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You Have Balls of Gold - a Demon's Souls Ballbusting Story

For the 2nd anniversary of the PS5 and of the Demon's Souls Remake, a Demon's Souls Ballbusting story featuring Tristan and Leo, the skater boys. Written by Dominik.

All characters are 18+. Contains chastity.

It’s the 12th of November 2020. The brand-new PlayStation 5 had just been released, but since Sony decided to only produce fifty of them so far, the amount of people who had actually gotten their hands on one was very limited. Most people were still looking forward to getting their hands on that sweet new console like they were for an orgasm after not cumming for several weeks.

„It really feels like they just produced like fucking fifty of them“, Tristan mumbled as he stared at the pretty, futuristic device in front of him.

He was standing in his best friend Leo’s living room. Tristan and Leo were best buddies since years. They both loved skateboarding and were frequently going on skating adventures together, but they were also both fun-loving and loved to challenge, tease and peeve each other. Going for each other’s nuts when the other one wasn’t looking or convincing each other to increasingly painful ballsy experiments was one of their favorite freetime activities.

Since they were equally matched in a lot of areas, it had gotten much harder to come up with convincing arguments on why the other one should just put his balls on the line without a chance for vengeance. But just recently, Leo had found the perfect way to turn things around.

„I still don’t get how you managed to order one of them during the like one hour that it was available in the middle of the night“, Tristan shook his head.

„Guess I’m just lucky“, Leo smiled. Then he picked up the disc for the game that Tristan had been drooling for. „You sure you want to go through with this, buddy? I’d understand if you want to pussy out. But if you go any further, I you’ve accepted the challenge and I won’t take no for an answer.“

Tristian let out a deep sigh while Leo looked at him expectantly. He looked down at the disc, then at his crotch and finally at the PS5 controller and the chastity cage Leo had put on the couch table in front of him.

Then he cracked his knuckles and shook hands with Leo. „Let’s do this. For the world might be mended.“

Tristan took it upon himself to insert the disc. As they waited for the game to install, Leo disappeared to the kitchen and returned with some orange juices and chips.

„Why are you still wearing clothes?“, Leo asked half-condescendingly, half-jokingly. „Get naked already!“

„Sure.“ Tristan had been intensely staring at the progress bar on the TV screen and seemed almost glad for a distraction. He got up and started stripping. He was wearing brief shorts that had already put his nice skater legs to display and a tank-top that sat tightly on his muscular upper body. Meanwhile Leo was just wearing boxershorts along with a comfortable T-Shirt that also put his well-shaped, slender body to good display.

Moments later, Tristan had slipped out of his clothes and carelessly thrown them on the floor. Standing stark-naked next to Leo, he smiled at him and briefly caressed his genital equipment. Leo had seen him naked already plenty of times, but he still liked his buddies putting their equipment to full display. Tristan had a nice, cleanly shaven pair of balls and a slightly above-average sized cock that was limply hanging down between his muscular legs.

Leo grinned, then he gave his best buddy a quick sack-tap with the back of his hand. It wasn‘t very hard, but it came unexpected and made Tristan flinch.

„Hey, come on now. I haven’t even begun playing!“

They both sat down on the couch, Leo in his chill outfit, Tristan naked as he now was. A moment later, the game finished installing. Tristan excitedly picked up the controller and launched the game. Seconds later, they saw the title flash across the screen, along with deep, majestic music.


Tristan was a big fan of the Souls series, having played every game from the first Dark Souls to Bloodborne and Sekiro. When he heard that a Demon’s Souls remake was coming and that it would be a PS5 exclusive, he just new he had to play it. There was just one problem: the PS5 was completely sold out. Everywhere. For probably several months into the future.

When Leo told him that he managed to snatch a PS5 preorder, he begged him to let him play the game at launch. After considering it for a while, Leo agreed – with a few conditions. Tristan had to play the game butt-naked, and each time he died in Demon’s Souls, he would receive one nutshot from Leo with a means of his choosing, one as hard or as light as Leo wanted. Having heard that the game got increasingly harder the more one one died in it, Leo figured he might aswell step up the abuse on Tristan’s balls over time aswell.

