Friday, December 3, 2021

Key in a box

Key in a box

by Dominik

"How was your week?", Leo looked over to Phil with a meek grin as he wearily stripped his T-Shirt off.

"Oh, you know", Phil said casually. "Uni was great, had a soccer match two days ago that my team won, hung out with Michael and Will yesterday a little, so... obviously it was fucking horrible because I was wearing a chastity cage for seven fucking days dude!"

Leo raised his hands in a weak gesture, as to defend himself from Phil's sudden outburst.

"Yeah, yeah... I get it, dude. Same boat. No need to be angry with me."

"Yeah." Phil shrugged as he stripped of his shirt aswell and put it neatly besides his soccer shoes that he had placed by the bench near the entry point.

"Let's see how this goes today. I heard from Ben earlier only one of us is supposedly getting out today...", Leo said.

"Really? Well, that would be fucking unfair."

Phil and Leo were in a bit of a predicament. They had agreed to help Ben and Alex out for a new experimental video. Last weekend, they had come to Alex' studio, prepared to get their balls smashed in as they often did on these sorts of invitations. But to their surprise, Ben had pulled out two small, metal chastity cages and fitted their dicks inside, much to their annoyance, before snagging the keys and announcing that they had to return next weekend to get it removed. He had refused to say anything about what they were to expect.

Chad had recorded the short but sweet exchange, putting emphasis on capturing the frustrated faces of the two studs as they dressed up and were left out into the wild, wearing one item of clothing more than they had come with. At least Leo had wanked off twice before coming to the studio that day, going on a feeling that his dick may not get any relieve on the days to follow – Phil on the other hand hadn't been so smart, he had had a few stressful days on which he hadn't shaken the palm tree and left Alex' studio all-the-more frustrated.

Now their distressing week was finally over, and they were back in Alex' well-lit studio room. Chad had opened them the door, announcing they could already get ready for what was to follow.

"And you really can't tell us anything?", Leo inquired as Chad was working on the camera equipment a few meters away.

"Nope. Ben should be here any second; it's his game."

As if he had just waited for his announcement, the door swung wide open, and in stepped Ben. The big hulk was the strongest of the bunch. He was dressed in some tank top and sports shorts, smiling at the three boys like a teacher with his pupils.

"Hey there! You're all here already. I was almost afraid you wouldn't come."

"Not like we had much of a choice", Phil laughed.

"Yeah." He was inspecting his two sexy guinea pigs. They both wore a long, skinny jeans that tightly gripped their sizable legs – an outfit Ben had told them to wear last time. Apart from that they were barefoot and topless, showing off their personable upper bodies. Phil, the soccer player, had a slightly wider, more muscular chest than Leo who was slightly more slender, but it was a close call as Leo also had some handsome abs and chest muscles.

"Are we complete, then?", Ben asked in the round.

"Yeah. Alex is out of town today, so it's just us", Chad nodded. "We should be able to manage."

"Great. Will you come with me in the back room and help prepare, Chad?"


The two of them quickly disappeared and left the two confused boys standing in the studio. They heard some shuffling, then a brief scream of pain that sounded like Chad's voice, and a quick "Sorry!" that sounded like it wasn't sorry at all.

Two minutes later, the two of them came out again, carrying a table that had two neatly wrapped boxes on top of it. They placed it in the spotlight in the middle of the room, right in front of the cameras.

"Alright. Let's get started. You can roll now."

"I already am", Chad winked as he stepped behind the cameras. "Turned them on since our first arrivals. You never know what you might miss."

"I'm Ben", Ben announced. I'm your host today, and we have two players." He winked at Leo and Phil, and they hesitantly came over to Ben. One of Phil's cameras was following them as they approached, the others were pointed at the spotlight.

"Hey", they shily said towards the camera.

"The two of them are wearing a chastity cage that we put on them seven days ago", Ben continued, patting them on the shoulders. "And I bet they're bursting to cum. Are you horny, boys?"

"Yeah", they said in unison with a depressed voice.

"To demonstrate that they are still wearing the cage below these thick, tight pants, I'm going to kick them both in the balls", Ben said.

"What? Why would you..."

Phil was rudely interrupted as Ben's foot shot forward, hitting him square in the crotch. A dull, metal THUP echoed through the room as the tip of his street shoes collided with Phil's genitals – or whatever was in reach of them.

"Uuf", Phil groaned in pain. "You really compressed my balls against the cage..."

Ben quickly shot his foot forward again, hitting Leo this time. Leo saw it coming but still screamed in pain as another metal THUP echoed through the room.

"You hit them well", Leo nodded as he bent over.

"You see, guys?", Ben said towards the camera. "These bad boys are locked and loaded. Now, Leo and Phil, in front of you is a table with two boxes."

