Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Balls of Others: The show

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Erik (click for pictures)
“Tonight’s the night”, I said, walking into the studio.

My assistant Claas was walking next to my, a little bow-legged and groaning with every step. After yesterday’s final rehearsal, I had offered to pick him up with my car, sparing him the public humiliation of taking the bus in his condition.

We passed the set. It was 4 pm and everything was ready for the show. The audience would be here in four hours, and the show was going to start at 9. The contestants were supposed to be in the changing rooms by now and I made a mental note to drop by and say hello later.

“Fuck”, Claas whimpered as he took the stairs to the control room.

I chuckled. “How are your nuts, Claas?” He had avoided that delicate subject until now.

He closed his eyes and moaned, carefully fondling his package.

“Not so good, huh?” I grinned.

Claas sat down on his chair, spreading his legs wide.

Maybe it was my imagination but his bulge looked a lot bigger than usual…

“How are things with Antje? Did you give her one last night?” I knew that wasn’t a very nice thing to say, but his theatrical behavior was too inviting. He was acting like he was dying, exaggerating his pain to the max.

His nuts had taken a beating. So what? Okay, all those pool balls had taken a toll on him. And the mouse traps sure left a mark or two. But thorough testing was necessary. Now we knew we had to make a few changes. The mouse traps had originally been planned for round 2. But it didn’t work that way, so we changed it. Now, the mouse traps were round 1, and the pool balls were round two. Good thing that we had held that final rehearsal… But round three was perfect. Those kicks to the naked nads had been vicious. And it hadn’t even been the real thing. Last night, some stagehands had stood in for the soccer player who was going to do the honors tonight. We had a special guest and I hoped he would arrive in time.

Claas cleared his throat. “Of course I didn’t fuck her last night”, he grunted.

I chuckled. “Why?”

He shot me a mean look. “I’m not talking to you”, he said and turned to his computer.

I laughed. “Come on, Claas. I didn’t mean to be cruel.”

Claas sighed. “It was a disaster. Antje was waiting for me, all dressed up, black lace and all that. And all I could think about was ice.”

I chuckled.

“I explained the situation to her and that’s when she snapped. I swear to you, she was furious! I showed her my balls so that she could see for herself. Not a good idea.”

I closed my legs in sympathy.

“She really did a number on my nuts! I tried to get her to stop. ‘We will never have children if you keep that up’, I said. ‘Stop it or you’ll crush them for good.’” Claas whimpered.

“She didn’t stop?” I said.

Claas shrugged. “Oh, she did – one hour later.” He rubbed his package and grimaced. “My balls feel like they have been put through a meat grinder.”

I nodded.

“Wanna have a look?”

I grinned. “Wanna show me?”

Claas sighed and opened the fly of his jeans. Carefully, he pulled his junk out.

“Ouch”, I whispered.

His balls were black and blue and the size of two big lemons.

Claas nodded, looking down at his poor accessories with a pitiful expression. “Out of order for a few days at least”, he said slowly, gingerly carressing his swollen sac.

“They’ll be okay”, I said and gave his bulging plums a friendly slap and said, “Come on, there’s work to do.”

Claas howled in pain. “That’s not funny”, he growled.

“Well, it kinda is”, I laughed.

Claas looked at me and a slight smile spread on his face. “Well, you are right, it is funny. They look horrible, right?” he chuckled.

“They do”, I grinned.

“I guess my sperm factory is closed down for a while”, he chuckled. He patted his nuts lightly, gritting his teeth as the pain set in. But soon it will be reopened and the produce will be better than ever...”

I laughed. That's the spirit...

Creamy, juicy - everything a girl wishes for”, he continued, grinning.

I nodded. Yeah, I get the picture.”

High quality baby batter right from the tap”, Claas said. Class A balljuice from Class A balls.”

I rolled my eyes. Alright, alright, I really get it. Don't make me kick those suckers in for good!”

Claas fell silent for a second. “Wanna take a picture for my facebook account?” he asked, handing me his iPhone.

“Sure”, I said, making sure his naked nuts were in the frame as well as his handsome face. “Smile!”

He grinned at the camera, giving two thumbs up, his poor balls shining brightly.

“Perfect”, I said, handing him the phone.

“Gotta think of a caption”, Claas said, fumbling with his phone. “Maybe something like ‘Everything for the job’ or ‘No kids for me’ or something. Or do you think the 'sperm factory' image is good enough?”

I shrugged and stood, heading for the changing rooms.

The voices of the three contestants echoed through the studio. Apparently, they were in a good mood. Well, that was no surprise. Tonight, they had the chance to win 10.000 Euro.

We had chosen them very carefully and I was pretty confident that they had what it takes. Three British lads, all of them with very good looks. They’d look great on television. They were friends and played on some rugby team in England. Handsome faces, great builds, lots of muscles in all the right faces. Ball size had been an issue, too, of course.

