Thursday, May 30, 2013

Testicular emergency

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Zach (click for pictures)

Zachary Johnson looked down the hill and smiled. This was the longest motherfucking slip’n’slide he had ever seen. It was a beautiful sunny day and he was standing in the huge backyard of the frat house.

His frat brothers had worked all morning to build the 300 ft slide while he had been sleeping. The sound of his buddies cheering and laughing had woken him up at 11:30 am. The 20 year old guy scratched his head of short blond hair and nodded slowly. This was going to be fun.

Zach was wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of white speedos that did very little to conceal his huge, fat dick and his phenomenally oversized testicles. He was proud of his assets, and he knew that his buddies envied him for his enormous set of genitals. Well, what was he to do? Hide his goods to make his buddies feel better? No way…

Zach ran his hand over his muscular chest and grinned at AJ who was standing right next to him.

AJ was one year older than him, a handsome stud with very short black hair. “Good morning”, AJ said. “Sleep well?”

Zach chuckled. “I got home late last night.” He winked at AJ and adjusted his crotch. “You should have seen me banging that bitch – I fucked her three times, and she was still screaming for more…”

AJ shrugged. “We started without you.”

“Yeah. Is there anything I can do now?”

AJ shook his head. “No, we’re done. It took a lot of work.”

“Oh yeah, I bet it did. It looks awesome!” Zach grinned.

“Oh, look who’s here!”

Zach waved at Reese who was slowly walking up the hill, his naked chest glistening with sweat.

“Didn’t we want to get up early and build this thing together?” Reese said, pausing and running his hand through his wet black hair. He was 21 years old, wearing black swimming trunks and sandals.

Zach shrugged. “Something came up last night…”

AJ sighed and grabbed his crotch in his colorful swimming trunks, mimicking Zach. “He fucked her three times, and she was still screaming for more…” He rolled his eyes, making Reese chuckle. “Of course he needed his beauty sleep…”

“Well, what a coincidence… Perfect timing”, Reese said. “The slide is ready. I’ve just finished the maiden trip and it’s fantastic!”

“Awesome”, Zach smiled.

“We would have finished it a lot faster if you had helped”, AJ said. Apparently Zach didn’t respond to their subtle hints. AJ was seriously pissed. It was typical of Zach – letting the other guys do the work and showing up when everything is set up.

“You know how it is”, Zach grinned, shrugging his shoulders. He grabbed his bulging manhood with his hand and squeezed gently, gratuitously reminding his buddies of his extraordinary equipment. “Monster cock duties…”

AJ and Reese shared an eyeroll.

 “With great power comes great responsibility…” Zach grinned. “She wanted seven orgasms, so I gave them to her… She told me afterwards that I was the first one to find her G-spot.” He winked at his buddies and made a lewd gesture. “Right on target.” He chuckled. “I never miss…”

AJ and Reese sighed.

“So”, Zach said, rubbing his hands and looking down the hill. “Mind if I have a go?”

AJ took a deep breath. “Well, actually, it’s my turn and since you didn’t---“

Zach patted AJ’s shoulder and grinned. “Monster cock goes first…”

AJ raised his eyebrows and started to say something but Zach ignored him and clapped his hands. “This is going to be fun.” He stepped up to the slide and got ready to jump.

“You might want to slow down at the end”, Reese said.

Zach laughed. “Thanks, buddy, I’ve done this before…”

Reese nodded. “Yeah, well, it’s just that it’s even longer than last time and---“

Zach jumped on the slide and landed on his ass, cheering and whooping as he picked up speed.

“---there’s the cactus at the end of it. You don’t want to run into it.” Reese finished his sentence, fully aware of the fact that Zach was out of earshot.

“Mhm, the cactus”, AJ said. “I don’t think he heard you.”

The two guys watched their buddy slide down the hill on his ass, going faster and faster, cheering with joy.

“If he had helped built it, he’d know”, Reese said.

They listened to Zach’s cheers.