"I've noticed", Leo groaned, still holding his balls. He reached forward, but as he was almost touching the box, Ben's foot shot forward again, kicking him in the balls a second time.

"What was that for?", Leo moaned.

"Not yet, my friend", Ben continued. "You don't want to ruin it, do you? It's an incredible game."

"N... no... sorry..."

"Okay. So this is a bluffing game", Ben explained. Leo and Phil meanwhile took some time to closer inspect the boxes. They were wrapped in some nice paper but otherwise looked pretty normal. The only difference was their color, as Leo's box had some red paper wrapped around it whereas Phil's box was blue. "Each of you has a box in front of it. There's the key in one of these boxes that will open the lock to both of your chastity cages. The other one's empty."

"Exciting", Phil giggled.

"The goal of the game is, as you probably guessed, to end up with the key. Whoever wins will get released immediately. The loser will stay locked for another week, plus the winner can dish out some additional, painful punishment on him."

Leo and Phil eyed each other suspiciously as Ben explained.

"This is such a silly game", Phil groaned. "I mean, really? Two boxes?"

"Yeah, I don't like it very much either", Leo nodded. "We could just have two keys and two boxes. Or, you know, re-use the key..."

Ben looked back and forth, then he quickly dished out another two quick but hard ball-kicks into both of their crotches. Leo and Phil groaned.

"Come on, guys, stop ruining this. Or else nobody gets out today and I get to kick your balls some more."

"Fine", Leo groaned. "So how does this work?"

"Okay. Phil, you can look inside your box. Leo, you CANNOT look inside your box."

"Why can he look and I can't?", Leo mumbled. Phil meanwhile reached out to the box and slightly lifted the top so that only he could look inside. Having seen the inside, he quickly reached inside with his other hand, to grab...

"No, no, no, no, no", Ben interrupted. He threateningly made another kicking gesture that made Phil shudder but stopped before he hit his balls. "You are only allowed to LOOK inside, not to reach inside."

"Okay", Phil groaned as he pulled back his hand and closed the box again.

"Have you seen inside?"

"Yeah, duh", Phil nodded.

"So, you now have to convince Leo to swap these boxes if you think he has the key, or keep your box. It's a game of bluff."

"Okay. Oh, I'm... I'll just... keep this", Phil said nonchalantly.

The boys laughed about his casual delivery.

"That means I've won, right?", Phil flexed his arm muscles. "No need to swap anything. It's a stupid game."

"I don't think you fully understand the game", Ben cackled. Leo also laughed nervously. "You have to..."

"But I already have the right box", Phil said, picking up his box from the table. "This one has a key in it and Leo's doesn't. Why would I want to get the other one? It's a silly game, can I claim the price and release my dick already?"

Impatiently, Ben grabbed Phil's box out of his hands and placed it on the  table again, before sending his foot into Phil's balls again, making him yelp in pain. Him and Leo laughed.

"Alright. Now to you", Ben said, turning to Leo while Phil was squatting down, moaning in pain. "Do you want to swap the boxes or keep your one? Because it looks like Phil's got a key in his."

"So I can choose now whether or not to swap?", Leo asked.

"Yeah, what bullshit is that, he gets to choose?", Phil complained from the floor. "Why don't I get to choose aswell?"

"Because you already got to look inside", Ben groaned.

"But then I just refuse to swap it", Phil insisted.

"You can't. Phil, it's a game of bluff. That seems to have gone over your head."

"What a stupid game", Phil groaned.

"So, Leo. Do you want to swap boxes?", Ben turned to him again, smiling.

"I get to keep my box, or I get to pick the box instead that definitely has a key inside?", Leo grinned.


"Man, and I get to stay locked up another week because of these nonsensical rules", Phil mumbled. He had just stood up again, but just as he said it, Ben quickly shot his fist forward into his crotch, making him bend down again.

"I need to stick to kicks", Ben said, shaking his hand in pain. "Hitting the chastity cage with my bare hand sucks..."

"I want Phil's box", Leo grinned.

"Alright, then let's swap boxes."

"Nooo!", Phil mumbled and quickly pulled himself up again, trying to grab his box again, but Ben quickly snagged it out of his hands and placed it on Leo's side who had now pushed his own box over to Phil.

"Can I just say at this point, if there's no key inside, you're a jinx", Leo said, shaking his head as he looked as his new box.

"Then why would I stick onto it?", Phil asked with lack of apprehension.

"Forget it", Leo said. "Alright, Ben. What happens now?"

Ben was about to respond, but Phil interrupted. "Is there another round afterwards where I get to swap boxes, Ben? Because it doesn't feel fair that he gets to choose."

"There's one game, Phil", Ben groaned. "And you're losing. Leo, you can open your box now and claim your price. But first, tell us, what you're gonna do to poor Phil once you're free again."