Clive, 19 years old, had short blond hair and blue eyes. He was pretty tall, with long legs and – judging from the application photo – a nice, long cock and two big, juicy nuts.

His buddy Stuart was a bit short than Clive. He was 20 years old, with black curly hair and green eyes. His cock wasn’t as long as Clive’s, but it was nice and thick, and his nuts were even bigger than Clive’s.

And then there was Reggie, a very cute redhead, 19 years old, not as good looking as his buddies, but cute nonetheless. He was the shortest one of the bunch – but just in body height. His cock was the biggest of the trio – and his balls were perfect: two large, low-hanging, meaty nuggets, they were made for our show.

All three of them were good-natured, fun-loving guys. I was sure that girls were crazy about them and they knew it.

I knocked on the door frame, walking into the changing room through the open door.

“Hey, guys”, I said. “Ready for your big night?”

Clive and Stuart were sitting in their chairs. Clive was dressed only in his underpants, reading some “Big Boobs” magazine, while Stuart was chatting with Reggie. The super-endowed redhead was standing in front of the mirror, shirtless just like Stuart, his jeans down at his ankles, his huge equipment on display. Apparently he was geeting ready for the show, shaving his pubes.

“Hi, Alex”, Clive looked up from his magazine and turned towards me. I couldn’t help but notice the boner that was clearly visible in his pants. He grabbed his junk and adjusted it, grinning at me. “We just told Reg to make himself presentable.” He turned towards the redhead. “Off with that hair, Reg!”

Reggie looked at me through the mirror, one hand holding a razor, while I was staring at his junk. I had seen a lot of nuts in my working life – but his equipment was truly marvelous.

Apparently, he mistook my look. “Yeah”, he said, looking down at his crotch. “I wanted to shave yesterday but somehow I forgot.”

He sported a big bush of curly red hair that covered his balls.

“What do you think, Alex?” he asked. “Should I leave some?”

“Nah!” Stuart grinned. “Shave it all off. Completely smooth is best, believe me. Looks great on TV.”

Reggie looked at me.

I shrugged. “Honestly, I don’t think it matters what you do with that hair. Your balls will look great, no matter what…”

Reggie thought for a moment. “What’s your look down there, Clive?”

Clive looked up from the magazine. I noticed a little wet spot on the front of his underwear. Apparently, he liked what he was ‘reading’.

“I trimmed my bush a bit”, he said.

Reggie looked at Stuart.

“Me too”, the curly boy said.

Reggie applied the razor. “I think I’m going with smooth”, he said, grinning. “After all, we want a bit of variety, right?”

Stuart chuckled. “Be careful not to cut that monster off!”

Clive laughed. “Yeah. We need your nuts tonight.”

Reggie grinned and weighed his fat sausage and the two meaty plums in his hand. “Don’t panic, boys. We can depend on those!”

Stuart winked at Clive and let his hand fly down at Reggie’s junk. The smacking sound echoed across the room, followed inevitably by a high-pitched scream from Reggie. “Bastard”, he whimpered.

Clive and Stuart burst out laughing.

“Hey, Stuart”, Clive said, chuckling. “Save that for later. We need that shit, you know…”

I laughed. “See you on stage, guys. Good luck!”

A few hours later we were ready to go. Clive, Stuart and Reggie were standing on stage, bare naked, their cocks hanging down in front of their sacks. They looked great, their nuts dangling between their legs. Clive, the blond one, had a bit of hair on his chest. Stuart’s chest showed some more hair, while Reggie was completely hairless. He had done a good job shaving his pubes and was completely smooth.

They looked a bit nervous. The audience had taken their seats, 40 people, most of them guys, some of them friends of our three contestants. I noticed one redhead who looked remarkably like Reggie and I guessed that it was his younger brother.

The French director started the countdown.

The theme music started.

We had decided to go without a host, but we had a nice young man who provided a live voice-over.

On the screen, we saw the opening credits, consisting almost entirely of various shots of male genitalia. Everyone expected a scandal and we wanted to meet the expectations…

I grinned when I saw my assistant Claas’ junk on the screen. We had filmed our crew members testicles for the opening credits, a variety of 42 big, ripe plums, some low hanging, some brought up tight, some hairy, some smooth, all of them looking perfect. It's nice to work with such a talented crew (except for one of the assistant make-up artists whose nuts looked far too small on screen; it had been quite a drama when we told him that his balls lacked the quality necessary for the opening credits...).

On screen, Claas’ nuts looked nice and healthy. We had filmed the footage the day before yesterday. Next to me, Claas groaned, rubbing his junk.