“Right”, AJ said. He paused. “Well, that could be painful.”

Reese nodded.

Zach was having the time of his life, sliding down the hill faster and faster. This was so much fun! He could feel the airstream on his naked chest. The bumps in the ground were a bit painful, but it was so much fun! He was using all the muscles in his body not to lose his balance. He let out a huge cheer. This was so much fun!

Suddenly, there was a weird feeling. What was that? Then he heard a tear. Uh oh. Apparently the skimpy fabric of his speedos was not built to survive a muscular jock sliding down a hill on his ass. On the next bump, Zach saw something white fly away in the corner of his eye. Well, there went his speedos… He was stark naked now, his huge dick and balls flopping around as he continued his rapid descent. Naked slip’n’slide – this was even more fun! Zach cheered and laughed.  Too bad his buddies were up there so they couldn’t see him like this. He was sure he looked awesome – a muscular, naked guy sliding down a hill… This was so much fun!

Reese squinted as he watched his buddy make his way down the hill. “Did he just lose his speedo?”

AJ nodded slowly.

“He’s naked now”, Reese said.

AJ nodded.

“This could be even more painful”, Reese said.

Zach was enjoying his ride, whooping and cheering and laughing as his naked cock and balls flopped heavily with every bump. Then he saw the cactus. “Fuck!” Zach screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Now he’s seen it”, Reese said matter-of-factly.

“Maybe he’ll miss”, AJ said.

Reese shook his head. “He never misses.”

Zach was going full speed towards the huge plant. He couldn’t help but think how phallic it looked, a single column, ten feet high – and he was on collision course. He tried to change directions, but it was too late. He couldn’t even close his legs or protect his precious goods with his hands. With a loud thump, he was brought to a halt.

“See”, Reese said casually as they heard the noise of Zach bumping nuts-first into the solid plant, “he never misses.”

AJ nodded and they started walking down the hill.

Right after the moment of impact, Zach just felt dizzy and numb. Then the pain set in. It was as if someone had lit his junk on fire. At first, it was just a slight burning sensation, then his stomach churned, and in a manner of seconds, Zach was wailing like a banshee as the pain exploded in his brain. His vision blurred and his breathing stopped as his testicles sent wave after wave of ever increasing agony through his body. His nuts were pancaked between his body and the vicious, ugly cactus, with his limp cock upright, hanging from a spine that had sunk into its shaft. Zach stared at his crotch in horror as he screamed from the top of his lungs. Wedged between his body and the cactus, his ridiculously oversized genitals looked like some grotesque work of art, propped up and held in place by the spiky spines.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!” he screamed.

“Oh god!” AJ couldn’t suppress a laugh at the bizarre sight, as they arrived at the scene of the accident.

“Help me!” Zach shrieked.

Reese and AJ grabbed Zach by the arms and pulled him away from the cactus, eliciting another high-pitched wail as some of the spikes preferred to remain attached to the cactus, whereas others were pulled off and stuck to their new home, Zach’s fat, meaty gonads.

“Eww”, Reese shuddered as he bent down to get a closer look at Zach’s junk.

Zach was wailing and screaming, throwing his head back in agony.

“Your nuts look like a pincushion”, AJ mused. He gingerly grabbed one spike and pulled it out of Zach’s left nut, causing Zach’s eyes to cross as he continued screaming and squealing.

“Man, this looks serious”, Reese said.

AJ nodded. “Let’s bring him into the house.”

The two guys grabbed their naked buddy and carried him up the hill, accompanied by Zach’s screams and shrieks.

When they reached the house, AJ and Reese were covered in sweat. Zach’s screams had turned into pitiful sobs as the initial pain had subsided.

They placed him on the large couch and stared at his crotch.

Zach didn’t dare look at his genitals. He was white as a sheet. “Oh God”, he whined. “How bad is it?”

AJ and Reese bent forward to get a closer look.

It didn’t look as bad as they had initially suspected. Most of the spines had remained on the cactus. They saw three bright red spines, one on his right nut, two on his left. His cock looked normal – apart from its unusual size.