And finally – since they both very much doubted that Tristan would finish the game in a single day, Tristan would get his cock locked up in a chastity cage after each play session, and only unlocked the next time he played to give Leo easier access to his balls. He would only be released after he beat the game, not a day earlier. If he had to take a break from the game for a couple days because he had to give either his balls or his sanity a chance to recover, he wouldn’t be able to relieve himself. And if he somehow managed to shoot a load while he was unlocked during playtime, Leo would get a whopping 50 free hits to his balls – but they agreed that it’d be good sportsmanship for him not to make any attempts to cum while he was unlocked during playtime.

These were the rules they agreed on in advance. Tristan had figured it couldn’t possibly be that bad – but then again, he knew how much he sucked at these games despite how much he loved them.

„Well... the graphics look nice“, Leo nodded approvingly as Tristan was loaded into the game world.


„So this is the first game from the series that you didn‘t play before? Not the original on PS3 either?“

„Nope. I heard some things, but never got the chance to play it.“

„Then it better be worth it.“

They watched as Tristan made his way around a medieval castle he started in and defeated his first bunch of enemies – some grotesque, but not very difficult creatures that all died with two swings of his sword. He took some damage, but not a lot.

„Going well“, Leo said. „Maybe you finish the game without dying once.“

„Haha, funny one. But I actually heard that you get a unique scene if you beat the tutorial boss, since you only get one shot at beating him. Let’s see if I can...“

Just as he walked up some wooden stairs, an armoured knight rushed in from off-screen and killed him with one sword hit. They both stared at the YOU DIED message on-screen.

Leo raised his eyebrows, then he leaned forward and hit his elbow into Tristan’s bare, unprotected balls that were dangling between his spread legs on the couch, making him shriek from the sudden pain.

„You were saying?“

„Nevermind“, Tristan responded as he rubbed his balls. He respawned at the same spot as before and quickly made his way back to where he was, this time prepared for the ambush. The knight came rushing in again, but he blocked his ambush, killing him in a few swings.

„Not bad“, Leo shrugged. He wasn’t awfully keen on trying these type of games himself, but he enjoyed watching Tristan play them, especially the more frustrated he got during it.

A few easy enemies later, and Tristan had reached a dense wall of mist.

„A boss fog“, he explained as he squished around with his bare ass on the couch to get more comfortable. „Guess this is it.“

Vanguard Demon. A pale, intimidating humanoid creature several times the size of his character, standing in a dark underground prison.

„He looks funny“, Leo said as he put his hand firmly on Tristan‘s upper leg. „This is the guy you want to defeat in one try?“

„Yeah, just gotta roll through his first swing... there we go. Then I’ve got to slowly...“ He swung his sword a few times, putting an incredibly tiny dent into the giant health bar at the bottom of the screen.

„You‘re doing nothing to him“, Leo laughed.

„I‘ve just got to not make any mistakes, then...“

The gruesome boss swung his giant axe through the air, slicing Tristan‘s character apart with one hit.


Tristan looked at Leo with a defeated face. Leo on the other hand was smiling.

„There goes my one attempt at the boss, I guess.“

Then Leo drew his fist back and punched his best friend right between his spread legs, hitting his gonads head-on with a satisfying wet smack.

„Ah man“, Tristan said as he pressed his legs together in pain, covering his balls with the controller. „Do you have to do overdo it already?“

„If you think that‘s ‚overdoing it‘ already, then you‘re in for a treat“, Leo smirked.

„Yeah. I guess that‘s true for both your hits and Demon’s Souls“, he sighed.

Just like Tristan had predicted, he didn‘t get another shot at the boss and was spawned to a different area instead: a dark, vertical, church-like room with several big engraved stones. Leo watched Tristan run around in it for a few minutes and talk to a few characters, but nothing attacked him. Tristan did manage to find a way to die though when he walked up a set of long, circular stairs and walked off somewhere along the way.

