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Workout buddies – part 2

Workout buddies: part 2

written by Dominik

This is a continuation to the story Workout buddies.

"Hey Will, how’s it going?"

Kev walked into the small gym with a great mood. It was early morning, the best time to train for him – it made for a good start into the day, and the gym was usually pretty empty.

"Ah, alright", Will said, currently busy on one of the bench presses. He was wearing just some loose sports pants, putting his naked upper body to good display. Kev himself was rocking some tight shorts and a blue shirt, holding his drink in one hand and a towel in the other. "Slow day."

"Yeah", Kev nodded. "Balls recovered?"

"Somewhat", Will replied with a weak grin and rubbed his fingers over his crotch. It was only a couple days ago that Kev had challenged Will to put his exercise plans to the test and receive some ballkicks and dumbells thrown into his crotch during his workout routine. "Still a little bruised, but yeah. They’ll be fine. Not really looking for another ball-kicking motivation today though if you’d been hoping for it."

"Dang it", Kev laughed as he straddled towards one of the weight machines.

"Hey guys", Dominik said, walking into the gym. He was a young, slender guy with a nice body but not as many muscles as Will or Kev. He was still fairly early in his weight press game, and it showed – but he did his best. Kev and Will had met him a few times when they hung out with the other boys, but they hadn’t seen him around in the gym much. "What are you up to?"

"Some early morning workouts", Will coughed as he worked his machine. "Haven’t seen you in a while, Dominik."

"Yeah, nice seeing you around the place", Kev agreed and held out his hand for a handshake. Instead of taking it, Dominik went for a low-blow and quickly tapped Kev in the balls. Kev yelped briefly, but quickly retorted and brought his big, hard knee forward into Dominik’s balls in return.

"Fuck, that was a hard one", Dominik said, rubbing his balls.

"That’s what you get for trying to surprise me", Kev laughed.

"Yeah…" Dominik briefly reached into his pants, seemingly to readjust whatever had been displaced there by Kev. "So since you two are…" His eyes went up and down on Will’s naked upper body, "… fairly experienced already, from the looks of it, I was wondering, how do you guys keep motivating yourself? I’m always exhausted after a few minutes already and just can’t find the energy to keep going."

"A strong mind", Will grinned and pounded himself on the chest. "And, uh, strong balls. Literally and figuratively speaking."

"Hehe, you’re funny", Dominik quipped, not taking Will very seriously. "How do strong balls help you lift weight?"

"Will, I and some of the other boys like to spur on each other by, uh, dishing out some painful rewards to each other if we don’t manage to hit our goals", Kev explained. "But you need to be in the right mindset for that. Since you’re still a beginner, I’m not sure I’d advise that…"

"Come on, try me", Dominik said challengingly. "If it helps me train better, then I’m all up for it."

Will and Kev exchanged amused looks.

"Alright", Kev said. "How about you grab one of those dumbbells and get working. You’re familiar with these, yeah?"

"Sure", Dominik nodded. He timidly walked up to one of the dumbbells and picked them up. "Shall I…?"

"You start working out with it like you usually do. But you’re gonna spread your legs a little", Kev explained.

"Sure." Dominik looked a little insecure as Kev, the big hunk, was walking around him in close distance, patting him on the shoulders. He did as he was told.

"Meanwhile, Will and me are going to kick you in the balls a little", Kev continued. "It’s your job to keep standing and training, obviously. Your goal is not to get distracted. We’ll start lightly, but whenever you seem to get weak, we’ll increase force."

"Okay…", Dominik said, wondering if he signed up for more than he bargained for.

"Well, get going!"

Kev’s first foot smashed up into Dominik’s balls from behind. It wasn’t very hard, but it took him by surprise, making him yelp and bend over briefly before straightening up again and pulling up the dumbbell.