“Okay, this is gonna hurt a bit”, Reese said as he pulled a spine out Zach’s his left nut.

Zach screamed as if Reese had punched it deeper into his testicle. “Fuck! Be gentle, damnit!”

Reese took a deep breath. “Okay, the next one.”

Once again, Zach screamed from the top of his lungs as Reese pulled the second spine from Zach’s colossal left gonad.

“Don’t be such a baby!” AJ muttered.

“And number three”, Reese said, pulling the last spine from Zach’s right ball.

“Fuck!” Zach yelled in agony.

Reese sighed. “I guess we are---“

“Wait a second”, AJ interrupted him.

Reese gave him a puzzled look.

AJ stared at him. “I’ll take over, Zach”, he said, looking at Reese who looked slightly confused.

AJ knelt next to Zach’s junk and carefully grabbed his oversized nuts. He weighed them in his hand as Zach stared at him.

“Oh dear”, AJ said, biting his lower lip.

“What is it?” Zach whispered.

“Oh dear”, AJ repeated.

Reese couldn’t suppress a laugh.

“What?” Zach said in a toneless voice.

“You know---“ AJ shook his head, looking worried. “I think we should get you to the hospital.”

Zach started sobbing. “Is it that bad?”

AJ sighed. “I’m not sure, but--- Does this hurt?” He squeezed Zach’s left nut as hard as he could.

Zach closed his eyes and screamed from the top of his lungs as Reese let out a laugh.

AJ nodded, grinning. “I thought so.” As Zach’s eyes opened again, AJ put on a serious face.

“I think you might have suffered a scrotal collapse”, AJ said, a serious expression on his face.

“A what?” Zach looked like he was ready to cry.

AJ stood. “A scrotal collapse. Your left nut may have been punctured. If we don’t get you into the hospital within the next thirty minutes, you may have to say goodbye to that nut.”

“What?!” Zach started shaking. “Scrotal coll--- I’ve never heard about that.”

“It’s actually quite common”, AJ looked at Reese and nodded at him.

“Uh”, Reese said. “Oh yeah, a scrotal collapse. My brother had one of those last year.”

Zach whimpered.

“This is serious, man, he totally lost his right nut”, Reese continued. “Poor guy. He didn’t want to go to the hospital because it was some sex accident. But it got worse and worse.”

AJ nodded, suppressing a grin. “And it spread to his left nut, didn’t it?”

Reese stared at him. “What?! Oh, yeah, it did. It totally spread to his left nut. He lost both of them. Pop. Just like that.”

“I don’t understand”, Zach sobbed. “How is that possible?”

Reese looked at AJ.

“Well”, AJ said quickly. “It’s… It’s like an cross compound that loses one of its engines. The other one overheats, and, well, pop.”

Zach closed his eyes.

Reese stared at AJ and mouthed, “What the fuck?”

AJ grinned and shrugged. He turned to Zach, “Makes sense, right?”

Zach opened his eyes and nodded. “Oh God.”

AJ nodded again. “Scrotal collapse. That’s serious business…”

“Oh God”, Zach sobbed.

AJ turned to Reese. “Don’t you have a picture on your iPhone?”


AJ raised his eyebrows. “You showed me that picture yesterday, remember?”

Reese stared at him. “A picture?”

“When you came back from Denise”, AJ said.

Reese stared at him.

“Give me your iPhone”, AJ said.

Reese looked confused but complied.

AJ found what he was looking for and showed it to Reese.

Reese chuckled. “Oh, that…”

“Let me see”, Zach said in a toneless voice.

“It looks ghastly”, AJ said. “I don’t know if you want to---“

“Let me see it!” Zach demanded, tears running down his face.

AJ sighed and showed the picture to Zach.

Zach’s jaw dropped. “But--- Oh God!” he whispered. He stared at the close-up picture of a vagina.

