not in a position to be choosy.” He grimaced. “Look, let’s get it over already. One of you will have to suck me off, then I’ll be ready to fuck you.” He shifted his weight, causing his junk to shift inside his pants.

“Wanna go first?” Kev asked Ben, grinning.

Taylor looked at Ben, eyeing him from head to toe. “I hope you’re not a virgin. Most virgins can’t cope with my dong .”

Ben took a step forward and stood between Taylor’s spread legs.

Taylor sighed. “Get down on your knees and suck my cock already…” He closed his eyes and brought his head back, waiting for Ben’s lips to wrap around his cock.

Instead, Ben brought his leg back and sent his foot crashing into Taylor’s junk. His sneaker-clad foot connected with the bulging package, hitting his big, juicy nuts dead-on.

Taylor let out a blood-curdling scream as his eyes opened wide and he struggled against his restraints.

“Ouch”, Kev laughed, cringing in mock sympathy. “My turn now.”

Ben grinned and made way for Kev.

The 20 year old jock didn’t pussyfoot around. He kicked the movie star’s family jewels as hard as he could, bringing an anguished scream and a series of profanities from his lips.

Kev followed up with another hard, nut-crunching kick that raised Taylor’s voice an octave and made him squeal like a new-born piglet.

Ben burst out laughing. “Sounds like a perfect hit…”

Kev grinned proudly. “Yeah, I got him good.” He brought his leg back once more and smashed the tip of his sneaker into Taylor’s defenseless groin, crunching his tender nuggets flat and making Taylor gurgle and cough, grimacing in excruciating pain.

Ben looked around and his eyes fell on the dumbbell that Taylor had dropped. He lifted it and shoved Kev away.

“Hey”, Kev protested. “What are you---“ He saw Ben standing between Taylor’s legs, the dumbbell raised above Taylor’s juicy plums. “Oh, nice idea”, he grinned.

Taylor’s eyes widened in terror as he saw what Ben was up to. “No!” he screamed. “No!”

Without further ado, Ben dropped the dumbbell. The heavy metal instrument landed right on target. With a dull thud, Taylor’s precious nuts were flattened like pancakes. Taylor’s eyes widened and he let out a silent scream, his mouth wide open, his eyes crossed.

The dumbbell rolled off of Taylor’s aching testicles and onto the floor as if nothing had happened.

“Fuck”, Kev laughed. “Fuck, that’s gotta hurt…”

Taylor still hadn’t found his voice. His mouth was wide open and he looked like he was screaming from the top of his lungs, but the only sound echoing through the gym was the dumbbell rolling away.

“Let me try that”, Kev said quickly and ran to fetch the dumbbell. On his way, he passed the shelf with the rest of the weights. He stopped and spotted some kettlebells. He grabbed one of the middle-sized ones, 20 lb, and winked at Ben gave a thumbs-up sign while grimacing in mock-sympathy.

Kev carried the kettlebell and held it about 3 feet above Taylor’s package.

Taylor hadn’t moved. His mouth was still open wide and his handsome superstar face was contorted into a painful grimace. Beads of sweat were dropping down his face.

Kev chuckled as he let go of the cannonball-like weight. It dropped down into Taylor’s exposed junk like a bomb from a bomber. Taylor’s nuts and his cock were tightly held in place by his see-through pants, and the kettlebell landed on them with a sickening crunch.

Taylor’s mouth closed and his cheeks puffed. A low, guttural moan turned into a full-blown scream as the kettlebell sat comfortably on his flattened genitalia, crushing his precious testicles with its weight.

“Wow”, Ben said, clearly impressed. He turned to the shelf and grabbed a 40 lb kettlebell.

Kev chuckled and lifted the 20 lb kettlebell from Taylor’s junk, making room for the much heavier one.

Taylor didn’t seem to be able to appreciate that, though, as he continued screaming and panting.

Ben followed Kev’s example and held the heavy, metal kettlebell 3 feet above Taylor’s nuts before letting it drop.

Taylor’s scream increased in volume and raised in pitch and his rapidly swelling genitalia absorbed the full weight of the heavy instrument.

