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Doctor’s orders

 Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Chad and Sammy (click for pictures)

„Mr. Wulf, please come in!” Dr. Brown barked, taking off his horn-rimmed glasses and rubbing his eyes.

The last patient. Thank God. In five minutes, Dr. Brown was going to call it a day and spend the weekend on the yacht. And what a day it had been! Last night, his wife had left him, accusing him of not spending enough time with her. Stupid bitch. He had spent all those hours at the hospital, working day and night, so that they could afford their lifestyle, her lifestyle. The yacht. The house. The cars. Her car! And now Bethany had left him. Just like that. She didn’t feel wanted anymore, she had said. And then she had gotten into the sports car – that he had bought her! – with some half-naked stoner surfboy. Damn. They had been married for only four years. It had been Dr. Brown’s fifth marriage. And the last one. Never again!

Dr. Brown looked up from his desk and ran his hand through his thinning grey hair. “Mr. Wulf!” he shouted. “I’m waiting!” He patted his potbelly and noticed a ketchup stain on the white coat. Who was going to wash it for him now?

Four more minutes. Ah, the yacht. Martinis. Caviar. And that hot Caribbean hooker he had found in the phone book. What was her name? Chantrelle. Oh boy. She was going to do things to him that Bethany had never done. He pictured her, wearing nothing but a glass of Martini, and maybe a bit of caviar on her tits. He wiped his mouth with his arm and looked at his watch.

“Mr. Wulf!” he shouted again. Damn patients. Damn hospital. Damn Bethany.

Charles Wulf entered the room slowly. He was tall and handsome, with brown hair and a three day stubble. It said in his file that he was 30 years old, but he walked like an old man, gingerly, and slightly bow-legged. And he sounded like an old man, huffing and puffing with every step.

Oh great, Dr. Brown thought, another “delicate case”. What was wrong with the men in this town? All day he had been examining hairy asses and male genitalia. He shuddered when he thought of all those big, fat cocks he had examined today. Freakishly huge dicks. Well, maybe not freakishly huge, but bigger than his anyway. Seriously, had they all waited for this day to come to him?

"Hello doctor", Charles said weakly.

Dr. Brown grunted and rubbed his fuzzy mustache. It wouldn’t be all that bad if they hadn’t taken his nurse away from him. Ms. Biktic. Or Ms. Bigtits as he had called her. What a babe! And she had loved her nickname. But apparently, a little joke here and there, and a teeny weeny slap on the butt were not allowed anymore. All of a sudden, she had filed a complaint! Was it his fault that Ms. Bigtits didn't understand his humor? Damn political correctness. If she had bothered to learn the English language properly - as he had told her from day one - she would have gotten him. Now she was working for Dr. Kerr. Ms. Bigtits was working for a fag for fuck’s sake! What a waste! Damn women. And now he was stuck with that male nurse. A male nurse! God in heaven!

Dr. Brown looked at his watch. Three minutes.

The patient had reached the desk by now and was starting to sit down, grimacing.

“Don’t bother”, Dr. Brown growled. “Take your clothes off behind that screen.” He pointed to the other end of the room.

The patient stared at him. “Don’t you wanna know what’s wrong with me?”

“You can tell me while you are undressing”, Dr. Brown frowned at him. When Charles didn’t move, he added, “Behind. That. Screen.”

“Can’t I just undress here? I mean, I’ll have to lie down over here anyway, right? And I will---“

“Behind! That! Screen!”

The patient winced and slowly walked across the room.

“So why are you here?” Dr. Brown asked.

“It’s complicated. I was---“

“The simple version”, the doctor interrupted him.

The patient groaned as he undressed. “I had sex. And, you know, my testicles got jammed, in, you know, her, you know, vagina, and---“

“Okay, so your nuts hurt”, Dr. Brown said. “I don’t care if you were fucking a glass bottle, young man.” He looked at his watch. Two minutes.

“Umm. Okay, but it’s true, my testic---“

“Did we take a semen sample?” Dr. Brown asked.

“Yeah, I---“

“Mr. Rosenthal!” Dr. Brown barked.