The first minute or two went by smoothly. Dominik was just getting started, his muscles still fresh, and Kev and Will kicked him relatively light. They first needed to get a good feel for where the balls inside his pants were located, and they didn’t want to overdo it and topple the acropolis before it was even built. Not like Dominik looked much like an acropolis, anyway. He was dressed in a white T-Shirt, shorts and sneakers, and his timid, not very impressive figure was very visible through his thin layer of everyday clothes.

As time went on, he was getting increasingly exhausted. Dominik felt the exhaustion in his arm muscles rise, and he concentrated on pulling them up one time after another. The painful plucks in his crotch area didn’t want to stop distracting him, however.

"Ugh…", he panted as his pulls were getting more slowly. Then, he suddenly felt a much sharper pain burst in his balls. Until now, the hits had been relatively soft and easy, but their steady rhythm was interrupted by a much bigger ball of pain.

"Nice kick!", he heard Will’s voice behind him. "Look at him, you got him good!"

"Well deserved", Kev said. "He’s getting worn-out. You try aswell!"

Dominik tried to pull up the dumbbell again with all his might, but just as he held it up to his throat, another devastating explosion of pain originated between his legs, and he briefly saw the tip of Will’s foot as he looked down.

"Fuck", he mumbled, almost dropping the dumbbell to the floor but catching it at the last moment. He gasped for air as he heard the others laugh.

"Come on, Dominik", Kev said with a warm but stern voice. "I know you can do more…"

Another kick from behind landed in his crown jewels. Dominik shuddered in pain.

"… if you go on, we’ll kick you slightly softer. If you give up now, you get a few hard, devastating kicks instead."

Dominik looked back and saw them grinning behind him, then he collected himself and pulled up the barbell again.

"He’s still going", Will grinned. Then he jumped forward, sending another hard blow into his balls.

Dominik shuddered as the pain hit him, though this time he was more prepared and continued lifting the barbell.

"Softer, Will. That’s what we said. He’s still going."

"Yeah", Will chuckled. "Sorry. Couldn’t help myself…"

A few seconds later, as Dominik was trying to suppress the exhaustion in his arms and the pain in his balls, another hit by Kev came in, lighter than Will’s though. He breathed sharply before going on.

"What’s more painful right now, your arms or your balls?", Will asked.

"I… I don’t know…", Dominik spat out in a meek voice.

"Well if you don’t know, then you can still keep going. With both of it." Another kick made Dominik jump lightly as he pulled the dumbbell up.

They continued on for another minute or two before Dominik finally gave up and dropped the dumbbell to the ground, heavily panting.

Crunch! Another kick from behind made him startle and almost fall over the dumbbell as he jumped forward.

"Nicely done!" Will and Kev high-fived as they looked to Dominik who was slowly turning around to them.

"So, how was it?", Will asked.

Dominik shrugged, touching the bulge in his pants with both of his hands. "Damn, that was painful."


"But it was… interesting", he said. "Didn’t think I’d have kept going so long if it wasn’t for your kicks and your threat."

"That’s what I’m talking about", Kev grinned.

"So what’s next?"

"I’ve got an idea", Will announced. "You know that exercise where you do one pull-up, then stand up, run to a certain spot, run back and do another pull-up?"

"I might have done it once or twice", Dominik nodded. "You want me to do it?"

"Yeah", Will said. "With some special rules, though. Kev and me will stand on each of the two spots. You’ll do a push-up at one point, then Kev’s gonna kick you. You jump up, run to the other point and get a kick by me there. Run back, another pull-up with a kick from Kev, and so on…"

"Sounds… like a lot of kicks", Dominik squirmed.

"Come on, it’ll be fun", Will said.

"Yeah!", Kev agreed. "Let’s do it!"

"Also, for some motivation", Will noted, "let’s say you do it 30 times. But if you can’t keep going, you’ll still get the amount of kicks from us that you’re short from 30 – but doubled. So it’s in your best interest to go on as long as you can, or the pain will be all-the-worse."

Dominik looked at him indignant. "30 times? Really? And double the remaining kicks?"

"It’s gotta hurt if it is supposed to keep you going", Will shrugged. "Come on, now, just pull through."