„I really thought I’d survive that fall“, he mumbled as he watched Leo creep closer.

A moment later, Leo‘s knuckles once again found their way into his unprotected nads, smashing them harshly against his legs.

„Fuck, you got me good“, he said as Leo slouched down on the couch again. „The real game hasn‘t even begun and you‘re already making good work of my balls.“

„Glad I do“, Leo smiled.

Tristan decided not to go up the stairs again and instead interacted with one of the big archstones in the middle of the room. After a brief loading screen, a cutscene played that showed a giant dragon wreck havoc at the walls of another castle before giving Tristan control of his character, spawning him at a bridge at the side of the castle.

„Interesting“, he said. „From now on, I have essentially no idea what to expect, give or take a few things I‘ve seen online.“

Leo grabbed his phone as Tristan made his way to the castle entrance, killing a couple enemies with swords and crossbows along the way. But the giant door in the castle wall wouldn’t open.

„Guess I have to find another way.“ He quickly found a minor side entrance that led him in a dark passageway at the side of the castle, one that had a bunch of enemies jumping him from dark places. He barely managed to kill them but with only a sliver of health left. Before he could heal, a crossbow arrow hit him from somewhere off-screen and killed him.

„You got pretty far“, Leo grinned. Tristan shrugged, almost apologetically.

Once again, Leo decided to go for the fist and smash his knuckles into his best friend‘s gonads. Once again, Tristan was hit with a fierce pain in his groin area that made him yelp loudly and subsided to a more tolerable but still annoying painful sensation after a couple seconds.

„Your character looks all white now“, Leo observed while Tristan was still holding his balls. „And you only respawned with half your health.“

„Wait, what?“ Tristan looked up in surprise, then he let out a frustrated sigh. „Oh, so it actually does work like that. You remember how I told you the game got harder the more you die? Well, if you die once, you’ll only have half of your maximum health from then on until you beat the next boss.“

„Well, good fucking luck then, mate.“

Tristan began making his way back where he was through the dark corridor. „You know, since I‘m at half of my maximum health now... it would be fair if you only used half of your force with each hit, wouldn‘t it?“

„Yeah, or I could hold back only half as often if you have any more stupid ideas like that.“

And again Tristan made his way through the dark corridor. This time he had more health left and was about to make his way up a set of stairs where he had been shot from last time – but before he could reach the archer, a boulder dropped down onto the stairs, rolling down and smashing his character to death.

„Having fun?“, Leo laughed.

„I mean, I do. But my balls still hurt from the last few hits...“

Once again, Leo took aim and punched his friend into the gonads, making him vail in anguish.

Tristan groaned for a minute and hung crooked on the couch before he finally straightened himself and tried again. Once again he made his way over the castle bridge into the dark corridor in the castle wall. This. time, decided to run past the enemies and up the stairs. He evaded the boulder, but on the next level, there were more enemies. Just as he struck them down, the enemies from the lower floor had caught up to him and caught him off-guard. YOU DIED.

„How long before we can write that on your balls?“, Leo grinned while Tristan let out a frustrated laugh. Shortly after, Leo‘s hand once again found his way into his balls.

„Gnnrr...“ Tristan panted heavily while Leo ripped open the bag of chips and put the first few in his mouth. After a few seconds Tristan followed suite and grabbed a few chips aswell, still with a sour expression on his face.

After another minute, he finally tried again. Same bridge, same doorway, same dark corridor. This time he killed every single enemy and made his way around the boulder trap. He healed himself with some item before making his way through the next level. It actually went pretty well this time.

Still feeling a painful tingling in his balls, he was extra-careful as he made his way up the next set of stairs. He finally reached the end of the dark stairwell, getting to the top of the castle wall.