Then the faces of our three contestants appeared on the screen. “Three young men”, the voice said sternly. The camera dropped down and zoomed in on the contestants’ balls. “Six young nuts”, the voice continued. The picture changed to show a couple of Euro bills. “10.000 Euro… Will they have the balls to win the money? This is The Balls of Others.“

I chuckled. The title oft he show was a play on the title of a German movie that had won an Oscar some years ago. While the movie wasn’t bad, the director was an asshole and I liked the idea that he was mad at us for using his title for something as frivolous as this kind of show…

“Here they are”, the voice announced and the audience started clapping and cheering. “Clive. He’s 19 and he says: ‘I have balls of steel!’”

The crowd cheered while Clive waved into the camera, grinning.

“Stuart. He’s 20 and he says: ‘Nobody cracks my walnuts!’”

Stuart winked at the camera and grabbed his balls, driving the audience wild.

“Reggie. He’s 19 and he says: ‘The bigger the better!’”

Reggie nodded, a self-confident smile on his face. He lifted his cock, showing off his huge nuts. The crowd cheered and clapped.

“Let’s get started”, the voice said. “Round one.”

The lights went down and the crowd went silent.

The voice continued while dramatic music started playing: “One of the guys will be the captain of the team – for the first round. He’ll call the shots and he’ll decide whose nuts are gonna get cracked.”

The three contestants smiled nervously.

With the cue of the music, a spotlight focused on Clive whose smile widened. He looked at his friends and smirked. “I’ve got your balls”, he grinned.

A few guys in the audience laughed.

“Now, Clive”, the voice said. “In round one, you will have some fun with mouse traps. If you do it, your team will get 2.500 Euro.”

The room filled with the cheers of the audience while a stagehands appeared, holding four mouse traps. All the stagehands were dressed in black, with tight fitting trousers and shirts. They were good looking guys, all of them around twenty years old, flashing their white teeth in wide smiles as they presented the mouse traps.

The three contestants looked at the mouse traps.

Reggie gulped nervously.

“Let’s play”, the voice said. “Clive – you are the captain for round 1. It’s your decision. We’ve got 4 mousetraps. Whose balls will get trapped?”

Stuart and Reggie looked at their buddy.

Clive thought for a moment.

“Take your time”, the voice said. “It’s your decision. You can have one or two of your buddies take the pain or you can share it with them.”

Clive cleared his throat and looked at his friends. “Okay”, he started. “1 trap for Stuart, 1 trap for Reggie. And I will take 2.”

The crowd cheered and clapped.

The three contestants exchanged high-fives.

“Nice, buddy”, Stuart grinned and hugged Clive. “Thanks.”

Clive smiled. “United we stand, right?”

“Right”, Reggie nodded, fondling his naked babymakers.

“Okay, guys”, the voice said. “The balls, please.”

Dramatic music started playing while the contestants spread their legs and put their hands behind their backs.

First up was Stuart. The stagehand set the mouse trap and held it under his big, floppy sack.

“Clive, your call”, the voice said.

Clive looked at Stuart and grinned. “Time to catch a mouse, huh?”

Stuart closed his eyes.

Clive chuckled and looked at the stagehand who grinned, having the privilege to see Stuart’s fat nuts up 
close and personal. They were bulging inside their sack, waiting to get smashed by the trap.

Clive nodded. “Okay, go!”

WHAM! The spring-loaded bar snapped shut, trapping Stuarts nuts and causing him to scream from the top of his lungs. The stagehand bit his lower lip, suppressing a grin, while the audience went wild, clapping and cheering.

Clive and Reggie were laughing their asses off.

“Ow, that had to hurt”, Reggie laughed, fondling his huge danglers.

“Take it off”, Stuart whimpered, pulling at the trap.

The stagehand grinned and pulled the trap off of Stuart’s balls, making him wince and double over in pain. “You can keep that as a souvenir”, the stagehand said, grinning and handing Stuart the trap.

“Thanks”, Stuart whispered.

“Now it’s my turn”, Clive said, inhaling sharply.

He closed his eyes, letting the stagehand set up the trap.

“Go”, he whispered, anticipating the sharp blow to his tender nuts.

The stagehand did as he was told, letting the trap snap shut. It seems like his aim was a bit off, as the trap snapped shut on Clive’s left nut, catching it right in the center.

Clive howled in pain while the audience went wild once again.

Reggie let out a hearty laugh, while Stuart was busy cradling his damaged goods.

“Fuck”, Clive shouted. “Fuck, fuck fuck!”

The audience let out a roar of laughter.

“Clive”, the voice said. “Do you want a break or do you want the second one right now?”

“Fuck!” Clive whimpered, pulling the trap off his balls. He inhaled and said, “Bring it on! Now!”

The crowd cheered and clapped, while Reggie chuckled.

The stagehand set up the third mouse trap, looking up at Clive.

“Make sure you don’t get leftie again, will you?” Clive whispered.

The stagehand grinned and nodded. “I’ll see what I can do…”

Clive closed his eyes again.

“Go”, he said in a toneless voice.

The stagehand looked at his balls and let the trap snap shut again. Once again, the aim was off, and the trap caught Clive’s left nut yet again, digging deep into the meat, making Clive let out a screeching scream.