They all took a short sip from their drink bottles, then Will and Kev went to the opposite ends of the relatively small gym room, they were standing 10, maybe 12 meters apart. Dominik straddled over to Kev, his balls still sore from all the kicks before.

"Go on, then", Kev said as him and Dominik were facing each other. "Down for your first pull-up!"

Dominik sighed, then he went to the floor, facing away from Kev. As soon as he had pulled himself up for the first time, he felt Kev’s foot smash against his nuts. It wasn’t a full-force kick, but not completely soft either.

He groaned as he jumped up as fast as he could before sprinting through the gym. Will was standing at the opposite end, grinning at him. Just as Dominik arrived by him, Will’s foot shot forward, smashing the bulge in his pants with a satisfying thump.

Half in surprise, half in pain, Dominik leaped back and almost fell as he sprinted back to Will who was already waiting eagerly. He got down, did another pull-up, and screamed as he got another kick. He bit his lips as he got up through the pain and sprinted forward to Will who just had a mean grin on his face. This time, the topless, fit young man shot his knee up and mangled his balls from below in his thin sports pants.

And back again to Kev. Down to the floor again, another pull-up, another little pain-explosion in his balls. Another sprint to Will who was enthusiastically kicking his balls in.

The first ten-ish rounds went over well. He could control the pain decently, and his muscles carried him through the ordeal just well. But around the 15th round, he felt his exhaustion rise, and his balls also felt like a warzone as the pain accumulated over time and his friends started kicking him more and more visciously.

"Ah, is that it?", Will asked as Dominik doubled over after a particularly nasty blow. "That’s only round… 18, I think?"

"Nah, I can keep going", Dominik pressed out before getting up again and stumbling back to Kev. His eyes started to fill with tears through the pain.

He did a few more rounds, but the pain got even worse. His balls soon felt like they were on fire, and his body wanted to collapse from exhaustion. At least Kev was nice enough to not overdo it, but Will didn’t hold back anymore and delivered one nut-crunching kick after another.

After another hard blow from Will, Dominik collapsed on the ground halfway over to Kev, panting heavily.

"If that’s not an ‚I’m done‘ signal then I don’t know what is", Will shrugged. "What round were we at?"

"24, I  think", Kev said. "Yeah, let’s call it quits. Not bad though, Dominik. 24 rounds – you went through a whole lotta damage."

"Huh", Dominik gasped from the floor, nursing his balls. "That’s something."

A short while later, they had gathered around Dominik who was still lying on the ground.

"So, six rounds short", Will said. "That means you get another 12 kicks, Dominik. From each of us."

Dominik’s eyes widened as he looked up in panic. "Fuck. You’re already kicking scrambled eggs at this point, guys…"

"Then let’s scramble them a little more", Kev laughed. "We gotta stick to our punishments or there are no stakes. Will, do you want to start?"

"Gladly", Will grinned. "You can keep lying down there, I’ll do the rest."

"I’m glad", Dominik said sarcastically.

A moment later, Will’s tip of his foot smashed against his balls which were nicely sticking out above the rest of his body in the little bulge in his pants. Dominik screamed in pain.

Will didn’t go easy on him. He drew forward one kick after another, smashing Dominik’s balls time and time again. Dominik lost all semblance of time as Will worked on his babymakers with all the force he could muster, turning them into jelly and sending a radiating pain through his veins with each kick.

"And… 12!" Another hard blow against his little ecstasy balls. "That’s it, I think. Kev, your part?"

"Thought you’d never ask." Kev walked up to him and looked down on his victim. Dominik looked exhausted and sweaty, his T-Shirt sticking to his slender body. It seemed the bulge in his pants had gotten larger already than before, though Kev wasn’t sure if it was just an illusion or if his balls had actually swollen to the point where it was visible through his fabric. Not that his pants were concealing that much, anyway.

"Get ready for the master cracker!" Kev drew his foot back and then sent it flying into Dominik’s balls. Another ear-piercing scream from him. Kev didn’t give him any time to recover though and sent his foot forward again and again.