AJ shrugged. “That’s Reese’s brother, Robin. Well, he’s his sister now. At least she didn’t have to change her name… You, on the other hand--- Well, I guess you could go by Zoey, I guess. Or Zelda.”

Reese shook his head. “If I were you I’d go with Zoey.”

Zach looked at the picture again, a horrified expression on his face. “But--- How did he lose his cock?!”

“He prefers to be referred to as ‘she’”, AJ said.

Zach stared at Reese. “How did she lose her cock?”

Reese looked at AJ.

AJ shrugged. “You know, what good is a cock without balls?”

Zach nodded. That made sense. He gave the phone back to Reese who wondered if he’d ever be able to look at his girlfriend’s vagina again without thinking about Zach.

“Anyway, we’ve got no time to lose”, AJ looked at his watch. “We have to do something in the next 25 minutes or you’ll have to start thinking about breast implants.”

“You could get really huge ones”, Reese grinned. “You know, instead of a monster cock you’d have monster tits…”

Tears were running down Zach’s face.

“Okay, let’s---“ AJ stopped. “Wait. Fuck.”

“What is it?” Reese asked.

AJ sighed. “We’ll never make it to the hospital in time. Not now, with all the traffic.”

“Oh God”, Zach whimpered. Suddenly, he thought of something. “But you are going to be a doctor!”

AJ grimaced. “I don’t know.”

“There’s got to be something you can do”, Zach pleaded.

“I don’t know”, AJ repeated. “I failed my ‘Testicular Basics’ exam, and---“

“Please, help me! This is an emergency!” Zach whimpered. “There’s got to be something you remember!”

AJ took a deep breath. “Okay.” He turned to Reese. “I need some tissues, some rubber bands, a spatula and the small chopping board. And a wooden spoon.”

Reese shot him an incredulous look.

“What are you waiting for?!” Zach screamed.

“And bring the meat tenderizer!” AJ shouted, as Reese walked into the kitchen, shaking his head.

“Now”, AJ said, “this is going to hurt a bit.”

Zach nodded, biting his lip. “I trust you”, he whispered.

AJ smiled. “Good.” He grabbed Zach’s huge testicles with his right hand and slapped them with the open palm of his left hand.

Zach winced.

Once again, AJ slapped Zach’s balls, harder this time.

“Ow!” Zach shouted.

AJ balled his fist and brought it crashing down on Zach’s nuts. His knuckles dug into the tender flesh of Zach’s meatballs, and Zach screamed in agony.

By the third punch, Zach’s body was convulsing and he was screaming from the top of his lungs. “Why are you doing that?”

AJ paused and looked sternly at his buddy. “Okay, if you question everything I do, this is not going to work.”

Zach whimpered.

“Do you want me to save your nuts?” AJ asked.

“Yes”, Zach whispered. “Please.”

AJ nodded and punched Zach’s balls hard once again.

Zach wailed in pain.

AJ closed his hands around Zach’s testicles and squeezed hard, causing his cock to slowly harden.

“Good”, AJ said. “It’s not too late.”

Zach whimpered. “Thank God…”

Reese came back with the things AJ had ordered.

“You’ve got to help me”, AJ said.

Reese nodded. “Alright. What do you want me to do?”

“Place the rubber bands around his scrotum”, AJ said. “Really tight. We’re not gonna take any chances here.”

Reese nodded and did as he was told.

Zach squirmed in pain as Reese roughly pulled and squeezed his oversized nuts until the rubber bands were tight around the neck of Zach’s sack.

His nuts looked swollen and red, and his cock had reached its full, glorious hardness.

AJ gave Zach the wooden spoon. “Bite on it”, he said. “Trust me, you don’t want to go through this without biting on a spoon…”

Zach whimpered and complied. He stared wide-eyed as AJ grabbed the spatula and bit his lower lip.

“Take the tissues”, AJ said to Reese. “It’s gonna be messy. We’re going to kickstart his testicles. There’ll be a lot of leakage. We don’t want it to contaminate the scene.”

Reese couldn’t help but laugh.