“Oops”, the stagehand grinned. “Sorry.”

Clive whimpered in pain, fondling his nuts, while the studio was filled with the cheers of the audience.

Now it was Reggie’s turn.

The muscular redhead bit his lower lip and moved his lips.

“Reggie”, Clive croaked. “Get ready.”

Reggie was covering his huge balls, eyeing the mouse trap with fear in his eyes.

“Come on, Reggie”, Clive groaned.

Reggie sighed and put his hand behind his back. He sported a semi-boner that was glistening in the bright lights inside the studio. His supersized testicles hung low in their sac.

The stagehand licked his lips as he set up the trap.

“Clive, we’re waiting”, the voice said.

Clive was clutching his balls, grimacing. “Do it”, he said.

The stagehand was more than happy to follow his orders. The trap snapped shut. The bar dug deep into both the fleshy orbs. It looked like it was trying to cut the two tender nuggets in half.

Reggie turned white. His mouth opened and his dick rose involuntarily, making a little drop of clear liquid come out of the tip, slowly dripping down onto the hand of the stagehand who looked disgusted.

Clive and Stuart watched with amusement, their own nutpain momentarily forgotten.

The crowd was silent, watching Reggie gasp for breath, the muscles on his body twitching as the mouse trap was clamped shut on his big, juicy testicles. Those two precious balls looked like they were about to burst. The metal bar was digging deep into the flesh, making the meat stand out on either side.

Reggie let out a painful whimper.

“Wow”, Stuart said slowly. “That mouse is dead…”

Some guys in the crowd laughed.

Clive looked at Reggie and grinned. “Oh yeah, it’s dead alright.”

Reggie groaned in pain.

His eyes were wide open as his gaze lowered and he looked down his naked body, seeing his nuts trapped in the mousetrap.

Clive looked at the stagehand and nodded at him.

The stagehand shrugged and pulled the mousetrap off of Reggie’s nuts with one harsh tug.

Reggie started screaming. Finally, the pain seemed to sink in. He was screaming from the top of his lungs, grabbing his precious, oversized jewels and fondling them, grimacing in pain.

Clive and Stuart looked at each other and chuckled.

“Congratulations, guys”, the voice said. “You’ve made it through round 1. You’ve earned 2.500 Euro. And after the break it’s double or nothing when ‘The Balls of Others’ returns.”

The three guys spent the commercial break nursing their nuts and comparing the bruising. Clive and Stuart couldn’t help but acknowledge that Reggie had gotten it worst. His huge balls looked even bigger than usual and their color had turned to a slightly unhealthy shade of red.

“Fuck”, Reggie whispered, staring at his nuts.

“Well”, Stuart grinned. “I don’t think you will do much of that for the next couple of days.”

Reggie whimpered.

“Come on, guys”, Clive said. “I’ve taken two shots of those. We’ve got two more rounds ahead of us. Don’t panic. Our nuts can take it.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it”, Reggie whispered.

Clive chuckled and grabbed his buddy’s nuts with his right hand.

Reggie inhaled sharply.

“Don’t be a baby, Reg”, Clive grinned, giving Reggie’s swollen balls a friendly squeeze.

Reggie let out a yelp.

“Those fuckers feel okay”, Clive grind. “Stu, wanna cop a feel?”

Stuart shrugged as Clive let Reggie’s nuts drop into his palm.

Reggie grabbed Stuart’s hand and tried to push it away, tugging on his own nuts in the process. He let out a squeal.

“It can’t be that bad”, Stuart said, twisting his hand and making Reggie moan in agony. “Clive is right. Don’t be a baby!” He winked at Reggie and dug his thumb into Reggie’s precious meatballs.

Reggie’s eyebrows rose and his face turned red. “Stop it”, he groaned. “Let go of my bollocks!”

Stuart shrugged and let go. “Come on, Reg…”

Reggie bit his lower lip and grabbed his balls. “Bastards”, he mumbled.

Stuart and Clive chuckled, fondling their own sacks.

“Attention”, the French director shouted and started the countdown.

The theme music started playing and the voice said, “We’re back with ‘The Balls of Others’. 3 guys, 6 nuts, 10.000 Euro. Now it’s time for round two.”

The dramatic music started and the lights in the studio went down again.

“Who will be the captain for round two?” the voice continued.

The spotlight found Reggie who sighed in relief.

“Reggie, in round two, we will play a game of pool”, the voice announced. “You have 2.500 Euro. It’s 
double or nothing. 5.000 Euro are up for grabs.”

Three stagehands rolled in a large pool table.

“Guys, the balls please”, the voice said.

The contestants stood behind the table. Stuart dropped his nuts in the corner pocket on the left, Clive took his position on the right side and let his nuts dangle in the corner pocket, and Reggie stood at the side pocket. He had trouble stuffing his swollen nuggets into the pocket and groaned miserably. Finally, he succeeded and his fat plums were sufficiently stuffed into the pocket.

