Friday, September 11, 2009

In the meantime: La Biblioteka

Sorry, sorry, sorry for keeping you waiting... I just don't have the time to finish the story I'm working on ("Sammy the ball doctor: Swim team physical"). I don't make much of a progress at the moment...

In the meantime, I've found some nice videos. A few months ago I told you about the Scandinavian version of the Japanese show "Silent Library". Well, apparently, "Silent Library" is gaining ground in Europe. The Spanish version is called "La biblioteka" and it has a group of pretty hot Latino guys (and girls) competing in more than 50 episodes so far. Apparently, the makers of the show have a thing for putting the guys' nuts at risk. And - as luck would have it - it's always the guys that get hit in the groin, never the girls...

There are a few clips on Youtube that I'm sure you'll find interesting...

First, there's a little cutie called Paquito who gets hit in the balls with a boxing glove:

This is Paquito again, holding a large cardboard target in front of him, with the bull's eye cut out and placed in front of his nuts. In this segment - aptly titled "Scrambled Eggs" - the other members of his team throw hen's eggs at Paquito's huevos:

Another guy, the same treatment - now it's time for Jesús to have his eggs scrambled:

Now poor Jesús' nuts get crushed by a team mate who's wearing a helmet and rams his head into the cute Latino's testicles:

The boxing glove is back - and this time it's Adrián who's on the receiving end:

There are more busts on the show that haven't been posted on youtube. But thankfully all the episodes can be viewed on the TV stations website: Just click on "La biblioteka" and choose the episode you'd like to see. There's a short commercial before the show starts. Every episode is around 13 minutes. Update 06/10/2010: Unfortunately the videos are no longer available.

And here's a list of all the busts:

episode 36 (the helmet thing + revenge*)
episode 34 (a calamary is swung between the guy's legs from behind three times + revenge*)
epsiode 30 (a skateboard is hurled into the guy's nuts + revenge*)
episode 21 (the skateboard thing again + revenge*)
episode 19 (the helmet thing + revenge*)
episode 15 (the boxing glove thing)
episode 14 (the scrambled eggs thing with the bull's eye)
episode 05 (the calamary thing + revenge*)
episode 03 (scrambled eggs again)

* revenge: The show has a cute little feature called "Venganza". That means that after a task, the victim has the chance to give back what his buddy has done to him. Oddly enough, this almost always happens after there has been testicular damage... So there's two pairs of nuts hurt for the price of one... :-))

Anyway - I hope you enjoy the clips and the episodes.

I don't know when I'll be able to finish the story I'm working on. And after making promises that I wasn't able to keep, I won't give you another date. But I promise that I'll try and finish it.


JP said...

Thanks for the update Alex, hope to see your new work soon :)

Alex said...

Thanks, JP, I hope so too... :-))

Anonymous said...

Wow, maybe I should just writing your stories for you, because I seriously miss this site. ;)

guy787970 said...

I actually wouldn't mind writing on these stories. It was always my favorite site, and I still do fantasize about the characters from time to time. While I know I couldn't be as good as Alex, it still might be fun being behind the pen. But sadly this site seems to be officially dead, I don't think even Alex checks up here anymore.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments! I know, I know, I have not written a single story in months... I've written a new post on the subject...