Again, the kettlebell didn’t show any signs of rolling off of Taylor’s junk, sitting comfortable on top of Taylor’s cock and balls that bulged underneath it.

Kev knelt down to get a closer look at Taylor’s flattened genitalia. He grimaced in sympathy as he saw the mayhem. Taylor’s nuts looked like they were going to burst at the seams, and his limp cock was bent in a decidedly unnatural position.

“Ooohh”, Kev shuddered. He looked up at Taylor who had a vacant expression on his face. “I hope you didn’t plan on having sex tonight because I’m pretty sure you’ll need a bit of rest after this…” He grinned and patted Taylor’s sweaty face.

Taylor let out a wheezing groan. “My nuts”, he whispered in a toneless voice.

Kev nodded, grimacing in mock sympathy. “Yup. You’re going to leave with a sack full of peanut butter, I’m afraid.”

Ben laughed.

Without removing the heavy kettlebell that was crunching poor Taylor’s balls, Kev turned to Ben. “Got anything else?”

Ben looked around and his eyes fell onto the silver barbell bar that was lying on the ground. He grabbed it and weighed it in his hand.

“My nuts”, Taylor moaned.

“Yeah, wait a second”, Kev grinned. “We’re going to take care of your nuts in just a minute…”

“What do you think?” Ben asked Kev, showing him the bar.

Kev chuckled. “I think you can mash his grapes with that thing…” He lifted the kettlebell from Taylor’s nuts and stepped away to allow Ben to stand between the movie star’s spread thighs.

Ben held the bar like a drum major, the pointy end directed at Taylor’s bruised and swollen genitalia.

“This is gonna hurt, buddy”, he grinned as he stomped the pointy end of the bar into Taylor’s groin, catching his left nut dead on and flattening the poor nugget into the ground.

Taylor screamed from the top of his lungs.

Ben lifted the bar and smashed it down again, this time hitting the head of Taylor’s fat, limp cock.

Taylor’s scream turned into a shrill shriek.

The next strike crunched Taylor’s left nut again, making Taylor let out a soprano wail that would have made an opera singer proud.

Again and again, Ben rammed the bar into Taylor’s junk, alternately hitting his left nut, the head of his cock and the middle of his shaft – somehow, Taylor’s right nut seemed to escape the blows, much to Ben’s chagrin.

“That slippery fucker”, Ben mumbled, forcefully poking at Taylor’s genitalia as hard as he could.

Taylor was screaming like a banshee as his precious goods were squished and squashed with the heavy bar.

Finally, Ben managed to hit Taylor’s right nut, and he laughed in delight. “That’s it!” he shouted as Taylor squealed in pain. Now he was in the flow, and he swatted poor Taylor’s right testicle again and again with a mean grin on his face.

Kev watched his buddy, chuckling.

Finally, Ben took a step back and wiped his brow. “Phew”, he said. “Mashing grapes is hard work…”

Kev laughed. “Yeah, but I think you did a pretty good job…”

Taylor Lautner was barely conscious.

Kev knelt down between his spread legs and tentatively grabbed his junk. He felt his enormously swollen nuts and the bruised cock and grimaced. “Eww… You really turned them into mush…” He gave Taylor’s battered balls a hard squeeze for good measure.

Ben grinned proudly.

Kev slapped Taylor’s face, bringing him back into this world.

Taylor moaned in pain, looking defeated and exhausted.

“Hey”, Kev said, slapping him again. “Anybody home?”

Taylor’s eyes opened. He looked like he was in a trance.

“Hey!” Kev repeated. “We got a message for you.”

Taylor looked at him.

Kev stood and turned to Ben.

Ben had a blank expression on his face.

“Go on”, Kev said.

Ben raised his eyebrows.

“The message”, Kev said, rolling his eyes.

“Oh, the message”, Ben said and stepped between Taylor’s legs. “Listen, you jerk. I’ve got a little message from Patrick and Alexander: Quit being such a fucking jerk!” With that he drew his leg back and sent a powerful kick into Taylor’s bruised plums.