AJ grabbed Reese’s neck and pulled him towards him. “Listen”, he said, barely being able to keep a straight face. “This is serious. If you want to bail out, do it now. I won’t lie to you – this is going to be one hell of a ride. Are you with us or not?”

Reese cleared his throat. He brought his fist down on Zach’s trapped nuts and shouted, “Hell, yeah!”

Zach let out a high-pitched shriek. His cock twitched and tiny drip of precum oozed out of his cock.

“Then see to the leakage!” AJ said.

Reese nodded, grabbed Zach’s cock and patted its head dry with a tissue.

AJ placed the wooden chopping board underneath Zach’s testicles, placing the two hefty orbs on it and digging his thumb into them for good measure.

Zach grunted and bit down hard on the wooden spoon in his mouth.

AJ sighed. “I hope to God this will work…” He grabbed hold of the spatula and jabbed the handle into the soft meat of Zach’s left nut.

Zach let out a guttural moan.

Again and again, AJ let the spatula slam down into Zach’s testicles, alternating between the left nut and the right nut.

Zach was squirming and panting, his face growing bright red, sweat running down his nose. He was biting the wooden spoon so hard that his teeth started to hurt. But the pain in his teeth was nothing compared to the pain that was radiating from his testicles as AJ squished them into the hard surface of the chopping board.

Reese was busy keeping the leakage under control. Zach’s cock was spurting pre-cum with every jab of the spatula, and soon the first tissue was soaking and dripping with Zach’s precious juice.

“How’s it going?” Reese asked AJ as he reached for a new tissue.

Zach grunted in pain.

“I think we’re gonna make it”, AJ said as he switched the spatula around, now starting to slap Zach’s balls with the business end of it. In a steady rhythm, AJ flattened Zach’s tender testicles, the slaps echoing in the room. “I think we’re gonna make it”, AJ repeated, wiping his brow.

Zach’s eyes were open wide, and they opened even wider when AJ said casually, “Now it’s time for the meat tenderizer.”

Zach whimpered, and Reese paused a moment to take a look at AJ as he grabbed the wooden mallet.

“Do you really know what you are doing?“ Reese said slowly as AJ lifted his hand.

AJ paused.

Zach took the wooden spoon out of his mouth and screamed. “Don’t listen to him! Do it!”

AJ pointed at Zach’s cock and looked at Reese. “Leakage.”

Reese shrugged and dutifully complied.

AJ brought the mallet high up in the air and smashed it into Zach’s nuts, catching both of his meaty nuggets dead on and flattening them like pancakes.

Zach screamed from the top of his lungs, and Reese wordlessly put the spoon back into his mouth. Zach happily bit down on it as AJ smashed his balls again with all the force he could muster.

Zach’s cock slipped out of Reese’s hand and jumped uncontrollably as his nuts were crunched hard once again.

“Get that thing under control”, AJ shouted as he brought the mallet down one more time.

Reese grabbed Zach’s slippery cock and pointed it away from the action and up at Zach’s face. By now, it was almost impossible to soak up all the precum that was running out of the tip of Zach’s dick.

Zach was groaning and gurgling in pain as his nuts were flattened again and again.

AJ drove the mallet down with nut-crunching force, and Zach’s balls were swollen and red, threatening to rip off the rubber band that held them in place.

“I think he’s close”, Reese said, eyeing Zach’s meaty monster with suspicion.

AJ looked down at Zach’s nuts that were pulsating and trying to pull up against his body. After one last, hard blow with the meat tenderizer that made Zach’s eyes roll back into his head, he threw the mallet away and roughly grabbed Zach’s sac. He struggled with the rubber bands, pulling and pushing, until he finally freed Zach’s beet red nuts.

Zach screamed from the top of his lungs, the wooden spoon fell to the side, and his cock started erupting with a massive spurt of creamy, white juice that landed spot on in his mouth.

Reese leaned back. “See, he never misses”, he said to AJ who chuckled and wiped his sweaty forehead.