„Finally, something brighter again.“

He easily evaded another pair of archers, making good work of them. Shortly after, he ran into a more well-armoured knight, not unlike the one who had killed him in the tutorial. He rolled through his first few swings and struck back with his sword, but just as the knight had only a sliver of health left, he blocked Tristan’s swing with his shield and swung his own sword at him three times.

„Fucking roll! I pressed it!“, Tristan sighed as YOU DIED flashed over the screen.

„I think you had no stamina left“, Leo remarked.

„Yeah. I guess.“

„On that note, do you know who else doesn‘t have much stamina left?“

Tristan looked at his friend with a skew grin, knowing full-well who would be the punchline of the joke. And a punchline he was: Leo hit his fist into Tristan’s balls and dick that were currently resting on top of his closed legs.

„That was... actually an easier one“, Tristan said, being in pretty good constitution after the hit.

„Yeah, I thought I was a bit off“, Leo nodded. „Anyway, don‘t get used to it.“

Back to the bridge once more. Tristan was visibly frustrated, but he didn’t seem to get tired of it. Back to the door with the stairs inside. Past the enemies with some slight trouble, but after healing up, he finally reached the top of the castle wall again.

„Gonna get this guy this time“, he said confidently as he walked up to the knight again. And indeed, he rolled through his attacks, got a few hits in and finished him with a satisfying backstab.

After which he died to the three crossbow guys shooting him from off-screen who he had ignored this time.

„For god‘s sake“, he mumbled as he looked down at his balls. „I‘m just going to ignore this guy next time.“

„Your choice“, Leo shrugged as shook up Tristan‘s balls with a satisfying punch once more, making him scream in agony.

Tristan took a moment to inspect his sore balls before continuing his tries as there still was a constant, slight painful sensation spilling out from them. They were already a bit reddened and maybe slightly larger than usual, but still looked fairly healthy, all things considered. They had been in much worse shape in the past already. On the other hand, he couldn’t even have gotten very far in the first level of what could very well be a 40 hour adventure.

Leo, getting bored of watching his friend fight through the same enemies again and again, grabbed his phone and only paid partial attention to the screen. When he looked up again, Tristan had just jumped down onto a lower level amidst the castle walls, right next to another knight – one who didn’t attack him and just stood there idly.

„Is he friendly?“, Leo asked.

„Yeah, seems so“, Tristan nodded, just as he started talking to the knight who introduced himself as ‚Ostrava of Boletaria‘. „Souls games have these NPCs scattered around the world whose questlines you usually mangle up more badly on your first time through than a fresh pair of balls over in Alex‘ studio...“

„Better don‘t let him hear that, or he‘ll accept that as a challenge“, Leo grinned. The two handsome boys were no stranger to Alex‘ Ballbusting studio, a continuous source of hot, creamy nad-nailing action.

Tristan and his new-found friend Ostrava jumped down into a small, closed-off courtyard amid the castle walls and fought a bunch of seemingly easy enemies. Tristan followed him around for a while, but Ostrava didn‘t seem to want to follow him anymore after a while.

„Guess I’ll catch up with him later. Or at least I hope I do“, he shrugged.

It didn‘t take long for Tristan to find another opportunity to die. The place from where he had met Ostrava lead to a set of wooden stairs leading up another castle wall from which a bunch of enemies were shooting at him and rushing at him with their swords.

„Gotta be more careful there“, he sighed as Leo put his phone down for the next hit.

„Yeah, and I gotta be less careful here“, Leo grinned before punting his friend in the gonads. Tristan screamed and held his balls for a couple of seconds as Leo got comfortable again next to his naked friend.

„Man, you‘re not holding your punches.“


Tristan did seem to have gotten better at the first couple of corridors leading up the wall, though. Leo was almost disappointed to see him back at where he was so quickly. This time, he played more careful, luring out the enemies from their group before making his way up the wooden stairs, at the top of which he found another armoured enemy knight who immediately swung his sword at him.