His sneaker crashed into the soft, swollen orbs with a wet splat, hitting both of Taylor’s nuts with the tip and crunching them hard.

Taylor’s eyes rolled back into his head and he let out a soft, almost peaceful moan before slumping into unconsciousness.

Ben rubbed his hands and looked at Kev. “Looks like we’re done here…”

Kev nodded.

The two buddies cut the ropes and positioned Taylor on his side. It looked like he was sleeping.

“I bet he won’t have sex for a week”, Ben chuckled.

“More like two weeks”, Kev grinned.

The two jocks walked back to the locker.

“You know, I could picture us doing this for a living”, Ben said. “You know, delivering messages and all that.” He looked at Kev.  “Like a ballbusting messenger service.”

“A nut-o-gram service”, Kev grinned.

“Yeah”, Ben chuckled.

The two boys laughed as they walked out of the gym.


Anonymous said...

Wow, excellent story again !
I guess Ben was really pissed that Taylor's manhood out-ranked his own...actually that gives me an idea for a follow up.
How about Ben and Kev meet up with some of the other guys (inc. the twins) and Ben starts some fanciful tale about how he out-muscled Taylor Lautner, then stripped him naked and busted his nuts etc.
Of course the other guys are rolling their eyes but pretend to believe him saying :
"Holy shit dude! You’re really out muscled that beast! Damn show us your guns, Ben!" etc
Then Mike asks Ben cheekily if the rumours are true about Taylor being well hung. Ben goes quiet and mutters "Well yeah, like me I guess”. Kev can’t contain himself, laughing as he tells the guys about Taylors superior genitals.
Ben gets mad “Well I’m still bigger than you lot!”…so it ends with Ben challenging each of the guys present to a cock and balls size competition. Plus their balls are on the line…loser gets a boot in the junk.
Does Ben really have the “Biggest balls in the room” ? or will his “Balls of steel” be tested ? This could be the setting for Ben’s worst nightmare! Maybe he gets a few easy wins before he faces the big guys.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I like your idea and I'll think about it.

I have to admit that I've lost track of who Ben has compared the size of his junk with - but I guess he has lost track, too... :-))

Anonymous said...

Well, as a big fan of Ben I think I know his history pretty well !
The only direct junk comparisons I recall are against David and Kev.
David he has humiliated on several occasions, and will continue in future I'm sure! Also he challenged Kev in one of his wrestling matches and he also seemed to win that contest too (by the narrowest margin).
Also, since we know David is more hung than both Danny and Parker those 2 are more easy pickings for Ben !
And who can forget Top Trumps? It is clearly stated that Ben’s nuts are bigger than Tristan’s too. But then Tristan’s schlong was bigger than David’s so maybe there is still some competition for Ben !
Oh, and Ben boasted about having the "biggest balls in the room" when faced with the twins but no doubt he is way out of his league there. And of course there are other big guys with the potential to humble Ben further…Logan, Cal, George ??? And dare I mention Zach ! And Ben might even be dumb enough to think he stands a chance against them. I mean he's not the type to check out other guys junk, is he ???

Anonymous said...

Another story idea is to have Taylor Lautner return to take revenge on Ben.
The story could start exactly the same way with Ben bragging loudly about how he defeated the movie star. Then Taylor walks in and challenges Ben to a show down with the intent to totally humiliate him in front of his friends.
Well I enjoyed thje fantasy, even if you decide not to turn into a story :-)

Alex said...

Thank you very much for your ideas!

@anonymous (1): Wow! WOW! You definitely know my stories better than I do! That's very impressive. I'll definitely try and use that data in another story!

Buster said...

Alex, sorry I'm just now getting to reading this but - as expected - it is another AWESOME story. The best part about stories that don't end in total destruction is that you can really delve into the characters (and bust them over and over and over ;) Perhaps I should borrow the concept for a few of my own stories. Anyway, great story!

Alex said...

Thank you, Travis, I'm very glad you like the story! You know that I'm a huge fan of your work and your opinion means a lot to me!

GayPornCum said...
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