Dominik went dull halfway through. He just felt one painful explosion after another radiating from his most valued possessions as the big, hulky stud worked on trimming his family tree, laughing and cheering along the way.

"And 11…" Another painful kick from Kev made Dominik wince in pain and close his eyes in anticipation. "And for the final one…"

As the kick didn’t come, Dominik opened his eyes again. He saw that Kev had turned his back to him now, standing above him and his crotch.

Then Kev made himself fall back onto Dominik and landed ass-first on his balls, burying them below his crunchy buttocks.

Dominik let out another loud scream as Kev took a couple seconds sitting on his balls as if to admire his work.

Finally, he got up again, allowing Dominik to roll up an a ball. Kev and Will high-fived again.

"Not bad though, Dominik", Kev explained to him from above. "With a little training, you could beat 30 next time, you weren’t lacking much. You’d also save your balls from a decent amount of pain."

Dominik just looked up to him and groaned something unintelligible.

Kev and Will did some exercises themselves as Dominik rolled around on the floor and recovered, nursing his balls. They weren’t in great shape. As he briefly peaked into his pants, he noticed they had already considerably swollen and turned blue at a few spots. He quickly let his pants snap back to his waist again as he’d rather not look at the damage for longer than he had to.

After another 10 minutes, he was finally up again, slowly drinking a bit of water and checking his phone. He was still rubbing his sore balls with one hand all-throughout.

"Up for a little more?", Will asked, challengingly, as he finished his workout and looked over to Dominik. Despite the dire circumstances, Dominik couldn’t help but admire his handsome upper body that Will put on display unashamed. Kev had also stripped out of his T-Shirt by now and was visibly flexing his muscles as he worked on a machine.

"Eh, I think my balls got enough for today", Dominik shrugged. "Think I’m gonna train a little without punishments for a change and then call it a day."

"I see", Will nodded. He looked at him contemplatively, then he suggested: "How about a quick dick round for a change before we call it a day?"

Dominik raised his eyebrows. "What do you have in mind?"

"If I show you, you gotta do it", Will said. "Come on, it’s just a little thing, it’ll be over fast."

Dominik shrugged. "Alright, show me."

Will quickly fumbled in his pant pockets, then he pulled out a lighter. Dominik looked at him with big eyes.

"This works better if you drop your pants", he said.

Dominik sighed. "Do I have to?"

"We’re alone in the gym, so no need to be embarrassed", Will said. "Well, maybe a little need to be embarrassed. But come on now."

As he stood in front of Will, Dominik pulled down his thin pants and boxershorts, exposing his dick and balls. Feeling weird standing there bottomless but with a shirt, he decided to pull off his shirt aswell and throw it on top of his clothes, being butt-naked now except for his sneakers and putting his young, not very well-trained body to good show.

His balls indeed didn’t look pretty – he himself rather didn’t look too closely, but Will couldn’t help but inspect them and admire the damage they’d done. They had swollen noticeably, and there were a few spots where the veins inside had burst and left some nasty blue spots.

"Look at that", Will chuckled.

"Nothing he can’t walk off", Kev said. He’d finished his workout and and straddled over aswell, T-Shirt thrown around his neck, his athletic upper body glistering with sweat. "I’ve seen worse."

"That’s encouraging", Dominik said. "Because it really hurts."

"Lie down", Will said. "Go into the pose like you’re doing a pull-up, but hold up the pull-up."

Dominik did as he was told, lying face-down and then pulling himself up.

A moment later, Will kneed next to him. Dominik’s dick and balls hung down limp from his body, a couple of centimeters above the floor. His balls didn’t reach very far, but his limp dick looked funny as it hung down there whereas the rest of his naked body was in a straight line.

Will gave Dominik’s balls a quick flick with his fingers that made him shudder, then he clicked the lighter until it was turned on and held it below his dick. The little yellow flame didn’t quite reach his dick, but it was dancing around dangerously close to it, not far below his cockhead.