“Reggie”, the voice continued. “There will be 7 shots. Whose nuts will suffer? You can have one or two of your buddies take the pain or you can share it with them.”

Clive and Stuart looked at their buddy, smiling.

Reggie didn’t return their smiles.

He looked miserable, his big, bloated balls stuffed into the pocket, his muscular body glistening with sweat. He looked down at his nuts and let out a small whimper.

“Reggie?” the voice said. “What’s your decision?”

“7 shots?” Reggie asked weakly.

“7 shots”, the voice repeated. “Who will take the pain.”

Reggie whimpered. “It’s 4 shots for Clive and 3 shots for Stuart.”

His friends stared at him, their mouths open, as one of the stagehands put the cue ball on the middle of the table.

The crowd’s reaction was divided. Some guys laughed, others booed, some cheered and some were silent.

“What?!” Clive hissed.

“You can’t be serious!” Stuart chimed in.

“Your call, Reggie”, the voice said.

“Listen, buddy”, Clive continued, leaning over to the middle of the table while his nuts stayed inside the side pocket. “I took two mouse traps for you!”

Reggie didn’t look at him.

“Lousy fucker!” Stuart snapped.

Clive shook his head. “Selfish bastard! I can’t believe…”

“Go”, Reggie whispered.

The stagehand grinned and fired the first shot at Clive’s trapped nuts. The cue ball connected perfectly, slamming into Clive’s meaty gonads and grinding them into the back wall of the pocket.

Clive let out a groan and his knuckles turned white as he grabbed the rim of the table.

Reggie stared straight ahead.

The stagehand lined up the second ball in front of Stuarts nuts.

“Go”, Reggie closed his eyes.

The ball found its target and crashed into the meaty mound of Stuart’s balls. The two orbs swung back before being hit again by the merciless cue ball.

Stuart shrieked in pain.

The stagehand grinned and put the third ball on the table while Reggie ground his teeth. “Go”, he said in a toneless voice.

The cue ball hit Clive’s balls dead on, producing a resounding “THWACK” as it deflated Clive’s poor, ripe plums.

Clive whimpered in pain. All the muscles in his body twitched as he tried to stay on his feet.

The fourth ball was put on the table.

Stuart stared at it with a miserable expression on his face.

Reggie’s face was blank. “Go.”

Stuart’s eyes opened wide as the ball made contact with his precious jewels. The ball slammed his nuts hard, causing some guys in the audience to wince in sympathy.

Stuart gasped for air, sweat dripping down his eyebrow.

The stagehand put the fifth ball on the green.

“Go”, Reggie whispered.

The ball hit Clive’s meaty nuts, making his body spasm as waves of pain washed through his body. His eyes turned glassy as he held on to the table. He let out a pitiful moan and squeezed his eyes shut.

Reggie didn’t dare look at his buddies. He had his eyes closed, occasionally blinking to see if the stagehand was ready.

The cute stagehand had a malicious smirk on his face as he waited for Reggie’s sign.

“Go”, Reggie said.

Ball no. 6 was played as perfectly as all the others. It struck Stuart’s nuts with the precision of a high-tech rocket. The handsome curly-haired boy gagged as his nuts were slammed full-force. His eyes crossed slightly and his semi-hard dick twitched involuntarily.

Reggie looked down in shame, looking at his swollen balls. “Go”, he said.

The stagehand fired the final ball into Clive’s waiting sack. It hit both of Clive’s meaty nuts dead-on. For a moment, the two well-formed orbs lost their shape as they were ground against the back wall of the pocket.

Clive howled in agony and his eyes rolled back in his head.

“Congratulations, guys”, the voice said. “You’ve made it through round 2. You’ve earned 5.000 Euro. And again, after the break it’s double or nothing when ‘The Balls of Others’ returns.”

During the commercial break, Stuart and Clive were busy cradling their poor nuts, while Reggie sat down on the floor, looking seriously worried.

I turned to my assistant Claas who was sitting next to me in the control room.

He looked angry.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“What a bastard”, Claas growled.

I raised my eyebrows. “Reggie? But that’s what the show is about – guys turning against each other.”

Claas scoffed. “If it were me down there I’d make sure that his nuts were black and blue by the time he got home…”

I grinned and looked at the screen where Clive and Stuart were whispering conspicuously. “I’m pretty certain that that’s what’s about to happen…”

Reggie was fondling his oversized meatballs, occasionally looking over to his buddies who stared at him, their faces grim and angry.

Reggie sighed and stood, walking over to Clive and Stuart. “Come on, guys”, he started, smiling sheepishly. “My nuts needed a break.”

Clive looked at him, an incredulous expression on his face. “Now did they?”