A moment later, the nurse entered the room. “Yes, Dr. Brown.”

Dr. Brown sighed. If only Ms. Bigtits hadn’t left him. What was he supposed to do with this boy, this 18-year-old red-head with freckles all over his face? “Do you have the lab report for Mr…”

“Mr. Wulf. Yes, Dr. Brown. It just came in. One second, Dr. Brown”, the nurse said and hurried out of the room.

Dr. Brown had loved it when Ms. Bigtits had left the room, her hips shaking, sticking her ass out for him to slap. He sighed.

On the other hand, Freckleface was quick. He was back within seconds and handed him a sheet of paper.

Dr. Brown took a quick look. “I see. Sperm count is zero.”

“What?” came a shrill voice behind the screen. “What does that mean?”

“You’re shooting blanks, for god’s sake!” Dr. Brown said harshly. “What’s so difficult to understand?!”

The nurse chuckled.

“Something funny, Mr. Rosenthal?” Dr. Brown hissed.

“No, Dr. Brown”, the nurse grinned.

Dr. Brown rolled his eyes. One minute. Yacht. Martinis. Chantrelle. He grabbed a pen and his prescription pad. “10 massages. Deep-tissue. Focusing on the testicles”, he said and handed the slip of paper to the nurse.

“Mr. Rosenthal will administer them, twice a week." Dr. Brown threw the pad onto the desk. "First one right now." He pulled his car keys out of his pocket. "Make an appointment for the second one.” He grabbed his coat. “You’ll be a man again in less than five weeks.” He walked out the door, thinking about the blowjob he was going to get in precisely 45 minutes. Dr. Superstud. Yeah. “Bye.”

“What?!” the patient and the nurse gasped at the same time.

There was a bit of a commotion behind the screen until the patient appeared, bare naked, a confused expression on his face.

The nurse looked at him. "Chad?"

"Oh my God", Chad whispered, his face turning pale. "You gotta be kidding me..."


"Doctor!" Chad shouted.

"God, how long has it been?"

"Doctor!!" Chad repeated, louder this time.

In the distant, he heard Dr. Brown's Ferrari leaving the parking lot, Caribbean music playing on the radio.

"It feels like it has been only yesterday!"

Chad looked mortified. "Don't tell me you are a nurse now, Sammy."

Sammy smiled. "Yup."

Chad let out a bitter laugh.

"You look great!" Sammy said.

"Thanks", Chad mumbled.

"Seriously, you haven't aged one bit!" Sammy said, closing the door. "You look exactly like you did the last time I saw you. Well, except for those..." He pointed at Chad's midsection.

Chad looked down his naked body and quickly covered his junk with his hands.

Sammy smiled. "Come over here", he said, patting the examination table.

"I don't think this is a good idea", Chad muttered, moving towards the door.

Sammy chuckled. "You don't want to leave like this, do you?" He quickly walked behind the screen and placed Chad's clothes underneath the examination table.

Chad cleared his throat.

"And the doctor wrote a prescription", Sammy held up the piece of paper Dr. Brown had given him. "It says..." He tried to decipher the doctor's writing. Three words. The first one looked like Yak, the last one like Chateaux. "Nevermind. I'm gonna give you a deep-tissue massage right now. Don't worry, we'll get you back on track in no time..."

Chad sighed and hobbled to the examination table. Carefully, very carefully, he lay down.

"Let's have a closer look", Sammy said softly, prying Chad's hands away from his manhood. "Ugh."

Chad closed his eyes.

"That looks gruesome", Sammy grimaced in sympathy. "What, the penis looks alright, but the testicles... What, did someone run them over with a truck?"

Chad groaned. "They got jammed in a girl's vagina when we had sex..."

Sammy laughed out loud. "Oh, you're such a clown!"

Chad rolled his eyes.

"Don't worry, we'll fix it", Sammy said and grabbed the two swollen plums with both of his hands.

"Careful!" Chad shrieked.

Sammy smiled at him. "Let me help you, Chad. I'm a trained professional."

"Have you ever done this before?" Chad asked weakly.

Sammy thought for a moment. "You mean, apart from the clips we did together?"