"You’re gonna hold this pose for, say, 5 minutes", Will explained. "And each time your muscles give in and you go down, well… let’s say it will get very hot for your dick. Oh, and don’t think you can escape to the left or right, I’ll follow you with the lighter."

"Cooked sausage", Kev chuckled as he watched with amusement. "Nice idea."

"Not a very nice idea", Dominik contradicted nervously. "It’s already getting warm down there…"

"I’ll start a timer", Kev said. "Five minutes, starting… now!"

The first two minutes, Dominik could hold himself up relatively steadily. The pose wasn’t even that difficult to hold, he thought. What worried him though was that his dick was getting hotter and hotter as the heat of the lighter rose up there.

By the third minute, it was getting more difficult to hold himself in place though, as his pose started to wear on his arm muscles.

As the 4th minute started, he had to give his arms a break and went down briefly.


His limp dick landed right in the flame as he went down, to the point where his tip touched the lighter. After two seconds or so, he processed the pain and screamed.

Dominik shifted away from Will, but as he had announced, he quickly followed, holding the lighter below his dick so that his cockhead was engulfed in flame almost consistently.


After a few seconds, Dominik finally managed to pull himself up again. His cock still felt like it was on fire, and the skin on his cockhead had turned a little red at a few spots.

"One minute twenty remaining", Kev announced.

The muscles in his arms hurt to the point where they were almost numb, but Dominik pulled through, second by second. He didn’t want to feel anymore heat on his dick for longer than he had to.

"40 seconds…"

A few seconds after Kev’s announcement, Dominik’s muscles gave in again and he fell down again, his dick landing right on top of Will’s lighter.

"Aaaah! Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

It only lasted a few seconds until he was able to pull himself up again, but the lighter still hurt like hell. He heard Will giggle in amusement.

"20 seconds… come on, Dominik, you can do it!"

As there were only four seconds left, Dominik fell down again. He screamed in pain as his fuckstick was burned by the lighter, his outer skin being fried briefly by the heat.

"Okay, done!"

The lighter clicked as Will extinguished the little flame, letting Dominik relax slightly. He finally was able to collapse onto the floor and hold his sore dick.

"That was a spectacle", Kev grinned and patted Dominik on the back. "You did well."

"Well yeah, my dick would disagree with you."

Dominik sat on the floor, legs spread apart, and fumbled around his battered genitals. His dick had turned a little red around the cockhead, and it still felt sore and hurt wherever he touched it.

"Damn, right around the peehole", Dominik groaned as he rubbed his fingers around his dick. "That was fucking terrible."

"But it helped motivate you?"

"I guess", he shrugged tiredly. "Damn, my dick and balls are done for today. And I don’t just mean workout-wise. Originally wanted to wank off afterwards as a little pleasurely reward. I guess that has to wait…"

"In my experience, punishments tend to motivate better than rewards", Will chuckled.

"Well, let us know when you’re up for another little ballsy workout", Kev snickered. "That was a lot of fun. Hell, I could do that everyday, it’d be a nice way to switch up my usual workout."

"Uh. I think once per week or so is plenty", Dominik laughed lightly. "Let’s see how often my balls can take that."

Will and Kev laughed.

"Alright", gotta get back to train some more myself", Will said. "I feel like I’ve barely trained anything but my kicks today so far. Dominik, better dress up again before even more people come."

"What do you mean, even more?"

He looked around and saw another two young guys on the treadmills who had been watching him with an expression of amusement. He hadn’t even noticed them come in during the last workout.

"Don’t worry, it was entertaining!", one of them said loudly.

"Fuck", Dominik mumbled and quickly got up, covering his crotch with his hands. Will was already holding his clothes, but just as Dominik went to grab them with his hands, thereby exposing his genitals, Will’s fist shot forward, punching Dominik’s dick and balls with a wet SLAP and making him drop his clothes in pain and surprise.

"Nice one!", Kev commented before stepping on one of the treadmills aswell.

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