„Not this guy again“, Tristan said, but having learned from his last encounters, he managed to strike him down fairly quickly. After that, he found a small archway leading downwards alongside a wall, at the start of which a wooden structure holding a couple of heavy boulders was located.

„Oh, is this one of the traps like the one that triggers each time you go up the stairs at the beginning?“, Leo asked.

„Seems that way“, Tristan shrugged, hitting the structure with his sword – which released the boulders, which all rolled over him and flattened his character.

„Yeah, it definitely seems that way“, Leo laughed as Tristan groaned, reaching down between Tristan‘s legs. „I think it‘s only appropriate I give your boulders a little squeeze...“

He quickly wrapped his hands around Tristan‘s balls before squeezing down hard for a few seconds, making Tristan gasp for air and sit up straight. He exhaustedly sank down again as Leo released his grip.

„I don‘t like squeezes“, he mumbled as he quickly emptied his glass of orange juice and put a full hand of chips in his mouth.

„Do you like any other kind of hits to the balls?“

„Nah, not really“, Tristan laughed. „But squeezes are particularly mean. Feels like you‘re being choked...“

„True that“, Leo nodded, having gotten his fair share of ball squeezes over the years aswell.

Tristan started his journey again. He died twice on the way back to where he had to go, making Leo punch his balls full of enthusiasm each time. He finally managed to get back where he was, up to the trap that killed him last time. This time though, he hit the contraption from another side, causing the rocks to roll out in the same direction as before, down the pathway along the castle wall that he had to go, flattening several enemies instead of him.

„Oh, that‘s neat.“

The next few minutes went by mostly uneventful, he strolled further through the castle area until he reached a big bridge with a couple of wooden war machines and enemies. He had made his way about halfway through the bridge, fighting the enemies in his path, when the dragon from the cutscene earlier on decided to swoop in and breath fire all across the bridge, burning Tristan’s character along with his enemies in one big swoop.

„Well, that’s not great.“

„On the upside, the dragon‘s giving you a foretaste as to what your balls will feel like when you‘re done with the game“, Leo grinned. „Probably much earlier.“

„You think?“

„Absolutely“, Leo nodded, just as he crouched on the couch over Tristan in an awkward position, holding onto his shoulders for a moment and blocking his view to the TV, before ramming his knee into his crotch.

„Ah, Jesus“, Tristan mumbled as he squeezed his legs together and cupped his crotch. „Thought I was at least safe from your lower bodyparts for now...“

„If I want to bust you with my feet or knee, you‘ll have to oblige either way“, Leo shrugged. „Not like you have much of a saying in it as long as you want to continue playing...“

Tristan managed to die once more, leading Leo to punch his balls with a measured, but precise force, before finally making his way back to the bridge.

This time, he stood at the start of the bridge for a minute, but the dragon wouldn‘t come by itself. Finally he decided to take a step onto the bridge and immediately ran back once the dragon came down. He took another step onto the bridge which caused the dragon to repeat his fiery flyover.

„I think I can manage to run through inbetween his breaths“, he guessed. And indeed, he started running just after the dragon had breathed down and managed to reach the other side just in time before he returned.

„Not terrible“, Leo nodded approvingly, squinting down to his friend‘s bare balls that would get a little more rest and time to recover for now.

Having reached the other side, Tristan quickly found a lever that he managed to pull. A cutscene started. The enormous, black door in the castle wall right at the beginning of the level where he respawned each time finally opened in a slow, but majestic motion, revealing a dark indecipherable interior. And right before the cutscene ended, a metal spear flew out of the darkness and penetrated the stone floor.

„That’s pretty cool“, Leo laughed. „Does that mean what I think it means?“

„Boss time“, Tristan nodded. „It means I finally reached the end of the level. Almost.“

After the cutscene ended, he found himself back at the end of the dragon bridge, by the lever he just pulled. He explored a few narrow pathways inbetween the castle buildings until he reached a long, downwards-spiralling stairway that lead him back to the start of the level, where the door had just opened.