"I'm gonna BOX him, pun intended, that's for sure", Leo laughed. He looked over to his friend who responded to him with a scared look. "For real, a little boxing workout on his balls sounds nice. Plus some kicks to really kick those fuckers into next week. Always fun kicking the balls of a soccer player himself. His abs also look a little too spotless for my taste, I wonder if they could look a little more blue and bruised..."

"Come on, man, you're scaring me", Phil said. "I'm already locked another week, no need to go overboard..."

"Sounds like fun", Ben interrupted. "Alright, claim your price, Leo."

"With pleasure." He grinned as he opened the box, looking over to Phil. "And you, my friend, get ready for some ass-beating..."

He froze as he looked down into his box.

"What's wrong, Leo?", Ben asked.

Leo paled. Then he turned the box on his head and shook it. "What the hell..."

While he was still busy with his box, Phil triumphantly opened his box that was originally Leo's, and quickly pulled out the key, holding it triumphantly into the air. Chad doomed in on the key with one of his cameras.

"Suck it, loser!", Phil laughed.

"What... how..." Leo shook his head incredulously. "You didn't just..."

"I played you the entire time", Phil grinned. "Of course I know how the game worked."

"Feel free to release yourself at any time", Ben nodded approvingly, giving Phil a brief hug. "As for you, Leo, some punishment is in order..."

Phil opened the brief of his jeans and pulled out the cage. After a bit of fumbling, he got the lock off and slid the cage off his dick, and proudly presented his now freed along to Chad's camera before turning to Leo. "What do you say, Leo, I think boxing your balls is in order?"

"You better want to wear our boxing gloves though; don't want to hit your hand on the metal cage", Ben chuckled.

"Gladly", Phil grinned, tucking his dick away again in his jeans. "Leo, why don't you drop your pants for us?"

As Phil suited up, Leo accepted his fate and pulled down his jeans, revealing his locked cock and his pretty balls. He looked funny – a strong, naked lad with muscles all over and some sizable grapefruits between his legs, but his dick squeezed into such a tiny metal contraption. He fumbled around his cage as if that would help, but it only reminded him more of his built-up frustration.

"Alright, loser", Phil grinned. He was still topless and wearing jeans but had now put on a pair of thick boxing gloves. He kneed down in front of Leo, readying himself. Chad meanwhile had silently taken one of his cameras and moved closer to them, as to get a good look at Leo's genitals from up-close. "Ben, do you mind holding him for me?"

"Not at all." Ben quickly stepped behind Leo, grabbing him ungently by both of his arms to hold him in place. "Ready when you are!"

Phil didn't need to be told twice. He quickly unleashed a barrage of hits with his gloves, hitting the pretty boy square in the balls time and time again. Some of his force was dampened by the chastity cage, but there was still plenty of force coming through and colliding with his baby makers, quickly catapulting Leo into a world of pain.

"You're really doing a number on them", Ben said approvingly. It was a good thing he held Leo in place as he was already squirming around in his arms, trying to escape from the painful barrage on his man-cherries.

"Oh god! Fuck!"

Phil continued his assault for maybe two minutes, though to Leo it felt like hours. As he finally stopped, Ben released Leo and allowed him to sink down to the floor, holding his balls.

"My poor balls", he cried. "Fuck..."

"I think the cage actually amplified some of the hits", Phil noted with interested as he took a deep breath from his workout. "Some of it was dampened, yes, but his balls also had less space to go and were colliding with the cold metal from lots of the hits." He looked directly into the camera. "Hope you guys got a good luck at that!"

"What Phil said is definitely true", Leo gasped, breathing heavily and nursing his battered nuts. "They feel terrible..."

"I bet", Ben grinned. "So what's next?"

"I want to try a few more things", Phil grinned. Since we already have a nice table here, how about you sit on it, Leo? Legs spread wide-apart, please."

It took a minute before Leo had finally lifted himself onto the table, sitting there legs spread eagle-wide. Phil instructed him to shift around a little until he liked it.

"So as you guys can see", Phil explained towards the camera, "Leo's nuts and his cage fall his down the edge of the table. Meaning they are touching the wood and have nowhere to go but into next week when I do this..." Like a flash, he hit one of his still glove-covered fists forward and struck Leo's balls with deadly precision, making him jump up and yelp in pain.

"Looks like someone's a little too giddy again", Phil noted. "Ben, would you be so kind?"

Ben leaped onto the table, making it tremble under his weight. As he had gotten comfortable, he then snuck one arm around Leo's throat, the other one around his belly, pinning him neatly into place. Leo just let out a contorted sigh.

"Nice! Let's see how it goes this time!"

Once again, Phil started beating the ever-loving shit out of his two meager opponents. Due to their constrained placement, Phil's hits now made them bounce against the wooden surface of the table again and again, all while also hitting the chastity cage and being compressed into some really unhealthy shapes sometimes.