Reggie looked down at his feet. “You’ve seen the state of them…”

“Yeah, well”, Stuart hissed. “What dod you think my nuts feel like?”

Clive nodded. “Not cool, Reg. Not cool.”

Reggie blushed. He extended his hand. “I’m sorry, man. Peace?”

Clive stared at him. Suddenly, he brought his foot back and kicked Reggie’s naked nuts hard. The instep of his bare foot connected perfectly with the supersized testicles between Reggie’s legs, slamming them into his body and knocking the wind out of his lungs.

Stuart started laughing. “Yeah. That’s what you get…”

Reggie let out a wheezing groan. His hands found his aching nuggets, caressing them tenderly. He blinked and his eyes watered. “Fuck”, he whispered. “You got both of them dead on.”

Clive grinned proudly.

“I guess I deserved that?” Reggie whispered, doubling over, his hands clutching his aching gonads, his cock rising above them.

“He likes the attention his nuts get”, Stuart mused.

“Yeah, I reckon”, Clive grinned.

Reggie gulped and massaged his poor balls, causing his cock to grow harder and harder. Just when it was pointing straight up at the ceiling, the director announced. “Back on the air in 5, 4, 3, 2…”

The theme music started playing again and the voice said, “We’re back with ‘The Balls of Others’. 3 guys, 6 nuts, 10.000 Euro. Our contestants have 5.000 Euro in the bag. Now it’s time for round three – and it’s double or nothing!”

Reggie, Clive and Stuart did their best to stand upright, with Reggie obviously having the most trouble doing so.

The dramatic music started and the lights in the studio went down again.

“Again, we need a team captain. Who will it be?” the voice continued.

The boys looked at each other.

Reggie was silently praying for a miracle. He knew what would happen if he wouldn’t be able to call the 

But, alas, not very surprisingly the spotlight chose Stuart to be the team captain.

Stuart smirked at Reggie who blinked nervously.

“Stuart, in round three, we will play a game some soccer”, the voice announced. “You have 5.000 Euro. It’s double or nothing. If you win this round, you’ll have 10.000 Euro.”

Stuart grinned.

Reggie fondled his big baby-makers, directing a pleading smile at his buddy who winked at him with a derisive smirk on his face.

“Fuck”, Reggie whispered to himself, realizing that his poor danglers were doomed.

“For round three”, the voice continued, “we have a special guest. Please welcome Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.”

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause, watching the young soccer player enter the studio. He was dressed in his soccer uniform, wearing cleats on his feet. Unfortunately, the Portuguese national soccer committee hadn’t allowed him to wear the official jersey and shorts. Thankfully, his club Real Madrid had been more generous…

I had met him at a party in Madrid where he put his talent for kicking balls to good use by punting his team-mate Mesut Özil’s balls repeatedly as a dare. I was sure the TV station had spent all of their yearly budget on getting him to come on the show.

The screen showed a short spot with some scenes from notable matches and an interview with Cristiano where he shared some nut-kicking anecdotes while he was preparing for his stint in the studio.

The naked boys stared at him, all of their cocks rising simultaneously.

Cristiano smirked at them. He was an arrogant prick. That’s why he was perfect for this job…

When the spot ended, the voice said, “Guys, the balls please.”

Stuart, Clive and Reggie assumed their positions, their hand behind their backs, their legs spread wide with their juicy nuts dangling below their cocks that pointed towards the ceiling, the tips glistening with precum.

Reggie’s body was trembling. He knew what was coming.

“Stuart”, the voice said, “you are the captain for round 3. It’s your decision. We’ve got 11 kicks from a world class soccer player. Whose balls will get kicked?”

Stuart didn’t need to think for a moment. “Reggie”, he said sternly. “11 kicks to his big, fat balls.”

Clive grinned. His cock twitched with excitement. It wasn’t very often that you got to see Cristiano Ronaldo kick some nuts, especially not some fat danglers like Reggie’s.

Reggie groaned. His huge nuts were swinging back and forth between his thighs, a tiny trail of slimy liquid running down the front of his rock hard cock.

Cristiano smiled and stood in front of poor Reggie. “It’s a pleasure”, he grinned and took a step back.

The crowd was starting to clap rhythmically.

The soccer player adjusted his crotch in his shorts and, with the confidence of a professional player, aimed his first kick at Reggie’s exposed gonads. It connected perfectly. The camera zoomed in as Cristiano’s soccer shoe rammed Reggie’s nuts into his pelvis, catching both balls dead on and flattening them against his body.

Reggie screamed from the top of his lungs. His cock twitched and his abs contracted as he struggled to remain on his feet.

Cristiano let out a laugh as he stepped back for his second kick.

Clive and Stuart watched, grinning, their hands behind their back.

With a running start, Cristiano crunched Reggie’s poor nuts again, once again smashing both of his precious orbs with the tip of his shoe.