„Alright“, Tristan said with a grim, dogged expression as his character stood in front of the fog wall that marked the entry to the boss room inside the giant castle door. The naked lad was leaning forward and stared at the screen, the controller tightly gripped with both hands, his face and upper body glistening with sweat, his limp dick hanging down on the soft couch. „Here goes nothing.“

He crossed the wall and entered a dim room with a bunch of pillars and a giant, black blob of goo in the middle that was covered with shields and outward-facing spears, just like a hedgehog. At the bottom of the screen, a giant boss health bad had appeared, along with the bosses‘ name: PHALANX.

„Uh, okay...“

Not sure what to do, he walked up to the blob of spears and shields and tried hitting them, but he didn‘t do any damage. The shields covering the black blob just blocked his sword hit completely.

A second later, the mangled mass of shields and spears retaliated and poked him with his shields several times, quickly burning through his own tiny health bar.

„Well, that was... not a great first attempt.“

„Yeah, I agree on that. Spread your legs, buddy.“

Leo had stood up from the couch. Tristan put down the controller down and sighed, just as Leo got ready for his hit. This time, he roundhouse-kicked Tristan’s balls in one smooth circular motion, ramming his feet into the soft spot inbetween his legs.

„Ah, shit“, Tristan cursed, cupping his balls. „That got me well.“

„I know“, Leo grinned. „Now come on, I wanna see you beat this thing!“

His balls were still in heavy pain from Leo’s kick, but he took a few deep breaths, wiped sweat off his forehead and grabbed the controller again, chewing down the painful distraction in his lower body.

At least Tristan didn‘t have to walk very far to the boss this time. The first few enemies he fought in the level were now strolling around the boss door, but he quickly ran past them without taking a hit.

„So, the shields block him from damage“, Tristan contemplated as he looked at the Phalanx boss again. „He can poke me, and... ah, he can throw spears at me“, he yelped, just as a spear from the big blob in the middle of the room struck him. „But he won‘t hit me if I stand behind one of those pillars, right? Right. So how do I hit him?“

Tristan stood there for a minute and observed. At least Phalanx could barely move at all, he was coming closer at the pace of a snail. But shortly after, Tristan noticed that a few much smaller black glue-blobs had separated from him and were crawling right next to him, each of them carrying one shield and spear each.

„That’s interesting“, he noted. „I wonder if I can kill one of those...“

He could: the walked behind one of the lonely glue-drops and struck him from the side that wasn‘t protected by a shield. It died almost immediately.

„And there‘s an opening in the big thing now where the smaller one was before“, Leo noted, fixed on the screen aswell.

„Yeah. But to small for me to hit it, I think? Yeah, so I guess I’ll have to wait for a few more to separate from him?“

As he spoke, a few more droplets had separated from Phalanx again, each with a spear and a shield, exposing a black spot that wasn‘t covered in shields.

„Your chance!“, Leo said.

Tristan rushed forward and hit the free spot – and the boss took damage. He managed to hit it three times before he was poked to death by the big and small blobs alike.

„That didn’t go as well as you hoped“, Leo grinned.

„Yeah. But that‘s the strategy, I think. Kill as many of the smaller ones when they separate, wait until the opening is large enough, strike the big one enough times without letting him poke me... woah, what are you doing?“

Leo had grabbed a cleaning mop in the meantime that stood around the living room, pointing the dull end of its stem towards Leo.

„Come on, make space“, Leo grinned as he excitedly poked the air in front of Leo a couple times like a warrior. „Show me your dirty spot. It‘s only fair I poke you aswell, isn‘t it?“

„I guess“, Tristan shrugged with an annoyed tone.

Leo didn‘t have to be told twice. He pushed forward the mop, smashing Tristan’s balls with the dual end of the wooden stick and making them bounce over the couch where Tristan was sitting for a moment.

„Ah, damn“, Tristan grinned with a skewed face as he held his balls. „Nice one.“

„I know“, Leo said as he plummeted down on the couch again, but with the mop leaned right next to it as a threatening gesture.