The two buddies watched in silence as Zach’s body convulsed in an earth-shattering orgasm. Jump after jump of salty jizz came flying out of Zach’s oversized dong, most of them finding their way into his open mouth. Some of them landed on his face, covering it in a glistening coat of goo. Zach coughed and panted, involuntarily swallowing his cum to keep his mouth from overflowing.

Zach’s nuts were swollen and bruised, moving comically inside their sac, even if they had very little room, considering their now even more ridiculous size. They pumped load after load of sperm into his cock that splashed all over the place until the room was stinking of cum. Zach’s body looked like he had been the target of a bukkake party.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, it was over. Zach was panting and moaning, as AJ and Reese watched him with blatant glee.

Zach gasped and swallowed hard, swallowing the last mouthful of his semen. “Damn”, he whimpered. He looked at AJ who smiled at him. “Are my nuts okay? Did you save them?”

AJ paused for a second. “Well, I guess---“

Reese interrupted him. “We can’t know for sure.”

Zach’s eyes widened. “But---“

“You know”, Reese said, grabbing Zach’s cock and squeezing out one last drop of cum. He dipped his finger into it and looked at it. “This could be your last load.”

Zach stared at him, his mouth hanging open.

Reese sighed and wiped his sticky finger on Zach’s tongue. “Maybe that load has been in your nuts all along, right, AJ?”

AJ hesitated. “Yeah, well---“

Reese looked intensely at AJ. “I think we’d better make sure that everything is alright, right, AJ?”

AJ nodded slowly. “I guess so…”

“You have worked so hard”, Reese continued, “while I have just been holding his cock, without being able to actually do anything…”

AJ nodded. “Yeah, you are right.”

“…so I was thinking”, Reese went on, smiling at AJ. “Why don’t you lean back for a moment and I take over.”

“Absolutely”, AJ said. “You are absolutely right.”

Reese turned to Zach, a huge grin on his face. “Okay, Zach, we need to coax another load out of you. Then we’ll know that everything is alright.”

Zach groaned. “Is it really necessary?”

Reese shrugged. “Do you want me to show you the pic of my brother, well, my sister again, Zoey?”

Zach shuddered as he remembered the ghastly picture.

Reese nodded. “So, I was thinking I could kick that load out of your balls. You can just get up and stand over there and---“

“Wait a minute”, Zach said slowly. “Why don’t I just jerk off?”

AJ and Reese stared at him.

“Well”, Reese said, trying desperately to think of something. He looked at AJ.

“That’s a good question”, AJ said slowly. “Because you… well…”

“I know!” Reese said quickly. “Because it’s your balls we are worried about. Stroking your cock will do nothing. It has to be a ball orgasm, right?”

AJ looked amused, Zach looked dubious.

“AJ, what’s the clinical term for it?” Reese raised his eyebrows.

“A… ballgasm?” AJ shrugged.

“A ballgasm!” Reese repeated triumphantly. “That’s right, a ballgasm!”

Zach sighed. “Guys, is that really necessary?”

Reese looked at AJ who shrugged and looked at his watch. “I guess we can just wait five more minutes and we’ll know.”

Reese turned to Zach. “Pop”, he said with a gesture of his hand.

Zach gulped. He groaned and got up, walking slightly bow-legged until he stood in the center of the room. He turned to his buddies and pointed at his swollen, red junk. “Go on”, he said meekly. “Kick them.”

Reese rubbed his hands and grinned. “Always at your service…” He cheerfully walked up to Zach and pointed at his huge cock that was half-hard and glistening with cum.

Without further ado, Reese brought his leg back and kicked Zach’s nuts hard. His shin connected with Zach’s poor, aching nuts and flattened them against his body.

Zach let out a noise that sounded like a mixture of a burp and a cough. His eyes opened wide and his nose twitched.

He didn’t have to wait long for the second kick. Reese’s bare foot found the dangling targets and smashed them hard.

The air left Zach’s lungs and he let out a wheezing wail.