"Hell yeah!", Phil cheered.

Leo whimpered and groaned in pain, his pretty chest quivering from his fast breaths as Phil was working on his balls. The horniness that had filled him for the last week was now replaced by a world of pain, crucifyingly pulsating through his body and making his muscles shake. Each strike was like another needle cracking the shell of his manly eggs. And Phil just went on and on.

At some point, Phil moved up and aimed at Leo's belly and abs, in hopes of giving him a bit of a bruising there too – just as a revenge for Leo suggesting the same the other way around. He boxed his abs a couple seconds, then his balls again, just after Leo had relaxed a little in hopes that his balls would get some relief. From there, Phil tried to alternate between abs and balls for the rest of his workout, sometimes staying on Leo's abs for a couple seconds only to follow up with a surprise ball-hit again.

Finally, after another few minutes, Phil delivered a final, devastating strike before taking a break. Both him and Leo were sweating by now, their pretty chests and bellies covered in a slim film of glistering wet – though for different reasons, as for Phil it mostly came from the exhausting of working out on Leo's balls, while in Leo's case it came from the pain he had to endure.

"Man, fuck me", Leo said shivering.

"Doubt someone's gonna do that anytime soon, buddy", Ben laughed as he released his grip on his friend.

Phil took off his boxing gloves and stretched his muscles. Leo was a shivering mess, lying on the table and holding his swollen balls.

"What are you gonna do after the show, Leo?", Phil asked. "I know exactly what I'm going to do, and that's release all that built-up pressure from the last several days!" He grabbed the bulge in his crotch and proudly held it into the camera, making even Chad grin.

"Sounds like a solid plan", Ben laughed. "As for me, I have a dater later tonight, so... wish me luck, boys. What about you, Leo?"

"Sleep", Leo said silently, staring to the ceiling. "And hope neither my pain nor my locked boner keeps me awake."

"You could say it's some MOURNING wood, am I right?", Phil chuckled. "Mourning all the sperms you've lost today..." He shrugged. "Anyway. One final thing."

"What now?", Leo sighed with a desperate voice.

"Well, you were the one who suggested some well-measured kicks", Phil said. "Bet you would have had a lot of joy doing them on me, would you?"

Leo groaned.

Phil instructed him to stand again which took Leo a moment, his legs spread wide apart. Phil had put on his soccer shoes that he'd come with in the meantime to protect his shoes from the cage.

"Alright, lad", Phil said. "I'm going to give you 10 kicks from behind. I doubt they'll all land perfectly, not with the cage also swinging around down there..." He shrugged. "So it's probably more like 5 kicks that properly hit their target. But you know... gotta try my luck, maybe I get more perfect hits."

Ben volunteered to hold Leo in place again. As Phil was kicking from behind, he this time stood right in front of Leo, grabbing him below the armpits to hold him in place, careful not to bring his own balls too close to Leo's as he didn't want to become collateral damage.

"Alright, let's go. One..."

The kicks were surprisingly fast, but painful. Not giving Leo any chance to recover in-between, Phil quickly and precisely smashed his foot in an expertful manner into Leo's babymakers. He was more successful in striking his target than he had anticipated – only 2 or 3 kicks were off or managed to hit the cage somehow, the rest of them landed nicely in his already swollen sperm orbs.

After he was done, Leo sank to the floor whimpering, legs pulled up to his chest, and hands in-between his closed legs.

"That was some nice work", Ben grinned.

"Oh yeah." Phil flexed his arm muscles again, then he gave a little kiss to his own biceps and then another kiss towards the camera that Chad was holding in front of him. Chad grinningly signaled him a thumbs-up, then he moved the camera to Leo, trying to get a good glimpse into his little warzone.

"Come on, show us the damage", Ben said, patting his friend on the shoulder. Leo gasped as he looked up to him with a pain-filled expression, then he slowly sat up and exposed his junk. His balls were swollen and bruised badly, his dick was still tucked away neatly in the tiny chastity cage.

"That was a fun game", Ben said, looking into the camera. "You played well, Phil." He gave him a brief high-five. "As for you, Leo..." He lightly nudged him with his foot. "Guess it's another week in the cage for you. See you next week for your release!"


Anonymous said...

Fun story. I actually feel bad for Leo. The twist was great but I was kind of hoping Phil was just dumb enough to give it away and have to take the punishment.

Dominik said...

Thank you for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, poor Leo – he really fell for it!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Ooof that was painful. Poor Leo, another week of hell for him. Great work Dominik. Leo is one of my favorite boys I enjoyed him getting it in the nuts for sure!



Anonymous said...

I'd love to see video links again ��

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

I will see what I can do!



Dominik said...

Thanks for the praise, Jimmy, I appreciate it :)