Reggie coughed and doubled over. His cock was leaking, covering the whole length and his smooth balls with his precum. The rest of his body was covered in sweat, glistening in the bright lights of the studio.

The soccer player grabbed Reggie’s shoulders and made him stand straight up. Poor Reggie looked Cristiano in the eyes, pleading with him to stop this torture.

Clive and Stuart watched with satisfaction. Unconsciously, they both started leisurely stroking their dicks.

Taking a step back, Cristiano brought his foot in between Reggie’s thighs once again. This time, his toes missed Reggie’s large left ball and connected with is right nut. The tip of his sunk into the soft, tender flesh, making Reggie let out a soprano wail that made Clive and Stuart shudder.

Reggie’s eyes turned glassy as he doubled over.

Cristiano walked a few steps until he was standing behind him. Then, he brought his leg back and powered a merciless kick between Reggie’s legs from behind. His toes connected with the back of Reggie’s balls. It looked as if he was trying to drive them out of their sack.

Reggie’s eyes crossed and he let out a pitiful moan. His cock twitched violently as his nuts swung heavily back and forth.

Clive and Stuart were stroking their dicks. Their expression had changed. Now, they seemed to gain respect for their buddy who wasn’t trying to back out of the game. He was determined to win the money.

The fifth kick connected with Reggie’s left nut, only grazing his right ball, causing the redhead to whimper miserably.

Now, Cristiano took a few steps back. Then, with a running start, he powered his foot into Reggie’s poor babymakers. It looked like he was determined to kick the cum out of those juicy suckers. Reggie’s cock started twitching violently.

Cristiano put his hands on his hips and eyed the scene. Reggie was panting heavily, his nuts reddened and swollen, while his buddies were standing on either side, facing him, watching his midsection and furiously masturbating. The soccer player grinned. This was just like those hours in the locker room in Madrid.

He drew his leg back and kicked Reggie’s nuts once more. Little drops of precum sprayed on the floor as his foot connected with Reggie’s precious balls.

Reggie was retching and gagging, his face beet red, the same color as his nuts.

Three kicks to go. Cristiano grinned and rubbed his hands. Time for the grand finale.

Once again, he brought his leg back and powered it into Reggie’s nuts, hitting both of his big, meaty orbs with devastating force.

The pacing of Clive’s and Stuart’s stroking increased.

Cristiano had his eyes on Reggie’s balls swinging heavily between his thighs. Again, he took a few steps back to prepare for his running start. He cracked his knuckles. Two more kicks.

Reggie had his eyes squeezed shut. Just two more kicks. Then it was over.

He felt the soccer player approaching and said a silent prayer. His dick was twitching violently, leaking precum all over the place. There was a little puddle between his feet and sweat was running all over his trim body.

Suddenly, another wave of pain exploded in his nuts. Cristiano’s foot crashed into his balls, lifting him of the ground and driving him over the edge.

He screamed in pain as his balls felt like they exploded. His cock started spasming, and with a ear-shattering shriek, he shot his first jet of cum. It splattered across the studio, almost reaching the front row of the audience.

The crowd was dead silent, watching the spectacle.

At the same moment, Clive and Stuart let out groans of pleasure, their cocks starting to shoot loads and loads of fresh, hot cum that covered their buddy from head to toe. Spurt after spurt of cream hit his chest, his abs, his nuts and his thighs as Clive and Stuart hosed him down in their spunk.

Reggie’s own dick wasn’t done, yet. His cock was dancing and twitching, pumping jet after jet of precious, salty juice from his aching, swollen nuts. His cock danced like a fountain, his hot, white cream spurting everywhere. One rope of jizz splashed straight up, sailing through the air and coming down just as Reggie brought his head back, his mouth wide open, sreaming in pain. The sticky cream landed right in his open mouth, making Reggie's eyes widen as he tasted his salty milk on his tongue, running down into his throat. He gagged and coughed, while his cock continued unloading rope after rope of thick, white juice, pumping it from his balls out into the open.

Cristiano adjusted his crotch and grinned. Waiting one more moment until the spurts started to grow smaller, he drove one last nut-cracking kick between Reggie’s thights, crunching those busy balls into his pelvis, making his cock lose the last batch of creamy spunk that splattered onto the floor.

Reggie shrieked from the top of his lungs.

His buddies were panting heavily.

All three of them were covered in sweat and jizz.

With one final, throaty groan, Reggie collapsed on the floor, his body landing in his own puddle of cum.

The crowd went wild, clapping and cheering, as Cristiano Ronaldo left the stage, leaving Clive, Stuart and Reggie panting, their cocks slowly going down again, their nuts completely empty and sore and swollen.

“That’s it”, the voice said. “Congratulations, guys. 10.000 Euro. Thanks for watching ‘The Balls of Others’ and good night.”

I looked at my watch. 45 minutes. Just in time. Nice. I was sure that this show would bring the TV station the publicity it craved. On the other hand, I was sure that they’d lose their license. Well, their problem. I was happy for Reggie, Stuart and Clive and walked over into the studio.