This time, Tristan took a minute to recover, but not any longer than that. His balls were still in pain, but he was willing to beat this thing and clearheaded enough to focus.

Once again, he crossed the boss fog. He immediately went behind one of the pillars and waited for the blobs to split up from Phalanx. Leo angled his legs on the couch as he watched.

This time, Tristan played really careful. He killed a few of the smaller blobs one by one, quickly retreating behind a pillar again. There were a lot of small blobs, but he slowly picked them off one by one, creating an increasing amount of black, uncovered space in the gluey surface of the boss.

Finally, he rushed forward, swinging his sword at the empty side of Phalanx. He took off a good portion of the bosses’ health before he quickly retreated, just as the boss had turned around a little and shot his spears at him again. He managed to get to cover in time and healed up again.

„Okay, don’t overdo it now“, he said to himself, glancing at the mop next to Leo. He continued picking off a few more of the smaller blobs, then he went in again, swinging at Phalanx himself. The smaller blobs started shooting their spears at his direction, but he finally managed to take off the last bit of the bosses’ health. As soon as Phalanx’ health was depleted, he died off in a fierce, blue sparkly animation, along with all of his smaller blobs that were still left at the time.

„Nice one!“, Leo congratulated him as Tristan exhaustedly sank down on the couch, putting the controller down.

„Thanks. I guess no ballkick for once?“


„Good. Because I could really use a break for once.“

The two friends looked down at his battered balls. They were swollen more noticeably now than before, and they were considerably more red than at the start of the game.

„I already did good work on them“, Leo laughed as he picked up his buddies‘ dick by the tip to observe the ball skin underneath which made Tristan squirm a little.

„So you‘re done for today?“, he asked.

Tristan shrugged. „I definitely want to continue after a bit of a mental an physical break. My balls still hurt a litte, I hope at least the pain will subside today. Maybe we‘ll do something else and I play a bit more in another hour or two?“

„Sounds good.“ Leo got up. „How about we go for a little skating trip around the block are you up for it? And then you can get back to it later this afternoon.“

„Sounds good“, Tristan shrugged. He slowly picked up his clothes from the floor and was already about to slip into his boxershorts when Leo spoke up.

„Aren’t you forgetting something?“

Tristan looked at him, then at the small, metal chastity cage on the couch table. He let out a deep sigh.

„Right... do I have to put it on already if we‘ll continue in an hour already? Can‘t I just put it on when we call it a day? Not like I intend to wank off in the next hour or so...“

„You take a break from the game, you have to wear the cage“, Leo said with a firm voice. „Could be that you decide not to play anymore today at all because your balls hurt too much. Rules are rules.“

„Fine.“ Tristan grabbed the cage with little enthusiasm and fumbled it over his cock for another minute before finally clicking the lock shut.

„The key?“ Leo held out his open hand. Tristan grumpily put the key to the lock into his hand. The athletic, handsome 19-year-old was now stark-naked except for the metal contraption trapping his cock.

„Okay. Let’s get ready.“

Tristan nodded as he grabbed his clothes, finally dressing up again. A short while later, he was dressed up again in his tank-top and shorts, with no sign from the outside pointing towards the fact that he was wearing a chastity cage and had swollen balls in his pants. Well, almost no sign – the hard cage bulged out his thin pants a little more than usual, Leo thought to himself. The joys of having to wear a chastity cage...

„In retrospect, the mop was kinda awesome“, Tristan said as the two walked out the house, their skateboards in hand.

„Yeah, it was.“

„I hope my balls will survive this game“, Tristan laughed as they got on their skateboards.

Maybe to be continued?


Anonymous said...

Awesome story! Looking forward to part 2!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Very interesting. I like exploring what makes a guy willingly bet, or just plain offer, his nuts for abuse. Some guys can be so protective while others see getting hit in the balls as not much different than taking a solid punch anywhere else. Does it hurt some men more or are those guys just subject to a lower pain tolerance? Great story.