Chad sat up straight. "Okay. That's it, let me go."

"Chad!" Sammy said sternly, pressing his thumbs into each of Chad's bruised balls, making him cry out in pain. "You do want to be a stud again, don't you?"

Chad whimpered.

"See? Let me help you", Sammy smiled and moved his thumbs in opposite directions, pressing into the tender flesh of Chad's poor nuggets.

Chad gagged.

Gently, Sammy cupped Chad's tender spuds in his left hand and balled his right hand into a fist. "This might hurt just a little bit..."

Chad's eyes opened wide. "No---"

With a resounding smack, Sammy drove his fist into Chad's swollen, bruised nutsac, grinding his knuckles into the meaty balls and twisting a bit for good measure.

Chad's eyes rolled back in his head as he let out an ear-shattering scream.

Sammy nodded. "Let it all out." He lifted his hand and karate-chopped Chad's nuts as hard as he could, making them squish on either side of the edge of his hand, and making their owner let out all kinds of funny noises.

For a moment, Sammy thought, Chad's nuts wouldn't return to their normal shape, but the white dent disappeared rather quickly. Sammy nodded in satisfaction and repeated the move, once again squashing Chad's bulging testicles with the edge of his hand.

Chad's body convulsed and his face turned a curious shade of red. Beads of sweat were running down his contorted face.

Sammy was pleased to see that Chad's cock was reacting as well. It was lying flat on his stomach, and it was starting to swell.

"See, it works", Sammy smiled, more to himself, since Chad apparently wasn't in the mood for light conversation.

He was grunting and moaning, gurgling and panting, with his eyes clenched shut, his back arching, his abs contracting.

Another chop, another violent reaction.

Chad's cock was rock hard now.

"Good news", Sammy shouted over Chad's screams. "I think we'll get another sample very soon." He started kneading Chad's balls again with both of his hands, grabbing one nut in each hand and grinding down hard.

Chad started retching, his cock started twitching.

"Here we go", Sammy said, smiling gently, as he pressed down hard. You had to get down to the deep tissue after all, and Sammy tried hard. It was as if he could feel the little sperm cells moving underneath his fingers as he squished and squashed Chad's poor, aching babymakers. Keeping an eye on Chad's twitching cock, Sammy noticed that there was a certain pressure point that seemed to make Chad's dick react instantaneously. One finger at the back of the nut, another one on the top tickling the cords, and the thumb in front. It was quite a sight: Chad's cock literally jumped up and down whenever Sammy increased the pressure.

Sammy chuckled as Chad wailed in pain.

"We're almost there", Sammy shouted, pressing hard with his fingernails which worked even better.

Chad's eyes opened wide and he let out a deep grunt.

Sammy felt Chad's cum boiling underneath his fingertips and he gritted his teeth as he bore down with all his might.

Suddenly, a steady stream of thick, white cum started flowing onto Chad's abs.

Chad let out a screeching wail, his eyes twitching, tears running down his face.

A big pool of juice started to build on Chad's abs and into his navel. If it hadn't been for the contractions, it would have been a pretty evenly distributed coating of jizz. But with Chad's body bucking like a mad cow's, the spunk started running down left and right onto the table.

Finally, the flood subsided, and Sammy let go of Chad's nuts, eyeing his work with a certain pride. He ran the tip of his index finger through the thick sauce on Chad's abs and brought the finger to Chad's wide open mouth.

Chad gagged as he realized it was his own cum that was dripping down his throat.

"What do you say?" Sammy asked gently. "I know this isn't really scientific, but maybe you'll know if there's any oomph in your spunk now..."

Chad whimpered and curled up in a ball on the table.

Sammy shrugged and fetched a cup. "I guess we'll send another sample to the lab, right?" he said, smearing some of Chad's jizz into the cup.

"Phew", Sammy sighed, rubbing his hands and cracking his knuckles. "That was hard work. Thank God we'll only have to do this twice a week..."


I hope you liked this story. Feel free to comment on this story to tell me what you liked or didn't like or what adventures you want Chad and Sammy to experience in the future... :-))

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