The three boys were lying on the ground, their bodies wet and sticky.

Reggie was moaning in pain, clutching his aching balls, while Clive and Stuart were catching their breath.

“Great job”, I said, smiling.

“You think so?” Clive asked.

I nodded.

Clive looked at Reggie. “He’ll need a few moments to recover, I guess…”

I shrugged. “Do you know what you want to do with the money?”

“10.000 Euro”, Stuart grinned. “We’re gonna have a party!”

“Yeah”, Clive chimed in. “We’re gonna fuck like there’s no tomorrow!”

Stuart nodded. “Everybody saw us meeting Cristiano Ronaldo. We’re gonna be the talk of the town…”

I laughed.

“Maybe we’ll wait a few weeks, okay”, Reggie whimpered.

Clive and Stuart laughed. “Sure thing, Reg. Take your time.”

I said goodbye and turned around, looking for Claas. I couln’t see him anywhere.

I walked across the hallway when I heard some noise behind one of the doors. My curiosity got the better of me and I opened it, peaking inside.

The room was small – and it was filled with naked bodies, male and female.

Cristiano Ronaldo was in the middle of it all, stark naked, a wide grin on his face, obviously enjoying the after show party.

His legs were spread wide apart, a well-sized boner pointing straight up. A guy and a girl were fighting for the opportunity to treat him to a blow-job. The girl held Cristiano’s nutsac in her hands, pulling down, making the soccer player groan.

“Give it to me”, the guy snapped, roughly prying the girl’s fingers away from Cristiano’s sensitive sac.

Cristiano winced. “Girls”, he said, “take it easy. There’s more than enough for everybody…”

He wasn’t looking at his lap but straight ahead. I followed his gaze and saw two guys in their early twenties. One of them was bent over, facing the soccer player, smiling at him, his hands on his knees. His balls were dangling between his thighs.

Behind him, a cute blond guy drew his leg back and brought it crashing in between his buddy’s legs.

The poor guy whimpered in pain and struggled to remain standing.

“Wanna fuck him now?” the blond guy asked.

“Nah”, Cristiano grinned, leaning back. “Kick him again…”

I raised my eyebrows. Next to the blond guy was Claas, my Dutch assistant. He blushed as he saw me. I looked down at his bruised balls.

Claas shrugged. “Once in a lifetime opportunity”, he said.

I shrugged and heard the blond guy kick his buddy’s nuts once more. The guy let out a soprano wail and collapsed on the ground.

“I don’t fuck losers”, Cristiano chuckled and pointed at Claas. “Try that one.”

Claas gulped and took his position.

I turned around and closed the door behind me. As I went down the hallway, I heard my assistant let out an ear-shattering scream.

I grinned and shook my head. Time to go home and read the reviews online. I wondered if we'd be allowed to do a second episode...


bbmal said...

That was very hot. Wow, and Cristiano Ronalado was a total surprise, and I liked that he even got in on the action there at the end. Very sweet. Now that I've 'seen' the first episode, I'm not sure the studio would be able to put this on the air after all. But perhaps a pay-perview sort of thing might be just the ticket? There's lots of potential for a few more episodes though. Great job Alex!!!!!

Alex said...

Thanks, bbmal! I totally agree - it might be pay-per-view stuff.... :-))
If you have any ideas for future episodes (what kind of games? what kind of candidates?) please share them... Who knows, maybe the show will get on the air one more time... :-))

Anonymous said...

Great story and a cool idea for a gameshow !
Maybe a little unrealistic that Reggie stayed on his feet for all 11 kicks, he seemed pretty wasted after just the mousetrap.
Also I was hoping to see just how much Clive's "balls of steel" could take :-)
But apart from these minor niggles I can't wait for the next installment.
I have one idea (stolen from the TV show "Gladiators"). You could have a Gladiator that one of the contestants has to go up against. The Gladiator is naturally a huge muscular guy but how tough are his balls ? This could work for one-on-one events like tug-of-war or Roshambo.

Alex said...

Hey Reg, thank you for your comment.
I guess the mousetrap hit a very sweet spot in Reggie's nuts... :-))
I like the gladiator suggestion. Originally, I didn't plan for a sequel, but now there are some nice ideas in my head...

Erik said...

Man I am so glad you are writing again! It was a super hot story... I still get hard thinking about it ;)

Alex said...

Thank you very much, Erik! I'm glad you like it!

JP said...

So happy to see a new story from you Alex, hope things have been well for you :)

Alex said...

Hey JP, good to hear from you! I'm great, thanks! I hope I'll be able to write more in the coming months... :-))

Anonymous said...

Omg thank you! Ive been looking for a Cristiano bb story!!
Wish he was the one being busted so bad tho!!

Alex said...

You are very welcome! I'm glad you like the story!