Friday, September 2, 2022

Snapshot: Tug of War


A short Snapshot Story. Written by Dominik.

Characters are 18+.

Point of View: Your balls are wrapped with a ribbon that's fixed to this rope. He's just about to give it a good tug.

"All tied up!"

Danny looked down at his poor crotch with an expression of discomfort. The 21-year-old with reddish-blonde hair was standing stark-naked in front of his friends. He had a slim figure and wasn't as muscular as some of his friends. He considered himself above-average looking but couldn't keep up with the handsome appearance of his lads.

Today however, he looked rather ridiculous. The base of his balls had a ribbon neatly tied around it, the other end of which was tightly wrapped around a big rope.

Colin and Tristan were standing next to him. Colin was just rocking his jeans and showing off his neat, bonny upper body. Tristan was casually dressed in long pants and a T-Shirt. Tristan had just finished up tying the rope around Danny's balls. He stepped back and looked at his work contently.

"I don't get it", Danny mumbled. "Why are my balls tied to the rope and Colin's aren't?"

"Well, you agreed to a game of Tug of War with your balls, right?"

Danny shrugged. "Yeah, but..."

"Exactly. And Colin didn't. He just agreed to regular Tug of War."

Colin winked at him while flexing his biceps. "Yeah. I'm more successful with my muscles rather than my ballsack doing all the pulling."

Danny sighed. "Fine. But this smells a lot like a ploy against me..."

"Happens to the best of us, buddy." Tristan tapped his shoulders, then he gave him a brief sack tap that made Danny shudder in pain. His balls were already exposed by the tight rope around their base, so even though the touch was brief, he felt it all-too-well.

"The rules are clear?", Tristan asked before pointing at the floor. Inbetween Danny and Colin, they had laid out a belt to mark the line between their fields. They were standing in Tristan's lovely, brightly-lit living room and had moved some chairs aside so that they had plenty of space for the guys to pull themselves around. "It's your goal to pull the other guy over the line. Loser gets a kick in the balls by me. Ten rounds in total."

"We didn't agree to ten rounds!", Danny said with an alarmed voice before looking at his balls with a worried expression.

"What, you thought we go through all this effort just for one game?", Colin giggled. "Ten rounds sounds like a fair start. Afterwards we see how it goes. Maybe we can do a few more."

Danny let out a deep sigh and fumbled around the rope, trying to relieve some of the pressure it put on his sac.

"Alright, ready?"

Danny and Colin looked at each other. Danny was standing unwieldy on his side, hands hanging down limply by his side. Colin looked at him with a fierce but confident expression, hands around both ends of the rope.


Colin immediately started pulling. Danny was caught off-guard. He yelped loudly as he was ripped forward by the sac that was rapidly stretched out from his body.

"1:0", Colin laughed. "Fuck yeah!"

Danny was still focused on his stretched ball-skin so he didn't see Tristan step up to him. Tristan's knee flashed forward, hitting him right into his exposed baby makers that were still pulled away from his body. Danny yelped loudly as he cowered down to the floor.

"Nice one!", Colin grinned.

Danny took a moment to get back into position, still cradling his family jewels.

"Try to actually pull this time, will you?", Colin asked. "I mean I don't mind winning, but it's more fun if you actually put up a fight."

Danny tried to resist the pull this time around, leaning his upper body back as Colin started to pull on both ends of the rope. For a moment it looked like he had a chance, but then the pain of his balls being compressed into an unhealthy shape at the bottom of his sac and away from his body became too much. He gave up all resistance and stumbled forward again.

"2:0! This rocks!"

"Sorry, bud", Tristan laughed and apologetically held up his arms before sending his knee flying again, smacking Danny's balls right from below as they were still stretched out from the rope like on a platter.

"Fuuuuu....", Danny screamed and bent over. "Aaaaah!"

"Come on, back into position!", Tristan said sternly.

"Y... yeah..."

Danny was still distressed from the last round as the next one began. He once again tried to hang back with his upper body, the ribbon pulling on the big rope that Colin held with his hands, and for a moment it looked like Colin actually stumbled forward this time.

Then he caught himself again and started pulling on his end, quickly ending the charade and making him fall forward over the line.

"Ugh! My balls!" Danny tried to relieve some of the pressure that the ribbon put on them, but to no avail.

"Hell yeah. Next kick, Tristan?"

"With pleasure!"

This time, Tristan used his foot, sending his toes right into Danny's poor, exposed baby makers, making him veil around in pain.

"I could do this all day", Colin laughed, playfully tugging on the rope as Danny was still bent over in pain, making him scream in agony.

And so they continued. Colin in his jeans pulled Danny over the line with a steady grip on the rope, over and over, and and it seemed like his balls were compressed into the bottom of their sac more and more each round. Danny's sac was on fire, it felt like the fibres connecting his nuts to his body within his sac were yanked to the breaking point in each round, and Tristan's kicks to his exposed, tightly wrapped babymakers gave him the rest and sent him into a world of pain.

"10:0! What a nice victory", Colin laughed just as he pulled Danny over the line a final time. He high-fived Tristan who quickly followed up with a well-placed kick to Danny's battered family jewels, making him collapse to the floor and roll around in agony.

"My balls", he whimpered. "You stretched my balls so hard..."

"Come on, it was a lot of fun, right?" Colin laughed as he sat down on a chair and opened himself a can of coke. "I'd be so up for another 10 rounds..."


Anonymous said...

Short and concise but sure to give a good hard-on. Magnificent work Dominik as always. Looking forward to your next stories.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Dominik,

That was a lot of fun!

Poor guy, he really should have insisted that the match be tug-of-war with both guys having their balls wrapped up...but I enjoyed all of his loses, and I think Tristan did too judging from all the blows he got to deal to him after!

Great story!



Liam said...

I loved this story, I would like to see another one like this but with both girls exposed, maybe if it were something more fair I could win

Liam said...


Dominik said...

Thank you, guys, I'm glad you liked it! Glad I can help out to keep the spark alive a little until Alex hopefully makes his return someday.