Slowly, his cock started to rise again.

“I think we are on our way to one hell of a ballgasm”, AJ mused, making Reese laugh so that he almost missed Zach’s crotch on the third kick.

Thankfully, he was just a bit off target, missing Zach’s left ball but hitting his right nut dead-on. The poor nugget flattened like a one-egg-omelette, making Zach shriek in a comically high-pitched voice that caused AJ and Reese to shudder in sympathy.

On the next kick, Reese was back on track again. His foot slammed in between Zach’s legs with perfect precision, connecting with both of Zach’s bruised testicles and making his cock twitch violently.

Reese knew he was on the home stretch, so he didn’t waste any time. He followed up with another nut-crunching punt that lifted Zach to his toes as let out a falsetto scream that would have landed him a top spot in every opera house of the world.

“Fuck!” Zach sang in a voice several octaves above his usual range.

His dick was rock-hard and leaking precum, it slapped against his abs, leaving a splatter of creamy goo.

The next kick did the trick. Reese’s foot knocked Zach’s balls out of the park.

With an animalistic scream that made both AJ and Reese wince, Zach’s nuts let go of their contents. Cum was flying everywhere as Zach shrieked and wailed, clutching his nuts, spinning around and hopping up and down, trying desperately to sooth the pain in his aching balls.

It was an impressive load, and Reese and AJ watched in amazement as Zach’s sperm rained down across the room. His movements made sure that his juicy cream landed all over the floor. He was like a human lawn sprinkler, covering the ground with his own special fertilizer.

Finally, Zach dropped to the floor, curling up in a little ball in a puddle of his own semen.

“Fuck”, he whimpered. “Fuck!”

“Nice!” AJ said, walking up to him and patting his back. “That means everything is okay. You might want to rest your genitalia for a while, but other than that you are fine!”

“Yeah, I’ll cancel my dates for this week”, Zach whimpered, clutching his crotch.

AJ nodded. “That’d be wise.”

Zach looked up at him, his eyes glassy, his body glistening with sweat. “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome”, AJ said. “We’d do it again in a heartbeat!”

Reese nodded emphatically.

“Thank you”, Zach repeated.

“Okay”, AJ looked at Reese. “Wanna go outside again? I haven’t tried the slip’n’slide yet…”

Zach winced at the memory of the large cactus that caused all this mayhem.

Reese shrugged. “Sure.”

The two guys turned to go.

“Oh”, AJ said suddenly. “Tomorrow morning we’re gonna set up the baseball pitching machine. We’re gonna get up early. You’re gonna elp us, right?”

Zach nodded. “Sure, as always.” He groaned turned around on the floor.

AJ and Reese left the house.

“What do you want to bet that he’s gonna be late again?” AJ said.

Reese shrugged. “It’s a pitching machine. With his junk as big as it is, he’s gonna be in a lot of pain.”

AJ laughed. “You know, actually, this was even more fun than that dumb slip’n’slide!”

They stood at the top of the hill and looked down.

“Well, I’m gonna try it anyhow…” AJ got ready to jump.

Reese put a hand on his shoulder and grinned.  “You might want to slow down at the end…”


Erik said...

Man... Smoking hot. Would have loved to see that mallet hitting target ;) Kept me hard all through the story! Can't wait to read about the pitching machine :D

Alex said...

Thank you, Erik! That's a very nice thing to say! :-))

I don't know whether I'm going to write that pitching machine story, though. I have a lot of other ideas that I want to write first... But we'll see... :-)

Buster said...

Another amazing story :) Keep up the good work, man! Glad to see this blog is alive and well (or alive and swollen haha)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Truman! Reactions like yours are what makes writing so much fun for me! Right now I'm working on a couple of ideas and I hope I'll be able to publish the stories within the next few weeks... :-))

FistBump said...

Damn! I missed Zach!

Alex said...

Thank you, FistBump! I'm sure that we'll see more of Zach soon... If you have any ideas please let me know!